Naruto: X

Chapter 1

AN: Yo what's good. This is ya boy Chrisdz back again with another fic. Just a little something that been in my head that i just had to write down. Naruto/X-Men crossover inspired by Naruto of the X-men though the simularities will end after the first chapter. Anyway let me know what you think and after a few chapters this may become a real fic.

Start Now:

Two men moved silently down the darkened tunnel like hallway. Of the two one was dressed in black slacks and a green dress jacket. He was bald and sat within a wheelchair which seemed to move of its own will. The other was dressed in a suit of red body armor and wore a pair of black gloves and knee high boots. On his head appeared to be a helmet of some kind and a purple cape trailed behind him.

"Are you sure this is the place, Charles?" asked the red dressed man to the paraplegic.

"Of course I am Erik. This is definitely the place, Cerebro is never wrong."

Erik couldn't help but agree with that statement. Having helped build Cerebro he knew exactly how it worked. If it gave Charles a location than it as 100 percent accurate. As they moved the man was surprised to find that not five minutes later the tunnel suddenly changed from rocky to completely metal. This made the man more than just a little happy.

"We've arrived." Said Charles suddenly.

As he said this the two stopped in front of a solid steel door. On the center of the door in big bold lettering were the characters 'A-O'. Holding his hand out towards the door Erik clenched it about halfway. As he did the door suddenly bent outwardly as it seemed to float in mid air before it flew to the side slamming into the wall with a crash. Charles could only sigh at the antics of his long time friend before both entered the room.

The sight that greeted them upon entry however was the last either of them wanted to see. In the center of the room was a glass tube within which was a small boy. The boy looked to be no older than four years old. He was submerged in liquid, naked as the day he was born, his only covering being the breathing mask adorning his face. Several tubes were connected to the boy entering into several places along his body.

"My god what have they done to him?" asked Charles in shock.

Erik however could only look on in both disgust and rage. Disgust that someone could actually do such a thing to a four year old boy. Rage that someone would actually do such a thing to a four year old boy. Charles meanwhile had moved over to a computer terminal his fingers flying over the keyboard in his quest to discover who did this. Suddenly a transparent figure emerged in the center of the room.

The figure was a giant standing at least seven foot tall and was very muscular. His skin was grey and eyes were red. He wore a pair of deep blue shorts along with a muscle shirt of the same color with a pair of gloves and boots.

"If you are seeing this then you have finally awakened. To start things off I am from the future. More specifically I am you and have taken on the name of Apocalypse. In this chamber I have created the next evolution, a mutant surpassing the Omega level. Subject name Namikaze Naruto, most likely the greatest mutant of his time.

I first encountered him when he was at the age of 24. By this time he was already a force to be reckoned with and a greater threat than both Charles Xavier's 'X-Men' and Magneto's 'Brotherhood of Mutants.'

As these words wore spoken both Charles and Erik had wide eyes hearing their names mentioned by this obvious mutant.

"Namikaze was a ninja and leader of his village, known as the Rokudaime Hokage. He was also the sole survivor of his continent after its destruction. The range of abilities at his disposal were truly amazing one of which allowed him to call talking toads to aid him in battle."

As he said this an image of an older Naruto appeared. He stood at exactly six feet in height. He wore a pair of black pants that were taped down at the ends with white bandages. Along with this he wore a long sleeved black shirt under a zipped up green vest. Over that he wore a sleeveless haori that was a dark orange color and had black flames designed on it. Finally on his forehead was a metal plate the center of which held a design etched into it. The design was of a spiral with a small arrow attached to it. The plate was held in place by a long strip of black cloth.

Suddenly another image appeared of him standing upon a large toad with dark red skin. The toad appeared to be at least one hundred feet in height and oddly enough wore what looked to be a blue robe and an eye patch. A dagger was sheathed at the toad's side and a pipe was in its mouth.

"Regeneration, super strength, superhuman reflexes, superhuman senses, and night vision were just a few of the abilities he possessed. He also had a slight ability to manipulate wind. Yet none of these were effects of his mutation. His abilities all seemed to stem from an energy source known as chakra. Upon researching this I have discovered chakra is the key to controlling a mutant's power.

When I first fell through the time hole I had the idea to turn my greatest enemy to my most powerful weapon. It was then I was able to discover a startling truth. Of the eight tailed beast I controlled and used in my quest to conquer this world there existed a ninth.

