This is a post-finale oneshot, dealing with the events that took place at the End of the World party.

This is pushing the T rating ....really far actually it should be an M but my writing isn't very explicit so that is why I didn't bother pushing the rating higher. This chapter however deals with mature subject matter and themes as they are in fact in bed for the entire scene.

Anyways onto the story:

Follow Through

"That was ..."

She bites her lip and buries her face in his chest.


He laughs, his hand is drawing lazy circles on her skin and she bats it away because it is making her crazy and she doesn't yet have the energy for round two. Seconds later his hand is at her skin, and this time he purposely lingers at her hips, drawing his fingers so close and then pulling away.

She lifts her head and glares at him; the beginning of an insult on the tip of her tongue but it melts into a sigh as his fingers graze between her thighs. His laughter is quietly rumbling in his chest because she knows he knows that she hates that she loves this. She pokes him with the wiry strength only she can posses and pouts.

"You are the biggest tease I know Cappie"

His laughter escapes his chest through his mouth. His hand leaves her hips and tangles itself in her hair.

"You know that would only be an insult if I wasn't able to follow through"

He trails off and pulls her up for a lingering kiss. She's pretty sure she's smouldering and is definitely reconsidering her level of exhaustion because oh -my-god the boy can kiss. Just as she begins to melt into the kiss, he pulls away with a wicked grin and whispers in her ear.

" But you and I both know..."

He flips them over so he is above her, his arms braced on either side of her face. It's embarrassing how wide her smile is but she's pretty sure this is a perfect moment. He lowers himself to kiss her again; instinctively her legs wrap around his waist and she is almost shaken at how right this all feels.

His lips touch her ear, his tongue traces the edge, she sighs and the arm she has wrapped around his shoulder clenches in anticipation.

"you and I both know I can..."

He kisses her cheek.


Her closed eyes.


Her nose.


Her chin.


And his lips reach her open mouth again, and she is clutching him to her body and he is clutching right back.

There is something so strangely surreal about this, the fact that they fit together so easily, in such a familiar way and yet she feels this is all new, his body his touch is new and perfect and arousing and comforting all at once.

His hands are all over her ; stroking, cupping, kneading: needing and she can't help but arch into his form, can't help but gasp at his lips on her chest, or loll her head when his fingers slip between her legs, can't help but cry out when his mouth takes over.

But even more satisfying are his reactions; after his initial rejection there is something so gratifying about the way he smiles into her kiss, or the way his muscles jump at her touch, or the way he lets out only the smallest of satisfied gasps when he comes. Oh, she is more than ready for round two.

She pulls his face up from her breast and smiles at him. A silly, giddy, I'm so into you right now it's almost embarrassing sort of smile- and given the confrontation in the closet this night it should be embarrassing, except that he is wearing the same smile, and he is here feeling the same way as her.

She strokes his face, fingers tracing cheeks, nose, and ears and finally her thumbs brush his mouth.

"I'm so glad you came back for me, Cap"

He kisses her palm.

"I'd apologize again for my behaviour in the closet but we work things out so much better this way don't we"

She sticks her tongue out.

"You're such a horn dog"

He grins lazily and cocks an eyebrow

"I know, but you love me for it"

She's serious suddenly, her legs a little tighter round his waist, and her hands a little firmer round his face. She isn't sure those words had been said in their bare all; say all, once and for all fight. He had come over so riled up and unapologetic to scold her for breaking up with Max, only to stop halfway through his rant when she had keeled over in tears, and then there was the comforting, which led to the apologies, which led to remembering why they were mad in the first place. And the things that had been said, the insults hurled, fake, fuck up, stuck up, disappointment, prissy sorority girl, slovenly frat boy ... she shudders at the memory and holds him closer.

But after all the words had been thrown like grenades, they dismantled their weapons and had landed on a heap in the floor, pooling into confessions so sweet, so personal she had felt like a princess in a movie. Then silence had settled, and the awkwardness of what now, which was somehow shattered by his lips on hers, frantic and needing and exhausted all at once, until she was kissing back and they were in her room commencing round one.

She snaps back to the present and he is gazing at her intently.

" I do, you know" She says finally, and continues her confession with a soft smile.

"I really do love you Cap"

He smiles, almost bashfully.

"Me too" He laughs

" You, I mean, I love you"

And then his lips are on hers and the kiss is a little more intense and a little more earth shattering and she is pretty certain that she is about to spontaneously combust were it not for her determination to stay present for all of round two. He pulls away only to adjust himself and then he is fully in; his hips meeting hers as his lips brush hers again, and oh, my god, this is perfect.

Afterward, panting and sweaty, she resumes her position on his chest, and he resumes his duty of stroking her hair.

She giggles suddenly and nips at his chest.

" We are the most ridiculous pair of people..."

She tilts her head to look and him and her heart flutters like an adolescent with a schoolyard crush at the sight of his smile.

" Really Case? Ridiculous?"

She pokes at him jokingly.

"Yes, ridiculous. I mean, I'd like to think that no one can get away with being as stupid as we have except for us"

He kisses her head.

" By stupid I'm going to assume you mean, dancing around each other's feelings for so long that when push comes to shove the only way we can be together and admit any feelings is by means of a near death experience and the end the world?"


"Well then I agree, I think that both of us are incredibly stupid for not seeing we could have saved each other a ton of grief by hopping into bed and working out our issues, and then you know, becoming a couple again "

She laughs and pulls his hand to her mouth for a kiss, she lingers on one of his fingers and he groans.

"Casey I dunno, as much as I'd love round three, I'm pretty sure my little swimmers are going to need a little while to replenish...but I can always be persuaded"

"You are such a guy Cap, I wasn't even thinking about round three"

He chuckles at this and returns the favour by kissing her hand.

"Oh yeah, then what were you thinking of"

She drags herself up so she is leaning over him.

"I was thinking we should break out an old tradition"

He cocks and eyebrow and smirks

"What kind of tradition"

She smiles and pecks him teasingly close to his mouth

"You know, something that starts with P and rhymes with eye"

He is grinning unabashedly at her, his arms coming around to pull her even closer.

" Coconut custard?"

Her lips cover his for a tantalisingly slow kiss and she pulls away just as he begins to deepen it.


She moves in for another kiss but he frowns and places his and over her mouth.

"What about a new flavour, what about something different to signify this reunion?"

Her lips free themselves of his hand and she mumbles out a final sentence before closing the gap between their mouths.

"Even better"

Then his lips are moving against hers, and his hands are making the exciting journey across her skin, while her hands map his chest and her lips chart his mouth and face. She has an inkling that the reunion pie will probably be put on hold for round three, or even four and five but at this point in time she really couldn't care less.

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