Naruto: X

Chapter 14

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Over the years he had gone by many names. The first, the name of his birth was Max Eisenhardt born to the Jewish Eisenhardt family and had spent his childhood in Nurnberg, Germany. He had been part of a large family at least until things took a turn for the worst when it became Hitler's Germany. Friends of the family had suddenly turned on them once the Jews had become the thing to be hated, and eventually after a Major in the Army one who owed his father his life had done the same they had been forced to flee to Poland. Eventually when Poland was invaded they'd tried to flee only to be caught and placed into a concentration camp in Warsaw, Poland. His family were fighters and eventually had tired of smuggling for food and tried to escape only to be caught and sentenced to execution, he'd been the only survivor.

He spent his early teens imprisoned in yet another camp this one in Auschwitz, Poland known as the Vernichtungslager Extermination Camp. It was there where he truly learned just how brutal and savage human beings could be to minorities or those considered different. While there he was reunited with a childhood friend a girl he'd crushed on as a child by the name of Magda, whom he'd saved both from the gas chamber and then from another form of execution. Eventually when the camp was being evacuated they took the chance and escaped together. They settled down into a remote mountain village where eventually they married and gave birth to a daughter Anya.

It was at this point that he sought out a forger, one who was supposed to be amongst the best by the name of Georg Odekirk and asked him to create an identity for him. It was then that he became Erik Lehnsherr, mostly so that he could live more easily amongst her people. However he hadn't been satisfied with the quiet life and had eventually moved his family to the at the time Soviet city of Vinnitsa, so that he could better himself. It was here that he would consciously use his powers for the first time, using them to hurl a crow bar at his boss who was cheating him out of his pay. When he returned to the inn where he, Magda, and Anya were staying, he found it was on fire and his daughter Anya was trapped on the upper floors. He tried to use his new-found powers to save his daughter, but his boss had called the KGB and they beat and held him down, preventing him from rescuing Anya. Seeing his daughter burn to her death had sent him into a rage and in that fit he'd used his powers to destroy the men holding him, the crowd watching, and a large section of the city of Vinnitsa in revenge. Seeing him in this state terrified her and that terror combined with the grief of losing her daughter caused Magda flee even as he called out to her to help him bury their daughter. As he attempted to bury his daughter, more soldiers arrived after hearing what he had done and attacked him. After being shot in the head, Magnus forced the soldiers to turn their own guns on themselves.

Following this he changed his name once more becoming Erik Magnus, keeping the name Erik only as it reminded him of his uncle Erich. Under this name he travelled and eventually found himself in Haifa, Israel. There he worked as a volunteer orderly at a psychiatric hospital for Holocaust victims. It was there that he would meet the man that would become his greatest friend and rival, Charles Xavier. The two of them frequently debated the subject of mutants' coexistence with the rest of humanity, though neither revealed to the other that they were mutants. The two were eventually forced to rescue a mutual friend from HYDRA agents and in the process revealed their powers to each other. In the end he seized HYDRA's Nazi gold and began to travel once more realizing that his views and those of his friends clashed horribly and were incompatible.

He spent some time after that working for both a western intelligence agency as well as Mossad. Eventually the westerners got greedy and to prove a point killed his girlfriend in front of him. In response he killed them and thus took on the name Magneto. It was during this time that he first met the mutant shape shifter known as Mystique who he found had views very similar to his own having become disillusioned by the world and humans. For a time he had several plans that he had planned to put into play for the upcoming war with the humans. Those plans had only gone further upon finding Wanda and Pietro in the Wundagore Mountains, the last mementoes of his wife. Following this he had thrown himself even deeper into his planning and soon found himself residing in New York specifically in Brooklyn.

It had been a surprise when he was reunited with Charles Xavier and together the two of them began the construction of Cerebro. Not long after Cerebro's completion he was surprised by receiving an urgent call from Charles and together they had set out to answer the call for help that had changed his life. Finding Naruto had been a blessing for him that not many knew the true significance of outside Charles. Within the boy he had seen a kindred spirit, someone who had suffered just as he had even in the short span of time that was his four years of life. Upon receiving the downloaded files from Charles he had spent much time reading over them and contemplating all that would happen and eventually had altered his plans. Now instead of fighting for mutant superiority they were preparing for a war with Apocalypse and coexistence.

