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Summary: 150 or so years before the main story of Bleach begins, the Espada gain a new member. Ulquiorra, the quiet, emotionless member of the Espada seems to have a reaction the very first time he sees her. He becomes confused, wondering why he feels so strangely. Over time, the new member of the Espada starts to feel something towards Ulquiorra, but how does Ulquiorra feel? Then when the new member makes a major life-altering decision, everyone is affected in one way or another... except for one arrancar who knew everything before it happened...

Pairing: Ulquiorra/OC

WARNING: Like it says in the summary portion, this fan-fic is rated M for lemons in later chapters. For those who don't know what a lemon is, it means that there is going to be sexual content in later chapters. So if you're uncomfortable with sexual content, then don't read this fan-fic, unless you REALLY want to. Either way, it's your decision.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL NOTE: This is going to be a several part story. "Eternity Shadows" is Part 1.

A crash echoed throughout Las Noches. A bloodcurdling roar came shortly after. A large hollow slithered into the castle. A few numeros rushed at it, zanpakuto unsheathed. A massive energy rained upon them, forcing them to the ground, almost crushing them. The hollow looked at them and snatched one from the ground. The arrancar girl shrieked, attempting to escape the hollow's grasp. It was all in vain. The hollow opened its mouth and closed it over the top portion of the arrancar, snapping her in half like a bear trap. The other numeros who were at the scene followed. The hollow didn't even bother to use its clawed hands to grab them. It merely grabbed them in its maw.

Kaname walked into Sosuke's throne room and went on one knee out of respect for his superior. "Aizen-sama… A hollow has infiltrated Las Noches and it's heading in this direction." he reported. Sosuke narrowed his eyes. Kaname lowered his head, as though he could feel Sosuke's glare. Then a sly smile stretched Sosuke's lips. "Let it come…" he said, a thought already forming in his mind. Kaname, although he was blind, knew what Sosuke was planning.

The hollow looked around. The hallways were empty. It spotted the double doors to the throne room. The hollow began to charge a cero blast. However, it soon found a zanpakuto pointed at its throat, barely touching the fur of its snow-white mane. The hollow turned its head to face the threat. "Go no further." Ulquiorra murmured in his usual calm voice. The hollow narrowed its eyes. "I only wish to meet Sosuke Aizen. He has something that I want that only he can give me." the hollow said in a warped feminine voice. "And that would be…?" Ulquiorra inquired. The hollow kept its eyes narrowed and said, "Freedom and power… and a reason…" Ulquiorra thought about the hollow's words and asked, "A reason?" The hollow nodded and made its meaning clear. "I want a reason to live… I assume you wish for a reason as well…?" the hollow asked, its warped voice gentle. "Nothing has meaning… Life is no exception…" Ulquiorra said quietly. "Everything has meaning… You just haven't found yours… Just as I have yet to find my meaning…" the hollow said softly, stroking Ulquiorra's face a bit with the back of one of its large, clawed fingers. "Hmph." he muttered. Silence. "Since you insist, I'll allow you to enter his throne room, but only under my supervision." he said with a slight snarl, sheathing his zanpakuto. The hollow nodded.

The tall double doors opened, as though they expected the two of them to enter. "Aizen-sama… I have the intruder… it wishes to speak with you…" Ulquiorra simply stated. "'It'? I'll have you know that I'm female!" the hollow growled while crossing her unusually long and skinny arms. Sosuke rose from his throne with a glowing blue sphere in his hand. He visually examined the hollow. "A vasto lorde… and you wish to be a part of my army…?" he asked. The hollow nodded. A short silence. "Very well then." Sosuke said, a sly smile on his face.

He held the orb closer to the hollow. The blue glow intensified. The hollow's mask began to crack. The pieces fell away, the gaps left glowed with a blue light. Eventually, the hollow's entire body glowed blue and looked as though it was enveloped in a purple flame. The flame slowly dissipated. Out of the flames, came forth a young woman. Her long hair as white as a freshly fallen snow. Her eyes were a beautiful chocolate brown. Her cat ears and two cat tails were the same color as her hair. The remains of her hollow mask consisted of a skull along with two horns, bent sharply in several places. Her hollow hole was just below her ribs. Her face had two neon blue markings, one under each eye; they looked like elongated upside-down tear drops. She stood.

