The dull rays of the sun hit the glass of his window as the sun was setting for that hot day. Minato got out his bed and rubbed the back of his head. There was definitely a bump that formed from that fall earlier. When he was heading to his door to open it, he heard a knock.

"It's me." The firm voice of Mitsuru was heard through the door. "If you're awake, please come to the lounge."

Minato stood there for a second, listening to the sound of Mitsuru's heels fading off as she walked away down the hall. He straightened himself up and opened the door to head downstairs to the lounge.

The first thing he got downstairs, his eyes went wide at the sight upon him. He blinked a few times, but what he saw was still there. Nope, what he is witnessing is definitely not an illusion.

In front of him at the end of the stairs was Aigis. In flesh and blood, completely alive, Aigis was staring at him with curiosity. She wore her pale blue dress with simple white flats and if it didn't go unnoticed by Minato the first time he met her, he was aware now that her dress was transparent enough to see her waist down.

Minato was sure he would have a nosebleed any moment from the overflowing feelings of lust and cuteness.

Aigis blinked, realizing she is required to blink, slowly approached a day-dreaming Minato and gently held his hand with hers. The sudden contact made Minato's body stiffen. Her hand was soft and so small compared to his hand. He unintentionally gripped her hand and she quickly shrugged off the gesture he just did and dragged him to the lounge.

Her attempt to pull Minato was, however, a futile attempt. The body that Aigis possess lacked enough muscles to allow her to move anything heavy, and she was quickly realizing her disadvantages and growing extremely frustrated. Minato made a soft smile, while turning the tables; he dragged Aigis instead to the lounge.

When Minato walked in to the lounge he was awaited the entire gang and the first person's reaction he saw was Junpei's snickering face towards him. Minato had no doubt he knew what his friend was thinking. A robot maiden and a human falling in love was a dream come true from a shoujo manga. It was obvious he, Minato, was living through this so called fantasy dream.

He hoped this would never end.

"Good, you're now awake. How is your head holding up?" Mitsuru asked and Minato mentally winced at the reminder that his head was still throbbing. His eyes quickly glanced towards Aigis, whose face definitely read concern for his well-being. He looked back at Mitsuru, in the eye, and made a shrug instead of answering her question. They should know by now that he rarely answered or even spoke unless necessary. Junpei thought he was a closed minded young man that knew nothing about the outside world, such as alcohol, or drugs or "hentai".

He really doesn't know what goes on in the mind of Minato Arisato and he never will.

His cool expression made Mitsuru nod at him and turn her attention to Ikutsuki, who sat on the couch the entire time gaping at Aigis.

"Chairman, we are unsure as to why Aigis…is in this state; however we do know it came from that mysterious candy that Junpei brought home. By the way, Junpei, any luck on finding that old lady?" Mitsuru turned to where Junpei sat on the couch and he shook his head.

"I back tracked to where the old lady was, but she was gone. I asked any store owners or residences that were near the spot and they all looked at me questioningly. They all ended up telling me there was no one in that alleyway all day." Junpei's face made a confused, but frustrated expression. "It was as if she never was there…"

Minato's eyes widened as he remembered back on the conversation he had with Igor and Elizabeth. He theorized to himself that Junpei was most likely pulled into "the other side" unknowingly. He thought back on the time he saw the door at Tartarus for the first time, but no one besides him were too able to see it. He concluded he would keep this to himself, as he already is suspicious for his "Wild Card".

Aigis gripped on to his arm and he looked at her with a gentle expression. Her face quickly turned a dull pink and she diverted her gaze from him. He silently chuckled to himself and turned back his attention to the rest.

"Well we shouldn't fret too much, I mean look at Aigis! She's a hot chick, and the fact she now has emotions makes it easier to talk to her." Junpei said cheerfully, attempting to find something optimistic in their awkward situation.

"Maybe in appearance, but her mentality is that of a young child, we don't know what could happen now that she has emotions." Fuuka said worriedly and glanced at Aigis who stared at the floor as if showing disappoint.

"That and we aren't even sure she can even summon her persona now." Yukari added in and this caused Aigis to look up with a fearful look on her face. Minato her arms that gripped on to his arm and grabbed her hand. Her body tensed at the sudden gesture and he began to massage her hand with his. Her body began to relax and she let out an uncontrollable sigh.

