Summary: Simon rethinks his life and of the person he loves most.

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Needless Thinking

A/N: Sorry. I know I should be working on Line Influence. But I love TTGL and I just needed to write a Drabble, no matter how terrible.

Wrote this because I need the Yaoi Romance practice and just flat-out practice with romance. I'm horrible at it. Now, behold my first TTGL one-shot. Go easy.


It was just an average evening, well, in the eyes of a certain blue-haired pilot anyways, who was currently thinking about a certain blonde.

Daydreaming seemed to have become a hobby of his in the last seven years. More so since three years ago, the most recent time Viral appeared even remotely close to Kamina City. Sadly, Simon now feared that the man would be running by sometime soon and be arrested.

It was just a sinking feeling in his stomach that something would happen to the blonde he held in such high esteem despite the fact that the golden-eyed male wasn't even human.

Simon could remember every inch of the beastman's face, his gold eyes being the first thing that had overtaken his spiraling attention. Those beautiful gold-yellow eyes had been the first thing to stop Simon dead in his tracks, confused as to why he was so nervous just from seeing a pair of yellow eyes.

It surprised even himself when he discovered that the interest in Nia was just his mind playing tricks on him and his mind was really focused on someone he couldn't even have.

He whimpered slightly to himself, turning over on his side so he wouldn't have to face the gold-colored moon with a glow so similar to the cat-like man's eyes that Simon was so greatly obsessed with.

It was a concept even he couldn't comprehend.

Why did Viral's eyes intrigue him so?

A/N: Hmm…. That was horrible. Ah, well, it's okay. It was my first Yaoi-hint and my first TTGL, so I had a right to not be able to write it very well. Forgive me?