Naruto: X

Chapter 12

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Shimura Danzo scowled as he sat within the office of his underground lair. For just over a decade things had been seemingly going downhill. After the kidnapping of the fox brat Sarutobi had seemingly snapped back into the God of Shinobi that men feared. He had cracked down on all of the forces with a vengeance. He couldn't believe he'd missed the signs originally after the man had sent that ANBU unit to Kumo after the botched kidnapping of the Hyuga Heiress. Before the boy had disappeared Hiruzen would have taken a more peaceful approach to settle things, instead he'd had the retired Sandaime Raikage assassinated as a message to their Yondaime and snatched away their Nibi jinchuriki.

That had been just the start of the events. He'd called back Jiraiya and with a combined effort of the Sannin, Morino Ibiki, and Yamanaka Inoichi he had screened every member of his forces from gennin to even the ANBU. The unexpected screening had smoked out every single one of the Ne members he'd had in placement and they'd all been lost to him. Worse still he, Homura, and Koharu had all been stripped of their positions by the Fire Daimyo without any sort of warning. Last he heard Koharu was in Taki and Homura in Suna both working as ambassadors of the village. None of them were foolish enough to think it had been anything but banishment though. Hiruzen hadn't done such a thing with him however. No the man had left him in the village to rot with no say whatsoever. His manpower had been down to fifty recruits that hadn't even started real training and a few of said trainers after that.

Then there had been the situation with the Uchiha clan. A few years ago Hiruzen had apparently finally had enough of trying peace talks with the clan that had been planning a coup. Instead he had them quietly killed. Of course not everyone had been killed only those involved in the coup and those who had knowledge and were doing nothing about it. The civilian sector of the clan had been left untouched while only a few of the shinobi members had gotten out unscathed, those being Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Itachi who performed the deed, and Uchiha Mikoto. He himself would have had every man, woman, and child within the clan killed, there would be no survivors.

He hadn't even managed to salvage any of the eyes after that mess. No Sarutobi had had all the eyes destroyed with their bodies on the spot. All he'd managed to get his hands on had been Uchiha Shisui which he kept hidden under the bandages of his right eye socket. Then he had lost five more of his operatives in the cluster fuck in Uzu no Kuni. He'd been trying for years to access that hidden wealth of knowledge and just when it seemed to be in his grasp the brat escapes and slaughters his kidnappers. Even Kushina hadn't been so troublesome to handle when Kumo had botched her kidnapping!

What he needed was something decisive that could get him out of obscurity and out of this village restrictive exile he found himself in. He had no one in his pockets on the council anymore and only had one pawn in play at the moment; he only hoped that would be enough for the time being.

The Danger Room was Naruto's favorite hang out in any of the mansions. Everyone had things they did to relax for example Evan had skateboarding, Jean soccer, Scott ran track, Kitty and Rogue shopped, Kurt had TV and video games, Laura had tennis and Alex had surfing, he had training. It was only when he was training that he could ever let his mind relax and allow himself to just flow with the motions. Sure he had a favorite sport but he was bred for battle. Even before Apocalypse managed to snatch him up he'd been bred for it, his parents had been two of the strongest shinobi of their time.

He liked the feeling of his blood pumping through his veins and the challenge of testing his strength against another. He loved his ability to throw around high level ninjutsu like they were going out of style, he even liked that if he wanted he could deal damage to Jiraiya with one good hit. What he didn't like however was the killing. He'd never liked it but his dislike for it grew with each life extinguished needlessly. That didn't mean he wouldn't do so if pushed, it's just more often than not he wouldn't enjoy it.

At the moment he was using the Danger Room for a different purpose than his usual recreational purpose. Instead today's session was one of anger management as had many others have been lately. Contrary to popular belief he knew exactly who it was that had tried kidnapping him and stealing his inheritance. It galled him that nothing could be done about it as just like in the States he couldn't just say he read the bastards mind as that would open up a whole new can of worms. It was just his luck that he'd killed all the agents that had been there as well, which meant they had to wait until they had proof or cause to storm the bastard's residence.

Shaking the thoughts away as his training program stopped causing his surrounds to freeze in place before fading away to be replaced with the Danger Room's normal design instead of the virtual world he'd been training in.