Of course not all of his plans had been scrapped. He'd spent the last few years constructing a base of operations which would be impossible for most anyone to reach. He called this base Asteroid M, only himself and his children knowing the 'M' stood for Magda. Outside of that he had devoted much of his time solely to being a father and training his children. Knowing what powers they would develop had certainly helped. Of course he wasn't settled with just that and placed an equal emphasis on their education something he was sure that their mother would have stressed had she lived. Both of his children were straight A students and while most wouldn't guess this by how Pietro acted the twins were actually very intelligent as expected from members of his bloodline. Wanda however showed this more as she applied her mind to tactics unlike Pietro who actually bored quite easily and went at things brazenly at times if only so that they would be fun.

However recently he had set up his Brotherhood of Mutants in Bayville to 'oppose' Charles's young X-Men. He had sent Pietro to join them so that he would be his eyes and ears on the team. However in truth what was really happening was that both he and Charles were using each other to train up their teams for the times ahead. As far as things went the young X-Men had yet to lose a confrontation with his squad of delinquents. From what Pietro had explained to him none of the group truly knew what it meant to work and they were actually quite lazy especially now that Mystique wasn't there busting their balls. Sipping his tea at that thought he rubbed his chin as he thought on what to do. He had pulled Mystique away for two reasons first and foremost he had a mission which only she had the skills to accomplish, secondly he had wanted to see what the boys would be capable of without her around. Unfortunately it appears they hadn't been taking their training as seriously as that of Xavier's kids it seems relying on their powers to do everything. With that thought in mind he pressed a button on his chair and spoke into a speaker, for several minutes he enjoyed the silence before a figure opened up his office doors and entered.

"You called father?"

Looking up to his daughter he inwardly sighed at the sight of her. She stood at the height of 5'7 and had short hair with the ends dyed red. For some odd reason she had been infected with what the teenagers called 'gothic' style. Her outfit consisted of red pants and top over which was a red open trench coat. She wore black boots that went up to her knees with metal armor protecting her shins and the top of her feet. She also wore black fingerless gloves that went up to near her elbows while a black choker was around her neck with a cross hanging from it, and her earrings were likewise in the shape of crosses.

"I'm sending you to Bayville for the time being. While there I want you to establish order and give those brats some discipline. From what Mystique has managed to discern we have very little time before exposure." Explained the man.

"Very well, will you help Lorna in my absence?" questioned the girl.

"Of course, you need not worry for your sister. However if you get things working quickly I may let her come visit, I know she misses Pietro." Said the man.

"Ok I'll leave within the hour." Said Wanda before she left the room leaving her father to his thoughts once more.

Five days had passed all too quickly as far as Naruto was concerned. For the most part he had spent his time catching up with Yuugao telling her of all the things he'd seen while away. As a child he had looked at her much as he imagined one would an older sister and thus he felt comfortable sharing stories of his past with her from pranks, to his schooling and training. Yuugao likewise regarded him with tales of some of the missions she had gone on in his time away. She had also introduced him to her husband Hayate and even confided in him that she was now the lieutenant-commander of the ANBU corps, in response he informed her of his status as a father and showed her a picture of his daughter. Yuugao had been surprised at news and the sight of the girl had her squealing and demanding a meeting soon.

At the moment Naruto stood within a large room within the tower alongside his team. Along with them the rest of the teams that had made it this far stood as well, including teams 7,8,10 and team Gai. Along with those teams was the one from Suna Naruto had already met, as well as one from Oto all in all adding up to a total of twenty-one genin. Looking down upon this Tsunade couldn't help but smile at seeing mostly Konoha genin present. Beside her upon the railing were her predecessor and sensei, the Sandaime Hokage; Sarutobi Hiruzen along with the jounin of all the teams that had made it and the proctors for the exam. As Yugao stepped back from congratulating the group of genin Tsunade stepped forward catching the attention of the room.

