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This school was very special. It was a school with specialized ninja. These are the students who were recomended for it. They each had their own faults and defaults. The schools idea came from Uchiha Madara. So, of course, he would be the principle. He also hired a boy with spikey red hair and multiple peircings along his face. His name was Pein. Madara also hired a secretary with blue hair and she always had a flower clip in it. All 3 of them thought that the school would be a great success.

A bus pulled up with few students on it, but they all something strange about them. 11 students stepped out. Madara, Pein, and Konan waited for them at the front doors. "Welcome to Akatsuki High!" the 3 of them chimed.

"Shut the fuck up!" a white haired kid said aloud. "Don't talk to your teachers in such a manner!" Konan nagged. "And why the Fuck should I?" the zealot dared. Pein patted Konan's back as if to say 'let it go he's just a kid.'

Madara then showed the children the assembly room. They all filed into the seats.

"As you all should know, you all posess a strange talent that makes you significant ninja and students. I am your pricipal Uchiha Madara. This is our vice principal Pein," Pein stood up and bowed. "And last, but not least our Secretary Konan. We have a lot more staff, but i want want each of you to know us 3 especially." Madara finished. "Are there any questions, comments, concerns?" Konan asked.

"Yeah, when can we fucking get to our dorms?" the white haired kid asked. "Any OTHER questions?" Konan asked giving the kid a dagger glare. Nobody said anything.

"Okay, well then, in the letter we sent you, we gave you your schedule and your dorm number. We wont start school until tommorow so, you can wander the school and know your schedule. The cafeteria will be selling lunches from 11:00 am to 1:00 am 'till school starts. Well, go to your rooms now and settle in. You'll be with us for 4 years. Get comfy." Konan said snickering at her last comment.

The kids filed out of the gym. They were all so... so weird.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx hidan's pov xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I looked at the paper with my schedule and dorm number. I had dorm 4. As i walked, looking for my dorm, I noticed that everyone here was going the same way I was. I felt like I was being followed. 'Calm down Hidan, there just going to their dorms too. Jashin damnit! Why deos EVERYONE have to fucking follow ME?' This feeling just kept weirding me out. Thank Jashin my dorm was one of the first ones. I stood by my door and tried the handle. Shit... it was locked.

After a couple seconds, another person walked over to my door. "Why are you standing by MY fucking door asshole?" I asked. I mean didn't we get our own?

"Because this is my dorm too. We all have to share them. Believe me i'm not that overjoyed as well." the masked man said monotoniously. Jashin, he had a deep voice! This dude was tall. He had bright green eyes and red where the white was supposed to be ( no it's not black where the white was supposed to be. Watch the episodes with Kakuzu in them, you'll see what i mean).

"Fuck. Now I have to share a room. Jashin damnit! I don't want to share a room!" I whined.

Just then a girl walked up. She had dark purple hair and navy blue eyes (this is my OC). "Well, we all have to deal with it now don't we." she said.

"Fuck you." I counter said.

"You have this dorm too?" the tall dude said.

"Yup. I'm Kira. Even though there is such a SMALL student body, we still have to put 3 people to 1 room. It sucks." Kira said. She sounded as if she needed to punch something at the time.

"I'm Kakuzu." the masked man said.

"I'm um... Hidan." I muttered, not really even caring.

"I know. I did backround checks on everyone." the blue eyed girl said.

"How'd you fucking do that?" I wondered. How could a kid my age even get to important files like that?

"She's a hacker." Kakuzu said. Kira nodded.

"How do you fucking know that?" I asked wondering how the fuck my roommates were so damned smart.

"I heard her talking about it on the way here. Not very hard to overhear when your right in front of a person." Kakuzu said very plainly and annoyed.

I just ignored them. I kicked the door, demanding entrance. Kira pushed me aside. She grabbed the doorknob.

"Why the fuck'ed you do that?!" i yelled angrily.

"So I can picklock the door, dumbbutt." Kira replied.

"How are you fucking picklocking the door? And what the fuck is up with 'dumbbutt' it's called dumbASS. Not dumbbut dumbass." I replied.

She gave me an evil glare. "I can picklock the door with my spikes. And for your second question, I don't like to curse. I will only curse when someone ticks me off." She finished off her sentence with a loud 'click' from the door. "Done." she said.

We walked in and got ourselves settled. There were 3 beds set up. I glanced over at Kira who had been kneeling on the floor. She put something under the bed. Hmmm... wonder what it could be. "What's that?" I asked, my curiosity kicked in.

"My laptop. I don't leave it out in the open. Anyway, i have stuff on this laptop that i have to do EVERY day. My brother will just delete all of my account stuff." she said ending her sentence with a huff.

Then, someone knocked on our door. I shjouted at them "Who the fuck is it?" "It's Jashin. Let me in." the voice on the other side said.

JASHIN- SAMA! What would he be doing here? Kira got up and opened the door. Oh, it was just some random kid that was one of Kira's friends.

"Hey, Kira. So these are your roomates? How charming." the auburn haired kid joked. I flipped him off. He flipped me off back. Damn.

"Be nice, Jashin. So what do you want?" she asked still unpacking.

"Let me see your schedule." he demanded. Jashinsnatched the schedule from Kira's hand. He compared them.

"Damn. We only have 2 classes together." Jashin said very unhappy.

"Baka. We have 3 classes together." She said sarcastically holding up 3 fingers. Jashin stood there dumbfounded.

"What's our other class?" he asked, still not hitting home.

"Self- defense and offense class. We all have that class together. Meaning the whole school." Kira said sounding like a smartass.

"Wouldn't that be 4 classes?" He asked obviously now bugging Kira with dumb questions. She gave him an evil glare that read 'get out'. Jashin left after sticking his tongue out. Kira gave a sigh of relief then crawled into her bed and fell asleep shortly.

"Why you going to bed now?" i asked, it's only eight.

"Cause we have classes tomorrow. I don't feel like being miss gloom and doom." she said pulling out her iPod and put in a machine that was plugged in to the wall. Man, she sure did bring a lot of crap.

Kakuzu went to bed shortly after 9. I felt alone, so i fell asleep as well. Wonder what it's going to be like in this hellhole.

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