"Danger why did it stop?" questioned the blond to seemingly empty air.

For a few seconds there was silence before a small light emerged in front of him that soon took the shape of Danger, making a very much Conrtana like entrance.

"The time limit has expired; you would need to refresh yourself now to arrive to your team meeting on time." Explained Danger.

"Right I completely forgot about that, thank you Danger." Said Naruto scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"As a reminder I will be going off line for updates tonight." Said Danger.

"I understand, I'll inform Alex and Laura." Said the blond.

"Very well have a good day Naruto." Said Danger as she vanished.

"You too Danger." Said the blond to the empty room.

Nearly forty-five minutes later found Naruto making his way through the village with his teammates beside him. As they walked the three idly returned greetings they received from those they had come to know in the time they'd been in the village. It had been several months since they had arrived in the village and subsequently Naruto's very brief kidnapping. By now the three were pretty well known to the village populace, though only by their code names.

For the last few weeks they had been forced to take only missions close to the village as Anko had informed them of something special coming up that she didn't want them to miss. Of course they normally took on C-rank missions a bit further from the village and a few of them had upgraded to B-ranks all of which ended successfully. They had also gotten to know the Sandaime's grandson Konohamaru in the time they'd been in the village.

As if summoned by the thought they found the boy just as they turned a corner facing off with a Suna nin that looked to be about seventeen. He could see the boy held his staff in hand and the pink haired girl from Kakashi's team was standing behind him wide eyed.

"What's going on here, Konohamaru?" questioned the blonde as the three walked up.

"Hey nii-san, just about to teach this bastard some manners. He thinks he can come around here and grab people by the neck." Said Konohamaru not taking his eyes off the older foreigner.

Looking at the boy Naruto could see exactly what he was talking about as his shirt was scuffed up showing someone had tried and failed to choke him. The Suna nin smirked yet before he could say anything he found himself skidding back from a punch to the jaw and Naruto standing in the spot he'd once been.

"That is your one warning. The ANBU up there won't be as friendly especially with you threatening the Sandaime's grandson."

As Naruto said this everyone but his teammates were surprised when they looked up to see a full squad of ANBU members observing them from the roof each dressed in combat gear. Before anymore could be said however a whirl of sand appeared and another figure made their appearance. He wore a pair of black pants that covered his ankles and a crimson coat with a grey holster vest with a single strap over his left shoulder. He also wore two buckled belts which were probably used to hold the large gourd on his back. He had brick red hair and a pair of emotionless green eyes. He had no eyebrows but did have black rings surrounding his eyes and finally the kanji for 'love' could be seen in red on his forehead.

"Kankuro, you are an embarrassment to our village." Said the teen in an emotionless tone.

"But Gaara they…" started the boy Naruto had punched only to be interrupted.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." Intoned the green eyed boy causing the other to snap his mouth shut.

"Forgive my sibling, he can be an idiot." Said the red head getting a nod from the boy.

"I can understand, still one would think that the son of a Kage would have a better grasp of how to act in a foreign village." Mused Naruto calmly.

The meaning of the words was not lost on the red head, as it basically was he should be on his best behavior now. Gaara merely nodded and turned to walk away his two teammates following him quickly. Naruto didn't even need to look to know that the ANBU squad would be following after them in the shadows instead he turned to Konohamaru and his two friends and motioned him to follow.

"You do know if he'd have been hurt and you'd have done nothing you're license would've been suspended right?" asked Laura quietly to Sakura as she passed her by causing her to pale.

The Hokage's office was crowded as several of the village's chuunin and jounin had been summoned. From her seat behind her desk the Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade watched them all through half lidded eyes as they conversed among themselves quietly. Finally the last of the arrivals made their way in and Tsunade called the room's attention immediately silencing the shinobi before her.

"Now that everyone has arrived let us now begin this meeting. I will get straight to the point; I'm sure many of you have noticed the influx of shinobi that have begun making their way to the village today. For those of you who have forgotten or were unaware the Chuunin Exams will be hosted by us this time beginning this upcoming Friday. This mission is to determine who among you will be nominating their gennin this year. We will start with the jounin senseis of the rookie teams." Said Tsunade opening the floor.

