Naruto: X

Chapter 11

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A furious Tsunade could be seen pacing the length of her office her hands clenched into fist. It hadn't taken her long to respond and rush to the scene of the commotion at the Namikaze estates with a squad of ANBU trailing her. Even though the sound of the explosion hadn't reached her, the sound from the guns had. In the silence of the village the sounds had quickly reached the ears of the village and Tsunade had rushed towards it being one of the few who recognized the sound for what it was.

By the time they had arrived the guns had stopped firing, Laura and Alex had been found unconscious with Alex badly burned and sporting a concussion most likely from the gates exploding. There had been a single body garbed in ANBU attire near them though the person beneath the mask hadn't been someone from her forces. Finally to top it all off Naruto had been nowhere to be found. She had the Inuzuka, Aburame, and Hyuga clan's best trackers searching the countryside searching for him at the moment bar Tsume, Shibi, and Hiashi and she had a mind to send them out with them.

As it was she was merely waiting for Laura to regain consciousness, with her jinchuuriki like regeneration she would definitely be the first to emerge from the forced slumber. Still it had already been over five hours and she'd already worked through the remainder of her paperwork waiting for the girl to wake up. Before she could contemplate anymore on the subject however a sound wave washed over the entirety of the village. Standing to her feet she tried to smile as she saw the jet that landed on top of the Hokage Monument. However seeing the ANBU and a large number of shinobi rushing to the site she jumped out the window to reach it herself before a confrontation could occur.

Despite his rather small stature James Logan was an intimidating man and not one someone wanted to be on the bad side of. With his berserker fighting style the man was truly dangerous and could give most jounin a very hard time. As such Tsunade was immensely pleased that she managed to arrive in time to stop the utter decimation of her ANBU and the number of other shinobi from chuunin to jounin that had arrived on the scene.

However despite that the person she was wary of most right now was Jean as the girl was absolutely furious and she had arrived in time to find the red head picking up several of her ANBU with her telekinesis.

"You can put them down Jean." Said Tsunade as she arrived with Yugito landing just after her.

"Tsunade-sensei." Greeted the girl as she set the ANBU members down, while several of the other shinobi stood down at the way the girl addressed her.

"Alex and Laura are resting in the hospital right now under watch by Shizune. Laura is fine just unconscious, Alex suffered a concussion and some burns, he's been healed he's also unconscious at the moment." Said Tsunade mentally sighing upon seeing Logan and Scott visibly relax if only slightly.

"What of Naruto, any leads?" questioned Jean.

"Not yet. I have some of my best trackers searching for signs right now." Said Tsunade.

"Not good enough." Said Logan bringing everyone's attention to himself ones more.

"You kids go with Tsunade, check up on Alex and Laura. Yugito and I are going to help with the search." Said Logan getting nods from the group.

With that said he and Yugito leapt away the two of them mere blurs to many on the mountaintop. Tsunade sighed but she could understand the man's impatience as Naruto was like a son to him. She was thankful she had taken Yugito with her when she went back to the states for Naruto's birthday parties every year as she knew Logan and Yugito worked quite well together.

"Alright everyone let's go, and I don't want any of this discussed period. I don't care who asks if anyone has a problem with that direct them to my office." Said Tsunade.

With that said the woman also leapt away with the group of X-Men following her quickly. It didn't take them long to reach the hospital though they drew quite a few looks from those they passed which they easily ignored. When the reached the room shared by Laura and Alex none were surprised to see the girl already awake.

"It's about time you guys got here." Said Laura as the group entered.

"We got here as quick as we could." Said Scott as he made his way to his brother's side.

"What can you tell us?" questioned Jean.

"Nothing. We didn't even detect them, but we were kind of tired we had just run from one country to here after a mission so we were all pretty much beat anyway." Said Laura.

Elsewhere three figures stood within a small darkened room, the single light within shining on the unconscious Naruto who was currently secured to a steel table. They had just finished securing the blonde and were looking over their work making sure he was completely secure. Finally the two were satisfied and moved away from the blonde each of them visibly relaxing if only slightly.

"Good work. We'll let's get the prep done so we can get to work." Said the middle figure his tone of voice indicating them as male.

With that the three left the room, never noticing the moving fingers on the boy's hands.

When James Logan entered his daughters hospital room followed by Yugito an immediate hush came over the room. All eyes focused on the man who had even gone head to head with the Hulk and walked away. For a few moments the man was silent as he simply looked over his daughter before giving her a nod finding she was fine just being kept for observation most likely. A moment later he stepped to the side just in time for Shizune to enter the room rather surprised by the presence of the two. Finally deeming it a good time to speak the man broke the silence.

