Silver Drake


"What do you want, Silver Drake?"

"I? A wizard… In exchange, a truce. I will not turn against you so long as there is a human wizard under my command. And I will not kill him. During such a time, should you find true need, you may call on my aid. In times of lesser duress, you may call on the aid of my wizard through me. Fair?"

"You know my True Name," Ancient Mai said grudgingly. "With it, you could demand anything, even turn me against the High Council. You ask only for a single wizard."

"It is fair," another councilmember agreed, taking into account that this was a Silver Drake. Young though this one was, the sexless dragon was extremely powerful, as well as rare beyond measure. Only one existed at any time, and when one died—and they lived far longer than most dragons, which were so long-lived that they were often mistaken for Immortal—another came into existance.

"So long as you may not choose one of a Council," another amended.

"This means that you may not command my wizard," the Silver Drake warned, "nor punish him. He and his belongings and actions will be mine to deal with as I see fit, short of slaying. Should you punish him without permission, I will take it as an act of war. Should he have Mundane friends, my protection extends also to them—from the Council. They will be… 'my problem', as the humans of today are wont to say."


"Choose," Ancient Mai commanded.

The Silver Drake shrank, reforming into an equally silver Akita, the darker markings from its wings settling into darker stripes on the dog's back. "Dresden," fangs bared in a canine grin, "I want the one called Harry Dresden."


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