Naruto: X

Chapter 13

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The site of the second exam was training area number forty-four. Nicknamed the 'Forest of Death', a massive metal fence surrounded its perimeter with forty-four gates evenly spaced out surrounding it. From outside the forest one could only see darkness before them within the thicket of trees and plant life. The proctor Uzuki Yuugao stood before the gathered genin with the same neutral expression that had been on her face since she had first greeted them after Ibiki's test. Naruto was happy to see her finding that aside from a more mature facial appearance she hadn't changed much since he'd seen her last as a child.

"Now that everyone is here let's get started." Said Yuugao her voice soft yet still heard by all of the gathered gennin.

"Behind me stand the grounds of the second exam. The goal of the exam is for the lot of you to reach the tower within the forest within a set timeframe of 120 hours, meaning five days." Said Yuugao shocking many.

"Five days! What about food!" exclaimed Choji causing several members of his graduating class to snicker.

"Not my concern. There are many edible plants and animals within the forest so you'll just have to make due." Said Yuugao causing him to grumble.

"Also each team will be given one of these before entering the forest." As she said this Yuugao held up a pair of scrolls, the two were similar with the exception of the kanji that was written upon them.

"For those of you who cannot see it, these scrolls are marked 'heaven' and 'earth'. To enter the tower and thus pass the second exam you must have both in your possession. Not only that but all three members of your team must be accounted for; meaning that if one of your teammates dies within the forest, then you as a team fail the exam. If you do not arrive within the tower in that timeframe you will also fail. As for the scrolls themselves they must not be opened within the forest, as chuunin you will be asked to carry classified documents and more often than not you will not know of its contents. Before you can collect a scroll however you must all sign one of these." With a motion of her hands a pair of chuunin appeared holding a stack of papers each and proceeded to hand them out.

"Due to the nature of this exam each of you must sign the consent form, which basically states that you are aware of the risk of continuing further in the exam. As combat is allowed in this portion it means that should you die the Hidden Leaf is not responsible for it. If you do not wish to sign then say so and I will fail you now. I will give you forty-five minutes to complete the forms, which you will trade in for a scroll after which you will be directed to your starting gate."

Senju Tsunade scowled as she read over the short note that had been scribbled upon Naruto's test paper. While most weren't aware she knew of Naruto's telepathic ability so him finding a spy was actually not that unbelievable to her. What was unbelievable was that the senior shinobi under her command hadn't picked that up. Looking at the spies, Yakushi Kabuto's record she could see several red flags, such as his many failed attempts at the Chuunin Exams. No one failed the Chuunin Exam that many times, and even more the boy always seemed to just walk away after the second exam was concluded. Even more his teammates were even bigger failures than he appeared to be. Honestly he was 23 and the two of them were both in their mid-twenties yet all three were still gennin! Most people who seemed to fail so badly quit long before then if it appeared they'd never even reach chuunin, yet these three were still running around.

"Take all three of them from the forest! Odds are they're hiding their abilities so hit them hard and fast! Get someone to find that jounin-sensei as well and bring him in! You, Anko, and Inoichi crack those bastards by the end of the day!"

As she finished Ibiki simply nodded his consent before he turned and moved out of the door vanishing in a plume of smoke as soon as he did. Rubbing her forehead in irritation Tsunade couldn't help but wonder just how compromised they'd truly gotten in order for three obvious spies to slip through their notice. When her sensei was originally running things they'd have never managed to pull such a stunt. Blinking she stood up with a start as a devious smile appeared on her face.

"Someone get Jiraiya in here!" demanded Tsunade loudly.

As they moved through the large trees of the Forest of Death the trio of young X-Men came to a stop as a loud horrified scream echoed across the forest. Naruto was actually surprised as they hadn't even been in the forest for fifteen minutes and already someone had met their untimely demise. Shrugging it off the trio wasted no more time and dashed off through the trees and towards the tower. The plan was actually quite simple they would just head to the tower and then pick off anyone they met from there. At least that was the plan until Laura suddenly leapt down from the treetops with her claws emerged and revealed to the world. Following her quickly the two boys found themselves arriving just in time to find the girl landing upon an unfortunate gennin from Ame, who wore what appeared to be pale yellow pajamas that looked similar to a straight jacket and a metal air mask. As the unfortunate gennin was impaled the two boys immediately acted Alex firing a beam of concentrated heat energy at one of the boys teammates that sent him slamming into a tree and Naruto launched his glaive the silver weapon having no problem impaling the hand of the last Ame gennin and pinning it to a very thick tree just as he'd moved to start up a chain of seals.