"We picked up the trail leading out the village. Mount up."

With that the man stalked out of the room at the same time reaching his hands behind his head and pulling his orange and black mask on which went well with the orange and black armor. Seeing this Scott also stood up and secured his visor to his eyes before he followed the man. One by one the room emptied as the X-men filed out of the room leaving only Shizune, Alex, and Laura in the room. As the group reached the door to the hospital exit they were surprised as they were met by Tsunade trailed by three others.

"Good I caught you. These are Mitarashi Anko, Yuhi Kurenei, and Sarutobi Asuma. Anko is the sensei for their team, Asuma his Sarutobi-sensei's son, and Kurenei is are resident genjutsu mistress, all three are jounin and will be accompanying you." Explained Tsunade getting narrowed eyes from Wolverine.

"I know you guys are capable but you don't know the landscape. Also while I know and trust you the same can't be said for the council. While my position has regained much of the power they once stripped they are still a body that needs to be acknowledged. If it helps most of those seat holders were friends of Naruto's parents." Said Tsunade.

"Fine, but you'd better keep up. We don't have a lot of time." Said Wolverine as he jumped off easily bounding across the rooftops with the group of teens following.

"Hurry up or they'll leave you; that's Naruto's family they won't wait for anyone beside myself or Jiraiya in this instance."

The three jounin leapt off without another word being said easily catching up to the group who were actually moving at high chuunin speeds. After not much time they had reached the jet and boarded the jounin only slightly hesitant before doing so.

"Alright here's the deal. There were several scents surrounding the place. However two of them stood out and were accompanied by Naruto's which only appeared once outside the village. Me and Chuck were worried about something like this occurring though so we added a tracking chip to your com units." Explained the man surprising the teen though the jounin merely raised eyebrows.

"So if we had a tracker why the physical search." Said Spyke.

"Because originally we thought it would be those three elders trying to make a move. Even if it wasn't we needed to put on a show of searching to avoid certain situations. Say we had just gone to get him without searching physically what's stop these council members from pointing the blame at us. We'd have to then explain how we knew, and then they would demand those resources from us. In short it would start a whole lot of shit, with Naruto, Laura and Alex stuck in the center. That good enough Porcupine."

"So where are heading?" questioned Cyclops.

"According to the map Jiraiya and Forge made, we're heading to Uzu no Kuni. As you all know Naruto's mother Kushina was once one of the heiress's of the country before its fall. No one goes there anymore so these guys are probably using it as a base." Said Wolverine.

"Or their after something greater." Said Kurenei surprising everyone.

"When Uzushio was destroyed there wasn't much time to evacuate everything. Majority of the treasures were sealed away using the blood of the royal family. This included jewels, jutsu scrolls, and history scrolls, everything that couldn't be risked in the outside world. It's possible that their trying to use him to break the seals and claim what was sealed away." Explained Kurenei with a frown.

"How do you know that?" questioned Asuma.

"My clan was tasked with the protection of the Royal family and its secrets, an occupation we took quite seriously. As you can imagine I was quite displeased to learn that Naruto-sama was alive when I was informed he died with Kushina-sama that night." Informed Kurenei.

"So their after his inheritance, is there a chance Kushina was known as the Uzumaki heiress?" questioned Scott.

"No. Kushina-sama was the last of five children. She had practically no chance of claiming the thrown as she was the only girl. When she was moved here to stay with Mito-sama the only ones who were informed of her position were the Sandaime and his wife." Explained Kurenei

"While that's all well and good, their reasoning doesn't matter. All that matters is reaching Naruto before something bad happens, he's called Carnage for a reason." Said Logan ending the conversation.

Naruto had been conscious for thirty minutes, long enough for him to reach out and read the minds of anyone within a certain radius. As such he knew exactly what was going on, who blew up his gates and kidnapped him and the reason behind it; needless to say he was well beyond pissed. Over the years the professor had spent much time with the blond working to curb his rage along with helping him to master his powers.

After he snapped on that class when he first visited Konoha those few years ago the professor had insisted upon furthering the work in controlling his rage. That work had paid off greatly and it had shown when he first started high school, but that is a story for another time. Regardless at that moment, upon learning all that he now knew all of that work went out the window.

Blue eyes blazed fiery red as he turned his sights onto his restraints which was steel wire wrapped around his limbs and that of the tables. In an instant a short concentrated red beam was fired from his eyes to both his hands causing both the wires to be cut and small holes to be burned into the table as the red faded from his eyes. Sitting up he stretched down and with a single motion snapped the wire that had bound his feet before standing.

