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The World Turns and the Universe Twists

L sat watching the monitors in front of him impassively, the biggest image showed Light and Misa arguing. Light was trying to desperately to calm Misa down from whatever had upset her this time, but his voice was drowned out by her loud screeching. L glanced towards the shinigami, for some reason she was staring at the screen open mouthed her gaze flitting between Misa and Light, as she noticed him she hastily turned away from the screen. The likelihood of the two arguing people being guilty rose in L's mind.

L sighed and pushed away from the desk, the swivel chair gliding over the smooth floor turning slightly. An action he never would have attempted if the task force were present, he was sure Matsuda would have chosen that point to stand, and therefore end up in his way. With expert timing one of L's feet momentarily descended and stopped his travel as he neared the evidence table. He picked up the Death Note and flicked through the pages, looking once more for blemishes and tears that would hint at false rules. He so desperately wanted to test the thirteen day rule, it was surely the only logical action at this point. Part of him twisted at the thought of proving Light to be Kira as L knew him to be.

His head shot up as the Shinigami abruptly exited the room, her face grim as she glanced back at the screen. L followed her gaze. Yes, she was definitely focused on Misa. All the pieces clicked into place, Rem used to be the shinigami for the note Misa once owned, Misa had definitely been the second Kira. There could be no doubt, so as this Shinigami was attached to this notebook, there must be another following the other around. If the killings were continuing then Misa had therefore another notebook in her possession. Perhaps the original Kira's? Something she could only have gained with close cooperation with Kira, who could only be Yagami Light. His thoughts continued, quickly filling in all the gaps from the information he already had, Light was even more devious than L could have guessed. What surprised him though was how this just increased his respect for Light, this plan was incredibly logical and covered all possibilities, particularly all aspects involving said thinkers death. L sat there running through contingency plans on how to win this new situation, thanks to the shinigami's reaction to the argument he now had a way out, a way to win. Now all he needed was time.

L scooted back over to the cameras, interested in seeing if the argument continued. As it was he decided to concentrate on what they were saying.

Meanwhile, Rem was having the most shocking and eye-opening experience of her life, she had never seen Misa like this. Not in all her time keeping Jealous company at the viewing portal. She was screaming at Light, who was actually backing away from her and… Rem stared, Light looked frightened, truly frightened of Misa. She focused on their words trying to understand.

"I saw you staring at the other girls while we were out," Misa screeched, "How could you? Do you not care about me at all?" At this she slapped Light.

"Misa, you know I couldn't do something like that," Light said making his voice whiny as his hand came up to his cheek, he had to appease Misa, and anyway he thought I am gay, and madly in love with a guy who wants me dead, his treacherous mind added. She was still glaring at him, he saw, probably waiting for him to continue digging his death. Then he finally saw Rem. He stiffened, this situation was going from bad to worse.

"I saw you," Misa said gritting her teeth, her eyes going cold. Rem stiffened as she saw this, now she was entirely certain. The Misa she had once known was gone, now all that was left was this vicious, jealous woman with an unhealthy obsession for a man who, Rem now saw, was merely trying to deal with Misa in a way that would cause Misa the least harm while he himself suffered.

"Misa, if I looked, which I honestly do not remember doing, it was only because they were gazing at you with envy or shock. You are a very famous woman after all," Light said this carefully looking back over her shoulder slightly at Rem, if Misa hadn't shaken him roughly for looking away from him he would have laughed for joy; Rem had looked horrified by Misa and had been looking at him with sympathy. Perhaps he had a chance to escape this increasing torture. He reached up and forcibly took Misa's hands off his shoulders as his gaze turned away from the shinigami who had exited the room.

"I can't do this anymore," Light sighed, straightening up. Misa was looking at him stunned.

"Misa, I do not love you, in fact in the past few days I have come to hate you. You are whiny and you have the IQ range of a chair. I would not date you if you were the last person on the planet. And for your information, I was looking at their boyfriends not them. I. Am. Gay." With that Light turned and excited the room finally feeling just slightly free. His feet moved him in the one direction they knew, towards L.

Up in the investigation room there was the sound of breaking china as L dropped his tea. Light was gay? Perhaps L had a chance with him after all… He shook his head; that was clumsy and irrational thinking that would only lead to his own death… Light was gay… L felt his heart beat speed up. Steadfastly he picked up his pen and continued the notes on the rules in the note he was making to send back to Wammy's house for safety.

He looked up sharply and the sudden noise from where Misa had been stood. She was rummaging around in her bag looking for something.

