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Once they finally woke up, clones barged into their room at 5 AM and unpleasantly ordered for them to go eat immediately. They were to attend a council meeting at 7 AM, on point.

Naruto groggily protested – he didn't want to deal with work, especially this early in the morning. "Do I really have to go see those clowns that call themselves a council?" Naruto whined, scratching the back of his messy blonde hair. Yuugao nodded and just looked at him before moving her fingertip to his nose, flicking it softly. Naruto smiled and rubbed his nose which tingled at her touch. His deep crystal blue eyes were staring at her now.

"Yes you have to go see them Naru-kun. I know how much you hate it, but that's part of our jobs, we can't get out of doing these things. Responsibilities come first!" Yuugao teasingly scolded. Naruto couldn't resist it and he dug his fingers beneath the thin nightgown covering Yuugao. His hand ran up and down her naked body causing her to giggle, "All work and no play, huh?" Naruto replied back, smirking. Once he grabbed her breasts Yuugao moaned out loud, but a strained look crossed her beautiful face.

"I'm too sore for anymore today, but don't worry after work we can play whenever you want." Yuugao kissed him lightly on top of the lips, but Naruto kissed her back roughly, his tongue slipping inside her mouth.

The two of them began a heated tongue war with which Yuugao began to take lead, only to have his hands go right to her bare ass grabbing it playfully. Yuugao gasped out, she felt his touch moving up her back slowly causing her to moan in pleasure. Her heart began to soar while her senses began to melt with their passionate make out.

Yuugao finally felt happiness, she found someone she could truly love.

They both stop for air the third time, but this time Naruto gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. His arms encircled his Tenshi's waist, holding her tightly against him. This made her feel safe and loved, just by being within his warmth. Yuugao sighed deeply and she closed her eyes, laying her head in his chest. Naruto smirked, feeling glad that he tired her out like this. He moved his lips to her neck and breathed in her wonderful honey smell.

"I guess I can wait a little longer to have more of you. Let's get something to eat first before we find out what this so-called meeting is about." Yuugao nodded her head as she got up and went to her dresser to find a nightgown that isn't see-through to wear.

She didn't want to wear anything seductive because she's too sore for any more fun, which teasing him won't help any. Yuugao looked back at her lover by peeking through her creamy shoulder, slipping out of her nightgown. Naruto just stared at her undressing…he had to gulp down his saliva to keep them from drooling. Yuugao smiled cutely before finding one that may last enough till breakfast.

She now has on a midnight-blue nightgown that goes a little bit past her ass. Naruto could see a tempting view of her ass whenever the nightgown rides up just a little bit. He grinned mischievously while putting his own clothes back on. Once he was done he came up behind her back in order to grab her ass's cheeks and slap it. Yuugao looked at him before smirking to him, laying a kiss on his lips.

"You can't keep your hands to yourself can you?" She murmured. Naruto smirked before moving his lips to her ear, teasing her earlobe with his tongue. Yuugao shivered, feeling his tongue dragging hotly against her ear.

"When you don't put on any underwear, how can I? It just drives me crazy seeing you like that so naturally…" He rests his hand under her new nightgown, his hands holding her smooth ass which she doesn't mind him doing. She begins to start shaking her waist only for him. Naruto took this opportunity to go ahead and squeeze it tenderly, slapping it while Yuugao worked her hips more.

"I guess you want me to wear this more from now on don't you Naru-kun?" Yuugao giggled. Naruto smiled at her, feeling so lucky and happy to have such a beautiful Tenshi…his beautiful Tenshi. He couldn't believe he finally had her after years of wanting her. His little fantasy came true.

Naruto gave her a nod of his head, kissing her on the cheek before going to the kitchen to cook some breakfast for his Tenshi. She just stared at him bustling away as he cooked.

Yuugao wondered what this meeting could be about; could it be about Naruto's real family? Or about him being the last one of his clan? She didn't know, but whatever this meeting is, Yuugao hoped nothing bad comes out of it, or at least…anything bad to Naruto.

He looked over at her and noticed her worried and contemplative face. He lifts her chin up with his finger and gives Yuugao a light kiss. Naruto didn't want to see her sad or concerned like this because he wants to only bring his Tenshi plenty of smiles. Seeing her distressed was something he was going to try to erase, always.

