A/N: This story is a continuation of Easier Said Than Done and Inevitabilities and Eventualities. It will contain all of the original characters, plot lines, activities, and running jokes that were developed previously, and continue to explore the ups and downs of life with Lyndie, Elphie, their families and friends. Many things await my cast of characters at Shiz and beyond and I hope I can continue to tell their story with an appropriate mix of laughter, tears and romance. Possibilities and Certainties picks up where I and E left off, with Glinda and Elphie getting engaged. This is a short chapter, meant to ease the transition between the two stories. I hope you enjoy it. mecelphie.


Glinda sat on the sofa in the library of Upland Manor in Elphie's arms watching how the light from the flickering fire and the twinkling ceiling sparkled in her beautiful diamond engagement ring, which was her great great grandmother Upland's engagement ring. She compared it to the sparkle from the small but radiant diamond embedded in the white gold band of Elphie's engagement ring, which had been her very first real gemstone ring. The sentimentality of it threatened to make her sniffly again until she noticed the clock.

"Happy Anniversary Elphie!" Glinda giggled.

"Anniversary?" Elphie chuckled as she played with the unfamiliar, but not unwelcome ring on her finger.

"We've been engaged for one whole hour." Glinda bubbled and bounced.

"I see. Well then happy anniversary my beautiful, bubbly fiancée." Elphie smiled and kissed Glinda gently.

"Fiancée, I love that word! We are fiancées." Glinda giggled.

"I think that we are affianced, not fiancées."

"You are going to ruin our one hour anniversary of being engaged by picking nits?" Glinda pouted.

"Forgive my sweet. I love the word fiancées." Elphie smiled and kissed that precious pout.

"Me too. I can't wait to introduce you. This is my fiancée, Elphaba. May I introduce Elphaba, my fiancée. Oh, here comes my fiancée now. And even better I'm Elphaba's fiancée." Glinda bubbled with sheer delight.

"I am engaged to be married. My fiancée's name is Glinda." Elphie said with a smile.

"That sounds so nice. I'm your fiancée. We are engaged. You proposed to me. It was so traditional and romantic." Glinda sighed as she snuggled close.

"Do you know why engagement and wedding rings are worn right here?" Elphie said wiggling Glinda's ring finger.

"Cause they'd look silly in your ears?" Glinda responded with a giggle.

"Well there is that. But traditional belief in the ancient culture established that there is a vein that runs directly from the heart…" Elphie said as she placed her finger on Glinda's chest.

"… To the fourth finger of the left hand." She continued as she moved her finger along Glinda's chest, down the inside of her arm, over her palm, to her ring.

"It's called the vena amoris. The vein of love. That's why traditionally the engagement ring is placed on this finger, often called the ring finger." Elphie smiled as she wiggled Glinda's finger again.

"Oh sweet Oz, that is so romantic. The vein of love." Glinda sighed as she started at Elphie's heart and traced the same path to her ring.

"Kiss me please." She asked after she kissed Elphie's finger.

"I think that is a very appropriate way to celebrate a one hour anniversary." Elphie grinned.

"One hour and ten minutes." Glinda giggled as she tickled Elphie's palm.

"Now who is picking nits?" Elphie chuckled as she retuned the palm tickle.

"Shush. I'm being accurate." Glinda smiled as she started to caress Elphie's hand.

"How thoughtful of you." Elphie responded.

"I'm an engaged woman now. I need to think maturely." Glinda said then giggled.

"So are we continuing this conversation or are we kissing? Elphie grinned.

"Kissing, definitely kissing. I hear that's what engaged people do."

"Interesting concept. What was it we were doing before?"

"You know, not many people know this, but you talk far too much." Glinda chuckled and kissed Elphie softly.

"How about if I just say that I love you very much and leave it at that." Elphie smiled and returned the soft kiss.

"I love you too, my beautiful, chatty fiancée." Glinda giggled then skipped gentle kiss and kissed Elphie with great passion.

"Making out as fiancées is fun." Glinda sighed after a particularly invigorating and interesting kiss caress combination.

