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Angelic—Meddling with Faite

Working quickly, Faite altered Edward's perspective slightly, casually suggesting to his mind that he might like to sit with Bella, today. Alone. It wasn't like she was pulling this completely out of the blue, or anything—Edward had been considering the possibility all day, after all.

The Angel and the Vampire heard his family's thoughts at the same moment, and they made Faite laugh quietly. They were a mix of doubt, humour, disgust and excitement, and they amused her. She could see the ways that these emotions towards Bella would change and develop. Jasper would slowly come to accept it, and would eventually view the human girl as a younger sister, as would Emmett. Alice's excitement would stay fairly constant, and she would become fast friends with Bella. Rosalie would be… tenacious. But even her feelings would change towards Edward's future wife, and she'd eventually come to accept her.

The way the future was mapped out just now, Edward would marry Bella in just under a year, and their child would be born not long afterwards. But, of course, the future was flighty and easily distracted. The Angels' jobs would just be to keep this particular series of events on-track.

When Bella entered the cafeteria, Faite was caught off-guard, and missed the opportunity to draw her attention to Edward. Cursing aloud, her hands hovered over the control panel, trying to decide the best course of action.

But her fears, it seemed, were unfounded. He acted entirely on his own, beckoning Bella over. Slowly, she made her way through the throngs of students to where he sat, and hesitated, before sitting down herself, opposite him. They were silent for a moment, before Bella spoke.

"This is…different."

"Well, I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly."

Faite's eyes widened as he spoke; he had nearly slipped, right then and there. Having her find out about his true identity at this stage was not such a good idea—there was a stronger chance that Bella would run screaming. They had to wait for the opportune moment, once Bella realised that she was in love with him.

Faite crossed her fingers—a gesture that was far more lucky than any human version of it—and held her breath. "You know, I don't have any idea what you mean."

The Angel let out her breath slowly. Disaster had been averted. For now.

She watched as they chatted about inconsequential things like Michael Newton, before they moved onto more serious topics. Edward, in his own way, tried to warn her about the dangers of liaising with Vampires, a warning which she either did not notice, or chose to ignore. Faite smirked, glad that Edward's attempts had been averted.

And then, after a brief pause, Bella spoke again. "I'm trying to figure out what you are."

Edward and Faite froze instantaneously. Isabella Swan was remarkably perceptive—perhaps too much so. She should have been expecting this.

Fortunately, though, as the conversation wound on, it became apparent that Bella was pulling at straws, trying to guess. The smile reasserted itself on the Vampire's face, and Faite began to breathe again.

Their conversation moved on and, in time, their lunch drew to a close. The human girl realised this, and stood abruptly. "We're going to be late."

"I'm not going to class."

"Why not?"

"It's healthy to ditch now and then."

Faite could have snorted. She knew the real reason—Blood typing. Then again, Edward in the same room as Bella's exposed blood would not be particularly healthy for either of them, so she supposed he was somewhat justified in cutting class today. Bella scrutinised his face for a moment, before making up her mind. It was predictable—she was a good person. She wasn't going to cut.

Carefully, Faite watched as the Vampire watched Bella leave the café. The way he looked at her… so lovingly. It was truly touching.

Bella made her way to class, and Edward went to sit in his car, flicking on the stereo. Faite could have laughed—he was listening to Debussy. It was very appropriate. This was one of the things they had in common, and one of the things that they would eventually—in their own way—bond over.

Faite mentally skipped over the next few minutes, the screen before her split between Edward in his Volvo, and Bella in the Biology room, turning greener by the second. Just then, Bella leaned down, pressing her head to the marble-topped desk, and the Angel watching her smiled. This was where the fun began.

"Bella, are you alright?" Mr. Banner spoke up, sounding concerned.

"I already know my blood type, Mr. Banner." Well, of course she did! She'd been given enough blood transfusions for her dreadful clumsiness, after all. Bella didn't sound great.