Moving over to the door of his holding center he didn't even give it a thought before he kicked the door sending it flying. Moving out of the room he was quickly met with resistance in the form of two masked guards. As they moved to swing at him the blond lashed out his metal coated claws shooting outwards and impaling each in the chest before Naruto pulled them free allowing the masked men to drop.

Looking down at the bodies Naruto took only a moment to swipe his blades free of blood before retracting them. Running to the right the blond came across another in no time at all growling he ducked low to the ground before pouncing his blades reemerging and stabbing into the unaware man's back as both crashed to the ground with Naruto crouched on his victims back.

'Three down, three to go.' Thought the blond darkly as he stood to his feet.

Turning away from the body the blond looked up at the door he was in front of before moving to it and easily opening it. Inside it was shown to be nothing special just a simple storage closet. However it had more than enough for Naruto as it contained all of his gear, as they'd left him in only his pants and shirt. His vest was a simple tactical vest with two buckles to secure it along with the zipper that only really protected his front along with his spine and his upper back. After securing it and throwing on his jacket he secured Daywalker to his back.

It didn't take him long to track down the final three. Uzushio wasn't that big of a place especially when compared to Konoha. However they were in the Uzumaki Compound, apparently the Uzumaki clan had been famous for their work in the sealing arts but no one really knew exactly what all they held and it was all sealed away when the country was attacked during the third war. He could actually see the other three from where he was perched on the roof.

From what he could tell all of the clans possessions had been sealed away before the attack just in case. This however didn't bother Naruto in the slightest; instead what bothered him was the trio currently in the process of drawing up a seal. Grinning evilly Naruto held his right hand up above him and began concentrating his chakra into it.

By the time the group of X-men arrived with the leaf jounin all but Wolverine was looking upon the scene with wide eyes. Naruto was lying back on the side of a large crater. Looking around they could see the bodies of three people that had obviously been thrown rather viciously as could be seen by one of the bodies as everyone knew that a person's torso should not be turned the 180 degrees that that one was.

"I thought Chuck worked on that temper of yours." Said Wolverine as he approached.

"I'd like to see your reaction, to being knocked unconscious via explosion, being kidnapped, and waking up two a group of losers trying to ransack your ancestral home. Besides I've gotten better their limbs are still attached." Retorted the blond.

Naruto had barely stood to his feet before he was tackled back to the ground by Jean, Rogue and Kitty who were each looking him over for any sign of damage. Naruto would've rolled his eyes but instead just pulled them closer considering the circumstances.

"So they really were after the fortune." Said Anko causing Naruto to snort.

"They were after the fuuinjutsu. Things of monetary value were a secondary objective." Corrected the blond.

"Ok but why were they over here?" questioned Kurenei gesturing to the crater.

"They were in the middle of drawing a seal array when I found them, probably to raise the library." answered Naruto with a shrug.

"That's just it, this was the training area. What they were looking for is over here."

With that said Kurenei pierced her thumb before letting a drop hit the first of the flight of stairs she was in front of. After a few moments the stair glowed blue before dying down and the staircase split open surprising everyone as she entered followed by the others.

"I was supposed to bring you here years ago, but I was told you were dead. Then when I find out your alive you weren't even living in Konoha anymore." Said Kurenei as she led the group through a stone corridor.

Finally after a few minutes of walking they came to a large set of double doors. Following Kurenei's direction Naruto pierced his thumb enough to draw blood and pressed it to the door. For a few moments the door took on a red glow before the sound of shattering glass was heard. Pushing open the doors Naruto soon found himself looking upon a sight that took the breath from him.

In front of him on both sides were rows of trunks all of them open to show them full of gold coins. Some of the trunks however had gems, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and several other gems he couldn't actually name. Shelves of books and scrolls could also be seen all over the place as well.

"As the last heir of the Uzumaki I'd like to present to you your inheritance." Said Kurenei causing the blond to turn towards her.

"Man, I thought he was rich before." Muttered Evan getting a nod from Kurt.

After some time Naruto was able to overcome his shock and quickly summoned a horde of shadow clones with the instructions to seal everything. Finding a large yet blank scroll the clones went about doing so combing the place top to bottom in the process. Finally everything was sealed away, shelves and all leaving the room empty as Naruto sealed the scroll into his arm.

"I'd like to see someone try getting this out of my house." Said the blonde smirking darkly.

As they left the room and the doors closed they immediately began to glow red once more before the glow faded. Not long later Naruto was sitting back on the jet and looking down at the place before the jet flew off and he closed his eyes for a short rest.

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