The Visitor

Chapter One

Ianto was doing an audit of the alien artefacts. He knew very well he had listed and catalogued everything, even the ones that had been found before he'd joined. That had been one of his first jobs, to sort it out into a proper order. They hadn't seemed to bother with it much before and what he had found when he'd arrived had resembled some kind of strange interstellar jumble sale. Still it reassured him to check the artefacts.

He looked with pride at the neat shelves and boxes. He continued to tick them off on his sheet, there was something comforting in a big official tick.

Shelf Twenty-Four B

Alien Artefact

Found: 2005 Splot.

Origin: Unknown.

Description: Silver hexagonal with strange pink jaggedy bits.

Purpose: Unknown, could be sex toy.


Ianto had a strange felling that Owen had put this one onto the system. If the purpose was unknown, Owen was well known for putting 'could be sex toy'.

Shelf Twenty-Four C

Alien Artefact

Found: 2004 Near the Castle.

Origin: Unknown.

Description: 12inch/30cm thin cylindrical metal object with a spiral around the exterior. Metal extremely light but also extremely strong. Artefact has 37 different heat settings.

Purpose: Most likely use styling tong.


Ianto thought it was extremely lucky Owen hadn't catalogued that one. Ianto looked closer at it and removed a long black hair and smiled. One or both of the girls knew about it.

Shelf Twenty-Four D


Ianto looked, according to his sheet and his records the bay should be empty, but in it sat a small unassuming box. He looked through his records, there was no mention of it at all. Ianto felt uneasy, he knew everything in the vaults and was certain he hadn't come across it before, well if he had he could have made sure it was catalogued. What was it and how had it got there?