"Are you feeling faint?" Faite might have scoffed. Not at all, Mr. Banner. She just thought she'd turn green and press her head to the desk for no reason at all! She wondered briefly what hope the rest of the world had, when it was the teachers needed teaching.

"Yes, sir."

"Can someone take Bella to the nurse, please?" The blonde jock-type put his hand up, and Faite could hear Bella's internal groan. Mike Newton. Of course.

"Can you walk?"

Bella was getting quieter and quieter by the second. "Yes," she whispered, half-plotting her escape, for if Mike didn't hurry up. The boy wrapped his arm a little too eagerly around Bella's waist, and towed her from the room and outside. Once they were out of sight, Bella extricated herself from Newton's death grasp, and slumped on the sidewalk. Faite, grinning wickedly, projected Michael's thoughts a little farther than they normally would travel, so that they reached Edward who was humming something to himself in his car.

Is she going to pass out? What do I do?

Faite thought, for a moment, that the door of the Vampire's car had done something to offend him, he threw it open so quickly. He raced from the car, a little to fast to be plausible, and crossed the distance quickly.


He sounded, for a moment, absolutely terrified. "What's wrong—is she hurt?"

Faite thought briefly that it was a good job she had altered the script slightly. In the original draft, Bella hadn't fainted until she'd stuck her own finger. She could see now that, had they kept the original, Edward would have gone for Bella's throat right then and there. She let a smug smile flicker across her face at her own success, before refocusing her thoughts on the scene below.

"I think she's fainted. I don't know what happened—she didn't even stick her finger." Edward's relief at Mike's simple confirmation was tangible, even from the Bird's-eye perspective.

"Bella, can you hear me?" Edward's concern was achingly sweet, and Faite felt herself smile unconsciously.

"No… go away," she moaned, her head between her knees.

"I was taking her to the nurse, but she wouldn't go any further," Mike practically snarled at Edward, trying to defend his 'territory'. Edward was oblivious, his thoughts still worried about Bella.

"I'll take her," assured Edward. "You can go back to class."

Mike, however, wasn't so convinced. "No—I'm supposed to do it."

But Edward, of course, had his own agenda. He scooped Bella gently up in his arms, marvelling temporarily at how wells she fit there.

"Put me down!"


Edward ignored them both, grinning down at Bella's still-green face. "You look awful."

"Put me back on the sidewalk," Bella almost groaned, wondering subconsciously how long it would be before she threw up on him.

He ignored her again, to Faite's amusement. "So, you faint at the sight of blood?" There it was again. Faite had to hand it to her sister—Devyne certainly had a sense of humour. It was truly ironic that, while Edward craved blood, Bella detested it. "And not even your own blood." For which, of course, he was incredibly grateful.

He kicked open the door, carrying Bella inside. The secretary let out a cry of astonishment as she took in the scene. Faite had to admit, it would make any sane woman stop and stare. Edward looked like he'd just saved her from a burning building, or something.

He reassured both the secretary and the nurse, choosing to ignore their thoughts, before putting the length of the room between him and Bella. It was probably wise, given that the adrenaline that was pumping through her system, and the venom pumping through his.

The nurse left, and Bella spoke directly to him again, closing her eyes. "You were right."

Edward tensed, worried suddenly that she had finally come to her senses and heeded his warnings.

He smirked. "I usually am—but about what in particular this time?"

"Ditching is healthy."

After several minutes more, the two were dismissed and left the room together, following the dramatic entrance of another Blood-typing casualty. They were followed by that human again, to the Vampire's annoyance.

"You look better," he accused Bella.

"Just…keep your hand in your pocket," she warned, shuddering at the thought of more blood exposure.

"I'm not bleeding any more." He sounded defensive, and quickly changed the subject. "Are you coming back to class?"

Apparently, this boy was as stupid as he looked.

"Are you kidding? I'd just have to turn around and come back."

Just then, the door opened behind her. Faite jumped, startled, and looked around quickly to see Destinee behind her, a wicked grin on her face. Faite returned the expression, and beckoned her forward.

"Blood-typing… very entertaining."