"What's worrying you so much my dear Angel?" Yuugao just looked at Naruto from her chocolate brown eyes, hoping that she wasn't causing any trouble for him before they go to the meeting. She was silent, but she knew that he isn't going let it go unless she tells him what was bothering her.

"I'm just worried that they may try to…force you to populate the people in your clan. You are the last of your family remember?" Naruto shakes his head in disagreement; he isn't going let anyone talk him into having "more people"in his clan.He only wants one woman in his life and he has that said woman in front of him right now.

"I'll just tell them to shove it up their asses, because no way in hell will anyone tell me what to do, or what we do. I don't need anyone but you in my life, and that's why I always want you to be by my side forever." Naruto caught Yuugao in a hug and she stood there, wrapping her arms around him. After hearing those words he had told her, the only thing she could do straight is smile gently to him. She truly doesn't know how she could have met someone like him in her life like this. "Thank you…so much…for everything." Yuugao whispered.

"You're welcome!" Naruto blushed, letting go of Yuugao. "I forgot I was making breakfast…"

Naruto finished cooking and he placed the food on plates for the two of them. He gives her a plate before sitting down with his. "I hope you like the food… I cook a little bit but I don't know if it's good enough for my Angel." Yuugao starts to eat the food in front of her, giving a huge thumbs-up after she tasted it in order to show him that she's enjoying it.

She resumed eating her chicken and rice, and Naruto felt relieved. He finally starts to eat his own food once he saw that she's enjoying his cooking, but his eyes couldn't stop leaving her deep brown eyes. Yuugao noticed him staring at her and gave him a playful look. She moved her hand onto his leg, resulting to his lips turning into a kitsune smirk.

"I thought you were too sore for that? Or maybe I'm just that good that you can't get enough of me?" Yuugao felt her cheeks warming up, and she immediately moved her hand off his leg, earning from him a disappointed frown. Once she saw his puppy look face, Yuugao couldn't help but to giggle.

"This isn't funny you know." He pouted at her. Yuugao's giggles then escalated to an unstoppable laughter, and Naruto slowly began to smile along with her. He couldn't stay upset because his Tenshi was just too adorable, and he wasn't mad at all when she made fun of him. "Angel, I would like it if we weren't late for the council." Naruto pushed his lips in between her laughter, stopping her successfully.

Once they finished eating, Naruto cleaned the dishes in the sink. Meanwhile, Yuugao took a quick shower and changed her nightgown into her normal ANBU uniform. She'll never ever walk out of her house in just her nightgown. If she did she would end up seeing her lover kill so many perverts that will try something on her, and Yuugao didn't want that. Scumbags will remain scumbags, but they have the right to live nonetheless.

Naruto finished his own shower and got prepared. Once they were all set, they left her house together. They began to walk over to where the council room was held at and arrived by its doorstep in minutes. Naruto stepped inside and saw all the clan heads staring at him disapprovingly, but he did saw one familiar face: Tsume-san giving him a feral grin.

"Tell me Naruto Hatake…do you know why you are here today?" The Hokage asked him gruffly. He had his usual smoking pipe dangling by the side of his lips, a gray cloud curling in the air around him.

Naruto just shook his head no, how would he know anyway? "You are here because some of the council members believed you to have hurt Sasuke Uchiha without justifiable reasons."

Naruto couldn't believe the crap he'd just heard. "I only hurt him because he was trying to force himself on other women, and I defended them! Last time I checked, that's enough of a justifiable reason on the crime book. Or maybe he gets an exception and gets to do whatever he wants since he's from the Uchiha clan? Is he allowed to break the laws the first Hokage had set for us?" Mikoto moved her head away in shame as she took in Naruto's words…the truth. She couldn't believe her own son would do something like that.

She thought that she had raised him to do better. She perfectly knew the people in this council that always do their best to appease and spoil her son – letting him to do as he pleases. She never wanted to allow them, but she simply had no grounds to order them to stop, even if she desperately wanted to. 'If only Fugaku or Itachi…'Mikoto thought sadly, reminiscing on her memories.

