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What I've Become-Chapter 25-Stormy Night


Lucius's legs seemed to burn as he ran up the secret passage, reaching the hallway his eyes tried to take in everything at once.

Narcissa's prone body upon the floor , her cracked and now useless wand lay beside her , his eyes quickly searched for signs of life and was slightly relieved to see her chest rising and falling gently.

Draco brushed past Lucius and ran to his mothers side one hand searched for a pulse as the other pulled Narcissa's head of the floor and upon his lap.

That's when Lucius's eyes fell upon the main doors that stood open, he could hardly see past the first step as the rain came down in sheets.

Before he had time to think he was moving towards the doors, leaving his unconscious wife and worried son behind as he ran out off the doors and into the rain.

He could see Hermione running quickly towards the main gate, her cloak had opened and billowed out behind her making her look like some kind of majestic bird about to take flight.

"Hermione!" Lucius screamed over the roaring wind and took off once again, his shoes squelching in the mud, calling her name as he went.

He knew he would not catch her before she reached the main gate and was able to Apparate but still he ran full out, his heart thudded painfully inside his chest, lungs burned for more oxygen but he pushed himself on.

Luck was on his side it seemed as she suddenly stumbled and slipped in the mud and by the time she had recovered he had almost reached her.

"Hermione stop!" he shouted, Hermione stood with her back to him but made no attempt to move.

"Please…..Please just wait" Lucius pleaded, Hermione half turned towards him, her eyes staring out across the land.

As she turned to him Lucius could not help but notice how breathtakingly beautiful she looked in the rain, the way her hair flowed to her lower back, how the water snaked down her face and dripped off her chin and the way her eyes glowed though the rain.

"You heard everything?" Lucius asked, Hermione nodded her head slightly, eyes sliding to the soaked ground at her feet.

"If anything happened to you…I…I" Hermione mumbled shaking her head slightly and closing her eyes as words fail her, "That's why I must go away" Hermione finished, Her eyes coming up from the ground to look at Lucius.

"If that's what you truly want to do Hermione, go back to your old life….and leave me, then I wont stop you but I will beg you not to leave" Lucius said his eyes showing his sincerity.

Hermione's eyes swelled with tears and shook her head firmly then suddenly sobbed, "No, but I must, for your safety, Believe me I don't want to go, the thought of leaving and never seeing you again causes me actual pain" Hermione cried, her face filled with distress.

Lucius nodded his head in agreement knowing that he would feel it too, "But Draco didn't think of one thing that I had….The fact that you would be there to protect me" Lucius then chuckled softly, "can you believe it me Lucius Malfoy relying on a mere mud blood for protection" He joked and was rewarded with a small smile from Hermione.

"Hermione you're the most powerful being I have ever encountered and I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what happens we can over-come it together" Lucius said with a small smile of his own.

Hermione see's movement in the distance and spots Draco staring at them he was standing just inside the doors of the manor his mother in his arms.

"Im sorry I hurt Narcissa…Will she be alright?" Hermione asked her eyes returning to Lucius.

"She will recover….and quickly, I think she just has a concussion….But I cant help but notice that, this is the second time you have lost control today" Lucius said a look of concern upon his face, Hermione lowers her head.

"I know, and its scaring me Lucius, every time I get angry or upset I cant seem to control myself anymore, it feels like there is a leak in my brain that I just cant stop" Hermione explained.

"I do have a theory, I believe that your brief connection into Sahar's past has strengthened your bond and in essence your invocation is almost complete, I must say I have never heard of this kind of invocation before, that seems to happen in stages" Lucius said frowning slightly.

"Does that mean that the change is irreversible" Hermione asked.

"I'm sure there would be a way if you really wanted to stop it" Lucius said shaking his head, Hermione turned her whole body towards him.

"And what would happen to us If I decide that I don't want to go to the dark lord?" Hermione asks her eyes betraying how much his answer would effect her.

Lucius paused for only a moment before saying "No matter what, I know I want to be with you" He replied matter-of-factly.

Hermione knowing that he meant that he would betray the Dark Lord gasped slightly before running into his arms.

Lucius took her face in his hands as soon as she reached him and cradled it gently his thumbs brushing away her remaining tears before kissing her on the forehead.

"You call all the shots Hermione, anything you want to do, we will do" Lucius says his fingers going to her wet hair.

"I cant go back, even if I had wanted to, after what I did to Harry….."

