Naruto is a six year old boy who's running for his life from a group of adults that are trying to kill him.

"Get back here demon!" One of the yelled at him.

"We just want to play with you!" A other one yelled.

Naruto just kept running away and into a woods that know as the forest of death and he just kept running also he's not thinking about where he's heading. He then bumps into a woman with purple hair and Naruto is now on the ground scared but she had no idea why he would be this much afraid of her this much but when she sees the group of people coming it hit her. Their after this kid to hurt him and she not going to let them hurt this cute little boy.

"Its you snake bitch and just hand him over so we can kill the little demon" One of them said.

"If you don't want be eating by snakes then I think you should leave now" Anko said to them in a deadly tone of voice.

"You wouldn't do anything to people of the village because if you do your go to jail snake whore" One of them said to her.

She look down at the scared little blonde hair kid then looked back at the mob then said to them in a cold and deadly tone of voice. "If you don't leave now then you will be killed" Once she said that the mob start to run away because their know she will kill them if she had to.

"Are you ok?" She asked him in a calm and caring tone of voice.

"Yea but who are you and why did you help me?" He asked her with a nervous and sacred tone of voice.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi and the reason why I helped you is because no one has the right to hurt you" She said to him as she rubbed his head.

"My is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm glad you help me" He said as he hugged her which made Anko smile at him. "I should adopt him so no one else can hurt him. But will the hokage let me adopt him?"

"Would you like it if I adopted you?" She asked him in a caring voice as she rubs his head.

"But if you do that their will be mean to you and hurt you" He said to her in a worried tone of voice. Because he is worried that if she helps him then people will hurt her and call her names or worst.

"Don't worry their do that normal so it ok" She replied back to him. "He is a kind person and I need to made sure he never stop being this caring boy"

"Than I'm happy that your adopting me" He said back with a smile on his face and he also hugged her again. Naruto was glad that he finally going to have a mother because he waited his whole life for one and now he getting a chance to have one.

"You should be happy because your going be the son of Anko Mitarashi" She said in a joking way to him which made him smile at her.

"Ok Ka-chan" When he said that Anko smiled at him and kissed his cheek which cause him to turn red.

"We need to go to Hokage office to tell him about this" She said to him and he nodded but didn't leave her chest so Anko picked him up and carried him to the Hokage office.

When Anko walked into the office with Naruto on her chest their see two anbus and the Hokage but when Naruto sees the masks he jumped off Anko and hides under the hokage desk.

"Take your mask off cat" The dog mask man said as he removed his and called for Naruto. Naruto only came out when the woman took off her anbu mask and he notice that the man was the one that summon dogs for him to play with.

"Pakkun" He said to the man who just smiled and nodded to him then summed Pakkun. Naruto started to pet him and the poor dog looked at Kakashi like why me why did you do this to me.

"Anko what happened?" Hokage asked to her.

"A mob tried to kill him and I stop them but also I'm going to adopt him" She said to the hokage who chocked when he heard she was going to adopt Naruto.

"Why do you want do that?" The hokage asked her in a worried voice.

"Because he is hated by everyone and no one is nice to him but also he is a cute kid" She said as she plays with Naruto cheeks. Naruto was to busy to notice because he was staring at the purple hair woman in the anbu gear but Anko notice what he was doing and smirk.

"Kakashi why is Naruto afraid to see Anbu in their masks?" Anko asked him with a cold stare.

"Because a man with a mask of a tiger hurt me before and dog mask helped me and summoned Pakkun" He said as he hugged Pakkun to death.

"I have to go now" Pakkun said as he wanted to live a other day so he poof into smoke.

But Naruto understand then went back to staring at the beautiful anbu woman.

"why you staring at Yuugao like that little Naru-kun?" Once she said that it made him blush and hide behind Kakashi who just laugh at what was going on.

"Why did you do that Anko?" Yuugao asked her friend.

"You most really wanted him to stare at you more ahah" She said back to her friend and also giggle to.

"Cut it out" She walked to Naruto and kissed his cheek and then played with his cheeks which turned his face a beet red color.

