Title: Retake

Summary: What should have happened in those House/Wilson moments. A bunch of episodes, a bunch of retakes. Completed oneshots, but I will constantly add.

Disclaimer: me no own House

Title: I'm sorry

Summary: House says he's sorry.

Episode: 4x03 - 97 Seconds

The annoying beeping was what woke him up. It was loud and constantly in his ear. He could hear someone moving about the room, sighing and mumbling occasionally, but he just wanted that damn machine off.

House's eyes opened to find himself in a familier white room. The window beside him were half covered in long, vertical blinds, and the outside world was black; over his head, the glaring lights blinded him.

"Your an idiot," Wilson stated bluntly. "You nearly killed yourself."

House let out a sharp breath, "That was the whole idea."

"You wanted to kill yourself?"

"I wanted to nearly kill myself," House paused to take a shaky breath. "Is he better?"

Wilson sighed, House was changing the subject. "No, but he doesn't have cancer. We think it might be eosinophilic pneumonia. Maybe you didn't want to die, but you didn't care if you lived."

"You insisted that I need to see it for myself." Wilson sighed. "Was he discharged?"

"No, he's dying. You've already had two near death experiences!"

"Not that guy, the guy..the guy in the car accident. With the knife," Damn, he was having trouble breathing. "I need..I need to talk to him."

Wilson was confused, "He died almost an hour ago." House looked at him. "Apparently its bad to electrocute yourself within days of suffering massive internal injuries." House didn't say anything so he continued. "Why, what did you need to talk to him? Did you..see something?"

"The eosinophilic pneumonia."

"House? Wat did you see?"

"Nothing," damn the pain was coming back. "Who's idea was that?"

"Brenon? Nothing you don't want to talk about or nothing you don't? "

"Which ones Brendon? Is the the ridiculously old guy?"

"House! You got to talk about this."

House lifted his hand and started at it; it was tingling. Huh. "If it was aggressive enough, it might have gotten passed the string of steroids. Start him on cyclophosolide."

"I already did. Just looking at you hurt." Wilson sighed and picked up House's chart. He couldn't look at him. He pulled off the pen and started jotting down notes. "I'm going to order up some extra pain meds."

"I love you."

Wilson gasped and looked up, "Greg.."

House smiled sleepily, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you."

Wilson sighed and put down his lovers chart, "Just don't do it again." He bent down and placed a kiss on House's forehead.

"Don't go all sappy on me," House grinned, only half serious.

Wilson smiled back, "Love you too."