"Why what did you do to Harry?" Lucius interrupted.

"Hmm…we had a little bit of a run in, while I was leaving the ministry, he stopped me saying he wanted to talk, the conversation turned to you and I…."

"Lost control?" Lucius asked, Hermione shook her head.

"No, I think this time I actually meant to do something, I knew he would not be badly injured, I just wanted him too hurt to follow me or try to stop me as I was so desperate to get to you…..Besides Sahar deserves a second chance at life" Hermione went on.

"Well then I would suggest that the next step would be to fully invoke Sahar, perhaps that would but an end to the out-bursts" Lucius suggested.

Hermione nodded, "I agree, it would be best doing it sooner rather than later"

Lucius removed his cloak and adds it to the one Hermione already has around her and pulled the hood up over her already soaked hair before leading her back towards the manor.

As they reach the main entrance Draco steps aside his face contorted with a mix of fear and anger, in his arms Narcissa is coming to and her eyes focus on Hermione before shrinking further into her sons arms, Hermione opens her mouth to speak but Draco cuts across her.

"You do what ever you wish Father, but you keep her away from us, do you understand…I want nothing more to do with you" Draco said his voice low but serious, glaring at Hermione one last time he hitched his mother closer to his body and begins the walk towards the main gate.

Lucius and Hermione stood in the doorway and watched there retreat until they could no longer see them though the rain.

Taking her hand Lucius leads them back into the manor and up to her room, Hermione follows silently her eyes on her feet.

Once they reach her quarters Lucius sits Hermione down upon the bed and hurries to the bathroom and scoops up a towel, returning to Hermione he stands and looks upon her and notes how quiet she has been since Draco's departure, her gaze has fixed upon the floor her eyes almost vacant.

Lowering her hood Lucius climbs behind her on the bed and begins to dry her hair, parting it into small sections and scrunching them up into the towel while Hermione thought in silence.

After awhile the silence eventually got too much for him, "Please tell me what your thinking about" Lucius pleaded

Hermione sighed before saying, "There all afraid of me you know…Harry…..Ginny….Luna…even Dumbledore and now Draco and Narcissa….I don't think I like being feared.

"They fear you because like me they have all felt your power for themselves "

"Do you fear me?" Hermione asks her eyes upon his, in answer Lucius tilts her face more towards him and kisses her gently.

Hermione reached up an arm and wrapped it around Lucius's neck intensifying the kiss to more her liking, Her heart begins to suddenly race as she remembered the night before and how they had kissed like this and the only thing that had stopped them was her weakened state.

Lucius seeming to hear her thoughts groans softly into her mouth and suddenly lifts her onto his legs so that she is sat across his lap, taking hold of her face once again he looks deep into her vivid green eyes as he kisses her softly.

He suddenly sighs and leans his head on hers, "I love you Hermione" Lucius breathed rubbing his nose across hers slowly.

"I love you too, so very much" Hermione replied her breath coming out in gasps.

Gripping Hermione's hair almost roughly Lucius crushes her mouth with his in a long passionate kiss that told Hermione that this could go as far as she wanted it to go and she felt she never wanted it to end.

Gripping his neck even tighter Hermione pulls herself up and swings one of her legs around his waist so that she is straddling him and begins to undo his white shirt with fumbling fingers, her hands shaking with excitement.

Hermione had never felt such Passion in her entire life, sex to her had always seemed so messy and awkward, now with Lucius everything flowed smoothly, their minds seemed as one.

Lucius brushes her neck with his lips as Hermione pops open the final button on his shirt and pushes it over his shoulders before kissing his lightly haired chest and kissed up to his throat pausing at his Adams apple she flicks her tongue out slightly and watches it move suddenly as Lucius gulps with anticipation then reaches his lips and kissing him deeply.

Lucius brushes his fingers though her hair with one hand pulling her even closer with a low growl deep in his throat, Lowering his hands to her shoulders he pushes the wet cloaks to the floor before gliding his hands down her body, stopping at her waist he takes the hem of her T-shirt and tickles her back as he pushes it up.

Once it was over her head Lucius tossed it across the room and admired her form before him, Hermione blushes as he eyes her bra with satisfaction, gripping her back firmly Lucius rolls to the side so that she is beneath him.

His long blonde hair creates a soft curtain around them, he kisses her once before letting out a shuddering breath as if to calm himself.

