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Chapter 5: Wait… What!?

As much as I desperately wanted to accept Rosalie's invitation to go hunting with her –and as I assume you can imagine how badly I'd enjoy the idea of having both food and Rosalie's company at the same time, I won't go any further on the subject – I had to refuse. She looked at me with piercing black eyes as if she was trying to read me and for a second I thought she had been offended by my declination. However she just shrugged and with a last caress of her soft gloves against my cheek she made her way to the door.

I then proceeded to run upstairs straight into Edward's room:

"What the hell!?" I said and Edward chuckled at my expression but his smile disappeared once he saw the damage my hands were causing to his bedroom walls:

"Now, now, Emmett, stay calm. I'll explain everything to you and…Oh." His mouth opened on a perfect "o".

"What?" I asked, hoping that he had sorted some sense out of the whole situation from someone else's mind.

"Oh, nothing really. I just had never seen a vampire with twitching eyes before. Funny." He said half giggling. I growled out of frustration:

"This is not the time to mock me, Edward!" I started walking toward one of his armchairs and threw myself at it. "We have a situation here!" Both his eyebrows rose at the same time as he watched me, partially confused.

I knew perfectly fine that my new brother could read my mind. Reading however, had never been the same of understanding – this part I knew better than anyone as my report cards had often shown while I was at school. Edward had never been in love before, he had never felt that desperate craving for someone; this thirst that can only be compared to the newborn desire for blood. I'm not clever or quick-witted; the only reason I could see what was going through Edward's mind that moment was that, if this was just a few days ago, I would be thinking the same things. His eyes widened as he took a closer look at me:

"That was deep." He said with a smile.

"You don't have to look so surprised, you know?" Edward shrugged and sat on the armchair in front of mine. He took a deep breath as to gather up his thoughts. "Son, Edward? A son?" His expression changed almost as if he pitied me, I recognized that look; I had seen it before. "You knew this wouldn't work from the beginning, right?" He nodded. I felt my dead heart sinking inside my chest. Edward placed his hand on my shoulder:

"I know what you're thinking…" he started and I glared at him. "Sorry, it was just a poor choice of words." I stood up and waved him off.

"I don't think you know, Edward." I made a brief pause. "I mean, I know you know but that's not it! It's just… It's not fair." I started pacing from one corner of the room to the other. "All my life I never- never – expected or waited for love. I never asked for a loving wife or anything and now…Now that I died – or not, I don't know – now I have this urge to be around this woman who simply decided I'm her freaking son!" I lost control for a second and the next thing I noticed one of the armchairs had gone flying through the window. "That's NOT fair." I turned around to face Edward again; I was actually puffing – even though I didn't need to breathe anymore – all out of pure anger.

"I should probably leave you alone with your thoughts." He said standing up and walking to the door. "Go ahead and do what you need to do just…" I glared at him. "It's ok to throw the armchairs and stuff, but would you please try not to ruin that little painting on the wall? Esme gave me last Christmas and I'm quite partial about it." He then left me alone without turning back. I threw the other armchair on the door that he had just closed and he said from the hallway:

"When you're done with your tantrum, you can go talk to me about her reasons, ok?" He didn't get any answers from me aside from the sound of broken glass.


"How partial were you about that painting exactly?" I said three hours later to a very aggravated Edward Cullen.

"I can't believe you!" He said as he stared at the remnants of what had once been his bedroom. "What are you? A bear?" I stared at my own feet sheepishly and tried:

"I tried to save most of it, look." I pointed to what was left of the painting. "I glued most of the pieces together and if you bow your head to the side a little like this you can even see some flower's shapes and all." He stared at me in utter disbelief:

"You're something else."


"That was not a compliment." Our argument came to a swift ending. Edward suddenly grabbed me by the arms and forced me into eye contact. I stared at him confused for what felt like an hour:

"Are you going to kiss me or something?" He didn't answer. "Look, brother, I know I might have given you the wrong idea with that entire finding love thing but really…"

"She's coming back home, Emmett." My eyes opened in shock as my heart dropped and my stomach flipped. I'm telling you; for dead organs, mine were quite agitated lately. "She's coming back home early because she misses you, she'll probably want to be with you the whole time for a while." I couldn't hold back a smile. "Emmett, this is serious: do you think you can take it?" I stared at him confused until I got her scent in my nose and felt my insides wanting to come out through my mouth:

"I can always try." Edward moved his head from one side to the other.

"I'm not sure you can. Not without knowing the truth." Truth? What the hell was he talking about? I couldn't focus anymore, just a few meters away; I could already hear her running towards the house: closer, closer, closer. She missed me, Edward had said, was there any chance all this running was about me?

