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Since the day Ulquiorra and Tsukihane remembered the details of their first meeting and the time they spent together they had been avoiding each other as though each thought the other was infected with some terrible contagious viral infection. However, they obviously could not avoid each other for all eternity. Case in point: the next Espada meeting.


Tsukihane plopped down backwards onto her bed and moaned in despair. She was planning on confronting Ulquiorra (sometime before the end of the millennia), she just wasn't planning on doing so only two weeks after her memories of him had reawakened. Dammit… Looks like I'm just going to have to grow a pair… He has to know sooner or later… Tsukihane sighed in defeat. She sat up and ran a hand through her bangs slightly, then heard a knock at her room's door. "Onee-chan, you 'kay? You've been kinda quiet lately. Wanna talk 'bout it?" he asked gently. They may not be related by blood, but he decided he would make an attempt to be delicate about the situation… to an extent.

"Go away, Nnoitra!" Tsukihane whined.

Nnoitra sighed, This might be harder than I thought. "C'mon! You don't wanna talk about it with Nee-san?" he pressed. No response this time.


He then heard the sound of a cero being charged from within the room. "Fuck, Tsukihane! I just wanna fuckin' help! You don't haveta kill me, you crazy bitch!"

The noise dissipated. "Come in." Tsukihane said in monotone. She's avoiding him like he's the Devil, but I think she's starting to pick up on some of Ulquiorra's little habits. he mused and without giving it a second thought, Nnoitra slowly opened the door and peeked into her room cautiously (just in case Tsukihane was still feeling a bit temperamental) before entering her room and closing the door behind him. Nnoitra stared at Tsukihane's state of anguish strangely for a moment. He had never seen her quite as distraught as she was at that moment.

Nnoitra sat on the edge of the bed and opened his mouth to speak, but the young woman he thought of as his sister beat him to it. "I remembered."

Nnoitra made a gesture with his hand to indicate he wanted her to continue. "I remembered everything, Nee-san… How I met Ulquiorra, how we had an alliance… how I fell in love with him… how he fell in love with me…" she explained quietly, "I remembered it all…"

"You sure we're talking 'bout the same Ulquiorra? 'Cause the Ulquiorra I know has about as much emotion as a rock-"

"You don't know him like I do! It's a damn farce, Nnoitra! He does it because he doesn't want to feel the heartache he felt when he first left me!" Tsukihane shouted, tears starting to streak her already blue-streaked cheeks, the salty fluid following the path of her hollow markings.

"Dammit, Onee-chan, I didn't mean ta make you cry." Nnoitra said, a tinge of regret in his voice.

"I know… I got a bit out of control there. I'm sorry." she sniffled and interrupted the path of one tear with a finger. They were silent for a moment.

"Ya know, love's really overrated; more trouble than it's worth" Nnoitra snorted in an attempt to cheer Tsukihane up.

Tsukihane sniffed once. "Is that why you fuck anything that has tits and a cunt?" she asked bluntly but in good humor.

"Hey, I haven't fucked you, have I?" Nnoitra snickered, gently flicking Tsukihane's nose.

"True, I suppose," Nnoitra grinned toothily in mock victory, but Tsukihane continued, "but you've taught me more about sex than I once cared to learn."

Nnoitra scowled for a moment but then grinned again, more widely than before. "Hey, I was just trying to help." he chuckled. Tsukihane laughed along with him.

"Talk to him." Nnoitra said in a no-nonsense tone, "If you put it off, it'll only make things more awkward. Trust me when I tell ya that. 'Sides, it's not like you're tellin' him you're carrying his kid." Hollows, of course, were incapable of bearing children. The only way one could be born was through the process of hollowification. Nnoitra knew this of course, as did every other arrancar and hollow in Hueco Mundo, but he needed something to contrast the current situation to.

"I suppose…" Tsukihane sighed.

