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Chapter 5: Koujin's Defeat! Rescue Plans

Author: HyperGuyver (a.k.a. Toku Warrior)

It had been over 20 minutes since the battle between Koujin and Nala had begun and it seemed like it was a one way battle. For every move that Koujin made, Nala simply avoided and countered with a move of her own. During the whole fight he had not landed a single hit on her. Nala was not impressed and kept on goading him, telling that he could do better and that it would be over soon. All of this was getting on his nerves and he had almost had enough of her messing with his head. All the mean while, the other Guyvers and their friends had been watching and some even made wincing gestures every time Nala landed one of her powerful punches into Koujin's face. Shiori was a complete and total nervous wreck and Collin was in no better shape than she was as neither of them had ever seen Koujin take such a beating before.

'Koujin, please win. You just have to win this fight. I can't stand the thought of losing you to that…that…slut!' Shiori thought to herself.

'C'mon bro. You can do this. Win this thing. Don't let that Zoa-tramp beat you and force you to be hers.' Collin thought as he starred at the battle without even blinking.

On the other side of the battlefield, Archanfel and Sagaes were watching the battle with interest. For Sagaes, he just wanted his little sister to be happy. If that meant that she wanted her mate to be a Quantum Guyver then he'd live with it. As for Archanfel, he had heard about Sagaes and Nala from some of the old files that the Creators had left behind. He had also heard about how powerful they truly were. If anything, he wanted the Dark Quantum Guyver to win this battle and kill Nala. That way, it'd be one less rogue Zoalord to worry about. Especially when those rogue Zoalords was just as powerful as he used to be.

The battle continued and a few news choppers were in the air covering the battle. They had to make sure not to get to close to the action or else risk getting killed. To the reporters, they saw the Guyvers as the enemy as Chronos had labeled them as an alien vanguard that was sent to destroy humanity. So to see a Guyver getting its butt kicked by a powerful human-like being was a good thing to them. Though there were a few reporters that believed that Chronos had lied about that and that the Guyvers were actually allies to the human race.

As the news choppers got closer, a stray blast from one of Nala's energy attacks flew past Koujin and slammed into one of the choppers, blowing it up and killing the reporters inside. This made Koujin angry as Nala didn't care if the innocent got involved. To her they were just fodder that was meant to serve her kind. With his increasing anger, his speed and power were also slowly increasing. Enough to where he had actually almost landed a hit on the ancient female Zoalady.

Nala noticed his increasing power and figured out how to increase it more. Koujin sped towards her and focused some of his quantum energy into his hand. The red and blue energy enveloped his hand and made it glow with raw power. He arched his arm back and let loose a powerful left hook aimed directly for Nala's stomach. Nala saw it coming and managed to avoid the hit but just barely. She flew backwards and then headed towards the remaining news choppers. She formed balls of energy in her hands and launched them at the choppers.

"No! Don't do it!" Koujin screamed but it was too late.

The balls of energy impacted with the choppers and they all exploded upon impact. The deaths of all those innocent people in the helicopters and of the loved ones that they had left behind weighed heavily on his conscience. His anger was growing even greater and his judgment was starting to become slowly clouded by his anger. That was it. He had had enough. The red and blue bands on his armor glowed furiously as he activated his armors Quantum Coupler to its full capacity. He let out a shout of rage which vibrated around the battlefield and destroyed any remaining glass surfaces for miles around.

Shiori saw what was happening to him and was starting to get scarred. She had never, in all her life, seen Koujin this angry. The same could be said for Collin as well. Shiori then tried to plead with him telepathically for him to calm down but all she got was either static, no answer at all, or a deep angry howl. Shiori knew that if she was going to save Koujin from himself that she would have to intervene with his battle. Shiori started to fly towards Koujin but Nala noticed her and flew at her at a speed that not even she could match. Nala extended her left elbow and nailed Shiori in the gut, sending her flying right into Collin which sent the two of them into a collapsed building over 500 feet away.