"Before we go any further I'd like to take this opportunity to explain to you all the purpose of these exams. While it's true that this exam does promote chunin in truth this exam to put bluntly is an alternative to war. Genin are the weakest of a village's forces and chunin the most numerous in any village. In this exam you place your lives and the reputations of your village's on the line not for promotions in rank but to promote the strength of your village. Clients and prospective clients from all over come to view the exams and generally go with the strongest village when it comes to choosing their missions. As such if one village's genin are more impressive than other's than logic states that shinobi of a higher level are also more impressive than that of other villages. That said from this point forward to keep this knowledge in mind." Said Tsunade before stepping back.

A moment later Yugito appeared in a burst of smoke standing before the genin. Unlike other times Naruto saw her she was in full uniform and even at age 21 she only stood a few inches taller than the rest of them. Yugito as well also took a moment to look over the genin standing before her and was honestly looking forward to what they had to show in terms of ability especially Naruto, Alex and Laura.

"Now that Hokage-sama has finished I will begin. My name is Senju Yugito and I am the proctor of the third exam. From this point forward this is no longer a team focused exam instead the third exam focuses on one on one battles. However before this can get there we have to have a preliminary round." Said Yugito surprising the genin.

"What! Why?" exclaimed several of the genin.

"To put it simply too many people made it this far and we need to trim the numbers some more. It could be that the first or the second exam was too easy or it could be that both were. There's also the chance that weaklings have managed to make it here thanks to their teammates, and in doing this we can weed them out. If anyone wants to quit now is the time." Said Yugito

Hearing this many of the genin began to look across the lines at those gathered. While most would rather not be forced to go through the trouble of a preliminary match none of them were about to just walk away. Sakura however was actually trying to get Sasuke to quit though unsuccessfully. Their battle against the grass kunoichi had not ended well for them, in fact it had ended with the Uchiha branded with some type of marking on his neck and the kunoichi revealing to have actually been a man known as Orochimaru who claimed Sasuke would come seeking him for power. They had then encountered the team from Oto and while Sakura and Sai managed to hold them off Sasuke had returned to consciousness with the seal activated and his attitude changed for the worse. Despite her worry however the Uchiha was having none of it and told her quite plainly that nothing was standing in his path to continuing. Sakura had she been younger would have faltered now however she took the words in stride and instead decided to report the incident to Tsunade as soon as this was over.

"Alright since none of you are backing down let's get started. As there are 21 genin in this portion of the exam the one who does not get called will receive an automatic pass into the third exam" Said Yugito.

With that she snapped her fingers once causing an immediate effect. Upon a far wall one could see a section of it slide away to reveal a hidden screen placed within it. Immediately the screen activated and began flashing and though everyone watched it many were hoping to be the lucky one who got a free pass before finally it settled on a pair of names.

Sangai vs. Sai

As the two names were displayed Anko let out a smirk which to those who saw appeared quite vicious as Alex began making his way down. Sai meanwhile simply pasted on a rather fake smile and headed down himself. As the two reached the ground and stood before her Yugito took a moment to reign in her own emotions, as she actually pitied the kid Sai as he stood no chance in this match. That moment passed quickly however and seeing them ready she immediately announced the matches start and leapt away. Sai was quick to copy this action and while still in mid-air whipped out a scroll before unrolling it causing a large tiger to leap out from it made of ink. As the ink made beasty charged forward and leapt Alex slid to the side easily before his right hand came through in a knife hand strike that took the head right off causing it to fall into its base property once more. Sai narrowed his eyes at the sight and with a quick series of motions with a scroll summoned forth another ink construct this time of an ape only for it to meet the same fate.

Suddenly Alex vanished and Sai found himself flying back before landing on his back and skidding as the blond appeared in the spot where he had previously been standing. Climbing to his feet slowly as he tried to ignore the pain of what felt to be two broken ribs Sai found himself looking into the worst glare he'd ever seen. While he'd seen many glares over the years the eyes he saw now were currently smoldering holding nothing but pure anger and contempt within their depths. Suddenly Alex flew through a chain of seals and blew out a large fireball that despite its size quickly closed the distance separating them with Sai only barely managing to dodge by leaping to the left. Having expected this however Alex had already taken action and before Sai could completely recover had closed the distance and proceeded to light him up with a barrage of punches before finally sending him crashing into a wall where he fell like a puppet with its strings cut.

