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Life is Beautiful

Sasuke numbly knelt next to the hospital bed. His hand held her limp one, and in his eyes were blocked tears.

He didn't let any fall, thinking, I must be strong for her.

Around him, nobody said anything, but they all took their turns to look at her, grieve silently, and took their leave.

He stayed, staring at her still face, and her lips, plump and pink; they were still pulled in a smile. The smile was not as bright and passionate as it were a few minutes ago, but it was still a lingering hope.

It was a lingering hope that a miracle would occur, and she'd wake up.

Sasuke looked at her, and brushed her pink hair aside, and whispered over and over, more to coax himself rather than actually talk to her, "I'll wait for you. I'll wait for you. I'll always be here, waiting for you."

After that, he just sat next to her, eventually having pulled up a hospital chair.

He watched her face, looking at the stillness.

He thought that her face just shouldn't be still like that. She should never look so lifeless, so helpless, so… so still.

The fact that she wasn't moving unnerved him.

The only thing that had been moving was her chest, rising and falling with her slowed breaths.

But not even that seemed natural.

Sasuke sat there, secretly waiting for her to pop up smiling like the idiot she was, and say it was all a joke or something, to teach him a lesson.

He bit his lips, and waited a bit more.

Of course, nothing happened. This was all reality. Sakura was in a coma, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Well, he could just be supportive, and visit her, though she'd never know.

And since she'd never know, before he left, sadly, he picked himself up to his feet, discovering how weak he felt and stood by the hospital bed.

She was still smiling, and he thought that was her mind willing herself to show she was okay. He wasn't even sure if that was possible, but he brushed aside her hair, and planted a barely there kiss on her forehead.

He hoped she felt something, maybe like the feeling that people were caring for her, even in her deep slumber.

He hoped she knew that they would wait, till forever even.

And he hoped that she knew that she had helped them all, that everyone has been resolved, everyone was happy, things were set out straight and they were ready to set on into a better life.

"I hope you know."

Without looking back, he walked out of the room.

I hope you know that I love you.



Sasuke walked home, went through the doors and met with a grim Itachi, just sitting and waiting for him on the couch in the living room. Sasuke walked closer, and stood in front of his brother, looking down, his bangs hiding his eyes.

Itachi wore a worried face, "Sasuke, I know what happened and-."

The younger boy lifted his head, his face was not contorted with worry or anything, just a small smile of confidence, "It's alright."

Itachi looked at him and silently asked, "Why?"

Sasuke shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pocket, feeling the space where the razor would have been, but it wasn't. He smiled a little bigger, uncharacteristically optimistically answered, "Sakura said she would return, and I'll just have to wait."

The older of the brothers smiled as well, a smile that has not shined through since the death of their parents, a smile of pure support and he praised, "I'm proud of you Sasuke. Our parents would be proud of you too." He stood and put a firm hand on his shoulder.

Sasuke's eyes softened and he felt his old self come back to life in him, the life that he had possessed before the accident. His brother was happy with him again, His friends were all friends again, and together, and then there was Sakura.

He would have to wait for her, but things are going to be alright.

He felt a hot tear roll down his cheek, despite his confidence and the compliment; he is human, after all.

Itachi pulled him into a strictly brotherly hug, rubbing his back. This was their first bodily contact, and deepest conversation since everything happened.

Sasuke felt oddly melancholy, as he embraced his brother back and whispered, "Thank you."



Hinata fidgeted with the hem of her knee length blue skirt. She was seated at a familiar bright orange couch, with a fox curled up next to her, along with a hyperactive blonde haired blue eyed boy who was leaning on her slender shoulder.

A small smile was present on her lips, and a grin on his.

Naruto spoke first, his voice a quiet lull for once, "So Hinata-chan will be staying next door…" She could hear the smile in his words.

"Yes." Her stutters have worn away, now that everything was going to be alright. There was no fear of talking anymore; there was nothing in her way of anything. She was free.

Naruto took her hands and entwined their digits, laughing softly, a gentleness and sincerity he never thought he had and whispered, "I'm glad everything is alright, Hinata-chan."

"All that's left is the waiting part, right?" She squeezed his hand, her face still reddening, but her eyes were calm.

The blonde boy nodded, "Aa. The hardest part and the easiest part. Do you think it will end well?"

The girl, nodded too, her cheeks brushing against his bright hair, and softly cooed, "It will always end well. And we're talking about Sakura-chan and Sasuke. With them, nothing will ever go wrong."

Naruto sat up, and looked at her, his azure eyes burning and his lips pulled up in a mighty genuine smile, one that Sakura had taught him to use, and he took a hold of her pale lavender eyes, "I love you, Hinata-chan…"

He had voiced the words that she had pictured him saying in her mind. Her dreams were coming true, and she just couldn't believe how lucky she was.

