Story: So I burnt your boxers, big deal!

By: honeydew-chan

Rated: T

A/N: Ahaha. Nothing else better to do, I suppose? Let me know what you think, winks.

Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine.

There is one thing that everyone should know, heck, scratch that. There is an unspoken rule everybody knew.

And that is nobody messes with an Uchiha. Particularly, the only remaining survival of the clan, the one and only (insert dramatic music)… yes, you guess it right, Uchiha Sasuke. For those who don't, consider yourselves idiots.

Back track, this is a tale that will tell you why. This will answer all your witty queries. Perhaps, after knowing this, you will understand the cold bastard who chidoris everything that gets into his way more. Way, way more. Ah, never knew that, right? Sasuke loves to show off his skills. I can't complain. I love the Mangekyou Sharingan technique in which he is able to execute now. To repeat the process of orgasm again and again in slow motion, what is hotter than that?

I'll spare you the graphic details for another time. Today, it is not about that. Today, it is about the stick in his ass (Just you wait Sasuke, one day, I'll plunge my dick in that perky hole of yours). After all, I've suffered the consequences and lived to tell the tale. Yes, I know. I experienced it first hand. Imagine what I had gone through, how much pain I suffered, and the humiliation! The heat! The frustrations!! The non-existent sex!! Good Konoha's name, even RAMEN was taken away!!

Lucky you, I, the great Naruto, is here to protect you from the horrendous ice prick of a prince. Just remember this, never, I repeat, NEVER attempt what I am about to tell you.

Oh, the torture!

What, you are asking what I did now to deserve all that?

I'll tell you, I did nothing harmful.

All I did was attempt a juvenile prank, like I always do. I burnt his all his boxers, I swear, that was all. I mean, he refuses to wear the cute orange one with fox motifs I gave him for his birthday. And that was, what? Five years ago? At least, I left it, folded as nicely I could in the centre of the empty drawer, along with a sexy note that read:

Tonight, is the night for me to be seme, bastard! HAHA! :)

I even added a smiley face!

Was it too much to ask, from a loving boyfriend, no less?

"Okay, Naruto, I don't want to burst your bubble, but your little tale tells me nothing about Sasuke" Sakura deadpanned. She had wasted half an hour listening to the "tale", hoping to find out more about the black haired boy.

"What! I made it so clear!" Naruto protested.

"It just shows me how big of an idiot you are"

"Sakura-chan, you don't mean that" Naruto whined. His head falling a little dejectedly, and looked over the river while perched on the bridge. Sakura sighed, and leant against the wood as well.

"Naruto, I asked you on what to give to your boyfriend for his birthday and you tell me your woes instead, now tell me, aren't you bigger than an idiot?" Sakura reasoned.

Although Sakura couldn't see it, Naruto's lips stretched a little more into a smirk. But she could hear it on his words.

"That's why I told you, Sakura-chan, he needs boxers, plenty of them" And Naruto turned to face her. His determined bright blue eyes aparent with mischief. Realisation finally set in, Sakura understood what Naruto was implying.

"Why the change of heart?" Sakura asked, curious.

"Get the ones from Kitsune's Secret, make sure they are orange"

Ha! You may win the battle, teme, but I'll win the war! Just you wait, just you wait.

I'll get that ass of yours.