Rose was so off character in Turn Left, I wrote the majority of this very very soon after watching it. I wrote the very last part after seeing Journey's End, and edited the rest to fit.

I call it quitting, because that's what I felt Rose had been doing in her parallel world. Quitting.

Dedicated to: Danielle. I love you like a hobo loves his cardboard box! :)

Disclaimer: The day I own Doctor Who will be a very, very sad day. Are you sad? YES?! Then you really shouldn't be reading angst…what do you DO for happiness?

Rose hadn't been in her parallel universe that long. She had barely had time to breathe, much less set up an entire life. But from the first day of her new life, she quit. No, Rose didn't quit living altogether, but loving her life.

The Doctor had shown her the glory of the universe, and he was gone forever. She took that worse than anyone, and slowly, Rose had stopped being herself. She quit showing any emotion based on happiness. She was a shell of a woman now.

Love, happiness, laughter, excitement, friendship, enjoyment, and bliss.

Rose had quit feeling.

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