Pure Trinity plays softly in the background of my bedroom. The jade green and navy blue lace curtains are blockiing the nights cold air from entering my room. The brown candle in front of me glows in the darkness. The flames adding heat to this August night. I begin to start carving into it when a knock sounds from outside my door.

"Eden, sweetie, its time to go to bed," my mother called out. The doorknob started to twist and before I could even think coherently I took the blanket that everything, the candle, an amber crystal, drawn out cinnamon, slice of lemon, parsley, sage and thyme and flipped it over so that it cradled everything. Grabbing the other end I threw it onto my dark wooden floors. I jumped off the bed and stood tall and then saw the flames.

"Crap," I muttered repeatedly as I stomped on the fire.

"Eden," my mother spoke suspiciously as she was in my room. My mother was where I got half my looks, my amber eyes and her brown hair, her lips, her nose and then pretty much everything else is my dads. She's the average height and weight for a mother who is thirty six and looks more like my best friend dressed in light jeans and a cozy light purple t shirt over a long gray long sleeve shirt.

"H-Hey mom, I-I was just… making my bed," I told her when I put together a good lie. Not quick enough though.

"Protection spell?"

"W-What are you talking about?" I stuttered again.

She smiled and shook her head. "Go to bed Eden, its your first day of school tomorrow." With that she closed the door behind her while I stood there, frozen in fear. First day of highschool, tomorrow. I think I am going to be sick. Instead of throwing up I cleaned up my favorite blanket. The blanket I have had since I was a baby. It was just a plain purple cotton throw that my grandmother made me… wow, I am doing sarcasm to myself. I really need a life. Its still about eleven at night and almost midnight and being completely energized from the spell… or what was of the ruins of it, I decide to take a shower. Not surpising, the cold water calms me down a whole lot. And yes, I said cold.

After my shower I smelled of sweet vanillaness and rosemary mintiness. I cleaned my face and did all of what I could think of before reaching for the advil pm. I swallowed that with the glass cup I kept in here. It was an antique I got from this vintage store in town that was made of rhondite. Rhondite is just rose peppered with specks of black and brown. I worked at the store this summer, twelve hours a week and my paycheck consisted of 7.50 dollars of minium wage. Lucky me. I cradled up in my bed with my sof t brown lacey covers hugging me as I laid there wishing for sleep. And wishing for none at the same time.