Kill Sis

Okay sorry it took so long had some problems at school and all that but I think they're sorted now lol. So I left off when Sams sister came and told Sam her mum was doing a garage sale leaving her to leave Danny to save her belongings and dignity enjoy.

Sams POV

"Who was that?" Jubilee asked.

"None of your business pip- squeak" I shouted while running towards the garage sale.

"Fine, MUM!!" she shouted as mum came in view.

"You mention anything to mum, and I'll kill you!"

"Fine" I calmed down when she said that " I'll take my chances, Mum!"

"Jubilee I'm busy"

"Jubilee shut your mouth, before I shut it for you!" I once again shouted.

"Sam that not very lady like, you know better"

"Yeah Sam" she stuck her tongue out, and I returned the insult.

"Right, Jubilee what is it?" mum asked, she opened her mouth.

Then I cut in "Mum, don't listen to her, she keeps making stuff up to make me embarrassed" I blurted out.

"Do not, anyway, Sams got a boyfriend!"

"No I haven't"

"Aww my Sammy's growing up" she squealed as she hugged me.

"Mum, I'm not dating him!"

"Come on, whets his name?"

"It's Danny mum, and look I got a picture of them two!" Jubilee ran to mum showing her. her phone.

"Aww you two are such a cute couple"

"Were not a couple!" I shouted before storming off and taking my belongings with me.

I decide3d to log on Msn, and then a big sign saying .uk.

I added them anyway.

Ghost Hunter in love: Hiya! Sam right!

Gothic Individual see's all: Yeah! who's this?

Ghost Hunter in love: Guess J Laughs.

Gothic individual see's all: A perverted stalker.

Ghost Hunter in love: Hey! Lol

Gothic Individual see's all: AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! A perverted stalker is going to rape me! RUN AWAY!LOL ]

Ghost Hunter in love: Your hurting my feelings now. L

Gothic Individual see's all: Sorry L I'll give you a cookie, when you tell me who you are!

Ghost Hunter in love: Cookies, cant resist the sweet taste.

Gothic Individual See's all: come on, you know you want the cookie!

Techno geek will always love you PDA: Hiya Sam, Hiya Danny, I'm guessing you figured out the msn thing fine then J.

Ghost Hunter in love: Aww Tucker you ruined my little game!

Techno geek will always love you PDA: Do I even want to know what that game was?

Gothic Individual See's all: ewww! What's with guys being so dirty minded.(P.s im not being sexist here my friend is way more dirty then anyone I've ever met lol)

Ghost Hunter in love: Hey! This is from the one that was calling me a perverted stalker who was going to rape her a second ago.

Techno geek will always love you PDA: Lol now that's really, really funny. Lol.

Gothic Individual see's all: Shut it Tuck. Your more dirty minded then anyone I've ever met.

Techno geek will always love you PDA: fine I'll leave it. Ohhh! Who you in love with Danny?

Ghost Hunter in love: Err… I'd rather not answer that question.

Gothic Individual see's all: ( huffs) He fancies Paulina Tuck, can we just leave it now?

Techno geek will always love you PDA: Who doesn't? I mean have you seen her. She's a goddess with her flawless skin, perfect looks, and did I mention how wealthy she is wow!

Gothic Individual see's all: she's not a goddess she's a slag, I'm leaving before you two start more of this convo about the shallow little witch!

Ghost Hunter in love: Sam Wait!

Gothic Individual see's all has logged off.

Techno geek will always love you PDA: Chill dude, if you wanna talk to her go round. Or invite her round to yours. But she's more likely to come to yours just phone her.

Ghost hunter in love: Well I would, but I don't know her number.

Techno geek will always love you PDA: I do, here it's…….

Back to Sam's room and Sam's POV

I felt so mad at Tucker and Danny but mainly Tucker, he should know by now what Paulina was like, but obviously not, and worse he was encouraging Danny to go out with her, I couldn't listen to it any longer.

The house phone started ringing so I got Jubilee to answer it while I went in the shower.

Ten minutes later I herd footsteps on the stairs, I let it go as mum coming up to tell me something.

The door opened but I couldn't see who it was, because of the shower curtain.

"Sam's in here, just wait till she comes out!" a female voice came though.

Suddenly I herd the door slam and lock. This cant be good.

I peered round the shower curtain, but only enough so whoever was out there could only see my head.

'Oh, she is so dead!'

Okay that's this chapter done I hoped you liked it not as much of Danny asnd Sam in this one, but I promise in the next chapter they are mainly in it. Please comment J. btw I don't own Danny Phantom.