"His cheek are fun to play with don't you think?" Anko asked her friend who playing with Naruto cheeks.

"Yea but me and Kakashi have to go now but make should you pay me a visit with little Naruto" She said back to her friend.

"Will do and I think Naruto will like that to" She said back to her friend before she left in a wave of leafs which Kakashi did the same.

"Anko here are the adopting papers to sign" He said to her.

"She's pretty" Naruto said outland then covered his mouth.

"Does someone have a crush on Yuugao" When she said that he nodded to her

"Don't tell her please" He begged her.

"I wouldn't tell her because you will when you get older" She said to him with a smirk.

"So Naruto like older women" The hokage added in.

"I guess he does and the papers are signed now" She said to him.

"Naruto your new name is Naruto Mitarashi and I hope you like your new kaa" The hokage said as he took a poof from his pipe.

"Yea I finally get a kaa!" He cried as he hugged her.

"I glad your happy to have me as your kaa" She replied back to him.

"I will never stop being happy that you're my kaa" He said to her with a smile on his face.

"Thank you and lets get you to the place your be living at" She said with a smile on her face but the hokage couldn't help back smile because Anko is smiling true smiles now and not fake ones.

"Kaa I have one rule' He said to her.

"What that?" She replied back.

"You can't have sex with people' Once he said that both Anko blushed and Hokage chocked on his pipe.

"Fine Naru-kun" She said back with a smile.

"Lets get going!" He cried out to her who just smiled at him then she picked him up.

"What do you want for your next birthday?" She asked him as she walks out of the hokage office.

"A katana and a wakizashi" He said to his new kaa.

"Ok but make should you don't stab yourself" She replied back to him.

'Yea! I guess I get a katana and wakizashi in seven days!" He cried out to her again.

"I guess you do and I hope your happy" She said to him as both of them are smiling.

When Anko gets to her place which is now their place she opens the door.

"This is your place now Naru-kun and your room is the one on the right" She said to him.

"What we going to do tomorrow? Train?" He asked her.

"What? You want to train but before we do that you need better clothes" She said back to him and was wondering why he wants to train at a young age.

"Yea train!" He cried out to her.

"Why do you want get strong so much?" She asked him in a mother tone of voice.

"To keep you safe and people I care about" He replied back to her who smiled at him.

"I glad that you want to kept me safe but it's a mother job to kept her son safe" She said back to him with a full blow smile and was hugging him.

"Yea but I going keep you safe as well and what dinner?" He asked her.

"What do you want to eat Naru-kun?" She asked her son in a caring voice.

"Ramen! Lots of it" He replied back to her.

"Then lets go to the Ramen place Naru-kun" She said back to him but she really doesn't like ramen because she loves dangos.

When their get to the place she sees that their sell both ramen and dangos and that makes her happy that she doesn't need be force to eat ramen.

"Hello old man!" Naruto yelled at the ramen chief who just waved and smiled.

"What can I get you today Naruto?" The old man asked with a smile.

"Beef ramen and where is Ayame-chan?" He asked/said to him.

"Ayame" The old man yelled and a teenage girl come over to see Naruto with a woman and wondered why.

"Hello Naruto-kun and how're you?" She asked him in a calm voice.


"I'm happy because I finally get a Kaa" He said to her as he put his head on Anko chest.

"Its says you sell dangos to right?" She asked him and nodded "Then I like dozen of dangos" She said to him with a smile as she rubbed Naruto little head.

"Naruto behave or I have Yuugao baby sit you" Once she said that to him his face turned beet red and was trying to hide it.

"Does Naruto-kun like someone?" Ayame asked him and he nodded to her.

"Maybe me and your Kaa can help you get her then you can give your Kaa grandkids" She said to him which cause him to blush and have nosebleed because he thinking of how he get kids and with Yuugao and he was thinking about doing pervert things with her and that cause him to have the nosebleed but both women just giggle at him.

"Lets help Naruto win over Yuugao-chan" Anko said to him.

