Title: Moving

Summary: Wilson changes his mind, and House is secretly happy.

Episode: 2x19 House v God

A/n: pause, play, pause, play. does it ever stop!

Dedicated to cindy19912003

"Remember my DVD player?"

House signed himself in and turned to Wilson. He was tempted, oh so tempted, to stick out his tongue and say 'How rude'. But that might make Wilson angrier, "If you wanted it, you shouldn't have left it behind when you moved out."

"I get it. It's a drag watching porn on VHS?"

House went to say something, but changed his mind; 'I'll call you when I'm done with it. If you ever get a phone installed."

Wilson rolled his eyes and followed House as he started limping to the elevator, "Oh, forget it. I'll come by and get it myself. After work? Thursday?"

"Won't be home Thursday."

"No problem. I still have a key to let myself in and out."

"I guess I can bring it in tomorrow. After all, how many times do you pause at the part when Lindsey Lohan wins the spelling bee? What is it about girls that can spell?"

Wilson rolled his eyes, "It's a math contest."

"What is it about girls who can count?"

Wilson paused, "It's poker night, isn't it?" House didn't say anything, but moved closer to the elevator as it dinged. "You told me weeks ago I could play. Stop making exuses!"

House quickly ran to the open elevator and pressed his floor button, "Got to go, Hospital full of sick people. If I hurry, I can avoid them."

The doors closed before Wilson could reply. He shook his head angrily and walked away.

House had, once again, solved his case and saved another life. Wilson had heard, even though he chose to (try to) hide out with his patients and avoid House. He was angry at him, yes, but he was devastated? No, that wasn't the right word, but it worked for now. He couldn't believe House didn't stop him from moving out and lied about the poker game. Then, before he could calm down from that, House had to go scare and harass one of his patients! Then God, if there was one, cured his patient (though it was later found out it was a virus). Today was just one of those days.

The first few things he noticed when he walked into House's office was that House was sitting in front of his white board, absentmindedly twirling his cane. On the white board, it had the words House and God, with tally marks under each name - God three, House three.

"You wanted something? I have a patient."

"Is she dying?"


"Before the end of this consult?"

"They could building monuments to you self-centeredness!"

"Move back in with me."

"Is everything about, wait what?"

House turned his head from the board to look at Wilson, "Move back in with me."


House stood up and limped to him. In a movement that surprised Wilson, House slipped his arms around Wilson's waist and buried his nose in the shorter mans neck, "Move back in with me. I miss you."

Wilson sighed and relaxed against the older man, "You're helping me pack the boxes."

House just smiled.