Taking this as a cue several of the jounin in attendance made their way to the front to stand before Tsunade's desk. The first to make their way forward was Kakashi who stood straight instead of slouching as he was known to do. She wasn't surprised after he had to be saved in Nami no Kuni by another team Kakashi had spent the months following training himself and his team and he now looked the part of the elite jounin he was as even if his wardrobe remained the same the feeling he gave off had changed.

"I Hatake Kakashi, jounin sensei of gennin team number 7 hereby nominate my team consisting of Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Sai." Stated Kakashi before stepping back.

Tsunade nodded in acceptance and held back a grin. While most looked forward to the Uchiha participating she held hopes for the team kunoichi who had flourished in the medic nin program and had proven herself a prodigy. The girl had almost immediately caught the attention of her instructors and it had eventually come to the point where she herself had taken the girl under her wing. At this point Kurenai took her step forward bringing the room's attention to her. For the meeting she was wearing her full uniform instead of the dress she preferred.

"I Yuhi Kurenai, jounin sensei of gennin team number 8 do hereby nominate my team consisting of Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino."

Once again Tsunade nodded in acceptance. She'd heard many things about those three and Hinata in particular. Hinata had been another prodigy in the medic nin program that Shizune had snatched away the week before Tsunade had taken her pick. What had really caught her attention was the girl's knack for making medical creams of such quality they were now part of the medic pack with the girl making a sizable profit from their inclusion.

Kiba and Shino had been two of the top in the combat and scouting programs respectively as well. Many had been surprised with the course that Kiba had taken however he had reasoned since his clan specialized in tracking he'd get that training anyway and as such chose combat for his advanced class. It had also served to temper him down from his impatient self before he'd taken the class. Her thoughts on this were pushed to the side as Sarutobi Asuma made his way forward.

"I Sarutobi Asuma, jounin sensei of gennin team 10 do hereby nominate my team consisting of Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Choji."

Once again she nodded in acceptance. Shikamaru despite his laziness was among the best from the capture class that had come out in years. Yamanaka Ino was the best interrogator the academy had let out since the induction of the new classes and she dabbled enough in medicine to become a field medic. Her specialty was poisons which she seemed to have a knack for making. Choji however was a tank and physically the strongest the combat class had ever had. As Asuma stepped back Anko took this moment to step forward.

"I Mitarashi Anko jounin sensei of Team 11 do hereby nominate my team consisting of Shura, Tsume and Sangai."

At this quiet muttering broke out amongst the gathered shinobi. Tsunade wasn't really surprised at this after all it wasn't every day three unknowns come out of nowhere and dominate the academy graduating exam. While their names hadn't floated out to the public the fact that Jiraiya had a hand in their training had, this combined with their mission record had made quite the impression and she had no doubt a lot of people were eager to see them in action.

At this moment another jounin took the time to step forward. This was also a rather bulky man due to muscle mass. He wore an all green jumpsuit with a jounin flak jacket left unzipped over his torso. Each of his legs held orange leg warmers and his hitae-tae was wrapped around his waist like a belt a red cloth replacing the standard blue. His hair was cut in a bowl like shape and he had undoubtedly the largest eyebrows she'd ever seen.

"I Maito Gai jounin sensei of team Gai do hereby nominate my team consisting of the ever youthful Rock Lee, Tenten, and Hyuga Neji."

Once again she nodded and the jounin stepped back into the crowd. Seeing this was all for the newcomers to the exams she looked towards the more experienced teams for their nominations.

Friday morning found all of the participating gennin from various villages making their way to and through Konoha's ninja academy for the start of the exam. All three of them had come in full mission gear with Naruto replacing his blue frames with black sunglasses more suited to combat. As the three of them entered Laura chuckled seeing a group of gennin being herded away from a fake door. Avoiding the crowd of gennin the three X-men made their way up the side of the building and through a hallway window to find themselves outside of the real exam room. As they arrived they were greeted by Anko who simply told them to 'give them hell' before stepping out of their way.

Upon entering they were greeted by the glares of a roomful of gennin. Looking over the room Naruto shook his head slightly ignoring the glares as he moved to lean against the back wall. From their position the three observed the rest of the room quietly mostly picking out who would fight who. Their attention however was pulled towards the door as it opened once more and they spotted the members of team seven entering the room. All three of them narrowed their eyes on Sai whom they all knew to be one of Danzo's little drones.

