"I don't need anymore success or fame. I came here to teach students to enjoy drama. I could've gone to Hollywood for all I cared, but I returned here as a professor to teach you and others the wonders of drama." He sneered icily.

"Yeah, I'm ready to worship drama and this whole vampyre life!" I snapped as I jumped off the cot. My feet hit the ground gracefully and I swiftly slammed the door behind me. Sometimes, I almost wished I'd reject the change and die.


Friday night was a meeting of a very welcoming club. Skye had given me all the details about the Dark Daughters. It had been a very exclusive club, once ran by a very cruel vampyre, who had then become human and then died. She had died a couple of months ago, this vampyre human, Skye told me about, was named Aphrodite. Aphrodite wasn't at all pleased Neferet had placed Zoey in Dark Daughters, but she followed Neferet's orders reluctantly. Her abuse of power had then revealed her true evil core to Neferet, whom gladly all but kicked her out of the high priestess of the club and placed Zoey leader, who now remains so. Apparently, many rules of the Dark Daughters had changed, and it was now one of the most inviting clubs at this school.

"You have to wear all black." Skye said as we returned to our dorm.

I wasn't exactly sure WHY I had let her persuade me into attending. I really hated clubs, it was worse that this one had some sort of council. I could just imagine all these fledgling's staring at me, judging me. . . I shuttered

"Okay." I sighed.

She threw an apologetic smile my way.

"I know you don't seem totally excited about this. But trust me; this is like nothing you've ever experienced." She assured me with a wide grin.

I smiled back, she was happy-contagious.

"Okay." I replied.

Skye had placed me in a mini skirt, (which frankly, was far too mini for my taste,) and black long sleeved shirt with insanely high heeled boots. I would have never even imagined of placing myself in such an outfit choice.

"Are you sure? This just seems so . . . provocative." I anxiously remarked as I looked at my appearance in the mirror as Skye began to apply mascara to my eyelashes.

"Trust me, you look great! Besides, I'm wearing something similar. You won't believe how provocative," She grinned at me and seemed like she thought my vocabulary was amusing, "some of these girls get. Either way, Professor Night is there and I intend for you to capture his attention." She smugly replied.

I gawked. This was the reason for everything! And then I could hear her desires again . . . 'I wish . . . I wish he would want me, I wish someone would want me.' I shook my head and exhaled.

"Nervousness?" She asked as she placed the tube of mascara on her desk.

I nodded.

"Don't be."

"How can I not? This outfit you put me in is ridiculous!"

"Please – your choice tonight would be too, conservative."

"I'd rather that than provocative."

"Just wear some leggings then." She sighed.

I nodded.

We arrived at the Dark Daughters meeting. Everyone seemed to glance at me curiously, almost trying to decipher who I was. I hid my head to the side and in the end, they all gave up and returned their attention to Zoey, and four other people with her.

"Welcome to the Dark Daughters meeting." Zoey grinned, as she stepped out of the circle formation that the other four stood in.

Professor Night was glancing at me. I narrowed my eyes on him, and Zoey motioned for him to begin. And he began reciting a wonderful poem as music began to flow through the room all the whilst Zoey danced extravagantly around the circle, beginning to light the four candles the four vampyres held. And finally, she made her way to the very centre and lit her own candle. It had a nice tingly feeling. And then there was a moment of silence, as we all watched in awe and amazement. Zoey opened her eyes and smiled. The candles dimmed.

"Before I officially end this meeting, I'd like to mention something. Three months ago, a very good friend of mine had been murdered on this very day," Zoey began solemnly. The environment made my back shiver with the chills. "She was a very gifted vampyre, gifted by our god Nyx. She sacrificed her vampyre life for a good friend, Stevie-Rae, the one whom possesses the Earth affinity here, and was turned human. Although she was human, she still possessed the affinity Nyx had given her. Nyx had believed in her very much. And on this day, three months ago war had erupted within the vampyre world. Do not listen to the rumours you have heard about Aphrodite." I heard some of the Dark Daughters gasp, but as I looked around some seemed uninterested like they had heard this story before. Zoey seemed so kind that I was suddenly overcome with anger towards these fledglings. The least they could do was pay some respect. "Aphrodite sacrificed her life for a valuable member of the Dark Daughters, and she will be remembered, as the kind person she was. Blessed be, Aphrodite." Zoey finished, a tear streaming down her cheek.

"Blessed be." We all murmured solemnly.

"Merry met, it was wonderful to have you all here." Zoey spoke.

Out in the corner, Professor Night had clenched his fists, yet his body language of anger hadn't met his blue eyes. They were impossible depths filled with depression, love, hate, confusion. I couldn't sense what he wanted, or what he desired. Because it seemed he didn't know himself.

"Merry met." We all agreed.

There were tacos at the end. I passed on that. They weren't exactly the greatest of foods on my list. Professor Night had walked over and offered me some water. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" I demanded impatiently.

Out of the corner of my eye (thanks to my peripheral vision) I could see Skye intently watching the two of us.

"I've got you a monologue. You better practice it. Learn it, know it by tomorrow." He said, handing me an envelope.

"You can't be serious." I replied in disbelief.

Learning a monologue, in just one night? IMPOSSIBLE! Unrealistic expectations!

"Oh I am serious. I'll be expecting it to be read to me after class tomorrow." He said, as he turned away from me and swiftly (yet gracefully) left the room, leaving me staring at the path he left behind, in utter disbelief and confusion.

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