Koujin saw this and rushed at the her with every intent to kill her. His speed had nearly tripled and this time he was able to get in front of Nala without her noticing him. He kneed her in her rib cage and cracked a few of her ribs as she was sent sprawling across the ground and into a light pole. Koujin didn't let up and started to fire his quantum enhanced pressure cannons in rapid succession at her downed body. The field was covered in dust as Koujin kept firing pressure cannon after pressure cannon. After almost two minutes of non-stop attacking at full power Koujin let up to see his handy work. What he didn't expect was for Nala to burst out of the dust cloud in her full Zoalady battle form and punch him in the face dead center with her spiked knuckles.

Koujin flew back and hit the ground so hard that he started to cough up blood. Nala landed in front of him and Koujin looked up to gaze at her in her Zoa form. Her skin was grey with red lines running up and down the center of her thighs and arms. She had pointy shoulder protrusions and she had Zoacrystal-like gems where her breasts once were. She had two forward pointing spikes on her forearms and a gravity globe-like object in the center of her abdomen. In the center of her forehead was a violet Zoacrystal and all around her body were 15 other assorted smaller Zoacrystals. She had energy amps on the side of her hips and a pair of black, angel-like wings sprouting from her back. She also had two broad spikes sprouting from the top of her head and pointing outwards. (think of Purg Stahl Zoalord form and that's how her head sorta look.)

"My, my. You actually managed to land a few hits on me that time. You were even able to crack a few ribs too. But it seems that you paid the price for such an unrestrained burst of power." Nala said as she licked her lips.

Koujin tried to stand up but was unable to due to being too exhausted from over using his Quantum Coupler the way he did. His armor began to glow white before his battle form reverted to its 'Save' form. Sho saw this and was guessing that the Dark Quantum Guyver was too low on power to fight anymore. He started running to go and aid the fallen Guyver when Mizuki grabbed his arm and stopped him.

"What do you think you're doing Sho?! If you go out there you'll be killed." she tried to plead with him.

"Mizuki, if I don't help him then she'll take him for herself and possibly turn an allay into an enemy. And I don't think I'm the only one thinking that way." Sho told her as they looked around and saw Agito, Aptom, Griselda, Collin and Shiori getting ready to attack.

The others were about to head out to help Koujin when a energy blast caught them by surprise and sent everyone flying. Agito managed to erect a barrier around those who weren't fighting and protected them from the blast. Agito and the others looked up to see another that looked like a male version of Nala's human form floating down towards them. The being landed in front of them and stood between them and Koujin.

"Alright you bastard! Get out of the way now or I'm gonna move you!" Collin yelled.

"I don't think so. This is my sisters' wish and I will not permit you to interfere with her fun."

"What was that? Fun? Does this look like a game to you, you dip shit?!" Aptom yelled at the newcomer.

"No. This is merely Nala's way of choosing her mate. Now she will finish the fight and claim her prize." he answered.

As if on cue, everyone turned their attentions towards the fight when Koujin started screaming bloody murder. Nala had an energy-like whip wrapped around him and it was sending over 3 million volts of electricity through his body. Shiori starred in horror as her beloved was being tortured. After a moment had passed Nala stopped the shock therapy and approached Koujin. Koujin fell to his knees and was moaning in intense pain, coughing up blood every few seconds. Nala picked him up effortlessly with one arm and then reached for his control medal. But, instead of ripping it out, she sent a small energy pulse into it which forced his armor to deactivate. The armor released his body and before everyone was the beaten and battered form of Koujin Daniels.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" Shiori screamed as she raced towards him.

Sagaes simply flew in front of her and sent her flying back into the ground with one well placed right hook. Shiori hit the ground hard and then saw as Nala reverted to her human form. She licked her lips and placed Koujins lifeless form over her shoulder. She had won the fight and now claimed her prize. She and Sagaes rose into the air and started to fly away. Collin and Sho gave chase but Sagaes simply waved his hand at them and sent them flying backwards with a mere shockwave. Sagaes and Nala then opened up a teleportation vortex and disappeared within it, taking Koujin with them. The vortex disappeared and left the Guyvers and their allies speechless. Shiori just fell to her knees as her Guyver armor released itself from her. After her armor deactivated she just sat there with a blank look in her eyes. Aptom rushed over to her and checked her out.

"Not good guys. She's out like a light. I think the sight of her boyfriend being taken away like that might of driven her into a state of shock."

"Let's take her back to headquarters and get her looked at." Agito suggested.