It didn't take long for a small group to gather near the door as the other teams from their graduating class made their appearance from deeper in the room. Turning his attention away from them for a moment Naruto sent a quick burst of killing intent towards a team of Iwa nin he felt had been staring at him a bit too long causing them to quickly turn away from him.

"Good morning Naruto-kun." Came a quiet voice bringing his attention back to his immediate surroundings.

Turning towards the voice he was greeted to the sight of a young woman with long dark blue hair that hung to her mid back with two long bangs framing her face and white eyes with a hint of lavender within them. She stood at 5'2" and had perhaps the best body shape of all the girls his age he knew. She wore long sleeved lavender and cream sweater that was zipped up though the mesh shirt she wore beneath could still be seen at the top. Along with this she wore a pair of navy blue pants and black low heeled sandals. Her hitae-tae was tied around her neck with a black cloth replacing the blue. She was full figured, meaning she was thick but not fat, had large C-cup breast and a tight ass that stuck out just enough for his taste.

"Good morning Hinata-chan." Returned the blond tilting his shades just enough so that she could see his eyes for a moment.

He had met her a few days after his return to the village after the kidnapping that led him to claiming his inheritance in Uzu no Kuni. While he had remembered her from the academy exam he had never actually met her until he had been invited to her home for dinner, in which he'd brought his two friends. He remembered her expression when he'd been introduced as her fiancé and the blush that had stained her cheeks. After that he'd spent some time getting to know her whenever they had free time though he'd yet to meet anyone from her team aside from her sensei Kurenai.

"Good morning Laura-chan, Alex-san." Said Hinata just as quietly.

"Good morning, Hina." Said Laura with a smile that caused the girl to blush while Alex returned the greeting with a nod and a smile.

Naruto smiled himself at the two of them getting along so well. He knew out of all of the girls Laura was the most territorial however it had taken her practically no time to accept Hinata which gave hope for the others. He also knew that it was Laura who had practically yanked the girl the rest of the way out of her shell. Shizune had told them that she'd actually been very shy before she took her as an apprentice and while she was still shy years later it wasn't to such an extent. Laura however had fixed that with all of the subtly of a brick to a car window.

"Hey get away from Hinata!"

Looking up at the interruption he found himself staring at one of her teammates Kiba, if he had the description right, which he always did. Standing next to the boy was a rather large dog that actually looked like it was part wolf if one was honest. The dog was white and stood at about four feet on all fours and had to weigh at least 170 pounds. He could also see that the rest of the group the two had been with had made their way over following him.

"Kiba-kun its okay, Shura-kun is my fiancé." Explained Hinata quietly.

Almost immediately it seemed as if the air had been knocked out of the boy. Naruto smirked as he picked up on his mental grumbling that he wouldn't have heard if he wasn't projecting his thoughts.

"Eh, that's pretty fast Hinata, this guy's still pretty new to the village." Said a blond girl garbed in purple with her hair in a ponytail

"We've actually been engaged for years Ino-chan, before I even started the academy." Said Hinata.

"So that's why you never tried to date Sasuke-kun." Said the pink haired girl from team seven, Sakura he recalled.

"Partly. Mostly it's because I find him unattractive." Said Hinata not even looking at the black haired boy.

"Eh really?" questioned Ino in surprise.

"Tch, troublesome woman you seem to forget Hinata's a Hyuga. The only clan in Konoha with more hatred for them would be the Senju if they still had the numbers." Said another male that was slouching in a standing position with his hands in his pockets.

"Is there a problem Uchiha?" questioned Naruto towards the glaring teen.

"I remember you now. A few years back you came to the village, to Iruka's class, and said some very disrespectful things to us." Said the Uchiha fingering the hilt of the sword on his back.

"Oh I get it." Said Naruto pushing himself away from the wall causing Alex and Laura to smirk something that none of the more observant ones missed.

"You've been training for a few years and got yourself a sword hoping to prove me wrong. Now a little over three years later here I am; ooh exciting." Said Naruto finishing with a shiver.

"Okay then, here's your chance." Before most of them even knew it a kunai was in his hand causing them all to tense.

"Well now aren't you guys the excitable bunch." Came a new voice.