"Sasuke has the right to do what he think fits in order to repopulate his clan!" Naruto looked over at the yelling pink-haired woman as she screamed this out. He gave her an irritated glare and Sakura looked away defiantly. This was the main reason the fool thinks he's a god, because of some woman falling head over heels in love with him. Treating him like a deity he isn't. Yeah well, he hasn't exactly hit jackpot with her either.

"Shut up, you have no right to talk about it! You only pay attention to his face!" Naruto retaliated. Sakura was seriously pissed-off at Naruto but she clamped her mouth shut.

"He doesn't have the right to force himself on my Yuugao-hime or Hana-chan, the daughter of Tsume-san! You need to keep him in check before he does something ridiculous like start a war with this kind of behavior. And this is all because of the importance he gets over nothing!" Naruto's eyes showed so much rage within his words. This caused most of the council and some of the shinobi members to start showing fear and hesitation.

"Naruto you need to stay calm in the presence of the council. I understand where you are going, but we need to stay civilized." The Hokage replied, breaking the uneasy silence.

Yuugao wrapped her arms around him, trying to calm him down as the Hokage requested. Naruto just closed his eyes letting the warmth from her arms calm his mind. "I love you Naru-kun." She whispers to him softly, but Tsume caught it nearby and smiles to them.

"Naruto is right; foreign women that Sasuke hits on might become a problem with our alliance with other villages. I will not let this village go to war over Sasuke Uchiha's misconducts, do you understand that?" They all stared at the Hokage as he spoke, the clear authority in his voice showing that he's the one running things here and not them.

"You two are dismissed, meeting closed."

"Thank you Grandpa." Naruto whispered, and the Hokage gave him a small smile. He took his lover's hand and left the room, his eyes focused on his Tenshi. He felt a bit better knowing that the Hokage was with him in this one. Sasuke was such a messed up womanizer – no way in hell will he let someone like him ran around doing that.

Once they exited the Hokage tower, Naruto moved his lips to Yuugao's ear and whispered, "Where do you want to go now Tenshi?"

"Let's head home. I have a mission tomorrow, so I have to rest." He nodded his head in agreement, the two lovers walking back to her house for a much deserved peace.

A month later, Naruto and his team are being ordered to help Team Eight on a Rank C mission. He had gotten closer to Kurenai over the past month, having talked a lot about certain things due to the fact that he's dating her best friend. She always reminded him to protect Yuugao and to love her dearly, which Naruto had sworn to do a long time ago.

While the teams waited, an old fisher named Tazuna walks into the Hokage's room, stopping to stare at the two teams of genin in front of him. "You're going have brats guard me?" He laughed. The minute he had those words leaving his mouth he had two blades right up at his neck. Tazuna began to rethink his statement as he looked down at an annoyed Naruto.

"I don't have the patience with you wise-ass. If you take it we can't handle you, let's try and test that theory…"

"No killing the person that's hiring us Naruto." Naruto lets his blade go cautiously and moved back over to Kurenai as she sighed. He closed his eyes and re-opened them, showing no signs of hostility like previously.

"They will get the job done, you don't have to worry." Tazuna nodded his head a little too nervously at the Hokage, and Sarutobi smirked, breathing in his slender pipe.

The groups had head outside to the gate and left Konoha, guarding Tazuna's safety along the way. They were passing by the dense Konoha Forest, trekking through a narrow dirt road so they could be hidden and be less visible. Naruto noticed someone hiding above the tree's shadows and he slowly walked behind the group as he peered through more closely to investigate.

Two shinobi jumped out of the tree in planned formation, making Naruto draw his blades and parry the incoming kunai attack. He dodged a kick from the other fellow, and looked at the both of them before noticing their headbands had Kiri insignia embedded in it.

They didn't seem to fit being a rogue ninja type, more like a reckless duo in their teens. This made Naruto indecisive on what to do next… 'Why is Kiri shinobi here and why are they this close to Konoha?' They couldn't be jounin level given their age so he had to guess they were genin or chunin at best. Naruto could take care of them easily enough by himself.

Naruto forced his attack on the one to the right who was coming at him. The teen held a kunai but Naruto smirked and released his Godedesusu ofu fu uindo kounteru surise.It fooled him successfully and Naruto landed a deep cut to the teen's knee, disabling him from standing up.