With a pearl shape tear at the rim of her eye, and the bravest smile she could muster, she assured back, "I have always loved you, Naruto-kun. And I always will."

He closed the space between their lips and closed his eyes, as did she. The kiss was gentle, and soft. When they broke away, he had a wide grin, and she had a flushed face, but they both were comfortable and looked at each other surely.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun… thank you for everything. I'll be your family now…" Inspired with all this newborn confidence she swallowed him in a hug, holding tightly to his neck, burying her face under his chin.

He methodically rubbed her back and kissed the crown of her head, "You're welcome… I promise… I promise I'll always be here, smiling for you…"

They closed they eyes, and listened to their hearts beat in perfect synchronization.

Thank you.



Tenten sat in front of her mirror, combing through her hair, not really thinking about anything. Her eyes were fixed on the boy sitting on her bed. She looked at him though her mirror.

He caught her stare, and she blushed, briefly looking away, but then looking back.

Neji smiled, something that seemed common to him now, still strange for everyone else, but hey, who cares? Smiles are better than blank stares.

His eyes, soft and lavender, pierced right through her, and had such a grasp on her heart. He could easily take her down right now, she was so vulnerable.

His lips parted and he spoke in his low voice, "I think I like the boyish Tenten better." His smile was replaced with a smirk, and he cockily tilted his head.

Tenten rolled her eyes, "But I look good either way right?" She pretended to exaggerated flip her hair.

Neji nonchalantly shrugged, "No." she turned to look at him then, glaring, and then he finished up his sentence in a cheesy kind of way that she never expected possible, "You always look great either way."

Tenten turned a bright shade of pink, and didn't say anything.

The long haired boy continued to speak, much to her amazement, "But, I prefer the original Tenten."

She raised a plucked brow, "Why?"

He shrugged, leaning back on the bed, his eyes looking straight to her, "Because that was the girl I feel in love with."

Her face turned red this time, and her eyes darted away, feeling like she was all too transparent in his eyes.

Neji smiled, "I love you, Tenten."

There was a breath caught in her throat. She really couldn't believe what had just happened.

First of all, he barely noticed that she liked him at all, and he barely noticed that she was changing her appearance or wanting to, for him.

Second of all, this is Neji Hyuuga we're talking about; he does not say things like that with flashy smiles.

And lastly, she didn't think that dreams could come true exactly as she had dreams.

So she laughed.

He stared at her thinking, WOW! I put so much effort into saying that… he frowned.

Tenten wiped a tear, and began to put her hair into tight tangled buns, after coming it, and put in her new hair clip. She took out her hoop earrings and smeared away her makeup. She put a baggy sweater over her nice top and jeans then walked to Neji.

She smiled and said, "Thank you!"

He just raised a brow, looking up at her.

The browned haired chocolate eyed girl held out a hand, smiling casually, "I love you too, Neji."

The still confused boy took her hand and shook it firmly.

Their hands lingered and Tenten took the time to tackle him on the bed and playfully pin him down. She laughed and made him smile.

Her thoughts flickered to Sakura, still smiling and at the hospital and mentally thanked her.

Neji suddenly pulled up, and kissed her right on the lips, holding the back of her neck.

She was surprised and "accidentally" brought her knee up, and kneed him in the chest. He jumped back holding his chest, and an arched brow, "What the hell…?"

Tenten smiled, "I was surprised." She scooted to him and placed a small kiss on his cheek and patted his hair.

His eyes softened and a smile graced his lips again, and he thought, the caged bird has been set free, and is soaring for the first time.

She smiled too, feeling appreciated that she is good enough for people, by just being herself.



"How's this shirt?" Ino came out of bathroom, in an off the shoulder white tee. She twirled around in front of Shikamaru.

Said boy shrugged, "Looks the same as the one before that."

Ino turned red, with anger, "The one before this was purple, and it was a dress! Honestly, are you paying attention!?" She stomped her feet, dramatically.

Shikamaru motioned her over to her bed that he was sitting on. She walked over and he pulled her to sit next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He leaned them back, and her head rested on his arm.

Ino opened her mouth to speak, but he messily put his hand to her mouth, much to her distain, and Shikamaru spoke first, "They all look good, Ino."

She flushed a light pink and took his hand off her mouth and she nodded, "I know."

He rolled his eyes, scratching his chin, "They why show me?"

The blonde girl shrugged, bringing her legs up and turning so that her head laid on his chest, "I dunno, I just wanted you to…"

Shikamaru caught her drift, having known her so well and kissed the top of her forehead, "You're beautiful, Ino."

She didn't say anything, and he didn't either.

He looked down, slightly afraid that she was in tears or something, her being so melodramatic and all, and just didn't know how to deal with a woman with tears.

