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Andie's POV:

"Andie...oh gosh, you scared us for a minute." Chase says worriedly.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You saw the fire at the studio and you blacked out."

Then it all comes back to me. The fire at the studio. I'm...completely and utterly shocked.

"Honey, it's gonna be alright. Sophie is talking to them right now."

"Stop calling me honey, Collins. If I didn't kill you in the car, I'm definitely gonna do it now."

"Why are you so worked up?"

"My workplace went on fire! I think I'm out of a job. How will I get money to pay the bills and house?"

"I'll support you. That's what guys do for their ladies."

"For the last time, we are NOT together. Stop getting the wrong idea."

"Why do you keep saying that?"

"What? That we're not together? It's true, isn't it?"


"So, what's your point?"

"Why are we still fighting?"

"Chase, wrong timing for that question."

"When is it ever going to be right for you, Andie? I'm not going to wait all eternity for you."

"Ha! That's really funny because if you loved me, you would wait that long and even longer for me."

"Are you doubting if I love you or not?"

"It came out of your mouth, not mines."

"What did I do wrong? Because every word that I say gets twisted by you."


"See, you tell me I don't love you. But I do or else I would've left by now. You're the one that doesn't love me. You don't care about me at all and you expect me to treat you like a princess? I don't think I can take this crap anymore. If you love me, tell me. If you don't, then just tell me to leave."

"Why are you bringing this up now...you didn't have a problem in the car or at the house?"

"Because I want to know how you feel, I don't want to waste my time here and end up with a heart that can't be repaired."

"Do you know how I feel?"

"I'm so sick of you feeding me the same line over and over again...have you ever thought of how I must've felt? No, I bet you didn't. Everything is my fault, right? Why don't you just say it out loud because you keep implying it's me that causes all this to happen."

"Stop! I don't want to talk about this at the moment. I have more important things to think about than your stupid outbursts and desperate small talks. And most importantly, I have more things to think about than you."

Right after I said that, I immediately felt my heart twist a little. Just a little. But looking at Chase, his face gets pale and he looks like he's gotten his heart ripped out. By me...

"I understand why you think it's my fault now because now I feel like it's all because of me that I get hurt. You're right about everything you said since I came to your apartment yesterday. I should leave you alone and move on."

"Chase..." I start to say, but he cuts me off.

"I really do love you and I have no idea how I'm gonna get over you. But if this is what you really want, then I'll try my hardest for you."

"I'm sorry."

"I don't know if that's enough to convince me to stay with you. I don't know if you really mean those words. I don't know how you feel. And I don't know if you're gonna say the things you said a few minutes ago out loud again. I don't know a lot of things right now and I'm confused as heck. But there is one thing I know and it's that you want to forget about me because I hurt you too much. And I completely understand and that's why I'm doing this."

He takes his phone out and shows me my name and number before deleting it for good. He takes out my photo from his wallet and hands it back to me. I see some writing in the back, but the next thing he does leaves me shocked. He takes out the ring box and the ring and goes into the bathroom. He throws the box away and holds the ring for a while before throwing it into the toilet and flushing it down and now it's gone forever.

He looks me right in the eyes and I see the hurt in his eyes. And that's what gets me, I hurt him the way he hurt me, but now it's worse. He looks at me desperately, for a moment, I think he's gonna start laughing. But all I hear is silence.

He starts to head out the door and before he leaves my room, he turns around and tries to put on a small smile.

"Goodbye Andie."

"Not forever, right?"

"I think we both know what kind of goodbye this is."

He leaves and I burst out in tears. I thought I didn't like him, but now that he's gone...I feel something pinching me in the side. I look down and see the photo he gave me.

I turn it around and read what he wrote:

I tried to leave, but it's you that makes me stay put.

You're my love and will always be.

No matter what happens, I won't forget that.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it.

I love you.


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