The shinobi quickly grabbed his kunai in pain while blood kept on flowing out of his wound. Naruto looked at him in pity; "Don't move around too much or else more blood will flow out." He warned. The teen nodded slowly and Naruto gave him a cloth to stanch the blood.

Naruto changed his attack quickly onto the remaining hooligan. He pinpointed his movements hiding through the mist jutsu he casted and Naruto charged his Godedesusu ofu fu uindo behind him. This one struggled and sliced Naruto in the cheek, "You're worthless you Konoha freak!" He spat out.

"You know I was thinking of sparing you, but fuck you!" Naruto delivered the finishing blow with Godedesusu Ofu Fu Uindo Futago Kage Yaiba,an attack when his blades moved too fast to be seen, cutting its foes in the blink of an eye.

When the two teams regrouped back to Naruto they saw him doing his last attack and was shocked that they didn't realize what was happening. They saw how his blade faded out of the world and reappeared back again instantaneously. Everyone stared in awe, except Kakashi that is.

"How the hell did you do that Naruto?" Kiba exclaimed, but Naruto just closed his eyes and opened them again to look down at his blades covered in blood. Naruto walked towards his tou and Kakashi rested his hand on his son's shoulder. He was proud of his son's courage, and for protecting them as best as he could.

"I moved my blades faster than a person could see with their eye, that's how I did something like that Kiba." Naruto replied blankly. He kept moving ahead of the group with Kakashi walking beside him. Sasuke was beside Tazuna, infuriated and staring daggers at everyone.

"Why are Kiri shinobi this close to Konoha Tou-kun?" Naruto's eyes looked sharply at his father with curiosity. Kakashi just shook his head; honestly he didn't know why they would do something like this. Kiri had always been a village filled with blood-lusted murderers. A lot of the rogue ninjas had been or associated with Kiri one way or another. "They had been genin so they probably have more of 'em around. Stay on your toes." Kakashi warned, relaying the message to Kurenai who nodded.

"Let's get the facts straight Tazuna-san. You had lied to us." Kurenai said sternly, placing a hand on Tazuna's shoulders. "This isn't just a simple escort mission isn't it?" Tazuna was now sweating out buckets because he'd been found out.

"The Land of Waves can't pay for the cost of high-ranking mission so that's why I had to lie. A man named Gato is destroying the place we called home, and so our economy is suffering. We've barely paid the rank we've asked for in the first place...and I'm the head bridge builder that will open up trade to make our economy better again. Gato doesn't want that, and now he's trying to assassinate me! So please…help me." Tazuna was begging and he was looking around at everybody with desperation.

Naruto kept walking onwards only to be stopped by his tou."We will still help you…but no more lying to us is that clear?" Kakashi responded, to which Tazuna eagerly agreed. "Thank you, for helping me out."

The two teams kept their pace for the next five hours. They were along the borders of the Land of Waves alright. Everywhere Naruto looked there was water everywhere, making him stop to pee every fifteen minutes. Tazuna surprisingly didn't utter one word of complaint the rest of the journey. Up ahead they saw a giant man taking on a few shinobi by himself, their headbands show the insignia of Kiri.

Naruto noticed that the one who was fighting all of them was a rogue ninja. He killed most of them easily in seconds, like squashing a grape. He also wielded a huge sword and it was covered in thick blood. This made Naruto jump beside the rogue ninja.

"Hey kid who the hell are you?" Zabuza asked. Naruto positioned himself in a back-to-back stance with the man. He just grinned and took his blades out. "Looks we can help each other on this one... The name is Naruto, and an enemy of my enemy is my friend right?" He earned a laugh from the sword-wielding shinobi. He nodded his head, agreeing with him. "I like your spunk kid, the name's Zabuza." Naruto then noticed about six shinobi encircled in formation around them. He looked for his team and saw the rest of them having their own fights, with Hinata and Sakura guarding Tazuna.

When one of them got close, Naruto saw a barrage of a few needles coming out of nowhere and prick him in the leg. He fell down and couldn't feel his leg muscle anymore. The needle-attacker sprinted towards him to finish Naruto off, but a poof of smoke surprised him. It was only a clone. The real Naruto came up from behind and stabbed his blades in his guts, killing him.