"It is about you, Emmett. It couldn't be more obvious." Every mother misses their son. I completed his sentence in my head and a jolt of anger took me by surprise; I pushed Edward away so I wouldn't hurt him and punched a wall creating a mark the size of a cannonball in it. By my side, Edward shrugged:

"I guess it's a good thing we're moving after all." I looked at him with guilty eyes:

"I'm sorry I keep destroying your room."

"It's ok. It's not like I need a place to sleep or anything, I understand." He started but then sighed heavily. "But I would appreciate if you just calmed down and listened to me, you know? Your incapacity to communicate without smashing something on the process is – indeed – really annoying." I chuckled bitterly:

"Can't blame the vampirism for this one. You should be glad you didn't meet me during my teenage years."

"Emmett, I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe you ever left childhood, let alone became a teenager." We smiled for a second, but her scent was becoming more and more evident as she approached the house. "Would you please listen to me now? Before she gets home, I mean." I inhaled some air, trying to sigh but failed completely and chocked, having to cough a thousand times. Edward chuckled and said in a mockery tone. "Now that's a very convincible act to use in front of humans." I slapped his left ear slightly:

"Shut it. Weren't you the one who needed to have an important and urgent conversation with me? Go on already." We had no armchairs to sit anymore – thanks to me – and even though we didn't need them in the first place, Edward said he idea of me sitting down soothed him; made him almost believe I was calm and controlled. I sat on the open window instead, just to make him happy – I felt like I owed him after what I had done to his room. After I sat, he started pacing impatiently, trying to find the right words to start:

"Hm, Emmett, have you ever heard of a city called Rochester in New York?" That was an easy question; I had once visited New York with my grandfather, right after my father lost his job, we had to visit loads of banks looking for help. Rochester had been memorable mostly because their bank attendants had been particularly rude to us. I hated that bank and that city. Edward smiled: "I guess you and Rosalie have that in common."

"What?" Most people might see Edward and think he's a nice and mature vampire guy and all but honestly, he just loves to create scenes using effect phrases and little riddles. I bet he delights himself over the idea of knowing what no one else knows. He chuckled:

"Guilty as charged." He waved me off. "Anyway, a couple of years ago the city fell victim from a series of violent murders…" I started laughing. Even for my mind reading brother this was a surprise. "I'm sorry," He said "I was under the impression that we were on the middle of a serious conversation here."

"No, no." I said among my laughter. "You don't get it. It's just that, I know this story way too much." Tennessee is not exactly known for its touristy attractions or its nightlife, so you can imagine how life might have been fun for teenagers and young adults there - especially on a stupid city called Gatlinburg. If you don't have a girlfriend with whom you can make out with (we are very well known for being a…how is it that our mayor puts it? "A romantic getaway" that's it) then your only option left is camping during the morning and drinking during the nights. My friends and I did both and we were very into horror stories. A couple of years ago one of my closest friends went to Rochester for a business meeting and heard about the serial killer. Apparently, not only the rich little bastards were killed but also a girl, the fiancée of one of them, had disappeared right before the incident.

Edward looked at me very impressed:

"The whole thing is mythical." I told him. "They say the ghost of the girl – wearing a wedding gown – could be seeing moaning just before the killings. People say it's all because she died before being able to get married, she wanted revenge: if she couldn't be happy no one else could." I said in a creepy tone trying to make the story sound as scary as it had been the first time I heard it on the campfire but I guess trying to scare a vampire was kind of useless. Edward just looked at me with a little ironic smile on the corner of his lips:

"Is that so, Emmett? And do you happen to know the name of this ghost?"

"Well, we call it "The Bloody Bride of Rochester"." I said matter-of-factly. Edward really laughed this time. I raised an eyebrow at him:

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. This was supposed to be a serious talk; it's just that…We never heard that one before." Downstairs, we heard the door opening and Rosalie's steps on the floor.

"Emmett?" Her voice said from downstairs.

"Just a minute, Rosalie." Edward answered to the ground beneath him before I could do anything. "I need to talk to him about something." Downstairs, Rose made a very angry noise,hissing like a cat. I had never heard her do that before. Edward chuckled:

"You better get used to it. That's her mantra." I ignored him:

"Still, Edward, what does this has to do with Rose?" I made my best to keep my voice in a very low whisper so Rosalie wouldn't hear. Edward walked me to the door and answered in a tone even lower than mine:

"I don't think I can tell you the whole story right now, pal. Even later, all I'll be able to tell you are fragments of it, this is something only she would be able to do. But give her the chance to come to you and talk, don't ask; she's not comfortable with it." He paused for a second and I just knew he was checking Rosalie's mind to see if she was listening. "I just thought you should know we have our own pet name for your adorable urban legend in this house." I stared at him, absolutely puzzled.

"We call her Rosalie." He completed.

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