Ulquiorra stared at her naked form. She looked human enough, except for one feature. Her breasts were bare in the center, the same flesh tone as the other parts of her body, and were as round as the rest of her breasts. He found that strange. Ulquiorra stood there, lost in the sight of the newly made arrancar's body. The girl noticed and shot a death-glare at him. Ulquiorra realized that he was still staring at her and broke his gaze. He lowered his head and turned it to the side. "I'm sorry…" he murmured, somewhat embarrassed. Sosuke looked at her as well, but was examining her power. "Number three… You shall be Espada number three." he finally said, "We shall get you a uniform shortly." the arrancar girl nodded. "And may I ask your name?" Sosuke asked. The girl hesitated briefly. "Tsukihane… Tsukihane Shishihana." she introduced.

Sosuke nodded and walked back to his throne. "Ulquiorra! Get your superior a uniform and show her to her room." he mocked with a smile to match. Ulquiorra flinched slightly at Tsukihane being called his superior, but obeyed and made a motion for her to follow him. She followed.

They walked in silence for a couple of moments.

Tsukihane broke the silence. "Members of the Espada have their rank tattooed somewhere on their body, right?"

"That's correct…"

"Can I see yours?"

Ulquiorra stopped, turned around to face Tsukihane, and opened the left side of his jacket. On the left side of his pale, well-built chest was a tattoo of the number four. When he was sure that Tsukihane had a good look at it, he closed his jacket and continued walking. Tsukihane continued to follow.

They eventually ended up at a huge closet. Ulquiorra opened the door and took out a white jacket, a white hakama, a pair of black socks, a pair of sandals, and a black obi and gave them to Tsukihane. "This is your uniform. You may customize it anyway you desire." Ulquiorra said nonchalantly. Tsukihane bowed in thanks and started to dress herself.

Tsukihane looked at her reflection in the mirror next to the closet. Something just didn't look right to her. She opened a small hole in the air, similar to a garganta and took out three objects: a short white skirt, a skirt made of brown fur with purple areas that made the shape of a rune, and a chain with a leather rope tying together the two ends of the chain. From the center of the leather rope, was another shorter rope of the same material. At the end of the shorter rope was a small skull, with fangs instead of regular teeth and it lacked the lower jaw.

She put on the objects and looked at her reflection once again. She nodded approvingly. "How do I look?" Tsukihane asked cheerfully. Ulquiorra simply nodded and began to walk away. "Where are you going?" Tsukihane inquired curiously. "You need to get your tattoo. I'm leading the way. Whether or not you are going to follow is your choice; not mine." he said, an almost unnoticeable hint of annoyance in his voice and continued to walk. Tsukihane sighed and followed the more experienced arrancar.

She looked at the room and then at the arrancar who was to do her tattoo. The female arrancar patted the chair, signaling for Tsukihane to sit there. She did so. The tattoo artist was about to put the needle to her skin, but was stopped by Tsukihane, who grabbed her hand. "Can I make a request?" she asked. The tattoo artist nodded skeptically. Tsukihane took a piece of paper and a pen that happened to be lying around the table where the tattoo artist kept her tools and drew on the paper a somewhat elaborate-looking number three. The tattoo artist looked at Tsukihane. Tsukihane nodded. The tattoo artist smiled and began to work on the tattoo.

After the artist was done, Tsukihane looked at her right hand, satisfied with the job the artist did. She nodded in approval to the artist, who smiled in response.

"Follow me…" Ulquiorra said. Once again, Tsukihane followed. She was led to a large room. The walls and floor were white, just like the rest of Las Noches and had a large bed; a king size. "This is your room." he informed her. She took a look around it and turned to face Ulquiorra. "If you need me for anything, my room is next to yours." he told her. Tsukihane nodded. "Thank you." she said kindly. "Hmph…" was the only response she got from him as he walked out of her room. Tsukihane jumped backwards onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. A small smile graced her features as she closed her eyes.

Ulquiorra was nearly stomping back to his room and when he got inside, he sat on the edge of his bed. Why does she make me feel like this…? I barely even know her… Yet… she makes me feel… she makes me feel like perhaps there is a reason to live… And her body… he thought. He remembered how perfect her body looked… Her eyes, her face… her chest… Gah! he shouted mentally and pushed aside the somewhat perverted thought. But why…? Why does she make me feel like I'm not alone…? Why do I feel so… so strange…? I don't feel this way about anyone, so why her…? Why someone I don't even know…?


Ulquiorra let out a long sigh and let his back hit his bed's quilt. He let sleep overcome him for the first time in a long while.

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