Ryan Evans could tell by the sound of running water if he was going to be in for a tough day

Ryan Evans could tell by the sound of running water if he was going to be in for a tough day. It was no secret that Sharpay Evans treated her brother like crap, everybody at East High knew it. After putting up with it his whole life, Ryan has learnt to deal with his sisters' nasty comments and domineering ways, what else could he do? It's not like he could just erase her from his life, she was his sister, after all.

Ryan observed things a lot; it was through observing that he learnt about life and about other people. So after living with Sharpay for seventeen years he had created his own way of knowing weather or not his sister was going to be in a foul mood. Sharpay was always in the shower first, except for one time when Ryan wanted to get to school early to finish off his weekend homework. He got up early to get in the shower but as soon as he got out, he realized that was a bad idea. Sharpay was standing in the hall with the most venomous glare he had ever seen.

"What..?" He questioned warily.

"I'm gonna be late Ryan!" she screamed

"No you're not, this is the time you usually get in the shower anyway…" he told her.

"What if there's no hot water!?" Sharpay was being so over dramatic.

"Sharpay, chill. You never seem to care about me when you have your ten year long showers. So calm down. It just a friggen shower, jeez" He walked past her. That little episode led to one of the most annoying weeks in his life.

Since that day Ryan always let his sister in the shower first. If Sharpay was in a good mood, she would sing in the shower, and as annoying as it is when you're in the room next to the bathroom it sure made his day a lot easier if he heard her boppy voice echoing through the walls. If she was in a foul mood, silence. Nothing but the sound of running water, warning him to stay out of the war path.

"A drop in the ocean, A change in the weather

I was wishing that you and me might end up together

It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert

But I'm holding you closer than most

Coz you're my heaven"

Ryan heard his sisters' voice echoing through the walls. Although he knew the song she was singing related to Troy, any singing was better than none. Sharpay sounded so much better when she sang slow songs, but she hardly ever did. She always claimed that slow songs never get as much applause as the up beat ones, that is, unless Troy and Gabriella were singing them. He knew this cut his sister deep, but Ryan just couldn't see what his sister saw in the basketball superstar. What Sharpay felt for Troy wasn't just some high school crush. She was absolutely infatuated with him and everything about him, which just broke her heart even more. And sure, Sharpay was a total bitch to her brother most of the time; it killed him to see his sister so upset.

Ryan got out of bed when he heard Sharpay turn off the water in the shower; he grabbed his things and headed into the direction of the bathroom. Sharpay exited the bathroom with a pink towel wrapped around her hair, and an identical pink towel wrapper around her thin body.

"Morning Sharpay" He smiled as he passed her.

"Good morning brother" She beamed.

Today was going to be a good day.

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