"If you want to stop, we can" Lucius says quietly his eyes searching hers for a glimpse of doubt, Hermione quickly responds with a shake of her head.

"Thank Merlin!" Lucius gasps before kissing her once again making Hermione moan as his tongue gently glided over her lower lip.

"I want you" Hermione moans, trying to wriggle out of her skirt, lifting his body slightly Lucius helps her remove the rest of her clothing.

Seeing her naked beneath him is Lucius undoing and begins to remove his own clothes with Hermione's help quickly.

Then just lay there upon her, there hands exploring each other's bodies, finding each others weak points and kissing all the while before loosing themselves completely in there passion that goes on long into the afternoon only stopping to eat before returning to bed once again and joining together as the storm thundered on outside the window.


As Hermione and Lucius slept deeply in each others arms both of them exhausted from the days…activities, Draco was walking down a rain washed path, paved with cobbles that had small weeds poking through the cracks.

Coming to a giant oak door he slams his fist upon it, he hears movement from inside as someone comes to the door and removes the enchantments before pulling the door open slightly.

"Why…young master Malfoy, what are you doing here" Wormtail asks as he squints out into the rain at Draco.

"Im her to see the Dark Lord, Tell him it is important" Draco demanded pushing past Wormtail and heading for the stairs.

He hears the door slam shut behind him and Wormtail appears beside him, "But Master Malfoy the Dark Lord has said not to be disturbed, we would be punished" Wormtail exclaimed.

"Trust me you former vermin, if the Dark Lord does not see me, we face much dire consequence's, just tell him it concerns my father and Hermione Granger, the Mudblood who aids Harry potter and I'm sure that will interest him enough to give me an audience" Draco ordered, reaching the top of the stairs he turned sharply to the right and went to the doors at the end of the hall before turning to Wormtail who he was surprised to see was no longer behind him but back at the stairs.

"I lie to you not Wormtail, if you don't do as I say and the Dark Lord does not hear what I have to say and he finds you stood in the way, you will be punished far greater" Draco called calmly.

Wormtail whimpered but came up the hallway and scurried thought the doors, Draco waited outside and tracked Wormtails movements, he heard his quiet voice address the Dark Lord and then his reply as he shouted his disproval, Wormtail whimpered again and went on to explain the situation.

"Very well….send him in" Voldemort said impatiently, Wormtail suddenly appeared at the doors and pulled them open wide.

Draco brushed past him and made his way to The Dark Lord who was seated in a throne like chair at the end f the room, coming before him Draco dropped to one knee.

"My Lord…I thank you for seeing me"

"Young Malfoy" Voldemort said in greeting his voice cold and careless, "I hope for yours and Wormtail's sakes that what you have to tell me is worth this intrusion"

"I would not have come if I did not think it was worth your attention my lord" Draco said bowing his head, Voldemort waved his hand for him to continue.

"I went to visit my father today after my mother came to my home in tears…I found it hard to understand most of what she had to say though her hysterics, But I heard something about my father being with another woman…naturally I went to see what was going on, and was shocked by what I found" Draco said risking a peek at the Dark Lord who still had a look of disinterest.

"My mother had been telling the truth, my father had another woman in the house but what my mother failed to mention was that the woman was non other than Hermione Granger" Draco said dramatically and was relieved to see the Dark Lord take interest.

"I confronted my father and an argument ensued, I got mad and drew my wand but before I could do anything I found myself choking and floating into the air, I heard my father tell the Mudblood to calm herself and I was thrown into the wall, Father went to the girl and embraced her, I then noticed how different she looked, her hair is darker, her eyes a startling green, she threatened me before my father took me from the room and led me to his office where he healed a wound on my head. He then went on to explain about an old prophecy about Salazar's secret daughter who he had killed because she had been too powerful, My father believes that she has been reincarnated into this Mudblood as prophesized and that she could help bring you to full power" Draco said deciding it best to tell the truth.

"And what makes him think he has found the right girl" Voldemort hissed

"He showed me the prophecy and it says that she would bear the mark, my father insisted that the girl has it upon her, but I have not seen it for myself My Lord…..I fear my father may turn traitor to us, the girl would sooner die than betray the order, and I feel his love for her has poisoned her against us" Draco finished, Voldemort got abruptly to his feet, his snake like face twisted with fury, his long bony fingers drew his wand and gripped it tightly.

"I think I shall pay a little visit to dear old Lucius and his little Mudblood" Voldemort sneered before disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.