The two turned back to the monitor just as Bella invited Edward to La Push that weekend. It was a shame, really, that the treaty was still in full force. Faite would have to talk to Vyne about that. The treaty was outdated, and very annoying… especially at times like these.

"Let's you and I not push Mike any further this week. We don't want him to snap."

"Mike-schmike" Bella muttered. Both seemed to be wondering how they could possibly find another excuse to stay near each other for a bit longer, which the two Angels found very amusing.

The two reached the parking lot, and Destinee and Faite watched as Edward deftly caught the back of her jacket, jerking her to a stop. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm going home…"

"Didn't you hear me promise to take you safely home? Do you think I'm going to let you drive in your condition?"

She sounded slightly offended when she spoke again. "What condition? And what about my truck?!"

He just shrugged, seeming unconcerned. "I'll have Alice drop it off after school." Keeping his hold on her jacket, he half-dragged her over to his Volvo.

"Let go!" She exclaimed, seeming quite annoyed at her predicament.

"You are so pushy"

"It's open."

She ignored him, standing outside. Carefully, Destinee altered the rain so it fell a little harder on her head, trying to force her into the car with Edward.

"I am perfectly capable of driving myself home!"

Rolling the window down, he leaned over the passenger seat. "Get in, Bella." For a moment, it looked like she might do a runner, but Edward seemed to pick up on this too. "I'll just drag you back."

He wasn't even joking.

She seemed to realise this, and sighed heavily, before climbing into the car with as much dignity as she could muster with hair dripping and boots squeaking. "This is completely unnecessary."

Edward fiddled with the dashboard controls and, as he did so, Faite was struck by inspiration. Quickly, she flicked the music over onto the next track—Clair de Lune.

The opening bars sounded, and Bella glanced in astonishment at the CD player, a smile widening on her face. "Clair de Lune?"

His surprise was as obvious as hers. "You know Debussy?"

Destinee almost squealed as their eyes met, and she blushed furiously. "Not well… my mother plays a lot of classical music around the house—I only know my favourites."

"It's one of my favourites, too."

They lapsed into silence for a moment, each considering this. Both seemed to relax slightly, and Edward even tried inhaling a breath.

He seemed to be searching for conversation, and Faite slyly planted an idea in his mind, to try and keep the conversation flowing. "What is your mother like?"

"She looks a lot like me, but she's prettier."

Edward looked disbelieving, and both Angels could read his thoughts wondering if that was even possible. The smiles that erupted on both of their faces were spectacular, and would have dazzled any human (or vampire, for that matter) who saw them.

"I have too much Charlie in me. She's more outgoing than me, and she's braver. She's irresponsible and slightly eccentric, and she's a very unpredictable cook. She's my best friend." Bella tailed off, clearly lost in thought. All of the Immortals listening to her suddenly had the simultaneous thought, clearly seeing Bella as the parent in her relationship with her mother. It was a sad thought, and one that had them all thinking deeply. Bella had clearly had a lot of responsibility heaped on her slim shoulders, from a young age.

They pulled into the driveway, and Edward turned slowly to look at Bella, clearly wanting to prolong the time that they spent together.

"How old are you, Bella?" Faite had been wondering the same thing. Bella seemed so much older than her mere seventeen years.

"I'm seventeen."

"You don't seem seventeen."

That made her laugh, to Edward's obvious delight. He was still confused, though. "What?"

"My mom always said that I was born thirty-five years old and that I get more middle-aged every year." She sighed quietly, her laughter fading. "Well, someone had to be the adult."

Quickly, Faite dialled Devyne on her pager, knowing that she would want to be here in a few minutes. Destinee loved questioningly at her, then nodded, realising what she was doing. Within a minute or so, Devyne pushed the door open, glancing across at her sisters and smiling. One of the upsides of this new joint obsession was that they had seen each other more in the last few months than they had in five thousand years of guardianship.

Their conversation had moved on slightly when the Angels turned back to the scene playing out before them.

"What do you mean by scary? Multiple face piercings and extensive tattoos?" Bella laughed.