"If that is true…" Aigis' voice began to tremble as she tried to find the right words to speak. "…Will I be obsolete and not needed anymore…" Aigis turned away as she attempted to brush away the shaking feeling as her raw emotions wanted to force her to breakdown crying.

The room became silent and all eyes were on her. Minato bit his lip as he tried to find a way to comfort her. Everyone was speechless at Aigis' first time talking very emotionally. Yukari looked down at the floor, trying to hold back the urge to go over to the blonde and hug her tightly. Fuuka had the same feeling as well, but covered her mouth as she tried not to choke up her tears on how Aigis must really feel. Everyone else in the room had a stressed expression, trying to find the words to explain to Aigis that she was not obsolete. Koromaru walked slowly to Aigis and sat on her foot. She looked at him as some of the tears that were let loose fell onto his fur. He wagged his tail and barked happily at her, telling her to smile and be happy. Aigis eyes began to overflow with tears and let go of Minato's hand as she got on her knees and hugged Koromaru. Koromaru snuggled his fur against Aigis' neck and all that could be heard in the lounge was for the next hour was the moan of her crying and sniffles.

After Aigis settled down, she fell asleep from the exhaustion of all the energy she used when she cried. Junpei and Ikutsuki got and allowed Minato to lay her on the couch to rest. The group looked at the girl's peaceful face as she slept comfortably.

"So…What we will do? Aigis-san doesn't have a bed in her room." Ken said as he watched the former robot maiden sleep. He gazed at her and wanted to touch her hair, it looked so silky, and he found her to be very cute.

'Her body might be their age of my senpais, but her mentally, maybe…?' Ken thought to himself and turned to look at the rest of them.

"There is a vacant room right next to Akihiko's." Mitsuru pointed out. "She'll be in there until we clean up her room and make it more habitable for her."

"Seems fair, let me go take her back to the room." Akihiko offered and picked her up to carry her into to the temporary room. Akihiko was still surprised he was able to lift her up, but then again she isn't the heavy ton robot from earlier that afternoon. Minato watched as Akihiko took her away and felt a pang of jealousy hit his chest. He still had his cool face, but inside his mind was envious of his senpai as he wished he was the one to carry the blonde maiden. Junpei patted his back and he turned his attention to him. His face held a "You-are-so-jealous-don't-deny-it" and Minato, attempting to keep his composure, only raised his left eyebrow.

"Well we should all rest, tomorrow I will take Aigis to get her clothes fitted and get her clothes along with uniform." Mitsuru informed, Yukari and Fuuka quickly asked if they could come along as they felt they should help pick out her clothes.

"Very well, you can." Mitsuru simply said and Fuuka asked Ken if he wanted to tag along. Ken stared at her and began to weigh the pros and cons. After giving a quick thought he nodded. He didn't see as Junpei says "hanging with the ladies", but he was more interested to get know human Aigis better. He always had people he needed to depend on, now he wanted someone to depend on him.

"Well, tomorrow Junpei, Akihiko, and you will help left the bullets and weaponry out of Aigis' room." Mitsuru said as she looked at Minato and Junpei let out a groan. "Don't worry there will be others to help as I called the lab just a while ago, the work won't be such a burden."

"But it's still work..." Junpei muttered as he put his head down to sulk. Minato looked over to his friend and genuinely grinned. Junpei looked up after recovering and made a smirk at Minato's rare grin, even though he couldn't tell what Minato was thinking most of the time, he definitely knew what Minato was thinking about.

After all of what had happened, Minato decided to retire to his room, but stopped to open the door of the vacant room. He saw that Akihiko had tucked her in and he felt a slight tug. He shook off the negative feeling and slowly closed the door as he walked inside. He took the chair by the desk and put it near her bed so he can sit near her. Minato sat down and watched Aigis rise and fall in normal sync. He put his hand under the covers and took her hand into his. He leaned forward and rested his elbows to his knees and wrapped her small hand with his two big ones. He continued to watch her sleep and would chuckle when she wrinkled her nose or started to drool.

He sat there for a while just watching her sleep and looked at the clock. 12:00 a.m. he better head to bed. He looked back at her one more time and kissed her hand. He put her hand back under the sheet and went to get some rest for the new day tomorrow.

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