The ninth beast took on the form of a fox with nine tails. The humans of this world refer to it as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, which apparently was the strongest of the nine. He was also known as the Lord of Hell and the King of the Bijuu.

ON the day of his birth Namikaze's father sealed the beast into the boy dying in the process. His mother was assassinated on the same night, see his background for details. I watched the boy for four years as he lived amongst the people of his village. The humans within his village wanted nothing to o with him save one man. The boy formed a bond with this man, known as the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hizuren.

Because he was the leader of the village he had the boy under constant guard. In this time however the boy took to thievery quiet well as no one would provide for him. Two months after his fourth birthday I made my move, his guards having left him to attend a festival with the village. The boy would also make his first kill this night killing a ninja from a rival village. The man had been in the process of a kidnapping of a young girl when he came across the boy who eventually killed him with his own weapon.

It was honestly quiet the sight to see the boy shake in fear of me when as an adult he feared nothing. Unfortunately the fox within him must have sensed my intentions. What resulted was the death of the fox as he threw himself fully into the seal in an effort to either escape or attack. Whatever the case the seal fully absorbed it causing several affects. The most noticeable was the permanent slitting of his eyes. This also increased the boy's regeneration ability as well as his senses, and reflexes. It is my belief this is what gave the adult Naruto many of his abilities. As it stands only the X-Men's Wolverine is a match to the boy's senses, agility, and regeneration among the mutants of today.

Though I can't claim my ninth beast I still have the boy which was my main goal anyway. Thanks to the DNA I managed to get from both Xavier and Jean Grey I have been able to give the boy several psychic abilities. The DNA of several other X-men was also successfully added to the boy giving him their powers. Oddly enough either the boy's own mutation or the remainder of the Kyuubi's energy within him was able to adapt some of these abilities to fit him.

It seems he was also able to draw out the Phoenix Force from Jean Grey's genetics. This also resulted in the red streaks that have appeared in his hair. I am unsure at the moment but I believe the addition of Storm's DNA may have increased his control over wind.

Of the Brotherhood members I added the DNA of the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver both Magneto's children. Unfortunately neither of their powers have manifested within the boy. Mystique's was a no as the boy can already shape shift, a gift most likely given by the fox no doubt as it was rumored to be one of the fox's abilities. Toad was also out as quiet frankly I find his abilities useless. The abilities of Brotherhood leader Avalanche however have also yet to manifest.

The addition of Gambit's DNA however merely resulted in another change to his eyes. The iris remains blue and pupil slitted though the iris has become smaller in size. The sclera however has changed to black instead of white. I expected as much so this was not a let down.

I have since begun the process of bonding the adamantium ore to the boy. Like Wolverine his regeneration ability will allow him to survive the process. Upon completion of his mental conditioning subject should be completely devoted to both me and the cause." With that the figure vanished.

After regaining his composure Charles once again began flying over the keyboard. Soon the tube began draining of liquid allowing the comatose Naruto to slowly fall to the ground. Erik simply watched the monitor of the terminal as it seemed to fly through the information. In less than two minutes a disc was placed within his hands that he knew held all the information on him and his so called students. Barely three minutes later another disc popped out which Charles quickly pocketed.

Erik could only smirk as he watched the information on the hard drive be quickly erased. Having known Charles for as long as he had the man already knew what he was planning. He would follow his lead and gather his forces and when this bastard made his appearance they would all be ready for him.

"Charles you take the boy. Most of his abilities come from your group and with all he's been through he is most likely mentally unstable. Should he ever develop the abilities of one of mine we will train him." Stated Erik getting a nod from his friend.

Removing his cape he wrapped it around the boy before picking him up. Nodding to his friend he allowed him to leave the room before he too left destroying the computer as he did.

Elsewhere Sarutobi Hizuren frowned as he looked upon the faces of his two loyal students, Jiraiya and Tsunade. He had called for them for the first time in years and had just told them of the disappearance of their godson. The look he received from them would've been enough to kill anyone else.

This was mostly because he had lied and told them originally the boy had died the night he was born. Suddenly the doors opened and two people entered the room getting raised eyebrows from the group of three.

"I am sorry to interrupt your meeting Hokage-sama but there is much we must discuss. My name is Charles Xavier; this is my associate Erik Lehnsherr." Said Charles in a perfect Japanese dialect.

"I believe I would be correct in assuming these two are your students Jiraiya and Tsunade." Stated Charles getting a nod from the man who was contemplating calling his ANBU.

