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There was no unnatural beauty to compare with the sight of the Valley from his speeding car, especially under the stark blue light of a full moon, Josef thought as he wound his way down Mulholland Drive. He'd appreciated the cold steel of impressive bridges and towering skyscrapers, the enormous human effort of ancient pyramids, but the lights that sparkled as diamonds on black leather mesmerized him every time he encountered them. Which was daily, when he was in town. From the wide polished windows of his home high in the hills, he found the sight always calmed him. All that humanity, so obviously present, gave him an overwhelming sense of security, like a baby seeing its mother's breast; food, readily available, at his whim. But his guilty pleasure was the excitement he felt as he drove the curves at a mind-numbing eighty-five miles per.

At least the freshie beside him, who'd been screaming since the tires had screeched around the first curve, seemed to find it mind-numbing, she'd done nothing but shriek for several moments. Clearly, she didn't know what his Ferrari, coupled with his hyper-acute reflexes, could do. He'd have grabbed her by the throat and heaved her over the side, but he was hungry and he hated to wake his girls after three a.m.

He ground the car to an unceremonious stop at one of the few remaining overlooks. Too much sex, too many suicides…all the things the humans did when overly stimulated. All the things he loved about them, stymied. On this point, he was bullet-proof; his long-standing relationship with the officers of his local PD allowed him lots of…flexibility in his own, often questionable, behavior.

The freshie had the nerve to admonish him, again loudly. The buzz her voice had created in his ears was not unlike a migraine, and he momentarily reconsidered the throwing-over-the-cliff scenario. Why had he chosen this one? So many lovely options, but no, he just had to have the AB negative. The one who fought her natural instincts; he could smell her excitement, hear her heart beating fast as a hummingbird's wings. He wished he'd had the forethought to pay attention when she'd told him her name, it was so much more reassuring to humans than "It's okay, baby" when offering succor.

As he reached to stroke her hair, he admitted to himself that it wasn't just the blood type; it was the intriguing, almost challenging look in her jade eyes, the wild red hair and the thick, peach-blushed skin. He was a sucker to this day for the Celtic princesses, and curiosity always got the better of him when it came to women.

Her head relaxed into his hand, but her heart was still beating rapidly, and now her breath came more quickly, his stroking fingers finding an erogenous zone she'd never known she had. He slid into the passenger seat, easily rearranging her onto his lap. Her prattling bored him, and he stared beyond her at the vast glittering field of lights. Even her sexual response filled him with disdain; she was loud and crude, normally welcome female reactions, but they were false, her excitement was waning, her scent less obvious and without the element of heat.

She was probably one of those who just liked the piercing, the moment his teeth would break her gently resistant flesh. That was fine, he just wanted to rid himself of her, so he held her shoulders immobile and punctured her neck less kindly than he usually would.

He sensed her moving arm, and slid to his left just quickly enough to catch the stake between two ribs on his right side. "Ow," he said for her benefit. Not that a stake splitting his ribs didn't hurt, but when he looked into her blazing eyes and saw the anger festering there, he wanted her to hear his human voice. "That was unfriendly. Who are you?"

"I bring your death."

"Not tonight."

"We bring your death."

Bored. "Actually," he responded, giving a casual glance at his watch, "All you bring tonight is my midnight snack." He drained her in a moment, and took pleasure at carefully aiming her body into a thicket halfway down the cliff, annoyed at the trouble she'd caused.

He just hated it when he was forced to pollute his favorite landscape with the detritus from his food.

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