"What kind of person is she Kaa?" Naruto asked her because she knows her a lot longer then he does.

"She a kunoichi and that means she hates when men thinks she weak because she a woman and she also one of the best kunoichi/shinobi when it comes to handling a katana and she is a innocent girl but don't tell her I said that" She said to her son.

"So she never had sex before" Naruto plain said to her who chocked when her son just said that.

"Yes and is that a bad thing?" She said as she rises one of her eyebrows.

"No that a good thing" He said back to her who just smiled at him.

"Here your dangos and ramen" The old man said to them with his everyday smile.

"Thanks!" Both of them yelled out and started to eat.

By time their stop eating Anko had eaten two dozen dangos and Naruto had about ten bowls of ramen. Anko pay for the food and gave her a note to self make Naruto max on how many bowls he can and that max is no more then five.

"Thank you kaa-chan" He said to her as he hugged her.

"No need thank me and that because I'm your mother" She said back to him as she rubbed his head.

"I going have someone baby sit you tomorrow and help you buy clothes at the shops" She said to him.

"Is it because you going have a mission?" He asked her in a caring voice.

"Yes and this going happen a lot because of my rank" She said to him in a warm and calm voice.

"I don't mind because I have you as a kaa" He replied as he walked inside his room to sleep.

"Thank you Naruto-kun" She said as she walked into her room to sleep.

Next morning he wakes up to see his mother not home and there is someone sitting on the couch and when Naruto get closer he started to walk.

"Hello little Naruto and my name is Kakashi Hatake" He said to him with a smile under his mask.

"Your the person that summons Pakkun" Naruto asked him.

"yes that's me and its time for you get ready because we leaving to get you new clothes and gear for training" He said back to him.

"Naruto can I ask you something?" He asked him in a calm voice but Kakashi was nervous right now.

"What is it?" He asked him.

"How would you feel about me marrying your mother?" Kakashi asked with sweat dropping from his face.

"I'll let you marry her under three things" He replied back.

"What are their?" Kakashi asked back and he couldn't believe this kid was going make rules for him.

"One no sex with her and you can when I'm a genin and I'm not home and if you do it when I'm home then you will have no dick then" He said back to him causing Kakashi to come close pissing himself and guarding his friend.

"And the other two?" He asked scared out of his mind.

"If you cheat on her or treat her bad you will die" He said back to Kakashi who was now pale.

"The last one?" He said and not wanting to know.

"You help me get a date with Yuugao-chan" Once Kakashi heard that he start to laugh little.

"Ok but the date took awhile maybe when you're a genin" He said back to Naruto.

"Ok then you can marry her but also she know about this?" Naruto asked him.

"No I'm going to ask her tonight" Kakashi said back to the little evil blonde kid.

"Lets go shopping Tou and its your treat" Kakashi was going nuts first kid scared him to death then he says he has to help him get date with one of the hottest girls there is in this village and now he making me pay for everything.

"What do you want to get first" He asked the kid that maybe his son soon.

"Mother said she's going get my blades so you don't need buy them but need gear and new clothes she said so you can buy that and also lots of ramen and no hitting on Ayame or you pay painfully" He said with a evil smirk on his face.

"I swear that I'll never hit on a other girl beside Anko" he said back to Anko son and who now think he wants to talk to the death over this kid. "Good thing anbu get pay good"

"Can you teach me that lighting thing you used on the tight mask dude" He asked him with a puppy eyes.

"You mean chidori and if you mother says you can then I'll teach you it" He said back to Naruto as he nodded to him like a monk.

"What do you know about Yuugao-chan?' Naruto asked him as their walking to a clothes store.

"Well she's 16 and a kind person who is nice to everyone but she also says no to everyone just like your Kaa does" He said back to Naruto who just looked at him with his head to the right.

"If she says no to everyone then how you going get her to marry you?" He said back with the same look.

"I was hoping that you will help me. Because well I kind of love you kaa for the last eight years" He said back to him.