"I would refrain from calling anyone here. In anyone else's eyes we wont even be here." Stated Xavier shocking the man.

"Tell me does the name Namikaze Naruto mean anything to you?" questioned Charles already knowing the answer.

"How do you know that name?" questioned Sarutobi with narrowed eyes.

"We know many things." Spoke Erik catching the group's attention.

"We know his parents were Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. We know his father died sealing the Kyuubi into him and his mother was assassinated by members of your council the same night. We know his godparents are sitting within this room. We also know he was kidnapped six months ago after he killed a cloud shinobi who attempted to kidnap a young girl. Need I go on." finished Erik getting wide eyes from the group.

"I assure you we did not kidnap the boy. We rescued him." Stated Charles surprising the three shinobi as he seemed to know what they were thinking.

"The person who kidnapped Naruto had been watching him his entire life. He is a mutant that goes by the name Apocalypse." Said Charles.

"What's a mutant?" asked Tsunade breaking into the conversation.

"A mutant is someone who possesses an extra gene that we call the X-gene. Because of this these people develop abilities that normal humans don't possess. Around here I believe you call them Bloodline Limits." Said Charles getting a nod from all three as each of them knew of the extra gene in bloodline holders.

"Now on your continent these abilities are passed throughout the family. On ours however it appears randomly as does the ability. We aren't sure but its possible our mutations could eventually settle and become bloodlines as well.

Now the mutant who took Naruto apparently had a God complex. He is he oldest mutant and is several thousand years old. As such he believes he should rule this world and recruited Naruto to be his ultimate weapon. To do this he performed several experiments on him hoping to give him the abilities of various mutants he knew of. I was one of them and because of this was able to hear his calls for help when he received my psychic ability.

Normally doing this would not be possible to such a degree. Naruto was a special case though having once held the Kyuubi and was able to adapt to the multiple genetic additions. Unfortunately like all mutants Naruto is starting off with no control of his new powers. He already carried the extra gene and has a power all his own that has yet to awaken as well.

On top of this the experiments as well as his own experience with this village has made him mentally unstable." Finished Xavier.

"In short we have a four year old boy with enough power to destroy the world and no control in which to use it correctly." Said Erik causing Jiraiya's eyes to widen.

"The child of destiny." Said Jiraiya quietly yet managing to catch everyone's attention. Seeing this he explained.

"When I first stumbled upon Mt. Myobokuzan and received the Toad contract I was told a prophecy by the Great Toad Sage. It was stated that a child would come along, one of my students. I was told that the child would decide the fate of the world. It would be through him the world would either be destroyed or saved.

At first I didn't put much stock into it, but then everything else began to come true. I became one of the most feared shinobi alive, took on two students with unrivaled potential. Finally I became the author of the greatest selling book on the entire continent."

As this was stated Charles and Erik shared a look between them something that did not go unnoticed by the three shinobi.

"I don't know much about that but it will be looked into. However what we do know is that Apocalypse intends to start a war in the near future. It is also a guarantee Naruto will play a pivotal role in this. Erik and I will be preparing for this and I suggest you do the same." Said Charles his words getting narrowed eyes from the shinobi.

"Regardless Naruto will need to master his new abilities. I can help him with this since most of his powers came from my group. Those that aren't are from Erik's so we will be training him to control them." stated Charles getting a sigh from Sarutobi.

"Very well. However I will be sending several scrolls along as well." Stated Sarutobi getting a nod from Charles.

"As I promised Minato I will begin training the boy when he turns twelve. If I have to come to you to do so then so be it." said Jiraiya his voice holding no tone for argument.

"That can be arranged." Said Charles getting a nod from Jiraiya just in time for the Sandaime's return.

"This bag contains everything necessary for Naruto's training. This also includes a scroll left by his father." Stated Sarutobi handing the bag to Charles.

Seeing this Tsunade sighed and after running through a few seals summoned a large scroll. Unrolling the scroll several more appeared in a puff of smoke.

"These scrolls contain a basic to advanced course on the medical arts. Since I already know you're going to go through them I'm giving you this to learn from. Regular doctors are nothing when compared to a medic-nin." Explained the busty blonde as she packed the scrolls into the bag.

"I will also be going to check up on my godson when you come for Jiraiya. If something should happen to him however…"

The side wall of the office suddenly shattered as Tsunade punched it. Both men went wide eyed quickly understanding that would be them should something happen to the woman's godson. They also knew where the boy's super strength would come from. Still Charles couldn't help but feel that this would change the course of things to come.