Chapter One: Dazzle

"Remember, if you use your magic, you lose automatically." Alzeid reminded the younger girl with blue eyes.

"Same goes for you," She agreed, tensing her muscles as she readied herself for the first move. Alzeid smirked a little as he watched her. Rahzel noticed this and raised an eyebrow at him.

Finally, Rahzel lunged forward with one leg extended, in attempt to strike at Alzeid's ribs. Alzeid easily grabbed her by the ankle, but Rahzel refused to give up so early in the game. She flung her fist toward his cheek, which Alzeid also blocked effortlessly with his forearm.

"Too late…" Alzeid murmured boredly, and decided that it was his turn to take action. He seized Rahzel by her wrists, and dropped his full weight on to her, causing her to wobble and fall to the ground.

Oof!" Rahzel grunted as they both impacted with the floor. Alzeid still had her pinned by the wrists, keeping her small figure underneath him.

"You're not taking this seriously," Alzeid accused as he looked down at Rahzel's frustrated expression. Rahzel tried pushing him off, but her efforts were wasted. Her strength was outweighed compared to Alzeid's.

"I am too! But training with you doesn't really count because no one is stronger than or as strong as you are. Other people I'll be facing are going to be much weaker than you, and easy for me to beat. You're just not normal."

Alzeid moved his face closer to Rahzel's, causing her to blush red. "So you're admitting you can't beat me?" He breathed, looking triumphant as he asked it. Rahzel's eyes flashed with a sudden determination.

"That's," She put all her strength into shoving Alzeid off of her. "NOT what I said!" She finished as Alzeid turned her shoving into an opportunity to stand. He put his hands into his pockets and began walking away, leaving Rahzel baffled.

"Where are you going?" She asked, lifting her body off the ground.

Alzeid glanced back to her. "I'm hungry," He said simply, and paused. "You can come too, stupid chick, if you pay." He grinned as he anticipated her reaction. She trudged up next to him and folded her arms.

"Gentlemen always pay for a lady's meal." She stated as the two walked side by side toward the restaurant. Alzeid glanced around, and then looked back at Rahzel.

"I don't see any ladies. Just one stupid chick."

Rahzel's patience finally snapped. "Don't call me 'stupid chick'! I thought we were past the mean nicknames! Apparently not," She growled.

"Old habits die hard." Alzeid shrugged.

"Whatever, kitty-pon!" She flung open the door of the restaurant and stormed in, with Alzeid only a few steps behind her.

"Oh, Rahzel! Little boy Al!" Baroqueheat waved at them as they entered, motioning for them to sit with him.

"You already ordered?" Alzeid asked while eyeing the spread of food across the table.

"I figured you'd show up; you always do after practice. So I took the liberty of ordering and paying for you both!" Heat explained.

"Wow, it looks good! Thanks!" Rahzel took her seat in between Alzeid and Baroqueheat.

After lunch passed, the three of them left the restaurant in search of a place to stay overnight. They tried checking in to a few hotels, but all of them were booked. There was only one that wasn't, and it was infested with cockroaches. Rahzel had flat out refused to sleep in that hotel, though the two men had no problem with the idea.

"If there's nowhere to stay tonight, we could just sleep in the woods! I'll be sure to press my body against you so you stay warm!" Heat grabbed Rahzel and cuddled her against his chest.

"I'd rather die of hypothermia!" Rahzel punched him in the cheek and caught up with Alzeid.

Baroqueheat rubbed his cheek tenderly and let out a groan.

"Ah, my sweet Rahzel, why must you be so cold to me?" He sighed.

"I found a place." Alzeid announced, and his two partners noticed a short, thin man standing beside Alzeid.

"I hope you find my home comfortable enough," He said weakly, and bowed slightly. He turned and began leading the group to his home.

"How'd you get him to house us for the night?" Rahzel whispered to Alzeid as they continued following.

"I told him I'd kill him if he didn't." His face remained dead serious.

Rahzel's jaw dropped in awe as he said his.

"He, he, leave it up to Alzeid," Baroqueheat laughed quietly to himself.

"That's horrible! You must have scared the poor man half to death!"

Alzeid could tell she was angry, but he didn't show much concern. Her sky blue eyes penetrated through Alzeid's crimson red ones.

"Calm down, Rahzel. We can sleep in the cockroach hotel instead." As Alzeid predicted, her mood changed almost instantaneously.

"Wow, I'm so proud of you and you're scary face! Thank you!" She smiled, all her sympathy for the man gone.

They finally reached the man's small cottage at the edge of town. It was quaint, but it was better than sleeping in insect infested hotels or out in the woods.

"Let me show you to your room." He said as they all entered the home.

"Was "room" plural or singular…?" Rahzel froze as they entered the small room in the middle of the home.

"I'm sorry, this is the only other room we have…does it not suit your tastes?" The man asked, sounding a tad offended.

"No, no, it's perfect!" Rahzel lied. Alzeid rolled his eyes while Heat laughed.

The man smiled and left, leaving them alone.

"We're sharing a bed!?" Rahzel complained once the man was completely gone. Baroqueheat grinned.

"It's like a dream come true!" He said with glee.

"You're sleeping on the floor!" Rahzel retorted with a frown on her face.

"What? Then Alzeid gets to sleep in the bed with you, and I don't?" Heat made a hurt face. "You're so unfair sometimes, Rahzel…"

"Alzeid won't try to feel me up while I'm sleeping!" She argued.

"Don't bring me into this you idiot." Alzeid flopped down onto the bed. Heat's brought his attention to Alzeid now.

"Of course he would, Rahzel! He is, after all, merely a man! Even Alzeid would take the opportunity to feel up a young, unconscious girl in her sleep!"

"No, I'm sure that's just you." Alzeid disagreed.

To be continued.

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