"I don't think so! I'm taking her home." Collin yelled as her grabbed Shiori and held her in his arms. He flew off into the sky but none of the others gave chase. They didn't want to chance making an enemy out of two distraught Guyvers.

"I think we have a big problem you guys." Tetsuro stated.


Collin was sitting on the couch in the den explaining to the Daniels family what had happened. Saki and Marie were both shocked at hearing that Koujin had lost and at how he had gone berserk against the female Zoalord. Saki was extremely worried for Shiori as well. It wasn't everyday that you got a second chance with your first love and now she may have lost him forever.

Shiori was up in her room just starring blankly at the wall. She hadn't moved an inch since Collin brought her back home. Her mother was extremely concerned as Shiori had never been in a state like this before. Chiaki went over to her daughter and sat next to her.

"Shiori, I understand how you must feel. You lost Koujin once before and you were lucky enough to get him back. But now you may have lost him again and this time, permanently. So I have to ask you something. Are you just going to sit here and mope around in a state of shock or are you going to act like the Shiori I know and go out there and get your boyfriend back?" Mrs. Okajima asked her daughter.

Shiori's eyes started to blink and they regained their beautiful and determined luster. She turned and looked at her mother and did the only thing she could. She broke down and cried. She leaned her head against her mothers' chest and cried her eyes out. Chiaki just wrapped her arms around her and stroked her silver hair gently.

"There, there dear. Everything is going to be ok. I know you'll figure out a way of getting Koujin back."

"Thanks kaa-san. I needed to her those words." Shiori responded with a sniffle.

"Come on. Let's go down stairs and think of way to rescue Koujin." Shiori nodded at her mothers' suggestion.


Agito and Shizu were going over the reports of the recent battle with Chronos and the new female Zoalord, Nala. Agito was worried on what would become of the Dark Quantum Guyver now that he was Nala's prisoner. She could possibly turn him and make him one of the most powerful enemies known to man. Sho and Mizuki had also talked about this and were huddled next together on a sofa back at the base, sharing a blanket as they slept.

"Agito-sama, what do you plan to do now?" Shizu asked her master.

"I don't know really. I do know that I will have to eliminate the Dark Quantum Guyver someday in the future before he can become a threat to me but at the same time I know that we need to rescue him or else risk the chance of Nala converting him to her side and her way of thinking."

"May I make a suggestion?"

"You may Shizu."

"What if we sought out both the White Quantum Guyver and the Astral Guyver for help? We could agree to a temporary truce and work together to kill the new Zoalords and then once they're out of the way we can then start planning of ways to eliminate the Dark Quantum sometime down the road."

Agito thought about this for a second and then knew that he'd have to get Guyver 1 and Aptom to help too seeing as they were going to need all the firepower they could get to take on Nala and Sagaes. As Agito pondered this, Aptom and Tetsuro walked into the room with Natsuki close behind them. None of them really liked or trusted Agito anymore after how he had betrayed them but right now they had to work together if they ever going to survive.

"Hey Makishima, think of a good battle plan yet?" Tetsuro asked.

"Actually, Shizu came up with an idea and I was wondering if it'd work."

"Really, well then what's the plan?" Everyone turned around to see Sho and Mizuki as Sho asked the question.

"Well, first we need to make contact and then form an alliance with both the White Quantum and Astral Guyvers. Once we've done that, we track down and rescue the Dark Quantum and hopefully take out Nala and Sagaes. Does that sound fine Fukamachi?"

"Well, it's a plan and it's better than just sitting around her twiddling our thumbs."

"Agreed Sho. Well, all we have to do now is find those other two Guyvers."


The corridor was dimly lit as the elevator came to a stop on the scientific wing of the Chronos base. The doors opened and out walked Dr. Barcus, accompanied by Imakarum and Sin. The three Zoalords headed to a special meeting room located deep within the Arizona base. They reached a door with the symbol of the advent emblazoned on it. The door opened and inside was the remaining Council members Jabir, Galenos, Clumeggnic and Archanfel himself.

The other three Zoalords sat down and a hologram of the recent battle between the Dark Quantum and Nala began to play. Everyone watched the battle from start to finish and when the video was over the real discussion began.

"So, what are your opinions?" Barcus asked all the remaining Council members.