"So making out as girlfriends was not?" Elphie said with a teasing twinkle in her eye.

Okay, it's more fun. Great Oz but being engaged has made you an even meaner mean green thing."

"Yes, but I am your mean green thing." Elphie smiled as she moved Glinda's now down and disheveled hair behind her ears.

"And we have rings to make it official." Glinda grinned then kissed Elphie again.

"Elphie, did Momsie tell you about this ring?" Glinda asked as she played with Elphie's ring finger.

"Only that it was your first diamond ring. I didn't even see it until you put it on my finger." Elphie smiled.

"Momsie is wonderful. I couldn't have chosen a better one myself. Namom gave this to me when I was five. I was not happy at first because it did not look like her and mama's rings. She told me that it doesn't matter how big a diamond is, but how it looks on the wearer. She chose this one because it was perfect in every fashion, and sparkled brilliantly, just like me. I asked her why it was not in a little holder like hers." Glinda said fingering the mounting of her diamond.

"She said that just like precious little girls were safely tucked away in their families to keep them safe, precious little diamonds were embedded into their rings to keep them safe."

"Namom is a very wise woman. This ring is beautiful. I've never had a ring before, of any sort. I think it's nice that my first one was one of yours."

"I know. It's perfect, we both have special sentimental rings." Glinda sniffled.

"So it is okay that I did not go out and select one for you from a jeweler?" Elphie asked.

"Oh my love, I would have adored and cherished any ring that you put on my finger. But the fact that you chose to give me a ring that is part of my family history…" Glinda sniffled and then started to cry.

"It meant a great deal to your parents too, as was the fact that I accepted a ring for you to give to me. I am a little ashamed of the fact that it did not occur to me that you would want to reciprocate my proposal."

"Oh no my Elphie, don't be. You thought to propose in the first place. We never even talked about that,"

"Lyndie please don't let this upset you, but I didn't think of it. Byjon talked to me about it, that day we went with your parents to his house for dinner." Elphie said carefully.

"Byjon? That's why Momsie wouldn't let us back in, he was overcome with joy, and you were confused." Glinda said as tears fell.

"Yes my precious. Apparently, your mother clued into the fact that Byjon wanted to talk to me about something and helped provide us with some privacy. He said that Intuits are clever and can be sneaky."

"We are." Glinda giggled.

"He suggested that I propose to you, to create a romantic traditional memory that we will both cherish. He said that neither he nor Walik thought to do that. They never really regretted it, but he said that he would sometimes wonder what it might have been like. We had a very nice talk. The last visit we had with him before he died, he made me promise that I would propose to you. I told him that I was going to." Elphie said then pulled a weepy Glinda to her and held her tightly until her tears ran their course, then kissed and caressed her with purpose.

Elphie knew that Glinda was not upset, just overcome with both of their emotions. She wanted to hear more about the conversation with Byjon, so Elphie told her. Then Glinda wanted to know everything so Elphie told her about researching, her thoughts on the way home from Colwen Grounds, the silent conversation with Byjon before asking her parents for permission and finishing up with the library and dinner. The story was interlaced with tears, giggles, kisses and caresses; even Elphie was a little tearful.

The story came to a close, the tears and giggles ran their course and soon there were just soft kisses and tender caresses. They used those to reacquaint themselves with each other's faces, necks, hands and fingers. They had no idea that so much time had passed until they heard the front door closing.

"Elphie, my parents are home…let's go tell them we are engaged." Glinda bubbled as she disentwined from Elphie and hopped off of the sofa.

"Lyndie my sweet, they already kn…you know…let's go tell them." Elphie grinned and Glinda wiggled with delight, kissed her then pulled her toward the door.

"Momsie, Popsicle guess what?" Glinda said dramatically.

"Well hello darlings, how was your evening?" Gwenot chuckled.

"It was very nice. Elphie proposed then I proposed and now we are engaged! To be married!" Glinda said barely getting the words out from all the excitement.

