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It is a sea of rumors Mitarashi Anko lands in with her window crushing entrance. Ignoring the guy who complains about the shattered glass, she dives in deeper in able to get the hottest new gossip. She has been away for the longest time now, after all.

A bunch of Jounin have gathered over someone's desk and they keep talking most secretly and her curiosity raises.

"What's going on?" she asks them, only receiving some calculating looks whether they dare to include her in their conversation.

Finally someone she remembers associating with speaks, not looking her in the eye as he does so. "Just discussing the outrageous rumors going around." He then leans in a bit closer and lowers his voice more, "People keep saying that the Hokage is sleeping with his son."

This makes even the great Anko freeze for a minute and a half, because what was just said is so overwhelming that even her more than corrupted mind can't quite comprehend. But then she finds herself laughing, because really, that is just too much.

"You must be fucking kidding me!"

People just shrug because they are just rumors. It isn't rare to see someone trying to stain the reputation of a high status man with nasty rumors.

Anko forces herself to calm down before she chokes on her own spit and waves her hand, "If you wanna know, why not ask him?" she still chuckles a little, ignoring the silence that has landed among the Jounin in front of her.

"But geez, who'd even believe such a weird-ass rumor? Minato's such a rule obeying pussy that he'd never do such a thing." Anko continues, enjoying the attention her presence alone usually provides. "And even if he was sleeping with that brat-"

"Do you have a problem with it?" It feels like a rain of ice-cold needles suddenly pierce through the skin of her back, and her breath gets caught in her throat. With slow, jerky movements, she turns around to see the Hokage himself standing there, looking rather ominous.

And she feels her hand going to rub her neck in an act to seem more innocent and dumb as to what is going on. "What?" she asks, laughing a bit awkwardly, feeling the weight of the heavy pressure Minato has laid over them with his presence.

The Hokage's previously blank face twists into the most disturbing smile she has seen in a while. He is looking down on them and the shadow that lands under his eyes makes their leader look even more frightening.

"I said do you have a problem with me sleeping with my son?" his voice is rather sweet but it only manages to make all of their skins break out in goosebumps as cold shivers keep running up and down their spines.

Her mouth a straight line, Anko shakes her head, the Jounin behind her repeating this action.

"Good," is the only thing Minato says before he continues his way to his office.

After the Hokage has closed the door behind him, a dead silence takes over the whole room. Anko has to breath in and out, in and out but it doesn't stop her hands from shaking. A drop of sweat drops on the floor and she turns around, a disturbingly wide (and so, so forced) smile on her face.

"So, anyone wanna get wasted and forget this whole thing ever happened?"

There is a rather enthusiastic "Me!" right after the question is asked, soon followed with "I want to." and other more or less mumbled answers of agreement.

(The Hokage himself continues doing his work in his office, humming a little, as if nothing had ever happened.)

-The End-

Okay, so, I know you might've expected a bit more after the last chapter but I kinda ran out of ideas. Let's just say that they had a nice fucked-up relationship for awhile, okay? xD