"Well, I think that these new Zoalords may cause us trouble down the line. But if they can get rid of our little Guyver problem then I say let them." replied Clumeggnic.

"You would say that. What you don't seem to realize is that the female Zoalord, Nala, wants to make the Dark Quantum Her lover. If those two join forces then not even we could stop them." Galenos quipped back at Clumeggnic.

"Well, there's the off chance that the Dark Quantum will refuse all of her advances and she'll just kill him and look for another mate." Jabir added in.

"I highly doubt it." Imakarum replied.

"Enough! What is your opinion, Lord Archanfel?"

Archanfel remained quiet as he thought about the information he had on Nala and Sagaes. He knew that they wouldn't go along with what the Creators had originally planned for them to carry out. They were going to live the way they saw fit. Archanfel then lifted his head and looked at his fellow Zoalords.

"I think that these new Zoalords should be….eliminated. They pose a threat to our goals and will not obey Chronos. So, for the time being, we shall try and free the accursed unit, Dark Quantum, from their grasp. By doing so he will be indebted to us. Either that or you can kill him once you rescue him. Either way is fine with me."

"Then it shall be so my lord. Lord Imakarum, please make ready your best troops to go and save the Dark Quantum from his current fate." Barcus ordered.

"Very well. So as Lord Archanfel has decreed, so shall it be done."


Shiori and Collin were back at the battlefield where Koujin had fought Nala. They were in their Guyver forms and were looking around for any clues that may lead them to Koujin's whereabouts.

"Don't worry Shiori. We'll find him." Collin tried to reassure her.

"I know Collin. I know. But it's only natural that I worry about him."

They continued to look through all the rubble and debris when their hyper sensors started to pick up movement. Collin and Shiori looked around frantically and couldn't make heads or tails as o how many beings surrounded them.

"Careful Shiori, we've got company." Collin warned her.

"I know!"

Collin continued to look around and was getting irritated at not being able to tell who or what was surrounding them. He had finally had enough. He already lost his best friend and now something else was trying to cause him trouble.

"Alright you sneaky bastards! Come out and face us!" Collin howled.

Ask and ye shall receive. From behind the rubble the largest amount of Libertus had emerged. Then Collin and Shiori began sensing other movement behind them. They turned around and noticed Guyver 1, Guyver 3, Griselda and Aptom standing behind them. Collin and Shiori extended their high frequency swords and got into battle positions.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down! We've come to talk!" Sho shouted while waving his arms in a 'don't shoot me' gesture.

"Ok, then talk." Shiori ordered.

"Look, we just want to help you get the Dark Quantum back. If he stays with Nala then we risk the chance that she'll corrupt and convert him to their side. So how about we help one another for now so that we can get him back?" Sho asked.


In a Relic ship located in the Himalaya's, Koujin was sound asleep in a modern day makeshift bed covered in silk sheets. Nala sat on the other side of the bed next to Koujin and just gently stroked his hair. She didn't want to disturb her future love. 'Look at you. You look so precious and handsome lying there asleep. Your 'former' lover must have enjoyed this part of you very much. Well, now I'm going to enjoy you for the rest of eternity.' she thought as she licked her lips. She so much wanted to just make him hers right then and there but she would rather let him get both comfortable and accustomed to his new surrounding first.

Sagaes walked in through the door and noticed his sister lean in and give her new mate a quick kiss on the cheek as she elegantly floated off the bed so as not to disturb him. She noticed her brother and floated over to him. Sagaes just looked at her and wondered how any man would ever choose another woman over his sister.

"What's the mater brother? You seem to have something on your mind." Nala asked him.

"Nothing really. I just want you to be truly happy, my little sister." This caused the female Zoalord to smile gently and blush a light pink.

"Well thank you brother dear." She leaned in and gave her brother a kiss on the cheek. "But you can't hide things from me. What is really on your mind?"

"Well, I talked with our ships' computer and it said that there are special components within it that have the ability to synchronize with the Quantum Units. It told me that if your new mate were to bio-boost anywhere near or inside the ship it could result in one of three things."

"And those are?"

"One: The ship explodes due to the interference from the quantum coupler built into the Quantum Unit. Two: Your mate dies as his control metal fails due to the interference the ship gives off within the ether stream which would in turn interfere with his quantum coupler which directs power through his control metal."