She wasn't crying, she was just looking up at him, a peculiar look in her eye.


She pouted and whined, "That's it?"

The boy looked at her, ushering further explanation by just a simple stare.

Ino twitched, "You call me beautiful and kiss my forehead, and that's it? I bet even Naruto and Hinata have kissed! God, Shikamaru, must I do every-!"

He crashed his lips against hers, shutting her up for even a second, and she brought her hands to his cheeks, while he tangled his free hand in her hair.

They broke away and Shikamaru huskily whispered, "I love you, Ino."

She smiled, "Now, that was what I was hoping for!" she rubbed her nose to his chin.

Shikamaru smirked, lazily yawning, "What? That's it?"

Ino smiled and giggled, "I love you too-!"

The boy just closed his eyes, snuggling closer and whispered, "Shush, troublesome woman, you're ruining the moment."



Everyone visited Sakura at least once a week, and they always told her stories about how life's going for them and just exciting things that they thought she would like.

Gaara came in and told her that he met a "cute" girl in the park, and they went to get ice cream. His face was scarlet the whole time, and he felt good after telling her.

Ino came in and put a vase of flowers by her bed, and a chocolate bar. Being the rash dramatic girl she was, she flicked the pink haired girl in the head, and whispered, "Wake up soon, Forehead Girl."

Naruto came in and put a sticker of a smiley face on her hand. He kissed her cheek and smiled brightly, "Can you hear us?"

When Hinata came, she sat by the bed, telling her stories of Naruto, and left with a bow and the soft words of, "Thank you so much…. Sakura-chan."

Tenten came and comb Sakura's hair, daintily and softly tugging out tangles and smiled, "Just freshening you up a bit, so when you wake up, you'll feel like yourself again."

Neji came in and just politely stood by the bed, watching the monitors, and watching her face, her defiant smile still lingering. He didn't say anything, but he felt like she already knew. He left with a smile.

Shikamaru lazily sat in the hospital's chair and talked to her, he talked to her about everyone's progress, and that everyone was doing well. He told her about what the sky looked like that day. Then he left, saying, "Thanks, Sakura, I don't really know you, but you managed to stitch everyone back together pretty good."

Everyone came, and everyone left.

But there was one boy who stayed every day.


He would come in, before the others, and refill the vase he filled with flowers, with water. He told himself that he wanted the first thing for Sakura to see was the flowers. Of course, Ino helped him with the arrangement, and often brought new fresh flowers to add to the batch. Sasuke would watch her, and copy her actions daily.

He would come in, pull up a chair, and hold her hand.

He'd just stare, he'd memorize her features, and he would listen to the rhythm of her breaths.

Sometimes, he would even speak to her; tell her about everyone and everything. And one thing was certain every time.

He'd leave only after whispering "I love you" and kissing her softly on her forehead.

He thought that he could do nothing more than support her in that way.



Days past.

Days bled into weeks.

And the weeks turned to months.



Sasuke stood, staring at her, with a similarly posed Naruto. One was scowling and the other was smiling stupidly. One was tense, the other casual.

Naruto elbowed Sasuke softly, and spoke, "Lighten up."

The other boy would not tense, and would not drop his scowl; he said nothing back to Naruto. He just gazed longingly at Sakura's still form.

"Her smiles still on her face, do you know why, Sasuke?"

Said boy still did not loosen. He didn't even flicker his eyes at the boy who was talking to him.

"It's still there because she knows that everyone's waiting for her, and because you love her. So, don't frown here, Sasuke."

Sasuke tore away from her, and looked at Naruto, "I know. But it's been two months. I'm getting tired to waiting."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Two months is nothing, Sakura knew that she might die since a long time ago. We have to be patient." He put a hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

The brooding boy did not shrug him off. He liked the warmth, and reassurance that was radiating off of his friend.

He looked back at his much loved girl, and he saw something different.

Her smile.

It was deepening into a straight line, he ripped out of Naruto's hold and nearly threw himself at the hospital bed.

He nervously searched around her face, her mouth was forming a line, her eyebrows were limp, and her skin pale, then he noticed an annoying repetitive noise.

The monitor with her heart rate was beeping rapidly, he frantically observed the numbers, but he didn't know what any of this meant.

His own heart began to race, and cold sweat appeared on his skin.

Naruto had already left to the room to get some nurses out in the hallway. Sasuke could hear him screaming in the hallways.

Sasuke grabbed hold her hand, clutching it tightly, and looked at her pale face again, there was no trace of expression, and he felt alone.

Was she just going to leave him like that?

Without word?

Was he waiting for two months, for nothing?

He shut his eyes and shouted, "Sakura! I love you! You cannot die! You can't!"

