Soo, my first ever (published) fanfic

Soo, my first ever (published) fanfic! Yayyyyy. The premise should be pretty obvious if you read this chapter, but if not... I'm sorry. It takes place during the Yotsuba arc (that's why there's a chain). It's rated M for future yaoi, so be warned. Although if you clicked this even with the rating, I would think that you're okay with yaoi. Anyway, bear with me here XD.

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Death Note, there would be scenes of Light in rabbit costumes. So it's probably a good thing I don't.

"Light-kun, I don't think this is necessary," L complained as the chain on his wrist dragged him reluctantly after the younger boy in front of him. "We could have simply asked Watari to get these items for us."

"But fresh air is good for you, L!" Light chirped. He hadn't been outside once since being chained to the detective, and he was damned if he let the insomniac ruin this.

"Light-kun, need I remind you that we are in a public area; and besides I prefer you call me Ryuzaki."

"Whatever," Light said dismissively.

L scooted slightly closer to his suspect. "Light-kun, people are staring," he noted.

"Did you consider the fact, Ryuzaki," Light asked icily, "that we are chained together?"

L looked down in surprise at the handcuffs connecting the two boys as if he hadn't known they were there. "Why ever would that cause them to stare, Light-kun?" He asked innocently, thought he knew perfectly well why.

Light dipped his head slightly to hide his blush. Ryuzaki was a little closer to him than was comfortable, and people were staring. "It's… well, it's… kind of… gay," he admitted lamely.

L cocked his head. "Gay, Light-kun?"

Light ground his teeth audibly. "Yes, Ryuzaki, GAY!" He spat, a little louder than he intended to.

L chewed his thumb thoughtfully. "More people are staring now, Light-kun."

Light tugged painfully on the chain, causing L to stumble forward. "Come on," he growled, dragging the bemused insomniac after him."

Passing by, he heard a small, white-haired boy mutter quietly to himself, "abusive relationship."

He glared back at the boy, and as such, he didn't see L running towards a cotton candy vendor across the stree, nor did he see the car speeding towards the man. The cries of "look out!" and "get out of the street!" fell on deaf ears as the impending disaster slowly dawned on Light.

He watched in horror as the automobile advanced in slow motion on his friend. "Ryuu!" he called out too late, as the car crashed into the unsuspecting detective. Light heard the crunch of bone as his arm was yanked by the chain, pulling him to L, who was surrounded by a group of onlookers. Rubbing his surely dislocated shoulder, he rushed to where L lay. The man's eyes were scrunched tight in pain he was trying not to show, but Light knew him well enough to see through his mask.

"Where does it hurt, Ryuzaki?" he asked, ignoring the pain in his arm.

"It does not hurt anywhere, Light-kun," L answered calmly, but Light could hear the stress in his voice. "However, I seem to have broken three ribs, and perhaps an arm. It would be advisable to get me to a hospital immediately."

Indeed, there were several nubs of bone poking out of L's exposed chest. Light's breath hissed in as he saw the extent of the damage to his friend's body.

"Ryuzaki, hang on, it'll be alright," he said as a woman beside them quickly dialed the ambulance. "You'll be okay…" He trailed off as the detective's onyx eyes fluttered shut.


Light paced nervously outside of the operating room. One of L's broken ribs had punctured a lung, and the doctors were unsure if there was internal bleeding. He cursed himself for ever thinking of taking L outside.

Sighing, he looked up as Watari entered the waiting room. The older man clutched several envelopes in his hand, fake identification, Light presumed. "How is he?" the man asked, but his eyes betrayed the truth.

"Bad," Light responded morosely. "The doctors say he'll live, but he could be in bed for months."

Watari shook his head. "And Kira could do anything in those months…"

Just then a young man in a surgeon's outfit stepped out of the room. "Mr. uhh… Yagami, could you step in for a moment?"

Light nodded and followed the man back inside. On the table lay the world's three greatest detectives, looking so small and fragile with his torso bound in gauze, eyes closed for the first time, Light realized, he had ever seen them.

