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Chapter One: the Prologue

With a flash of pearly light, she was gone. As the mirror shattered and I felt my soul do the same. She was gone, and my heart had left with her. Turning away from the now plain rock I barely noticed the tears fall. I had just lost my best friend. What do should I do now?

"I can't believe she's gone…" My voice sounded hollow as it echoed around the barren room. A movement to my left revealed the Princess nodding in agreement. Her gaze left the mirror and landed on me. Her blue eyes shimmered with unshed tears.

"Come Link we must go, standing here won't bring… Midna back." Her voice broke at Midna's name as tears spilled onto her cheeks. I smiled slightly before moving to Zelda's side and embracing her into a hug. My shirt was damp in seconds as her tears flowed freely. I didn't mind though. Her tears weren't the only ones falling today.

As soon as Zelda got her bearings back she apologized and muttered of going back to the castle, or what was left of it, and repairing as much as she could. I nodded, telling her I would come as soon as I checked up on things at home. Home…so much has now changed. Will they still remember? Zelda nodded before teleporting away. I watched her own light disappear holding back a wave of despair at the recent memories.

I looked around the mirror chamber one last time before beginning my long descent down the tower. Cursed stairs! Even with Ganondorf gone the monsters still lurked. I could hear them, the snarls and whines asking for the blood they were promised , on my way down the stairs. My eyes narrowed as my teeth clenched in anger. That's just my nature though, to cover my pain with rage. It's not safe but it helps. By the time I exited the tower my sword was red and my rage dispersed. The pain was still there, buried deep within the blood of the monsters left behind their thirsting denied.

Using the bottom of my shirt I cleaned the tainted blood from the blade. Pain like this would be better left unchallenged until later. With a slight movement my hand was in the pouch tied at my waist. I grasped my whistle, the link between me and the only being I knew would understand my agony, Epona. Even before the mysterious notes ended their melody, she was there. Her white mane blowing behind her, sand forming a cloud of dust in her wake. Even in the distance I heard her powerful hooves carving their was through the sand. As if feeling my distress she sped up as she neared me.

I nodded slightly out of habit. I knew what she was doing. It was almost instinctive. I crouched down slightly and braced myself, my heart hammering like a Goron drum. With her next breath Epona let her own voice carry across the land, giving me the signal she was ready. I bunched up before springing and reaching for her saddle. With a flex of my arms I was on her back gripping the reins tightly. The wind blew past my ears chasing away my pain, and a smile grew on my face.

I pulled the reins slightly and she reared left, her ears perking up as her pace quickened. Whinnying she quicken her pace leaving me bent in the saddle. I was startled at hearing my own laughter erupt from me. Epona's whinnying joined in, her pace making the ground fly past us. Epona my friend...until the very end.

I know I've been distant for the past what? Couple of years. I just finished a bit ago Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Let me tell you it's sad. Thus why I'm writing this. I know this is short too. It's just the prologue though. Hey just incase your confused this is the updated and beta read chapter.