For a moment Yugito was silent before finally she moved to get a closer look at Sai. As she got closer she could actually see that his eyes while open were glazed over and he had what appeared to be a streak of blood coming from his lip. Seeing that the winner had obviously been decided however she announced Alex the winner before calling for the medics to collect Sai while Alex headed up to the railings with the rest. As he made it to the area of the walkway his team was occupying Alex was greeted by a pair of smirks from Naruto and Laura while Anko was actually grinning something that caused him to shake his head in amusement. Finally as the medics finally dragged Sai out of the way everyone directed their attention to the screen once more as it began to flash through names again.

Uchiha Sasuke vs. Temari

As the two names were displayed the kunoichi of the Suna team smirked and headed down to the arena. Meanwhile Sasuke moved to copy the action only to be halted by Kakashi and while most couldn't hear what was said the scowl that crossed the Uchiha's face said enough for quite a few. As the two reached the center and stood before her Yugito took a moment to look over both of them and after seeing them ready allowed the match to begin before leaping back and away.

"I'll give you three chances and after that I'm ending this." Said Temari with a smirk.

Before anything else could be said however a loud noise cut through the room. As it continued Naruto finally realized what it was and reached for the buckle on his belt opening it up to reveal the phone that it hid.

"Excuse me I have to take this."

With that said he disappeared in a plume of smoke. When he reappeared he was alone on the roof of the tower with a view of the forest surrounding him. Opening the phone slowly and placing it to his ear he leaned against a nearby rail to take in the sights.

"Hello." Answered the teen calmly.

"Daddy." Came an excited voice on the other end getting a large smile from the blond.

"Hi Kushina how's my little princess?" asked the blond.

"I fine I miss daddy, when is daddy coming to see me?" asked the little girl on the other end who he could just imagine pouting cutely.

"I'm going to see you real soon honey. In fact I'm going to come get you soon so you can visit with baa-chan okay." Answered the blond.

"Yay I get to see Nade-baa-chan! Will you bring me a present?" questioned the little girl on the other end.

"I don't know; have you been a good girl for grandma and grandpa." Questioned Naruto in return.

"Yes I really good girl."

"Okay I guess I have to bring you a present then. Now I have to go back and finish a test but I'll call back in a little bit okay." Said the blond.

"M'kay. I luv you daddy." said the little girl.

"I love you too princess."

He waited until he heard the line go dead before hanging up the phone himself. Hearing from his daughter had definitely brightened him though and he know felt the desire to finish this thing off rather quickly. Absentmindedly he realized it was rather ironic how his princess was in all actuality a true princess in her own right considering that among those things he had inherited was the title of ruler of Uzu no Kuni should he ever wish to claim it. Shaking that thought off for a later date he vanished once more to reappear within the room in his former position just in time to see the Oto genin by the name of Zaku blow his own arms off.

"So what did I miss?" questioned the blond.

"Well that Temari chick completely owned the Uchiha first and foremost; she finished him in one move. As for this match the Aburame kid, Shino had been controlling it from the jump and had some of his bug's clog these tubes the sound nin had in his arms causing them to burst." Explained Alex

"I'm surprised I thought the Uchiha would at least put up a fight from all the things we've been hearing about him." said Naruto.

"Heh, that gaki didn't have the chance. Kakashi should have taught the brat when not to open his mouth." Said Anko with a large grin.

The conversation however came to a halt after the sound nin was cleared away and the board became active again. As it flew through various names many of them were silently pleading for their names to come up before it finally stopped.

Hyuga Neji vs. Nara Shikamaru.

As the two names were displayed the two made their way down to the floor Shikamaru more leisurely than most thought appropriate. As they finally hit the ground and faced off against each other Shikamaru had still not lost the lazy look on his face, nor had Neji changed in his stance. As the match started Neji closed the distance quickly opting to finish the match as soon as possible only for Shikamaru to leap away dodging the attack altogether. Not deterred in the slightest Neji chased after him tilting his head to the side to avoid a kunai that had been tossed his way, his activated Byakugan allowed him to see the Nara heir as he began flying through seals and he sped up in response causing the Nara to abandon the sequence in order to leap away from the area.