"If you nice to me till tonight then I help a little but if you teach me dog summoning then I help you a lot" He said back to Kakashi who was now sweating because he has chance get help by someone but he has share his summoning. "This kid is good and I bet he would be good at poker and blackmailing"

"Are you good at poker?" He said back to Naruto.

"Maybe why do you ask?" He said back to Kakashi.

"I just thought of a way for you to see Yuugao naked" He said back which Naruto start imaging his crush naked in front of him which cause him to had a nosebleed.

"How!!!!' Naruto yelled at him.

"Ask you mother to invite Yuugao and Kurenai also her but then you ask to join the poker game which will be strip poker" He said back to Naruto who was now smiling.

"If you do that and it works also summoning then I'll help you and she will say yes" He said back to him then Kakashi told him the hand signs and Naruto sighed the summoning.

"Now for the clothes and gear!" He said happy because he going see his crush naked and he has a summoning.

By the time Kakashi meet up with Anko Naruto had make him share his summoning and give him a plan to get see his crush naked but also made him get his new clothes. Which is a crimson shirt and black pants but also set of gear but that was cheap part the big part was the 25 bowls of ramen. How can a kid eat so much and not be fat.

"Kaa can I talk to you before Kakashi leaves" He said to his mother who nodded and walked into the living room leaving Kakashi waiting outside and hopes that Naruto talk will help him. "Please Naruto help me and please let it work"

"What is it Naru-kun" She said to him.

"If Kakashi asks you something say yes" He said back to her.

"Is it for a date with him?" She asked her son with a eyebrow up and he looked at her with his innocent look.

"Maybe lets go with that and because he loves you for eight years now and he nice person he give me dog summoning and a way see Yuugao naked. Which I need you help with doing that" He said to her with his innocent look again.

"Fine I'll say yes and what the plan?" She asked him.

"He said to invite some girl name Kurenai and Yuugao over and play poker but strip poker and I get into the game when it starts and I win because no one can beat me at poker" He said back with a evil smirk.

"You most good at buffing and getting what you want like the summoning and the plan but also the free gear and clothes?" She said to him and he nodded like a monk to her.

Their walk out and Anko was waiting to say yes to him asking her out. But it shocked her the most when he get down on his kneel,

"Will you marry me Anko-chan?" He asked her in a calm but nervosa tone of voice.

"Yes I will" She said back to him.

"Remember no sex till I'm a genin and no having it when I'm home and that means no sex on your honeymoon" Naruto said as he walks to the living room.

"He good at tricking people into giving what he wants" Kakashi said to her.

"Also you be teaching me the chidori" He yelled back.

"He really does get what he wants" Anko said back to her soon to be husband.

"Anko invite them over tomorrow and Kakashi can't be over when we play poker"" He yelled back to them again.

"I see you tomorrow Kakashi" She said as she kissed him on the lips then closed the door.

The next night with Anko and Naruto.

"Kurenai-san and Yuugao-san also Ayame-san will be here soon' She said her son.

"Why is Ayame going be here!" He yelled at his mother.

"I thought it be fun for you to see four women naked" She said to him.

"No thanks I don't want see my kaa naked" He said back with his hands going no no.

Their hear a knock on the door and when she opens it she sees Kurenai in her normal clothes and Yuugao in a black shirt and blue pants on and Ayame was in green tank top and black pants.

"Come on in everyone" She said to them.

Their walked in to see Naruto on the couch looking at them.

"Why is Naruto here?" Kurenai asked her friend.

"I adopt him yesterday and now he living here but also he going play poker with us" She back to them.

"What kind of poker" Ayame asked her.

"Strip poker" Once she said that all the women faces turned red.

"But he only a kid!" Yuugao yelled out.

"Are you afraid you going to lose to a kid?" Naruto teased her.

"I show you who going to lose, lets play now!" Yuugao yelled at everyone. Their sat down inside the living room at the table.

"Five card strip poker and if you lose all your clothes then your out" Anko said to everyone and their nodded to her.

The first card Naruto won with a flush. "Yuugao your first" She took off her shirt and then sent Naruto a cold stare for picking her.