Turning his eye towards it Naruto found the speaker to be an older teen with silver hair pulled into a ponytail. The speaker wore regular eye glasses and a blue outfit with a leaf hitae-tae wrapped around his forehead.

"You're interrupting." Said Naruto calmly.

"Maybe but never mind that. Look around you guys are pulling a lot of attention this way." Said the newcomer.

Unlike the others however Naruto didn't glance around at the rest of the room, however he still heard the nervous comments that the rest of his new acquaintances made and scoffed before sheathing the kunai in a fluid movement.

"So who are you and what do you want?" questioned Laura with narrowed eyes.

"Yare, yare no need for hostility. My name is Yakushi Kabuto and since you guys are obviously the rookies I felt that maybe I should help out my cute little juniors."

Though he may have meant well the words got all of them to narrow their eyes on him. If they'd have been younger they might not have taken it badly however at this point and time they were more assured of themselves and had more training by their clans so it seemed like an insult to the majority of them.

"And how exactly did you plan to do that Yakushi-san?" asked Ino.

"Ah well this is obviously your first time taking this exam so I felt that maybe I should give you guys a bit of a helping hand of sorts, put you on an even footing with the rest of us." Explained Kabuto.

"So this is your second time participating then?" questioned Sakura.

"My seventh actually." Corrected the older male surprising all of them.

"Damn you suck." Said Kiba causing the silver haired upperclassmen to narrow his eyes before quickly donning a sheepish expression.

"Actually these exams are a lot harder than most give them credit for being. This exam is held twice a year and this is my fourth year, meaning my seventh try. In truth a lot of these guys are repeating the exams and have multiple times. Still this has given me some valuable intel." Said Kabuto.

At this point the glasses wearing male removed a pack of cards from his pouch that many first thought to be playing cards. Naruto however narrowed his eyes upon picking up the boy's surface thoughts. While he normally refrained from mind reading this guy rubbed him the wrong way and was projecting making it impossible for one of his level to not pick it up.

"These here are my nin-info cards. This is all the information I've been able to collect about the exam over the last four years." Explained Kabuto.

"Do you have information on the individuals taking this exam?" questioned the Uchiha.

'Gotcha.' Thought Kabuto with an inner smirk.

'So the Uchiha has his interest I'm not surprised.' Mused Naruto.

"Yea I do. Who would you like to know about?" responded Kabuto.

"How about these three." Pointing to the three X-Men.

"Hm, no problem." Said Kabuto reaching into the deck and removing three cards lying them on the ground.

Seeing this Alex moved forward Naruto however stopped him, he wanted to know what this guy knew. on top of that he wanted to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar. Looking on the group could see as pictures appeared on the cards with an application of the guy's chakra as well as states.

"Let's see here first of we've got Tsume, real name Laura Logan. She is fifteen years old graduated at the top of your class even though she only showed up for the exam having received prior training by Jiraiya-sama of the Sannin. She's a combat specialist with an emphasis on assassination and demolitions." Started Kabuto causing the rookies to glance at the girl in surprise.

"Next we have Sangai. His real name is Alex Summers and he is also fifteen years old. Also graduated at the top of the class and only showed up for the exam having also received training from Jiraiya-sama. He's a combat specialist with an emphasis on Katon ninjutsu and demolitions." Said Kabuto causing them to turn their gaze on her.

"Finally we have Shura. His real name is N-N-Namikaze Naruto!" exclaimed Kabuto looking up in surprise surprising not only the rookies gathered but several others in the room who heard him before he managed to compose himself.

"He is fifteen years old and the son of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, making him the sole heir of both their clans and of the Uzumaki royal family. According to this he killed a delegate from Kumo at four years old after a failed kidnapping attempt on the Hyuga heiress before he himself was kidnapped by a third party. Six months later he was rescued and taken away from the village. He returned this year for the gennin exam and passed at the top of the class. He is the apprentice of Jiraiya-sama and a combat specialist. He has high markings in taijutsu, ninjutsu, kenjutsu, and demolitions.

"Upon graduating the three of them were placed under the jounin Mitarashi Anko and form team 11. The Sandaime Hokage has also named them the children of destruction, Naruto brings carnage, Alex brings havoc, and Laura is like a bird of prey who swoops down on her targets with her talons." Finished Kabuto.