Dropping down from the trees the two boys immediately set out to check their respective targets/captives though Laura had no problem with that and merely searched the corpse she'd landed on. Of course as he reached the ground and his captive Naruto had to quickly nail him in the throat abruptly ending the yelling that he'd been doing until that point so that he could focus on trying to breath. Reaching out for his weapon the blond tugged it free allowing the whimpering gennin to sink to his knees cradling the injured hand. Naruto himself was stuck observing the red liquid that covered one of the blades of his weapon the sight and smell enough to mesmerize him as the urge to lick the weapon clean came over him. It took a fair amount of effort but in the end he wiped the weapon clean on his downed opponent and after closing it back up placed it back on his belt hidden by his jacket.

"Found it!" called Alex before Naruto could even begin his own search.

"You should leave quickly, the medics will be able to patch you up if you get there soon enough." Said Naruto before turning and walking away from the only conscious Ame-nin.

"Is it the one we need?" questioned Laura as she began cleaning her claws of the blood that had covered them with the dead boys top.

"Yup, seems we got lucky." Said Alex showing them the scroll which said 'Earth' before stowing it in his pouch.

"Alright then let's head on to the tower." Said Naruto getting a pair of nods in response.

Inuzuka Kiba chuckled as he looked up at the captured team who was now dangling from a net based trap his team had set up. The team was actually an older team of Konoha gennin so all six gennin knew that the chance of them being hurt badly was actually very slim. The captured gennin in question however were busy grumbling about being trapped by a bunch of brats that had only barely left the academy. Aburame Shino on the other hand was silent, something not surprising considering the clan that he held from his smirk hidden thanks both to the high, upturned collar of his inner coat and the hood of his outer jacket. Hinata on the other hand despite her training by the rather apathetic Hyuga clan was quietly giggling to herself hearing some of the things that the older gennin were saying.

"As much as you dislike your current situation I suggest handing over your scroll now. Why, because I am having trouble keeping those forest leeches from descending upon you." Said Shino immediately sombering the entire group.

Looking up all of the gennin were treated to the sight of some rather huge leeches that true to the Aburame's words were squirming violently seemingly trying to fight off an invisible force to reach the group of nin. In an instant one of the captured nin had tossed out the mentioned scroll which Kiba quickly caught in his left hand. That done he sat himself upon the back of a rather large hound that measured a little over four feet impressive especially considering that three years prior the dog hadn't even stood a foot tall and had rode atop his partners head for the most part. Regardless of this however as Kiba settled down Hinata freed the captured team who landed upon their feet after the net was cut finding the members of team eight already gone before they had even landed.

Elsewhere within the forest the members of team ten walked calmly through the forest. In the center was Nara Shikamaru who graced the world with a currently irritated expression as just behind him and to his left Yamanaka Ino prattled a mile a minute about subjects that he could honestly care less about. Akimichi Choji however ignored Ino with practiced ease and was currently enjoying a bag of barbeque chips. In the next instant a trio of nin descended upon them only to fall straight through their forms however before any of them could recover they found themselves frozen still.

"Kagemane no jutsu, success." Drawled Shikamaru in his usual bored tone of voice.

"You know I can't believe that actually worked." Said Ino as she walked out from the trees shaking her head.

"You should have more faith in Shikamaru Ino." Said Choji with a chuckle.

"Come on Choji even you have to admit that tactic was academy level." Said Ino in exasperation.

"It worked though didn't it." Said Choji causing Ino to pout.

"Anytime now you two, its troublesome holding them like this." Said Shikamaru.

"Fine, Choji if you please." Said Ino with a sigh.

Choji immediately raised his fist which surprised the nin seeing it enlarge as he swung sending one of the gennin flying into a tree out cold before he even hit. Seeing this the remaining two Ino noted to be from Kusa looked up with wide and clearly frightened eyes.

"So which one of you has the scroll?" questioned Ino with a small smirk.

Elsewhere within the forest the members of team seven weren't finding things going anywhere near as easy. For starters the group had been hit with a very heavy blast of wind that had sent the group flying in separate directions and so far only Sasuke and Sakura had managed to meet up. At the moment the two were running trying desperately to escape the freakishly strong Kusa nin that was chasing after them. Suddenly the skidded to a stop finding the Kusa nin standing almost casually in front of them as if she'd been waiting for quite some time. The strange nin took just that moment to dash towards them and Sasuke only barely had time to react his eyes bleeding red as the tri-tome'd Sharingan eyes made their appearance replacing his regular black eyes allowing him to dodge around the initial blow and send them back to their spot with a blow of his own.

"Kukuku impressive you already have a fully matured set of eyes." Said the Kusa nin.

Sasuke didn't reply instead he simply withdrew a chokuto from its sheath on his back. Seeing this the kunoichi chuckled and raised her head opening her mouth; as she did this both gennin of team seven watched in shock as the hilt of a sword emerged from the enemy's mouth which she quickly grabbed and held at the ready. In the next instant the kunoichi had charged once more and the pair of blades clashed. Sasuke found himself gritting his teeth as he struggled to hold back the other blade its wielders strength taking him by complete surprise. Chuckling the kunoichi continued to press the assault pushing the young Uchiha back with each blow. Suddenly the kunoichi whipped around and sent out a kick at a seemingly empty spot however in an instant Sakura appeared and was sent flying backwards before slamming hard into a tree.