A water dragon jutsu suddenly came right towards him, forcing him to dodge it by rolling back. Naruto barely had stopped to breathe yet before another one came up from behind him. He had a hard time parrying the incoming attacks but he didn't give up, and after loosening the genin's defense, Naruto did a leg kick that caused the genin to fall back on the ground. He tried to deal the final blow only to be stopped by yet another water dragon coming his way. "Oh come on this is getting damn old!" Naruto yelled in frustration. He dodged it again, but once he landed he saw mist covering his vision from everywhere.

"Let's see if the Konoha genin can see through our bloody mist jutsu..." One of them snickered. Naruto concentrated his hearing with his ears, and didn't rely too much on his vision since all he saw was mist. Naruto felt like he was trapped in a soundless box. He couldn't think of a contingency plan, and he knew he stepped into their trap big time.

"Hey kid!" Zabuza shouted. The mist evaporated in seconds as he saw Zabuza kill the jutsu caster with a stab to the stomach. "Thanks, you really saved me back there!" Naruto replied, relief washing over him. He strike at another shinobi giving a last desperate attack towards him, and finished him off quickly. "I must be losing my touch…" Naruto murmured. He saw as everyone quickly finished their own battles and noticed Kurenai having two people gang her up from behind and the front.

Naruto moved quickly and grabbed Kurenai out of the way of the tag team attack. He jumped to his feet and blocked their attack from Kurenai, causing him to fall on top of her. Kurenai on the other hand got to her feet with a blush on her face. She looked at him, "Thank you Naruto" she said gratefully.

"Just be more careful next time." Naruto replied, his breathing ragged. They both looked back to their enemies, knowing the fight was not over.

Kurenai casted her known skill: a genjutsu, and pins one of them to a tree with a kunai to his neck. By the time he realized he was in a genjutsu he was already killed. Naruto quickly sidestepped the other one and killed the genin off with a strike to the back of the neck, a clean cut to his head.

"Why are Kiri shinobi so weak? They aren't even acting like a trained shinobi! They fight with their fists instead of their head!" He heard Kiba yell out. Kiba and Akamaru had wrecked damage around the area as Naruto saw lots of craters and holes punctured in the ground. He gotta hand it to them.

"That's exactly it boy. We've been trained to only kill since when we were little toddlers. We knew nothing of stealth and techniques, only stabbing and cutting. Our milk bottle was a knife, get it?" Zabuza responded, malice dripping in his voice. Akamaru whimpered and Kiba stopped running his mouth.

Naruto saw Kakashi do chidori on his last set of enemy, and saw Sakura being useless and knocked out cold besides a shaking Tazuna. Hinata had her Byakugan on, and was the only one left guarding Tazuna.

Sasuke was barely keeping up to what seems to be an older shinobi. Naruto was guessing he was the leader and the jounin of the genins they fought. The leader was a damned coward and a murderer for sacrificing his comrades without thought.

Sasuke picked himself up from his attack, and began to tie up chakra wires and paper bombs together from his ninja pouch. He began to sprint quickly around the Kiri jounin and cut the thread loose with his teeth. With a serpent hand seal, he exploded off the paper bombs and immediately backed off.

With the death of their leader, Naruto looked around to see every little genin that hid behind, scuttling around and regrouping to formation. Nobody chased after them as the fight was clearly over. He hoped that this was the last of them.

"That was desperate. I mean flashy." Naruto said to Sasuke, smirking at him.

"What did you s-say idiot?" Sasuke threatened, grabbing Naruto's collar before letting go and falling down on his knees.

"Never mind, I'm not going to fight you all injured like that."

Naruto looked at Zabuza next to him, "Why did you help us Zabuza-san? I mean, you're from Kiri to, right?" A new person jumped down from a tree wearing a hunter mask, which surprised Naruto.

"We are here because Gato is giving money and wealth to Kiri's ninjas. He's trying to start a civil war, and we're here to stop that. I've loathed him because of the way he treats people, and I want him to die. Our alliance had never been with Gato or anybody's." The masked person murmured softly. Even though she sounded emotionless, Naruto heard the hate in her voice. She was something special; to think she'd just watched them fighting quietly from behind…

"Are you ANBU?" Naruto asked, pointing at her mask. It didn't look like any of the ANBU masks he'd seen before, even his Tenshi's.

