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Chapter 1: Bad Luck, Bears and Extremely Beautiful Delusions

Okay, I have to admit it wasn't smart in the first place, being there at that hour of the day. But thinking before acting was never one of my virtues. Still it was so totally unfair for me to die that way. I mean, it wasn't even salmon season! What was that grizzly bear doing there anyway? I was just there fishing – ironic, I know, if only I had been hunting, he'd know I was there and wouldn't come any closer – enjoying the silence and peace of good old nature. I had finally taken a day off at work, first day in centuries with no worries about selling anything – I was actually happy for a change. But I should've known better, right? I was never lucky in life and it wasn't about to start now. So, the bear came.

It was small – for a bear, anyway – and I was a big guy, bigger than it at least. Its eyes stared at me curiously, it was only a cub. My father and I used to hunt a lot before he died a few years before and I knew I was safe as long as I didn't touch the bear nor alarm it.

Too bad the thing decided I was some sort of toy.

I stood still without breathing while the cub sniffed and smelled me – probably looking for the fish I had eaten at lunch earlier that day. He wasn't dangerous at all, I thought relieved, he'd soon give up and go away. Maybe it was my lucky day after all, right?


There she was. The creature I was dreading to see all along. She was huge and looked absolutely fuming. As if that wasn't enough, she was coming right in my direction. The twilight sun made her shaggy fur look reddish instead of plain brown and I thought that there could be no better image to describe an awful death. My awful death – I completed the sentence in my head.

I let go of my fishing tackle, slowly lying on the wet ground around me – my back up, protecting my vital organs – and covered my neck with my hands. Nothing was going to happen, I'd be ok. I'd go back to mom and dad and everyone else and they'd scream at me for taking so long. The bigger bear growled and got closer finally putting its claws on me.

Ok, let's face it; I was doomed from the beginning. That thing was huge and angry and female. Look, it's not like I hate women or anything but I've came to learn – in these insignificant 20 years I lived through and to which I was about to say goodbye for good – that females are the most dangerous of species. And my destroyed corpse would soon be there to prove it.

The bear took two steps behind and I closed my eyes, holding my breath even more (If that was possible), but I wasn't hoping it would go away. I knew what was going to happen and that's the thing about death; you simply know when it's coming for you.

The pain took over me at once – forget all that crap they tell us on TV about adrenaline making your body go numb, it's a dull lie. I can assure you that every inch of my organism was filled by adrenaline that moment and still - it hurt like hell.

The thing torn me up like I was made of paper and I felt useless. I used to be so proud of my muscles, proud of being the tough guy, the one all chicks wanted to date. It would be a tragic story to tell, I'd probably be the subject of all gossips in town for one last time.

Emmett, the troublemaker killed by a bear.

I waited for the flashes of my life to appear in my head but nothing came. I just kept screaming while the cub watched us – like it was proud of its mom. My blood now covered the grass around me and the bear finally seemed to think I was dead. She let go of me and stared at my body for a while, appreciating her good job maybe, I thought with anger. I waited for death to take over me, waited for the shadows to cover my eyes, it shouldn't be long now. The pain was too much, the humiliation was too big, to die in such an awful way, what would my family say?

He was always like this.

A childish troublemaker.

Irresponsible kid.

It's a good thing Grandma McCarty didn't survive to see this.

I wish he had listened to me.

If only he had became a banker, as I told him to.

Good people, my family. I knew they'd miss me – I'd miss them too, if I had known last night was my last night with them I'd totally have hugged them or something. Maybe I'd say thanks or goodbye or that sort of crap you say when you know you're dying and everything. I was crying now, finally accepting my inescapable death. Suddenly, everything went cold and I knew it was over.

Or at least I thought so. A loud howl just next to me brought me back to reality. Oh great! Another bear was exactly what I needed now! Apparently, tearing me up to pieces was their idea of family fun. I thought of many things that could make me die faster, something painless but honestly at that point pain couldn't get any worse. Strangely enough, the bears seemed to be fighting each other instead of deciding on having me as their rag doll. Suddenly everything was silent at once, there were some crying and cracking noises but after that I was left alone to finally die. Everything grew colder and, to my surprise, I was now being lifted by some unknown force, couldn't be more convinced of my death now.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see my grandmother's face – happy to finally meet me in heaven (I was partially grateful for getting killed by a bear, otherwise I was pretty sure heaven wouldn't be exactly my destination). But nothing around me indicated paradise. There were no clouds, no blue sky, no angels, granny wasn't anywhere around. No, I was still alive and the pain was still there, the only difference was this immense cold I felt. And then I saw her face:

"Am I dead?" – I tried to speak but my voice didn't come out audibly enough. The woman in front of me wasn't my mother, but she was sure a sign I was in heaven. Nothing earthbound would ever be able to conceive that girl.

Even in my blurry vision, her eyes were deep against my gaze. They shined in an amber shade I had never seen before – not in eyes, anyway – and her hair was so smooth against my face that it even distracted me from my pain for a while. She was shaking; like she was taken aback by all the blood around us and looked really angry when she said in the velvet voice I knew she'd have:

"You're not dead! Now, listen to me, keep your heart beating!" – Ha! I had just been attacked by a GRIZZLY BEAR for Christ sake, how exactly did she expect me to live through that? I winced as the pain took over me again. She stared at my face, looking completely focused on something else. – "Well…" – she bit her lip. – "I'm really sorry for what I'm about to do to you."

I tried to say something like "It can't get any worse, ma'am." But I knew it wouldn't work. The wind swept the clouds away and I got distracted as the sight of her face bathed in sunlight hit me for the first time, she sparkled like a diamond – maybe she was an angel after all, I thought, my guardian angel, maybe?

That's when I realized the force lifting me was actually her, the beautiful girl that came from nowhere. No, she couldn't be an angel – no angel would be able to lift me - I was huge. Besides there was still pain in my whole body so the only option left me was that she was some kind of gorgeous pin-up alike super heroine I had created in my last moments of life in order to make them easier. An inhuman beauty my mind created out of desperation.

I never thought I could get so creative.

"I'll save you, ok? Just promise you'll do your best." – The delusion told me with sad look on her yellow eyes (that, I noticed, were even more yellow now). – "And please…" – she looked away as if she was embarrassed. – "After all is said and done, try to forgive me, alright?"

And then we started running so fast I could swear we were flying. She was taking me to God.