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Chapter 7: Last Fight and Goodbye

"I came here to finish the job that I started earlier." the demon repeated.

Setsuna was about to take a step forward, but she was stopped by Konoka, "Ojou-sama please let me go."

Konoka shook her head, "No Set-chan…I won't let you out of my sight again."

"Yeah Setsuna-san, you should just stand back. I'm tired of you trying to risk your life." Asuna summoned her giant sword and ran towards to the demon.

"I'm sorry Setsuna-san, but Asuna-san is right. You should just watch over Konoka-san." Negi quickly followed behind Asuna.

Setsuna was about to protest, saying that it should be the other way around, but Konoka held onto her arm, "Set-chan please…don't go…don't fight anymore…"

Fate stood by a tree nearby, not even bothering to help, "Hey Sakurazaki, are you going to fight or not fight?"

"I would've been fighting right now!" Setsuna snapped at him.

"You could've easily broke free from Jou-chan here, and yet you didn't. Why?"

Setsuna hesitated, "I…"

"You know in your heart that it was right. You would've died if you fight now."

"Sh-Shut up!" Setsuna was starting to get annoyed, "What do you know?!"

Fate ignored her and faced Konoka, "Jou-chan, you won't allow Sakurazaki to fight. Why? Is it because you realize that she will die if she fights to protect you one last time?"

"I…" Konoka held onto Setsuna tighter, unable to find her words.

Fate gave a small sad smile, "Alright then." he held out his hand and a soft red light emitted from it, forming a small red ball, "I'll give this to you. If you are in any danger, it'll protect you and should nullify the side effects." he coughed blood and fell to his knees.


"Don't worry 'bout me…just take it and finish your fight…" he laid down on the ground 'Heh…guess they weren't kiddin' when they said that everythin' really comfortable when you're dyin''

"What are yo-" Konoka started but Fate interrupted her, "Don't worry 'bout it."


"Can…Can you do me one last favor…" Fate's breath drew short, "…if you see…if you see Yuki…tell her…. 'Sorry if I wasn't any help' and 'Thanks for what you have done'."

"Fate-kun!" Konoka cried, trying to wake him up.

Setsuna knelt down next to her and closed Fate's eyes, "Ojou-sama…I'm going…"

Konoka cried, "No! You'll die!"

Setsuna gave Konoka a small smile, "Don't worry. No matter what happens, I'll always protect you."

Konoka cried as Setsuna left her side, joining Asuna and Negi in their fight.

"Setsuna-san?!" Asuna and Negi shouted, seeing Setsuna with them.

Setsuna ignored them and readied her sword, "Zanganken!"

The demon cried in pain as it's left arm was cut off.

'Tch. Only one arm? I have to use a strong her attack.' thought Setsuna as she readied her sword once again, "Negi-san! Asuna-san! Take Ojou-sama away from this area! Hurry!"

Asuna and Negi looked at each other. They know that no matter what they did, they can't change Setsuna's min.

Negi ran ahead, "Be careful Setsuna-san."

Asuna walked by Setsuna, "You better come back alive."

Setsuna gave Asuna a weak smiled, "Don't worry…I'll leave Ojou-sama to you."

"I swear Setsuna-san…"

"I know. You'll kill me if I don't come back alive and make Kono-chan cry."

"You better." Asuna left picked up Konoka as Negi picked up Fate and ran away to a safe distance.

'I'm glad that I met all of you…especially you Kono-chan…you gave me my life when I was about to give up now I can repay you…If only we could've spent more time together…I love you Kono-chan.' Setsuna raised her sword, "Shinmei-ryu Kessen Ougi! Shin Raikoken!"

Asuna and Negi looked back at the explosion that Setsuna caused and wished that she were still alive.

Wiggling free of Asuna's grasp, Konoka ran back to where she last saw Setsuna.

"Set-chan!" Konoka called, "Set-chan!"

Asuna chased after Konoka, "Wait a sec Konoka!"

"Asuna-san!" called Negi, not wanting to believe his eyes.

"What's up?" Asuna walked towards Negi and she couldn't believe her eyes either, "Oh my…SETSUNA-SAN!"

Hearing Setsuna's name, Konoka ran towards Asuna and Negi and saw what they say.

Setsuna lying in a pool of her blood and glowing faintly red.

"Set-chan!" Konoka ran to her side and knelt next to her.

"It can't be right?" Asuna looked at Negi, "Negi! You gotta do something!"

"I can't Asuna-san!" Negi tried to hold back his tears, "I can't heal a serious injury like this…"

Asuna watched Konoka in sadness.

"Secchan..." Konoka cried, hoping that somehow her voice could reach Setsuna somehow.

As if her prayers were answered, Setsuna slowly opened her eyes, "Ko-Kono-chan?"

"S-Secchan!" Konoka gave Setsuna a fierce hug, "Don't leave me ever again!"

"I won't..." Setsuna blushed, " you too much to even think that."

Konoka smiled, "I do too!"

"What just happened?" asked Asuna.

"Naka-chan's what happened…" Yuki said sadly.

"Yuki-san…" Setsuna looked at her hands that were still glowing red.

"I can't believe that he actually gave up his life to help you two. You better be grateful."

"Fate-kun did what?" Konoka looked at the motionless Fate.

"Thanks…" Setsuna hugged Konoka, "You gave me back a life that I would've lost…"

"Oh well, now that my job is done…" Yuki picked up Fate.

"Where're you going?"

"Back home…" and with that Yuki disappeared.

"You two sure got some weird luck you know that." said Asuna, patting Setsuna on the back.

"I guess so…"

"But you know what Set-chan?"

"What is it?"

"I feel bad to say this but…I'm glad that Fate-kun gave you his life…that way…" Konoka lightly kissed Setsuna on the lips, "He gave me back a lost love."

Setsuna smirked and Kissed Konoka, "Me too."

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