California Love

California Love

Craig's P.O.V

Chapter One

I walked down stairs to the living room where my parents were sitting and watching the news.

They did the same thing almost everyday, even during the summer. It was pathetic.

"In California a new summer camp for teens has opened. It's a physical fitness camp that insures all visitors to stay healthy. You teenager's will learn healthy habits at Camp Davis."

I watched the TV and rolled my eyes. It was stupid to even think anyone would believe that.

"I'm going to hang out with Clyde," I told them, grabbing my football. I didn't mention Tweek and Token, 'cause Dad didn't like both of them.

Dad thought Tweek was the most annoying person he ever met and even told him. That made Tweek never want to come back to stay at my house because he was scared that Dad would knock him out and drive him somewhere out of town and leave him for dead. I flipped Dad off every time he said anything to me for a week.

As for Token, Dad just didn't really like black people, but everyone in town knew that about him.

"Be back for dinner, Craig," Mom said as I walked to the door.

I flipped her off, but nodded, opening the door and leaving. I was positive she flipped me off too, but it didn't matter. I just wanted to get to the park where the guys were waiting.

South Park summers were better than the winter. I could actually where shirts that shows my muscles off. I wasn't like Arnold Schwarzenegger, more like a Rob Lowe I guess. Well, young Rob Lowe. I looked good anyway and I knew it.

I got on the wrestling team in my freshmen year, beating almost anyone I had a match with. That helped me keep a nice body year round. I let my black hair grow out a little, but not much. When I wore my hat it stuck out a lot more then it used too. I was tall, not as tall as Token, but pretty tall.

I got to the park after fifteen minutes of slow walking. I liked to take my time.

"Finally, you're slow, Craig," I heard Clyde say from a few feet away.

"Shut up," I said, tossing the ball at him and flipping him off.

"What took you so long, man?" Token asked, getting up.

"Just takin my time. That okay?" I asked, pushing my bangs out of my face.

Token rolled his eyes, taking the ball from Clyde.

Token and Clyde made the football team in the tenth grade, making them super jocks.

Token looked a lot different from elementary. He had long dreadlocks that he tied back most of the time. He was one of the tallest guys in school.

Clyde changed a lot as well. He let his hair grow pretty long. It looked like a mop on his head. He was shorter than me with a great tan. I was jealous of his tan, wondering how he kept it in the cold months.

"Is it just the three of us playin'?" I asked as I caught the football.

"You know Spaz can't play," Clyde said, motioning to Tweek.

Tweek sat alone like twenty feet away on a bench. He held a large cup of coffee in his hands. That wasn't gonna last him. I had a feeling we'd be going for more soon.

Tweek hadn't changed much at all. His hair got a bit longer and he got taller. He wasn't into sports, but he really liked DDR at the mall. That was one of the things that kept him thin, but another was that he didn't eat much. He was too thin. He was also pale. White as paper.

"What'd I say bout callin him that?" I asked, flipping him off carelessly.

"You're such a fag for him," Clyde muttered, tossing the ball to Token.

"You're a dick to him. Someone has to stand up for him," I said, catching the ball Token threw. "And I'm not a fag."

Before I could say anything I heard Tweek yell something. I turned around and saw Butters sitting beside him now.

Butter's was openly gay. He had been since the eighth grade. I thought he was brave fore coming out like that. He had long blond hair that stopped at his shoulders. It was pretty like a girl's. He wore a lot of Hello Kitty shirts, by then everyone was used to it. Anyway, from where I was it looked like he was crying.

That wasn't good. He was freaking Tweek out.

"I'm gonna see what's going on over there," I told the other guys. I could feel Clyde roll his eyes. I ignored him and walk over to Butters and Tweek.

Butters jumped a bit when he saw me.

"Craig! My p-parents are gonna ship me away to C-California and forget about me! Then I'll have to live there with a bunch of h-hippies and have the nick name Baby Fr-freak!" Tweek yelled.

"Tweek, calm down, you are not," I said, sitting down between him and Butters. "What's going on?" I asked Butters.

"I was just telling him about how my Parents are making me go to that new Camp Davis for the summer," he answered, playing with the hem of his shirt.

"They're really making you go there?" I asked, feeling Tweek shaking beside me.

"Yeah, they said they talked to most of the parents in town and they're sending their teens too," he said, biting his lip.

"He said they talked to my parents. I don't want to go to California!" Tweek said, grabbing my arm.

"Calm down Tweek. You'll be fine," I said, not looking from Butters. "Who all's going?"

"Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny, Clyde, Token, and you," he answered, looking around.

"Me? My parents wouldn't do that," I said, frowning.

"Well, my mom talked to your mom and she said that they've been thinking about it for two days."

I glared at him like it was his fault. "The only reason I would go to California would be to go to the clubs."

"Craig, you're too young to go to a club…" Butters mumbled.

"Shut it," I demanded, sitting back against the bench. I looked over to Tweek and saw that he was getting every last drop out of his cup. I sighed, standing up. "Come on Tweek. I'll get you some more coffee."

Tweek nodded and stood up, dropping his cup and quickly picked it back up. "You don't have to come with me," he muttered as Clyde and Token gave me a weird look. "I know you came here to play football with T-Token and Clyde."

I looked over to the other guys and flipped them off. "Don't worry about it."

Tweek nodded, following me out of the park and onto the side walk. He was still worrying about it. Tweek knew that they talked about him. He thought they hated him so, he didn't feel safe around them.

I wouldn't if I were him either.

The guys in South Park High liked to mess with Tweek either for a laugh or to show off to the girls. Sometimes they went too far and he just totally shut down.

That's why I was around. I didn't let them do that when I was around. No one wanted to fight with me about Tweek. The only person who did was Stan and he almost lost an eye.

No one was gonna make fun of Tweek in front of me. Maybe it was a good thing I was going to that camp.