"You could say that." She replied.

Naruto stared at her for awhile but just shrugged it off. "I'm not sure if this is part of our mission anymore…" Kakashi said, walking towards Naruto, Zabuza and the masked person.

"Do you want to work together to kill this Gato bastard or not?" Zabuza looked at Kakashi, pointing his sword towards him. "I mean, I'm sure Tazuna won't ever be safe with him around, am I right? You'll fail the mission if you don't." Zabuza began to swing his sword towards Kakashi, but Naruto swiftly blocked Zabuza's sword from hitting his tou with the two blades in his hand.

"Don't even try." Naruto gravely warned.

"Naruto it's alright. We'll talk about this later after I briefed the mission and notify the Hokage about it." Kakashi replied seriously, holding Naruto's tense shoulders.

Zabuza smirked and withdrew his sword, "Alright Kakashi. Say – Naruto, am I right? You're pretty good with that blade of yours… How about a clean spar, me and you? No tricks and special effects."

"Sure, just watch as I kick your ass." Naruto replied smugly. Zabuza chuckled at the remark and nods his head at his cocky attitude. The masked hunter disapprovingly sighed, this always to happen to Zabuza no matter where they go.

"We'll see about that." Naruto stared at Zabuza's sword and knew that he wasn't just any shinobi. He'd said so himself earlier, how they have been raised as killers in Kiri.

"You didn't realize I'm one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Do you like my sword?" He stated mockingly. But that only makes Naruto's smirk bigger at hearing that. "No swords or blades, just hand-to-hand combat."

"Are you kidding me?" Zabuza snarled in frustration.

"Hey you said no tricks and special effects right? I bet you were going to double-cross me and used a trick or two of your own with that sword." Naruto said, folding his arms in chest. "I know how to play this kind of game well."

The two teams laughed at the swordsman's annoyed and bewildered expression. "Alright alright!"

The group began to head out towards Tazuna's boat to get across the river. Once they landed by the shore, Zabuza and his partner quickly came to their own camp just nearby, with Zabuza threatening Naruto about their spar before parting ways.

The group got inside the cramped house that Tazuna owns, and when Naruto saw just who was inside, he can't help but look a little bit more at her. He quickly stopped before anyone noticed his staring. He did walk up to help Tsunami with the dishes to offer his thanks for the food and hospitality.

Once they got done with all the dishes Naruto was alongside her as they walked into the living room. There they saw Tsunami's little boy coming inside the house with an angry look on his face, tears coming out of his eyes. "What is the point of you trying to help? You will just die like all the others!" He screamed.

"Inari, take those words back!" Tsunami reprimanded, terribly upset over her son. The distressed boy was about to run upstairs, until Naruto caught him by the arm. His eyes were covered in shadow, and the kid felt scared.

Naruto sighed, he was tired and he needed to sleep. He didn't like cry babies at all. "If I was going to die it will not be by the likes of Gato. If I was going to die…then I will die honorably. Fighting with my blades in my hands, protecting the ones I love. Not by running away from a mission or duty." Kakashi looked at Naruto when he said those words, and smiled beneath his mask.

Naruto's grip loosened and he let go of Inari. He started to take a step out to the door, but he looked back to the silenced kid. "You can do anything you want in life, but I chose to do my duty as a shinobi of Konoha and as a swordsman. I do not run away, nor do I back down if things get too hard. You…you shouldn't be afraid to take risks if it was for someone you love. I'll protect this village, so count on it." Naruto turned around and exited the house. He's going to do a little scouting of the area before going to bed. His mind felt blank as he entered the back woods.

Zabuza walked out of the house, having stopped by for food, and followed Naruto in the forest. He looked intently at the kid as he walked behind him. He didn't know genins could act the way he does, he was far too mature for his age. Well except, the blackmailing and whatnot, but that's not the point. He has only seen eyes like his and his words spoken by skilled jounin or chunin, not by rookie genins.