About ten more hands Naruto only lose his shirt but Yuugao was naked and wondering why he only pick her and he stare at her most of the game. Kurenai was down her only her panties same with Ayame. Anko had everything but her shirt and bra but Naruto is trying not to look the best he can.

When the game end everyone but Naruto was naked and was looking at him and his nosebleed.

"How are you so good?" Yuugao said to him.

"Can't tell you" He replied back.

"Is there anyway I can find out?" She said back to him because she really wants to know how he was so good with cards.

"If you let me kiss you then I will" He said with a smirk but he shocked Kurenai and her but Anko and Ayame just smiled.

"Sure…why…not" She said back to him. Naruto moved over to see and looked at her body again he couldn't believe how good she looks. Her long hair was down to middle of her back and she had beautiful black eyes that he can't help but stare into to all the time. She had nice d cup chest that he just want to touch and also she had long sexy legs with a nice round ass. When he get over to her he kissed her lips and put his tongue inside of her mouth and their started a tongue war of their own. When the kiss ended Naruto had blushing face and she had a few shards of red. Anko took a photo of them kissing and the photo shows her body really well.

"Its time for us to go" When everyone was heading home Naruto stopped and kissed his crush again then playfully slap her ass but then he ran to his room because she had look saying I'm going to kill you.

"He starting to like you a lot" Anko said back to her.

"He just playing around because he to young to understand why men do things and reason their want a pretty girl" She said back to her old friend then walked out of the house.

"You are wrong about him and maybe you find out soon" She said to herself and walked to her room. Naruto set the photo of him and her kissing on his table inside of his room but he can't help but think she is a naked goddess in the photo.

Six years later and few things that happened to him was he had a father and at the wedding he was ten. He kissed Yuugao who get drunk and their made out but it ended fast. Because she passed out after half hour of kissing the blonde kid but she still wonders why Naruto wanted to make out with her. That day but she may never know but maybe she will soon. Naruto also learned chidori and become rookie of the year and pissed off a Uchiha to no end. He become one strong sword fighter and ever Yuugao couldn't believe someone his age was that good. Now he is waiting for the team he be put on and start his genin life. But his biggest problem is the fact he's going to tell his crush how he feels after he finds out his team because she having dinner with his family. That because Kakashi a asshole and invite her over so his son can tell her.

"Team seven Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura, Naruto Hatake and your sensei is Kakashi Hatake" Once he said that Kakashi walked into the room.

"Team seven meet me in the roof in five minutes" He said then disappeared in a wave of leafs and after his Tou did that he did the same leaving everyone in the room shocked.

"Hello Tou-san" Naruto said to his father.

"You think you can tell her tonight?" He asked his son in a caring voice.

"Are you doing this get back at me for making you give me the summon and getting free things from you?' Naruto said back to him.

"Yea" He said as he pulls out his orange book.

"Kaa said you can't read that anymore" Naruto said to him.

"Don't tell her please" He begged his son.

"If you give me a copy then I wouldn't" Once he said that Kakashi throw him a copy of his books which he started to read. When his team get there their see both student and sensei reading that pervert book and giggling.

"Team seven lets get to know each other and I'll go first my name is Kakashi and my likes are my son and wife also my daughter in law soon and my dislike are people who hit on my wife and my hobby well when your older you understand and my dream is to see grandkids so Naruto you better get with her" He said back to his team causing Naruto to blush at the daughter in law and grandkids part. He pointed to the pink banshees.

"My name is Sakura and my likes are" Looks at Sasuke " My dislikes are " Looks at Naruto" And Ino-pig and my hobby is " Looks at Sasuke" My dream is" Looks at Sasuke and blushes.

Thoughts of both father and son "a horny fan girl"

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha and my like are none and my dislike my brother and my hobby is get stronger and my dream is to kill my brother"

"Great a horny fan girl and a Uchiha with a stick up his ass" Naruto said to his teammates. Who both look at him with eyes that want to kill him.