"We don't know yet," the doctor murmured, "but he could be catatonic. If he does wake up, there is no telling if there was any damage to the brain."

Light nodded numbly. Of course, L's brain was undeniably very fragile. "What are the chances of him waking up?" He asked fearfully, not wanting to hear the answer.

"There is an 82.4 percent chance that Mr. Ryuga will wake up. However, the chances of him retaining all of his brain functions are very low."

Light blinked away tears at the familiar percentages. "I—I see. When will I be able to visit him?"

"He won't be out until midmorning, and he should rest for a while after that."

Light nodded again. He seemed to be doing that quite often recently. "I'll wait."


L couldn't think. He was in pain, he was sure of that. Why did he hurt? He had gone outside with Light for more cake, and then… what had happened?

The car. Truck. Whatever. He remembered Light's honey colored eyes staring down at him in fear and confusion. He must not be Kira, then, L reasoned.

He mentally frowned. He would not give up on his suspicions so easily if he were not drugged. Then again, the drugs were good, weren't they? He tested, running through his body to see which parts were hurt. As he had suspected, his fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were broken, but he could also feel a pressure on one side of his chest. A lung? He wondered groggily. This medicine was getting on his nerves. Internally shrugging, he moved on. His right arm was undeniably broken, in at least two places. Damn. Maybe he should have been ambidextrous. His lower half felt okay, except for the right hip. Oh well. It seemed to be just a bruise, and that would heal with time. His spine, however…

If he could have laughed, he would have. No wonder his back hurt so much! They had straightened his spine out of its normal slouch. I guess I'll be lying like this for a while, he reflected.

This process had only taken up a minute, and now that L's senses had cleared slightly, he was bored. At least that meant his head was fine, if he could reason properly.

Almost without noticing, his thoughts returned to Light. The boy had sounded so sincere when he reassured L that it would be all right. He couldn't be faking that, could he? The concern in those endless honey eyes…

He shook himself. No. He is Kira. That was an indisputable fact. Perhaps the boy had forgotten, but L was positive that he would remember. But for now…

Had he genuinely cared? It didn't seem like an act. He remembered hazily the teen carrying him gently to the ambulance, being careful not to jar any of his injuries. It would have been so easy, he realized, to kill me right then.

Unless he thought about it the other way. What if Light had set up the accident, and he was going to die in the hospital? It was plausible.

No, he told himself sternly. He would not think about that. It wasn't Light's fault that he got hit. Light had saved him, really. Yes. The more he thought about it, he was certain. Only 0.7 percent chance that Light-kun is Kira now, he thought wryly. The boy would be relieved if he could have heard that.

Where was Light, anyway? Watari would be here with the medical information, but someone had to break the news to the task force, didn't they? The thought saddened him considerably, but he didn't know why. Poor Light. He was probably tearing himself up over it. It wasn't your fault, L wanted to say, but of course he couldn't open his mouth.

It really was an interesting sensation, floating in the darkness like this. He assumed that the drugs had numbed the pain, because it only came to him distantly, if he focused. It was quite nice, actually.

As soon as the thought left his mind, he felt a needle enter his uninjured arm, and the last thing he remembered was Light's face, lit from behind by the abnormally bright sun, looking down at him.


Light stared down at the sleeping form on the hospital bed beside him. He looked so innocent, so breakable, in sleep. If I were Kira, the perfect time to kill him would be right now, he realized, then gasped at the meaning of his thoughts. Why was he thinking that? He wasn't Kira!

I'm just examining this from all angles, he assured himself. Returning his gaze to the prone detective, he saw the man's brow furrow in worry. Guilt instantly flooded him. It was his fault. He leaned against the uninjured side of the detective's chest, holding back tears. L was going to die, and it was all his fault. God, what had he done?

"Ryuzaki…" Light murmured into the detective's chest. "I'm sorry..."

And only then, in sleep, did the corners of L's mouth lift, ever so slightly, at the words.

It's okay, Light-kun. I forgive you.

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