"Why are you here? Are you going tell me what I said back there was wrong?" Naruto said, keeping pace through the woods. "Please spare me the lecture; I had enough for the day." Zabuza chuckled with the response, and Naruto's eyes sharpened. He didn't like being laughed at, and only his Angel can do that.

"No, not really, I only wanted to find out how you talk older than you really are. I've only heard words like that from swordsmen that have lived and seen many things in their lifetime. I have never seen someone so young like you speak them." The Demon of the Mist studied his reaction, but only found two crystal blue eyes that seem to stare right through him. They stopped by a waterfall, with Zabuza's hands tucked in his pockets.

"When you live in your village…that hates you for a long time, and wishes you were dead…it kinda helps for you to grow up and get used to all the hatred and anger. You're forced to find answers for yourself, about what makes life really count, and I guess I was lucky when kaa found me and saved me. Then tou came, and Yuugao-chan, who became my Tenshi…those people really made me stronger, and I owe it to them. They made me who I am now, and I will not stop just because of some demon living inside me!" Zabuza looked at Naruto, his expression strained with anguish.

The older man didn't know what to make of this. His story reminded him of his own past, but his was still much worse. He remembered the last day of his Chunin Exams, accomplishing his victory through the deaths of his comrades and friends…by his hands. The only thing that came close to family was his apprentice, Haku. Zabuza remembered picking her up in a snowy day, looking so pathetic and dirty she could have been mistaken for a stray dog. Now Haku moved with grace and speed, her Kekkei Genkai a form of deadly ice. He had shaped a weak mutt to a wonderful, white wolf. That made Zabuza glad, for the first time in a long while.

"They hate you and ostracize you for being the jailer of a demon, even though the purpose was to save and protect their lives and the whole village. People are blinded with fear all the time, they know not of courage and drown themselves in shallow terror. Do they see you as the hero? No they see you as the villain that has to die, and that's why you need to be stronger." The older shinobi could understand, and he empathized with the younger blonde kid. He slowly moved his eyes up to the tree behind Naruto, and saw Haku listening to them.

"They don't care at all! They only see the beast that killed their family members, and they refused to see the innocent child that was all alone and scared – a child that only wants someone to look at him with kindness for once in his damn life. I was afraid of it to! It was inside of me! How would they even know what it feels like? And have the right to judge?" Naruto could feel his body shaking, his emotions got the best of him and he felt weak for breaking his defenses in front of Zabuza.

But he didn't care if the whole world had just heard him. They could hate him for what he has inside of him because he just didn't care anymore. He couldn't keep holding everything inside like this because he just wants to yell it all out and get rid of it all before it consumed him. Even he never showed this side to his Tenshi, burdening her with his own problems was something he will never do.

"The only good thing that happened in my life was when my adopted mother took me in because she also was hated by the village for something she couldn't control. She took me in without a second thought and that – that was the first happy time I could ever remember smiling back then." He made a fist with his hands. The tears didn't want to stop coming down his face.

Zabuza looked at the moon up above, and saw its reflection on the calm lake. He never would have known, than in such a young and cheerful face, was a boy that that had been trembling in coldness for so many years.

Kakashi, who had trailed them in the forest, was behind the bushes, listening. He shook his head because he had a feeling that his son was holding so much in…so much in, in fact, that he was nearing his breaking point if he continued for any longer. That would have caused Naruto to mentally break down, and who knows what he would have done. Naruto had never let him or his kaa knew about his deepest feelings, and now thanks to Inari's own stubborn actions, he was finally forced to confront them again.

"Then kaa married and I had an adopted father, and he was someone who didn't see me as a demon, but as a person. That's what people like me crave for, for acceptance and love; to be cared for and not to be seen as a demon, or some tools to be used. We are living beings that need kindness just like everyone else does in this world." Zabuza thought over the young boy's words, and he couldn't feel anything but shame as he remembered his own Haku, in needing of kindness and love, and not to be treated as a weapon like he had.

"People who live this kind of harsh life only want one thing, and that is a place to truly call home. But that is something not many get a chance for, some people that are hated too much look upon death as the only escape. I had that feeling once, but I knew better and strove to be a powerful ninja, so that I can protect as many as I can from that faith." Naruto looked at his hands; he couldn't see anything but his own blurry tears collecting in drops on his palms.