"Kami-sama trained by a Sannin. No wonder they only showed up for the exam." Said Ino.

"It really isn't and Jiraiya-sama is known as the strongest of the Sannin." Said Shikamaru.

"Why is that important?" demanded Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, the Sannin were the Sandaime's gennin team. More than that Jiraiya-sama is the man who trained Yondaime-sama." Explained Sakura causing the boys eyes to narrow in understanding.

"Now you guys see what you're dealing with. Like these three all of these guys are the elite gennin of their village's. Konoha, Suna, Taki, Ame, Iwa, Kumo, all these villages and more have sent their best to participate in the exam. Like I said this exam is harder than most give it credit for being." Said Kabuto showing them another card with the participating villages attending and the number of gennin they sent

"There is a symbol there I don't recognize, the music note." Said Shino quietly.

"Ah yes, this is the symbol for a new village that just popped up called Oto. This is the first time they've taken part in the exam so I don't have any info on them. However since they're new they're likely still pretty weak." Said Kabuto.

'He's lying.' Thought Naruto, Alex, Laura, Shikamaru, Shino and Ino simultaneously.

The Oto-nin apparently heard this however and took offence because in the next instant they were dashing over straight at Kabuto. The one leading them was covered almost completely by bandages in his exposed parts leaving the only thing of him visible his left eye. Kabuto however saw them coming and managed to jump back just in time to dodge the first blow thrown by the leader only to collapse to his knees upon landing with his glasses cracking. Naruto himself recoiled visibly something that caught both his teammates' attention before he straightened himself up.

: Sound waves. : explained Naruto telepathically to his teammates.

"Add this to your cards teme. The ones from Oto will definitely pass this exam." Said a spikey black haired boy with a cocky smirk.

Before anything else could happen a large blast of smoke covered the front of the room which cleared to reveal grey uniformed Konoha nin standing behind a large man wearing a black trench coat over his uniform with his hitae-tae wrapped around his head like a bandana.

"Alright you little bastards listen up. My name is Morino Ibiki and I'm the proctor for the first exam. Hidden Sound guys quit running around like you own the place." called Ibiki giving the three pause before the nodded.

"From now on there will be no fighting without express permission from the proctors. Now everyone grab a number and get into the corresponding seat." Said the man.

What followed was the room full of gennin shuffling around and getting numbers from the chuunin in front of them before moving to the seat with their number on it. Naruto found himself seated in the middle of the left side with Hinata seated directly to his right in the aisle seat. On his left sat a dark skinned Kumo kunoichi with white hair. Laura and Alex were both further back though in different rows while still on his side.

"Now then the first test will be a written exam. The rules are simple each person starts with ten points and seeing as this is a team exam your team starts with thirty points. The test is comprised of ten questions with the tenth being given forty-five minutes after the test starts. These guys are my assistants for this exam and if they catch you cheating they will deduct a point from your team total. If they catch you cheating five times you automatically fail along with your team. If for some reason you cannot answer any of the questions correctly you will receive a zero and will fail as will your team. If you wish to pass then do so as proud shinobi."

Ibiki stopped here and took in the atmosphere is words produced. He could see a number of the gennin already beginning to sweat which put a smirk on his face. He could almost taste the mental anguish which oddly enough reminded him of barbeque.

"Now then you have forty five minutes before I give the tenth question, begin."

Almost immediately the sound of shuffling papers was heard through the room. As he looked over his paper Naruto sighed finding he couldn't answer a single one of the questions. After about five minutes he after glancing over to his side in the row ahead he could see that already someone was answering the questions. He knew the purpose of the exam was to cheat without getting caught which meant this guy was a plant. This in mind he focused his mind on him writing down the answers as his target said the answers mentally. A slight mental nudge had him looking up to the top and checking his work before he continued on.

For several minutes Naruto sat silently copying the answers he overheard before he finally killed the connection with a sigh as he got the last one. Glancing out of the corner of his eye he could see that Hinata was busy herself with her Byakugan active allowing her to copy down the answers.

:Laura, Alex.: called Naruto mentally.