"Congratulations my darling girls." Gwenot beamed as she hugged her wiggly, bouncy daughter then Elphie.

"Thank you for everything you did to make this work." Elphie whispered to Gwenot when she accepted her hug.

"The look on your faces is all the thanks I need." Gwenot smiled as she nodded towards Glinda, glowing in her father's arms.

Samion and Gwenot removed their outerwear then joined the girls in the library. Glinda chattered rapid fire about what they had for dinner, the falling stars, how the light reflected in her ring, and how perfect everything was.

"Momsie, thank you for this." Glinda said, becoming sniffly as she held Elphie's hand and touched her ring.

"This was…I can't even describe what I felt when I saw this in the bag and knew what I got to do with it."

"Yes Gwenot thank you. Proposing to Glinda, saying the words, hearing her response and putting that very special ring on her finger, was an indescribable feeling. But hearing her ask me, and feeling this ring being put onto my hand was even beyond that." Elphie said.

"Oh my girls, my darling girls, I am so very glad that this night was memorable and precious to you. That is how it should be and the fact that your father and I could help make it so brings us more joy than you will ever know. We are proud that you are engaged and that we can introduce Elphaba as our daughter's fiancée." Gwenot smiled and Glinda sniffled harder.

"We were practicing saying that too." She said with a sniffled giggle.

"I could not agree more. This is indeed a joyous occasion at Upland Manor and tomorrow we will celebrate with a grand brunch. How does that sound?" Samion smiled.

"Oh boy, and we can tell Cook and Hensign and thank them and everyone else. Glinda bubbled.

"Yes my darling. But now I have something for you, so you can continue your private celebration." Gwenot said.

"You do?" Glinda said happily as Samion went out into the hall to retrieve a parcel.

"It is from Byjon actually. We went by to get it on the way back here from the club. He left instructions that this was an engagement gift for you two; I do not know what it is. He adored you both so very much. He is pleased now, I'm sure." Gwenot smiled.

"I'm sure too." Elphie said with an enigmatic smile.

"Oh let's open it Elphie." Glinda said excitedly when her father handed her the package.

"In private darling, it is for you two alone. So we will leave you to it and we will celebrate together in the morning." Gwenot said gently.

"Okay Momsie. I love you, you too Daddy." Glinda sniffled and hugged both of her parents hard then Elphie followed suit.

"Enjoy your night girls and congratulations. We could not be happier." Samion smiled.

There was another round of hugs and kisses before Glinda and Elphie were settled back on the sofa.

"Our first engagement gift." Glinda smiled.

"You do the honors my sweet." Elphie said and Glinda tore the paper revealing a recording and a note. She handed the note to Elphie then realized that Elphie did not have her glasses so she opened it herself after a few sniffles that were kissed away.

"Congratulations my engaged to be married studious starlets." Glinda read then giggled.

"What a wonderful occasion this is, I am sure that it was romantic and memorable. It is regrettable that I cannot be there to share in your joy, but I hope this will help. My engagement gift to you. This is the song that Walik wrote for our wedding, or actually our wedding night. He sang it to me then because he wanted it to be just for us, and no one but we two have ever heard it. Just like with the other song that I gave you, knowing that this song, my Wali's precious words will be heard by two souls so in love brings me great joy. Listen to the words my girls, sing them to one another and dance to them. Dance to them and know that they are words of not just love, but of the wonder of love, of the unspoken manner of it, and how it connects two people. So listen with your hearts, sing and dance. Your lives are new now my studious starlet's savor it all and continue to adore one another.

Your loving Byjon."

Glinda read Byjon's words with both happy and sad sniffles.

"He is larger than life, even in death." Glinda said.

"Shall we listen my sweet?"

"With our hearts." Glinda smiled then Elphie kissed her, put on the recording and was back on the sofa with Glinda in her arms when the piano started playing. She tightened her hold when Walik's lovely tenor voice started singing.

"I have never felt like this

For once I'm lost for words

Your smile has really thrown me.

This is not like me at all

I never thought I'd know

The kind of love you've shown me.