"Nice try little girl, but genjutsu of that level will not work on me." Stated the kunoichi chuckling.

"Katon: Hosenka no jutsu"

Turning swiftly at the words the kunoichi scoffed upon seeing the small fireballs being sent towards her and with a quick swing of the sword not only dispelled the fire but sent the shuriken hidden within flying away from her. Though a useless attack it had proven distraction enough to allow Sakura to slip away once more but the pink haired girl would be doing no more fighting until she could fix her back. Despite this however the kunoichi smiled as she resumed her attack on the Uchiha determined to see just what he was capable of.

Kitty groaned as she walked the halls of Bayville High having spotted Lance Alvers standing ahead of her. Despite the fact that the other mutant was on a completely different team with a completely different goal he had not made his infatuation with her much of a secret. Of course she was used to boys approaching her after Naruto's departure but Alvers was the most persistent of the entire bunch and as far as she was concerned he was nothing more than a two bit hood. Of course she wasn't the only one who dealt with such annoyance's as Duncan Matthews had wasted very little time trying to get back into Jean's good graces after he'd realized that Naruto was gone. Jean however had Scott to shield her from her annoyance, and while anyone could do the same for her they couldn't put the fear in Lance like Naruto could, at least not without some serious consequences. They really couldn't do anything at school not with Principal Kelly trying to throw his weight around, honestly it was times like these she wished Mystique was still principal as the woman wouldn't have batted an eye to her dropping the smug bastard that was Lance Alvers, she'd certainly turned a blind eye when Naruto had done it to Duncan from what she'd heard.

"Kitty!" exclaimed a voice catching her attention.

Turning towards the voice Kitty was greeted by the form of a light skinned black girl with long brown hair that hung down the front of which actually covered her chest. Her eyes were a light brown and she wore a black t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. As the girl ran up and came to a stop she panted lightly something that caused Kitty to chuckle a bit.

"What's up Amanda?" questioned Kitty.

"Um I was wondering can I borrow your chem notes? Kurt and I went out last night and I lost my folder that had them." Said the girl.

"Sure. Where'd you two go anyway?"

"We went to the circus." Answered Amanda.

"Kurt actually took you to an American circus?" questioned Kitty in surprise.

"Hell no. We went to a German one." Said Amanda.

"That makes since." Said Kitty.

Neither would say it but they both knew that Kurt hated the American circus. Kurt had actually grown up as part of a German circus and had been the star after some time. However when a Texas billionaire had bought it and tried to put him in a freak circus Kurt had walked. It had been while he was settling back down in Germany that the professor had contacted him and convinced him to come to Bayville.

"Still you shouldn't run yourself too ragged you do have practice after all." Said Kitty.

This was true when Jean had gotten pregnant with Kushina she had quit the soccer team and had told only the coach the reason why. After that she had taken up a coaching role herself to stay connected and had eventually brought in Amanda who eventually became the star of the team. Amanda chuckled nervously at that as her teams practice was anything but easy and Jean was a bit of a slave driver, still no one was complaining because they were easily the best in the state because of her. The conversation was stopped however as the ten minute bell rang signaling students to head to class causing Kitty to dig out the mentioned notebook from the pile she carried.

"The notes are dated so it will be easy for you to find what you need." Said Kitty getting a grateful hug from her friend before the two girls separated Kitty also grateful noticing that Alvers had disappeared in that time.

"So now what?"

The question came from Laura as the three now stood within the tower after cutting a fast pace through the forest. They'd come across one other team in the process this one being one from Taki which they had wasted no time in dispatching and moving on. They'd been in the tower long enough to discover and read a small plaque that was in the mostly barren room they had entered. Removing a scroll himself Naruto motioned to Alex to remove his and as one the two opened them. Immediately the two scrolls began to smoke and the two wasted no time in chucking them the two scrolls landing with one atop the other. Finally the scrolls expelled a massive plume of smoke which cleared to show the man they recognized as Iruka from the academy.

"Well, I guess congratulations are in order. You've just passed the second exam and set the new record one hour and twenty minutes." Said Iruka causing the three to smirk.

"So what's next?" questioned Alex.

"Now you guys get the spend the rest of the time relaxing. Since you passed so early you don't have to do anything now but stay within the tower. Should you travel outside I can't guarantee you'd make it back in. there are rooms upstairs for your usage and a staffed kitchen to make whatever you'd like. We'll find out what happens after that when this test concludes." Explained Iruka getting nods of understanding from the three gennin.

That said the chuunin led the group on a tour of the tower, all they'd have to do would be find something to occupy the rest of their time.

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