"You know what? From today on you are going to be my student. So hopefully I can learn more about you in the process, kid. My student Haku will be better off, with someone like you to." The masked girl up on the tree stared at Zabuza. She never had thought this day would happen and she was feeling ecstatic. She smiled underneath her cold mask.

Zabuza didn't understand completely what he just did, but it felt like he had to do it. The kid looked too torn apart, much like the first time he saw Haku – hungry and picking through frozen garbage in the snow.

"Who said I needed a new sensei? Also, what do you know that I could learn from you? Are you even sure you're strong enough to be my sensei?" The Demon of the Mist could only smirk at the younger brat in front of him. He sure was back to his cocky mood.

"Trust me kid, I can teach you how to use your blades better than you can right now. You're not holding it right, and your angle is distorted and weak. Certain angles work for different powerful cuts and defenses, and if you don't believe a word that I'm saying, you can always spar against me to see who really knows their stuff."

Naruto slowly nodded his head, "Fine, let's test it." The two of them walked a little further down the waterfall and prepared themselves.

"Man, you know I haven't even slept yet?" Naruto complained, stretching his sore muscles. "But I'm so pumped at winning this!"

"You really want get your ass kicked huh kid? This is only going to be blade-to-blade combat. No fancy schmancy blade disappear magic act, got it?"

"Alright just get on with it old man!"

The two of them drew their blades and rushed at each other. Zabuza was shocked as the kid blocked his first swing, grinding it against his two blades.

Naruto didn't let up on the older man because he kept going at him harder and harder – sparks were flying as their blades blocked and countered each other. Once his attacks ended he switched to defense and blocked every raging attack from the Demon of the Mist. He was getting pushed back, but Naruto pushed with all his might to counter it.

Neither one of them stopped their barrage of attacks. Each clash of their blades fueled their crave for combat and they smiled, feeling invigorated. Naruto felt his melancholy washing away, adrenaline taking its place.

"There's no need for any of that angle crap when you have stamina!" Naruto yelled, dashing forward towards Zabuza and striking his great sword on the middle.

"Oh yes there is!" Zabuza straightened the angle of his blade, and pushed Naruto's blade off easily from him.

Both of them started to get worn out after the second hour of nonstop fighting. Naruto was beaten up, but he refused to collapse as he used up every bit of his stamina left.

"I don't know how you can keep going, but this is the most fun I had in years!" The Demon of the Mist howled, laughing before sending his final attack down on Naruto, who barely blocked it from cutting his face in two. He switched the angle of his blade, just like what Zabuza did and threw his attack off. With that move, Naruto finally dropped down and his blades clanked in the ground beside him.

"Seems like you have beaten me, fair and square old man, but just so you know, I didn't have my full stamina. Your techniques will be interesting to learn soon, so when do we start?" Naruto said, grinning weakly at Zabuza.

Zabuza shook his head, and helped pick the kid up as he grabbed down to get his scratched and dirtied blades.

"The two of you really don't know when to quit training do you?" A masked young woman scolded. Haku dropped her position from above the tree, and stood in front of them. Zabuza just whistled an off-tune melody, and Naruto just rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

"Oh Kami help me! Just look at you two!" Haku continued. She smelled their sweat and blood, and had to take off her mask for fresh air.

"Time flies when you're having fun!" Naruto exclaimed enthusiastically, but he coughed out blood afterwards "Or not..." Haku shook her head. She knew that next time things were going be a lot worse. She couldn't help but to smile though, as she saw Zabuza happy.

The three of them walked back inside the house to see everyone waiting for them. After chowing down grub, and was healed of his wounds, Naruto moved over to his tou and sat down beside him. "We need a plan to stop this war and the enemy. We can't just sit around here sipping tea and wait, Tou-kun."

Kakashi looked at his son, his words were true – but first they all needed to take a rest and wait until the Hokage replied to his message. They couldn't rush these things – they needed time to plan and prepare.

Kakashi looked over to Kurenai who seem to be staring at Naruto even more than normal. "I agree with what Naruto says Kakashi, we need a plan and fast." Her crimson eyes were looking over at Naruto, whom was soon falling asleep on Kakashi's lap.