"If I can't have him, no one can." Misa's voice came through loud and clear over the sound system in the room. L's lightening thinking gave him the answer almost instantly, she was going to kill Light with the other Death Note. L moved without thinking, the pen was in his hand and the Death Note was already open so he could copy the rules accurately. In an instant Misa's name adorned the front page of the Death Note and her fate was sealed. Almost at the same time as he wrote her name L came back to his senses.





Light entered the investigation room his gaze falling on L, who was sat immobile a pen in one hand Misa in large on the screen in front of him. What was the detective doing? Then the pen fell from L's hand and he began to shake slightly.

Light's gaze suddenly shifted up to Misa, she had pulled the Death Note out of her bag, Light gasped involuntarily the idiot had brought it with her?! She had an evil glint in her eye and Light suddenly felt cold, he moved closer to L and could suddenly hear a low muttering from the detective.

"31, 32, 33, 34…"

Light gasped and saw the Death Note open before L. He glanced at L's face and saw the twisted and pained expression on the man's face; he didn't appear to have registered Light's appearance.


Light's face shot to face Misa and watched as she constricted her hand clutching her chest gasping as she tried to draw breath before collapsing to the floor. What she had written in the Death note becoming visible to the camera.. Light Yaga..

Light nearly collapsed to the floor, he had come so close to death, he, Kira, had nearly died because of some stupid little chit of a girl. Then, an even more striking thought struck him; L had killed Misa to save him, using the Death Note. He began to laugh, his visage finally turning into the one he had kept hidden for so long.

Next to him L turned slightly and tried to throw up over the side of the chair. Instantly Light was next to him, and shifted the detective onto his lap his fingers carding into the man's hair. At his touch the detective flinched and tried to pull away.

"You are Kira," L said quietly looking up at Light, his thoughts thrown into turmoil, the effects of the Death Note already reaching into his mind. Light didn't answer, he knew that there was no longer any point denying it, and just pulled L closer until he could whisper into his ear.

"Thank you," Light whispered into L's ear and winced slightly as L flinched in his arms.

"Let me go Kira," L said suddenly. Sighing Light released L, who shot up and jerkily backed away gasping as his back collided with the desk behind him.

Through his bangs he saw Light reach out to him in concern, a reaction his befuddled brain still informed him was not a faked one. His hand skimmed along the desk as he sought to correct his balance and the Death Note clattered to the floor in front of him, the pen landing neatly between the pages. He let out a small sob, he had become the criminal. Him, the greatest detective, the defender of justice had killed on a whim. His hand came up to his mouth as he let out a wail that broke Light's heart. Then L dove towards the Death Note.

"No!" Light screamed, diving on L and spinning the Death Note away from L's grasp. L crumpled in Light's hold, his breath coming out in heaving sobs.

"I thought you wanted me dead," L murmured quietly his gaze fixed on the Death Note.

"At first I did," Light said deciding on honesty, "but now that is the thing I want least in this world."

L was silent as this hit home. Light sat there on the floor holding L, letting him work through what he had done. His smiled, his gaze becoming slightly malicious as he realised that all he had to do was sit and wait and L would come to the logical conclusion.

"Light-kun," L said slowly his voice quiet, "How did you cope the first time you used the Death note? How can you use it time and again?" He heard the sharp intake of breath from above him and Light tensed.

"I… I didn't believe it the first time; I shrugged it off as coincidence. The second time I spent a couple hours throwing up in an alley."

"You really are Kira. I was right," L murmured.

Yes," Light said sighing pulling L closer to him.

"Explain everything Kira," L said quietly. Light did, not leaving a single detail out, his quiet voice filling the room as L had all his suspicions confirmed and Kira's reasoning explained. Then Light said something that made L's reasoning stop again that evening.

"If you had found the Death Note before all this occurred, in all honesty what would you have done?"

There was a few seconds of silence as L seriously considered how he really felt and he knew that Kira, no Light, had won.

"I would have done the same thing as Light," L murmured the harsh reality of the truth hitting him like a fist to the stomach.

Light's grip tightened on him, L looked up at Light. He looked completely gobsmacked; there was no other word to describe his expression.

"Why does that surprise Light-kun?" L said raising a hand to brush Light's cheek, "I have continuously compared myself and his personality." Then L leaned up and pulled Light into a kiss. As Light responded fiercely, they overbalanced and L fell back with Light on top of him. Light broke the kiss.

"Does this mean you no longer wish to prosecute Kira?" Light whispered.

"That would be correct Light-kun," L murmured then changed the direction of the world, "In fact I believe I would like to side with him."

Anything else he had to say was blocked by Light's mouth crushing his.