"That's one definition, I suppose." Edward's mind seemed to be thinking that her definition was the most non-threatening things he'd ever heard, in comparison…

But that awakened her curiosity, of course. "What's your definition?"

"Do you think that I could be scary?" He sounded desperate, pleading even. It took Faite a moment to realise that he was still trying to warn her away with movements and gestures. It wouldn't work, though. These two were fated to be together. Even if her and her sisters had not gotten involved, these two would still have ended up together. There were a hundred different meetings and scenarios that Faite had envisaged, and ninety percent of them had ended in Bella becoming like Edward. This had just seemed like the easiest, and least painful, option.

"Hmm… I think that you could be, if you wanted to."

They were both serious now, their gazes intense as they watched each other closely. "Are you frightened of me now?"


Her answer was immediate; she didn't even seem to have to think about it. Destinee grinned proudly, and Devyne hugged her quickly.

"So now are you going to tell me about your family? It's got to be a more interesting story than mine."

Edward immediately locked down at her words, suddenly wary of her endless questions. One slip and the game would be up. Vyne began to concentrate very hard on altering Bella's thoughts minutely, trying to take the edge off of her questions. "What do you want to know?"

"The Cullens adopted you?"


She hesitated briefly, wondering if her question would anger him. "What happened to your parents?"

"They died a very long time ago."

Bella looked suitably guilty, and Edward chuckled very quietly. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"I don't really remember them that clearly. Carlisle and Esme have been my parents for a long time, now."

"And you love them?" Her mind was intelligent; she seemed to be able to read him almost as easily as he could read her. Edward smiled.

"Yes. I couldn't imagine two better people."

"You're…very lucky."

"I know I am." One of the few things that he considered lucky in his life was his parents. Considering the circumstances, indeed, he had been extraordinarily lucky.

"And your brothers and sisters?"

He needed to end the conversation, before she found out… she was getting close to his secret. "My brother and sister, and Jasper and Rosalie, for that matter, are going to be quite upset if they have to stand in the rain waiting for me."

She sounded dismayed, and he enjoyed the fact that neither of them seemed to want to be apart from the other. "Oh, sorry, I guess you have you to go."

He grinned suddenly, "And you probably want your truck back before Chief Swan gets back, so you don't have to tell him about the Biology incident."

She pulled a face. "I'm sure he's already heard. There are no secrets in Forks."

Out of sheer interest, Devyne refocused the image onto Charlie Swan, who was just leaving work. He was about to step into his cruiser on the way home, when Robert Banner, the Biology teacher, passed him by on his bicycle. He slowed, and stopped to speak to Charlie.

"Chief Swan."

"Robert. How are things?"

"Good, good. Listen, though, is Bella alright?"

The look on the Chief's face went from carefree to absolutely terrified in an instant. "Bella? I don't know… why? What happened?"

"We were blood typing today in Bio. She didn't seem to react too well to the blood."

Charlie visibly relaxed, a relieved smile spreading across his face. "Aw, okay. That's just Bella, I guess—the worst equilibrium in the world, and she can't stand blood. She has the worst luck. She'll be fine by now, though."

Mr. Banner looked slightly amused, "Good to hear, Chief. I have to admit, I was worried for a moment. She went the oddest shade…"

Laughing, Faite refocused back on Edward and Bella. The human girl was still sat in the front seat of his stationary car, her gaze locked on Edward's. The Vampire, admittedly, looked similarly mesmerised by her close proximity.

"Don't be offended, but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So… try not to fall into the ocean, or get run over or anything, alright?"

She looked offended, that much was for sure. Her smile disappeared, and she scowled at him, her tone thick with sarcasm. "I'll see what I can do." She jumped out of his car—Devyne had to steady her on the way out, because that would have been embarrassing—and slammed the door of the Volvo behind her as she walked up to her house.

The Angels were still grinning with success as he drove off up the street.

Did anyone catch the amazing reference to the most epic spoof of James Bond ever written, ever? No? Dang...