"I'll go now and my name is Naruto Hatake and my likes are Yuugao-chan and my family and my dislike are the Uchiha named Sasuke that has stick far up his ass and horny fan girl that wants to fuck Sasuke and my hobby is being around Yuugao and my dream is be the next hokage and to marry my love Yuugao" He said to his teammates that really want kill him now.

"I see you all at training grounds tomorrow at 7 30am and don't eat breakfast" He said back to his new genin team.

Later that night someone knocks on the door and Naruto opens it to see his crush in a beautiful crimson dress that just looks great on her. She sees Naruto jaw drop and giggle at him.

"Come in Yuugao-chan" He said back to her.

"Where is your tou and kaa?" She asked him.

"Their will be back soon their had go get something" He said back to her with a smile.

"Naruto-kun their said you had something to tell me so what is it?" She asked him.

"That is this" He said as he kissed her and warp his arms around her lower back which shocked her but she kissed back afterwards. When the kissed finally end Naruto looked at her eyes.

"I wanted to said that I kind of love you and I have a crush on your since the day I meet you and that why me and my mother made that poker game thing" He said to her in a nervous tone of voice.

"Let me ask you something what do you love me for" She asked him.

"First thing I love you for is that fact that you're a kind and loving woman and that your strong also smart and last thing is that you're a goddess" He said to her as he kissed her lips again.

"I'll give you one chance ok?" She said back to them.

"How about I took you out to dinner then? Trust me its a lot better then tou cooking" He said back to her causing her to giggle and Kakashi who is ear dropping frowned.

"Ok but where are we going?" She asked him. He leaned to her ear and whispered the place which causing her to go into shock.

"How you get tickets for that place and how you going pay that much?" She asked him with little tone of shock in her voice. Anko was smiling because she doing better then her husband for helping Naruto because she gave him the money for the date and the tickets

"Don't worry about that ok? Just enjoy yourself" He said as he rubbed the back of his head then kissed her neck.


"Thank you" She said to him as she pulled him into a hug.

"your welcome" He said back to his new girlfriend.

"You're the kindness man that I ever met and so far I really like this date" She said to him as she kissed his ear and whispered into his ear meow which cause Naruto to smile and kiss her neck.

"Lets get going before we miss are time" He said to her as she nodded back to him.

At Leaf Garden Naruto and Yuugao walked in and head for the table their told to sit at and Naruto pulls her sit out for her and she thanks him by kissing his lips then sitting down and he sits down in his sat.

Once their get done eating Naruto looks at hers and notice she having a good time which makes him smile.

"How did you like your dinner?" He asked her as their walking out after he pays for both of them.

"It was great and thank you" She said to him.

"Lets go to the next place" He said to her which causing her to look at him funny.

"What do you mean Naru-kun?" She asked him in a worried tone of voice.

"I think I can take you for a walk in the park what you think I mean? He asked her with a smile on his face.

"I thought that you going ask me to go back my place and have sex and I thankfully and happy that you didn't ask that" She said back to her lowering her head.

"I'll never ask you that and I will only do that when your ready" He said to her as he lifts her head up and kisses her lips.

"Naru-kun thank you and you don't know how much this means to me" She said as she hugged his and rests her head on his chest.

"Its getting late and I think I should walk you back to your place now" He said to her and she smiled again and nodded.

Once their get to her place their stop at her door and she looked back at him.

"You want to stay over but I mean just sleep not sex" She asked him.

"Only if you want me to" He replied to her.

"Yes I do and your first gentleman I have ever met in my whole life" She said as she opens the door and lets Naruto inside her place.

Naruto looks around and sees photo on her wall of her and his kaa but also Kurenai are in some of them and his tou. Naruto then walked into the bedroom where she was getting changed but when he start to go out the bedroom so she can changed by herself but she stopped him.

"You have seen me naked before so don't worry about it" She said as she takes off her dress then bra and panties then lays down in the bed which she then looks at Naruto.

"You coming?" She asked him with a smile on her face.

"Yes I'm coming" He replied as she walked over to her bed and laid down beside her.


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