I found myself whistling a happy little tune as I washed the dishes for Sister Alice. The orphanage school here was always bustling with adorable little children. I was the oldest at the age of 16. Sister Tanya was scolding some little boys for throwing spit balls at one another. I turned the water off as I washed the final plate and placed it onto a plastic rack to dry.

The cool wind blew in from the window in front of me, and it rustled my long wavy auburn hair. On my wrist held a brown elastic hair band, you know, the ones that like don't rip out your hair when you take it out after you put it into a ponytail or something. I slipped it off my wrist and pulled my hair into a messy bun before grabbing my backpack off the ground and slung it over my right shoulder.

"Desiree, you know you'll ruin your posture like that." Sister Alice reminded me.

I sighed and slid my left arm through the other loop, left the room, and started walking aimlessly while I let my mind wander. Sometimes, it was difficult living in an orphanage filled with women who became your . . . temporary mothers until you were 18. I mean how are you supposed to get away with things when there are always eyes watching you?I will admit; I'd miss all the Sisters when I would leave the orphanage.

They had taken care of me since I was a young toddler, ever since my mother had abandoned me. I don't believe my mother had left me because she didn't care for me. Though I was young when I was brought to the door of the orphanage, I still remember her silky voice and soothing words she'd always say to me. Almost every night ever I would dream of her. The dream was usually the same, her wavy auburn hair and violet eyes, -something I had inherited from her, - kneeling beside me and speaking. I never remembered what she was saying just the same line, 'Embrace whatever the goddess has in store for you,' then I would wake up.

Since I was a little girl, I was determined to find my mother, and get a real reason to why she would leave me. The Sisters told me that my mother wasn't a teenager who got knocked up. According to the Sisters, she looked at an adequate age to have a child. They remembered nothing too much about her because they were, and may I quote; "entranced by the beauty" of me. I rolled my eyes just thinking about that. There only guess - which they didn't much like talking about – was that having a child was too much for a single parent, I didn't believe it.

I had arrived at the school boundaries. I looked up and noticed aboy, his eyes were covered, emo perhaps? He was wearing all black. His hair was covering his face. The Sisters warned me to stay away from people that I get overly cautious about. I ducked my head and tried to hurry past him, but somehow, he grabbed my arm and held me right there. His hand smacked against my forehead with great force that tackled me to the ground. I could hear the faint crack as my skull hit the cement of the sidewalk. I vaguely hear him saying the words, which gave me shudders; I really hoped I was hallucinating.He then stepped over my lying body and his footsteps faded. Struggling, I found myself on my feet once more, and touched my forehead which was now surging with a burning sensation. My fingers trembled as it touched my forehead, which caused more burning pain. Was I really marked? A possible, but terrifying conclusion. I pulled on the hood of my sweater to cover my burning forehead and rushed into the girls' bathroom near the entrance.

Checking all the stalls to see if they were empty, I pulled off my hood and brushed my hair out of the forehead's way. I gasped. Tears welled in my eyes. The sapphire outline of a crescent moon almost sparkled in the light. No one would like me. I would be an outcast. I would be shunned of the student body. I would have to go to the House of Night, where other unfortunates were marked as well. The door threatened to open. I quickly covered my forehead and pulled on my hood and began coughing. I would have to fake sick, get my things, get a ride and get out of here. That was my only choice. A girl grimaced as she walked past me.

I signed myself out at the office. The secretaries wished me well, and hoped I'd return to school soon. I was almost sorry that I had to smile, fake cough and nod as a response. I would never come back. I would have to enrol myself into the House of Night and become a vampyre. Either that or I would be faced with the fate of death, as my body would reject the change and I would die. I walked home at such a quick pace; I could pass it off as jogging. How could I face the Sisters that had raised me? How could I ever of thought to leave them? They would think I would be a danger to everyone, and kick me out. I found myself uncontrollably sobbing as I pulled open the door to the church where all the orphans rooms were.

"Desiree!" Sister Alice called anxiously as she followed me up to my room.

I emptied my backpack and stuffed everything I had here.

"What happened, dearest child?" She demanded worriedly as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

I shook it off as I zipped up my bag.

"Nothing happened. I'm leaving." I sobbed. Sister Alice knew me too well, and she could see right through me.

In a second, she whipped off my hood and saw the Mark.

"You have been Marked, my dear." She said softly as she touched it.

I winced.

"I have to go." I sobbed.

She nodded.

"We Sisters will understand, you'll be missed." Sister Alice said, as she kissed my hand.

Why wasn't she screaming? Why wasn't she crying? Why wasn't she scared of me?

"Why aren't you scared?" I whispered through my tears.

She smiled at me and pulled my hair behind my shoulder.

"Child, you have nothing to worry. Being marked is a part of this world now, and you are very gifted, the vampyres chose well in picking you. Now you must go to the House of Night and learn the ways of your new life." She said softly.

I nodded as I wiped the tears that remained on my cheeks. I had stopped crying now. My eyes and nose were probably swollen red. She took off the cross that hung on her neck, her rosary.

"Take this with you, and keep faith . . ." She took a deep breathe and sighed. "In whatever you believe in." She said, as she pressed it into my hands.

I couldn't. It was hers. I shook my head.

"No. I can't." I whispered.

"Yes, you may. Keep faith in yourself, dear Desiree. Be blessed." She said as she led me outside.

She dug into her pockets and fished out a set of keys.

"This is my car. Desiree, drive yourself to the House of Night. Do not stop. There are some of us who dislike vampyres." She whispered into my ears as she pulled my hood over my head, just covering my Mark.

I nodded as I took the keys from her.

"Be safe, Desiree. Those of us will miss you greatly. The other Sisters will understand." She called after me as I walked to the Orphanage's parking lot.

I was scared, but ready to take on my new life.