Nnoitra put a hand on her shoulder and patted it twice before getting up to leave, but before he left, he said, "You got some real chemistry with him; don't ask me how I know, 'cause I just do. Don't waste the chance you've got, Onee-chan… Oh. And the meeting's in ten minutes. Just wanna give you a heads up." then left her room.

Tsukihane stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, mulling over what Nnoitra had told her. I might as well. What do I have to lose?


Ulquiorra was on his way to the Espada meeting room, looking more emotionally desolate than usual; he looked almost distracted, like he was analyzing something within his mind rather than something in front of him. "Hey. What's biting your ass?" Ulquiorra stopped in the middle of the hallway, closed his eyes, and let out a deep breath before asking, "What do you want, Grimmjow…?"

Grimmjow was leaning against a wall. "It's that Tsukihane girl, isn't it?" he guessed. If he had struck a nerve, Ulquiorra gave little indication. However, Grimmjow was more perceptive than most others gave him credit for; he noticed the slightest twitch visible in Ulquiorra's eyebrow.

"Ha ha! I knew it! You fell hard for her, didn't you?!" Grimmjow guffawed.

"I have no clue what you're talking about." Ulquiorra insisted calmly (it was all a lie, of course. Ulquiorra knew exactly what Grimmjow was talking about).

"Don't play shit-stupid with me, Cuarta! Don't think I don't hear you jackin' off in your bathroom when you think everyone else's asleep! Tsukihane hears ya too; haven't you ever noticed how she sometimes glances at your crotch the first time she sees you everyday? Even when she's not near ya, if she sees you, she tends to do that. Weird habit, and it's a quick glance, but I think it means something." Grimmjow snarled, all traces of his teasing mood gone.

"My nocturnal activities are none of your business, Grimmjow." Ulquiorra deadpanned.

"Not my fault you moan her name so damn loud…" the Sexta muttered; Ulquiorra ignored it.

However, he then did something he very rarely did: he asked Grimmjow for advice, "What do you think the glances mean?"

Grimmjow pondered the notion for a moment and answered, "I know she likes you back," Tell me something I don't know... Ulquiorra growled inwardly, "and from the glances, I think she well… I think she just wants you. Even if you consider some of her other behaviors—avoiding you, for instance—she still wants you. I think she's just nervous. After all, before she was made into an arrancar, the last time the two of you had seen each other was twenty years ago, am I right?"

Ulquiorra's eyes widened. "How did you-"

"I was eavesdropping during your last conversation with her, when I was still an adjuchas way back when." Grimmjow explained, not even needing Ulquiorra to finish the sentence. Ulquiorra said nothing, but didn't move to leave either.

"At least say something to her. She deserves to know that you still love her." Grimmjow said.

Again, Ulquiorra was silent, but nodded his head to show that he understood and then walked on; Grimmjow decided to take the long way. Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, as much as neither liked to admit it, were close friends. It was a strange friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. The few times—such as this one—that they actually spoke without Grimmjow trying to get a rise out of Ulquiorra, it was as though they were just having one of their normal conversations to an extent. But the communication was more noticeable, hence why they tended to be alone before they started a "discussion".

Things better work out for 'em… It's gonna be a pain in the ass if they don't. Besides, Grimmjow thought as he meandered through the halls of Las Noches, the guy really needs to get laid; jacking off for the rest of eternity's eventually not gonna be enough to relieve himself. Especially 'cause he's in love with someone who loves him back.


The meeting wasn't about anything important in particular. Just Aizen giving them the periodical pep talk about how staying with him would ensure their victory and freedom from the tyranny of the shinigami and a bit about how he was planning to attempt hollowification experiments on some shinigami captains and vice-captains. After that, the Espada all went back to their quarters to do whatever. Well, except for two.

The Tercera and the Cuarta, to be specific.

They had been thinking about what they had been told by their closest friends for the entire meeting. Since their wasn't anything of great importance, they all but zoned out, thinking about how to go about telling each other, well, that they still felt the same way for each other that they did since before they became arrancar.

It was working out quite well on paper, but putting it into practice was going to be much harder than they thought.