Ino who was sitting directly in front of Alex froze in her position her hands just forming the seal for one of her clan techniques when she heard the words echo through her mind. Her shock was so great that she couldn't even mentally speak about it.

:I've got the answers you guys ready?: asked Naruto ignorant of the fact his private conversation was being overheard but receiving affirmatives continued.

:The first answer is…:

Though shocked and confused Ino was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and as such wrote down the answers she heard instead of jumping into Sakura's body as she was going to do. Around the room others went about getting the answers their own way, one girl with her hair in buns was using mirrors she'd cleverly set up on the ceiling to look down on the papers of the unsuspecting gennin and sending the answers to her teammate.

Shikamaru had actually answered the questioned on his own and used his shadow to connect to his own teammate and used the connection to write the answers for him. Sasuke was using his Sharingan to copy the motions of another test taker thus stealing the answers, and Gaara had made an eye of sand which he was using to see the answers from above. Sakura was actually answering the questions on her own herself, Shino had received the answers in a way befitting an Aburame and Kiba was receiving his answers from his dog.

Of course not everyone was getting through the test as easily as a multitude of the test takers had already been thrown out. One directly behind Naruto had a kunai thrown at his paper by Ibiki which the blond had casually leaned his head away from to dodge as Ibiki informed the guy he failed and sent his teammates with him. Others had failed in similar fashions being picked off by the examiners that were seated on the side of the room. One had tried to put up a fight but had been bodily thrown out by the chuunin examiner for his trouble.

"Alright you lot times up it's time for the tenth question." Called Ibiki suddenly causing all of the gennin to stop.

"Before I give the tenth question however I will ask now that anyone who wants to quit do so." Stated Ibiki.

"Why would anyone do that?" a random gennin asked from the sea of faces before him.

"Because the tenth question has a special condition. You see if you take it and get the answer wrong your score drops to zero and you fail. Not only that but you will be barred from taking the exams anymore." Said Ibiki.

"Bullshit there are people here who have taken the exam before." Called Kiba with a glare.

"True, however at those times I wasn't the examiner. My exam, my rules." Said Ibiki with a dark smile

It took a few minutes but soon teams began dropping like flies as many of those gathered would rather quit than risk remaining a gennin all their lives. Naruto however just didn't care one way or another. He still hadn't decided if he would make the village his permanent home and as such he felt he could always go back to Bayville. Because of this he along with his team projected an aura of nonchalance the was quickly picked up on by other teams they graduated with especially after they saw that Hinata was also projecting the same aura.

After a few more minutes of silence Ibiki was greeted with a room covered in nonchalant gennin after the last unsure ones headed out. This vexed him quite honestly as he was sure he could have had the numbers drop more.

"This is your last chance to leave. Anyone who wishes to do so leave now, remember it's your future at stake." He frowned as he saw no one even flinched at his words and after looks to each side he frowned in displeasure.

"Very well it seems you're all pretty confident. Well than all those who remain congratulations you've passed the first exam." Said Ibiki

Many were shocked at this turn of events while Ibiki went on to explain the purpose of the first exam and the tenth question. While some were still confused many more understood perfectly the man's reasoning. Almost as soon as he finished the door opened as a slender figure made their way in. The person was actually a female dressed in the uniform of a jounin with long purple hair that fell down to her mid back and deep black eyes.

"My name is Uzuki Yuugao, I'm the examiner for the second exam. Those of you who have the heart follow me, those that don't make it in a timely manner fail." Said the woman before turning on her heel and leaving.

After all the gennin had followed her out of the room Ibiki went about collecting the papers before stopping at a certain one and narrowing his eyes at the message.

'Konoha gennin Yakushi Kabuto is a spy. He has access to restricted and classified information including my heritage and the truth about what happened to the Kumo delegate eleven years ago and my kidnapping. –N.U.N'

Growling low in his throat at the news Ibiki fist clenched in rage. If there was one thing he hated it was traitors and to have one in his midst was intolerable. He was one of the few privileged to know the information about the Namikaze heir and knew that all information pertaining his heritage was deemed an S-class secret until he made jounin. He also knew that the truth about the Kumo delegates murder was also S-class information as was the boys kidnapping. As such it was now his goal to catch the twerp and make him squeal. With that thought the man burst into smoke with a dark smile that promised pain covering his features.