Disclaimer: None of the Characters are mine; I just like to toss 'em into spirals of angst for my and your amusements. XD Story is AU + AH.

Warning: This story is rated T for violence. (And very strong language.) I will never get detailed, but it will contain severe scenes of post-abuse towards a teen-aged minor. If that is going to bother you at all, do not read this story. There, I warned you! No flaming me now :)


Carlisle Cullen: 33 years old.

Emmett Cullen: 17 years old.

Edward Cullen: 14 years old.

Esme Brandon: 36 years old.

Alice Brandon: 14 years old.

Isabella Swan: 14 years old.

Rosalie Hale: 17 years old.

Jasper Whitlock: 15 years old.