Now, no matter where I am

No matter what I do

I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song

An unexpected song

That only we are hearing

I don't know what's going on

Can't work it out at all

Whatever made you choose me?

I just can't believe my eyes

You look at me as though

You couldn't bear to lose me.

Now, no matter where I am

No matter what I do

I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song

An unexpected song

That only we are hearing

I have never felt like this

For once I'm lost for words

Your smile has really thrown me.

This is not like me at all

I never thought I'd know

The kind of love you've shown me.

Now no matter where I am

No matter what I do

I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song

An unexpected song

That only we are hearing

Like an unexpected song

An unexpected song

That only we are hearing."

Glinda and Elphie could only cling to each other and listen, transfixed. Glinda could not even sniffle. The words were simple, yet powerful and they could hear the emotion in each syllable.

"Oh sweet Oz, how he loved Byjon." Glinda finally managed to say.

"Elphie those thoughts, those feelings, I've felt the same things about you." Glinda said with a sniffle.

"I have had them too, all of them. This song, like the last is unbelievable. I can feel it within me." Elphie said softly.

"Me too. Shall we dance now my love?" Glinda smiled.

"I'd love to." Elphie said.

She put on the recording again and they held each other as they moved to the slow melody, singing the little bits they remembered. When it ended Elphie put it on again and they danced in earnest. They put it on again and Elphie sang the entire song with a great deal of emotion as she wiped tears from Glinda's face.

"Elphie, this is the best possible gift. It meant so much to him and he gave it to us." Glinda said as they swayed to the music again.

"And now it means so much to us." Elphie said.

"So very much. Sing to me again?" Glinda grinned and Elphie put the song on again and sang the words softly as she held Glinda close. When the song was over, they were drawn into a very nuanced kiss that left them both breathless.

Glinda took Elphie's hand and led her back to the sofa. They kissed again then snuggled quietly until the inevitable yawn.

"Maybe we should go upstairs now." Elphie said as she stroked Glinda's hair.

"Oh Elphie, I don't want to." Glinda said.

"We've had a big day and an emotional one, we became engaged tonight, remember?" Elphie said.

"Oh I remember. That's why I don't want to leave here. What if I am in a dream, an incredible Elphie scented, beautiful song, sparkly diamond perfect dream?" Glinda said softly.

"Then I'm in it to. Only mine's Lyndie scented." Elphie chuckled softly.

"Well together things are the best." Glinda giggled.

"Let's just snuggle here, with the crackling fire and sparkly ceiling."

"All right my sweet, let's get comfortable, but I promise that this is not a dream." Elphie said as she and Glinda reclined and got comfortable.

"Lyndie, I gave myself a gift tonight, better than any dream. I asked you to marry me and felt every moment, every precious moment." Elphie said.

"It was the night for gifts then, because I got you. Whatever made you choose me?" Glinda sang the line from the song.

"I just can't believe my eyes, you look at me as though, you couldn't bear to lose me." Elphie continued singing.

"I can't. And I can't be apart from you, not tonight." Glinda said and Elphie could hear the emotion in her voice.

"Then you won't be. We will sleep here snuggled close."

"Thank you Elphie, and thank you for asking me to marry you." Glinda sighed happily.

"Thank you for accepting and then returning the proposal." Elphie smiled.

"It was my pleasure." Glinda smiled as she moved a little closer to Elphie under the blanket that her love conjured.

They talked a little more and Elphie sang a little more. Glinda played with Elphie's fingers, both rings and drifted off to sleep to dream of possibilities. Elphie stayed awake longer, reliving the amazing night that had just passed. It had been so good, and so right that she was a little sad to see it end. But she knew, with certainty, that she would awake and see the new day through the eyes of an engaged girl.

"As well as my own." She chuckled as she closed her eyes to sleep.


A/N: I know… two of these in one chapter, but it was necessary. Walik's wedding song is Unexpected Song by Andrew Lloyd Webber from the musical "Song and Dance." Byjon may have been the romantic, but Walik, like Elphie, has his moments. mecelphie.