Someone with a broad hand pulled him away then, his hand losing grip of her lifeless, cold one. He was pulled into the hallway, was pushed to sit in a chair, and had many voices talking to him.

But he didn't hear them, their words were muted by the beeping monitor he had heard.

He didn't see them, his eyes were blocked by tears, the ones he had tried so hard to hold back.

He couldn't even make any noise, his brain was in too much shock to do anything.

Though, Sasuke knew one thing.

Something is happening to Sakura.



All their friends have gathered in the waiting room, though it's at least 3:25 in the morning, but no one cared.

They showed up in their pajamas, Ino in her glasses and a sloppy bun, no makeup, she hadn't cared for being beautiful this time, Sakura was more important.

No one made a sound, the only one was the ticking of the clock on the wall, counting the seconds of what might be Sakura's death, or recovery.

The people in the room were so solemn. Even Naruto couldn't smile at a time like this. All he could do was close his eyes and lean on Hinata who was wiping away her feeble tears.

But, Sasuke was the worst. He couldn't even look at his friends, he sat away from them, in the very corner. His eyes were on the floor, his mind n the clouds.

The pressure was killing him, this whole deal was killing him.

As he was looking down, he thought of her.

He thought of her warm smile, her caring green eyes, and the tone of her free laughter. He missed it all so much.

He put his hands in his pocket, feeling the empty space again. He found himself wondering if there was a razor there, would he be able to cut himself again?

Would all the hard work she done be put to waste?

He pulled his hands out of his pockets, not wanting to think of something irrelevant compared to Sakura.



Said boy jerked his head upward, and saw Naruto, bright eyed and finally smiling, jumping before him. Hinata was behind him, laughing.

Sasuke was confused, the idiot was laughing… his girlfriend smiling… what happened?

The pieces fit together in his mind and his eyes widened, "Sakura!"

Naruto nodded, smiling hugging Sasuke brotherly, "She's alright, Sasuke, She's alright!"

There was a smile of relief tugging at his lips.




They hadn't let them in to check up on her just yet, but when they did, Sasuke was in the room first.

He walked into the familiar room, bleak and white, Sakura was lying on the sheets. Her eyes were still closed, but the smile was back in place. Her cheeks were flushed, lively once again. The beeping of the monitor was near silent, and the rhythm steady.

Sasuke stood by the bed, and took her hand. It was considerably warmer than before.

He smiled, and felt the tears well up in his eyes. He let them fall, and they did, one by one, dripping onto her hands. Messily, he kissed his tears off her hands, and wiped his eyes with the back of his free hand.


Her eyes opened lazily.

Sasuke gasped, too awed, and too happy.

Bright green and vivid pink met his eyes and his heart thudded out of his chest. He clenched her hand.

Her lips parted, and in the voice he had missed, though raspy, she joked, "Sasuke-kun, you're hands… are really sweaty."

An awkward smile settled on said boy's face, and without skipping a beat, he bent down and kissed her almost forcefully.

In a cheesy, yet memorable manner, he smirked and joked back, "Don't talk, you're ruining the moment."

Her lips spread into her radiant smile, her eyes twinkled and she sat up.

Sasuke smiled, something that seemed so natural with her, and he softly said, "Welcome back."



It's graduation day. Everyone is wearing their green robes and caps. Everyone is adorned with crying, happy faces.

They're eyes are directed to the stage, at a peculiar pale girl, with short messy pink hair, and the most capturing green eyes.

On her pale lips was an adorable smile as she spoke into the microphone,

"Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno. I used to hate life and attempted suicide. I fell into a two month long coma, expecting death, but it never came. I am here, standing, alive, thanks to the patience and love of my friends and peers. And I just want you all to know, that there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way, but in the end everything will be alright, and I hope that you know, that life is beautiful, so cherish it."

Her eyes connected with the people in the crowd, each staring, at her bluntness. She scanned over them, and grabbed the hold of a smiling dark haired boy.

She smiled wider, her eyes brighter than the sun, and her voice musical,

"Thank you, thank you for waiting."

She ran off the stage, and ran towards the boy, and he pushed through the crowd, and somehow, they found each other, in the middle of a circle the crowd created.

Sakura put her hands up, and held Sasuke's cheeks, and he did the same.

They looked each other in the eyes, the identical scars on their wrists, at one another's beating hearts, and savored a moment that only happens once in everyone's life.

They kissed, and the crowd applauded.

Tears streamed out of Sakura's eyes, making her hair stick of her face in clumps, and Sasuke laughed, pushing them away, "Now these are the moments to live for."

She nodded, embracing him in a hug burying her face in his chest, "Its wonderful isn't it?"

He rubbed her shoulder and chuckled, smiling the smile he thought he had lost in the beginning of this story, and agreed, "Yes, it truly is, Sakura."



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