"And the third?"

"Just by being here, he could absorb the ships power and Evolt to 'War Form'."

Nala let these scenarios run through her mind for a moment while she walked back over to her new beloved. She lay down in the bed net to him and snuggled up close to him. She laid her head into his chest as she starred at him lovingly. He made her feel like a different person. He made her feel feelings which she never had before. Because of him, she wanted to live a peaceful life without destruction. A few days ago she may have wanted to destroy the Earth but now she just wanted to live in peace with Koujin.

"Nala….what's the matter? Did you hear a thing I said?"

"Yes, I heard you. If you're so worried about this ship then I'll take him away from here and we'll never return." This shocked Sagaes. He never would have believed that his sister would abandon both her mission and her new home.

"You can't be serious! You would rather live a peaceful life with…with this…this Guyver than rule over everything?!"

"….yes….that's how I want to live from now on."

Sagaes couldn't believe his ears. His blood boiled with rage and aggression. He looked at his sister with hatred in his eyes and then looked at Koujin and then made a decision that would result in starting the beginning of the end.


Shiori and Collin were back at the HQ of Zeus' Thunderbolt going over battle strategies and ways of recovering the Dark Quantum. No one could sit still as they knew that the clock was ticking and that they would all need to give it their all if they were going to survive the events that were soon to come. Shiori just looked out through a window and just thought about Koujin. Mizuki and Natsuki just stood next to her, trying to comfort her the best they could. They knew she used to work for Chronos, but like many of their employees, she was forced into doing so and they pitied her. The three women just continued to stare into the sky, waiting for the inevitable.


Koujin began to stir and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the beautiful face of Nala starring right back at him. His eyes shot wide open and he jumped up, almost falling off the bed. Nala got up quickly to catch a hold of him so as he wouldn't fall and pulled him back into the center of the bed. She embraced him in a gentle hug and buried her head in his chest. Koujin couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. He looked down at Nala and then looked around the room and saw Sagaes starring right back at them with disgust.

"Um, excuse me. But where am I?"

"Oh, don't you remember? You lost to me in our battle and I claimed you as my prize for victory. I have now laid claim to you as my mate. You and I will be together for all time and live a life of peace."

"That does sound nice and all," Koujin pushes her back away from him, "But you must remember that I am already in love with someone."

"No! You lost to me and I claimed you fair and square." Koujin was taken slightly aback by this until he felt the air around them beginning to warp slightly. He looked over at Sagaes and noticed him preparing to fire an energy blast at the two of them.

"Look out!" Koujin grabbed Nala and pulled her off the bed with him as Sagaes fired his energy blast at where they once sat.

"Hold still you despicable pieces of trash!" Sagaes shouted.

"Brother! Why are you attacking us?!"

"Because I can not stand ideally by and watch you turn into…into….one of them!" Sagaes shouted while pointing at Koujin.

Koujin knew what Sagaes was wanting and he decided that he'd do what any righteous Guyver would do. He stood in front of Nala so as to keep her out of harms way and locked eyes with Sagaes. This action of protection moved Nala's heart even more. She then remembered that all Guyvers had a blast field and quickly backed away. Koujin knew what Nala was doing and nodded his thanks to her. He then turned back to face Sagaes and shouted out his transformation call.


His body was surrounded by his blast field which was then further empowered with Quantum energy. The blast field pulsed with colors of blue and red and it expanded and destroyed the bed behind Koujin. Nala just looked on in awe as Koujin's Guyver armor formed around his body. The blast field then dissipated as his control metal and eyes glowed red. His air vents expelled all unwanted waist material, signaling that the transformation was now complete. The Dark Quantum Guyver and the Ancient Zoalord starred each other down, preparing for the upcoming battle that was about to commence.

Toku Warrior: Ok, this chapter wasn't really that long as it served to show what everyone was doing after Koujin was kidnapped. The next chapter will be the battle between Koujin and Sagaes as and as well as the appearance of the Dark Quantum Guyvers' 'War Form'. Things should really start to get interesting form here on in. I also regret to say that this story is also almost over. There are a total of 5-6 more chapters left until it's completed. That's how I have it planned out. But don't worry; I'll make sure to make each chapter a good one.