As he landed Shikamaru could not keep the frown from developing on his face as he regarded the Hyuga. The fact was the Hyuga was fast, at least fast enough that he was able to control the pace of the match. As a Nara male he preferred to take things slow even when in battle which he found far too troublesome to be involved with all things considered. Despite this he found that the rumors he'd always heard regarding the Hyuga were in fact true and that they were straight up taijutsu which meant that he had to keep some distance between the two of them if he wanted to walk out on his own power. Neji meanwhile was keeping his own features completely blank allowing the Hyuga mask of indifference to mask his frustration with his current opponent. As he had thought the Nara across from him was weak, however if he was good at anything it was running away. Still that meant nothing because in the end it was fated that the Nara fall to the might of the Hyuga's Jyuken as had every opponent before him.

For several minutes the two kept up with the game of cat and mouse with Shikamaru somehow always managing to scurry away at the last instant. Finally Shikamaru found himself with his back against the wall and an agitated Hyuga standing before him. Seeing his foe cornered Neji smirked and retook his stance before darting forward. However just as he closed the distance intending to end the fight once and for all there was an intense burst of light which caused the Hyuga to scream out in pain as the light was only intensified with the usage of his Byakugan. When the light cleared from his vision Shikamaru was nowhere in front of him, and he didn't want to risk reactivating the doujutsu just yet until the pain was completely gone and his vision fully returned; with that thought in mind he moved to turn only to go wide eyed finding himself unable to move.

"Kagemane no jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique); success." Drawled Shikamaru his voice coming from directly behind him.

"When I get free Nara…" growled Neji struggling to do just that only to be interrupted.

"Stop posturing this is checkmate. While it's true you may be stronger and faster than me the fact remains it's over. I didn't expect it to be this easy but for once I won't complain since you allowed me to position you so easily. Since you wanted to chase me so badly I lured you to that wall before dropping a flash bomb, I figured that a doujutsu would be more sensitive to light than normal eyes and that analysis proved more accurate than I anticipated. You now have two choices the first is to concede and the more troublesome is to give me a reason to slam your head into that wall and knock you out." Drawled Shikamaru positioning his hands into his pockets and forcing Neji to copy his actions.

"Proctor I concede." Said the Hyuga with gritted teeth correctly interpreting the action as Shikamaru's show of force.

"Very well; the winner by forfeit is Nara Shikamaru."

As soon as the announcement was made Shikamaru dropped the jutsu and sighed as he settled back into a slouching position and began the trek back up onto the railings. On the balcony however many were going over the rather long match, lasting a full fifteen minutes many surprised Shikamaru had been doing more than just running away the entire time. The members of team Gai however were rather shocked in that the person they had pegged as the strongest genin in the leaf had just lost a preliminary match to the laziest person within the room. As soon as the duo made it to their respective teams the board started up once more drawing all attention to it and away from them.

Tsume vs. Tsuchi Kin

As the two names were displayed the two girls wasted no time heading down to the floor. As they reached the starting position Laura took her time to look over the other girl. She had long black hair that was parted into twin tails ending near her thighs and wore a pair of green and grey camo style pants that stopped just past her knees where they were met by a pair of knee length shinobi styled boots, though her toes were still visible. Her top was also camo styled and the same color though sleeveless while a pair of black sleeves went on both of her forearms while her hitae-tae was on her forehead. It was the girls eyes and pose that held her attention the most for in that gaze and stance she saw only one thing; arrogance. The sight of such a thing from her opponent caused a smirk to come to Laura's face, she would enjoy crushing this one.


As soon as the word was spoken Kin launched a barrage of senbon Laura's way which she made no move to avoid instead surprising many as she reached out and snatched them right out of the air. She raised an eyebrow at the sight of the small bells secured to the end of the small weapons but simply brushed them aside as she tossed the things over her shoulder. Recovering from her surprise fairly quickly Kin tossed another pair at her only for Laura to take off at a run heading straight towards her. As she ran she ducked low allowing the senbon to fly right over her and forcing Kin to leap back to put some distance between them. However just as she neared she slid to a stop finding not one, but three Kin's standing in front of her.

As one the three Kin's sent a pair of senbon at the girl with only one set hitting their mark as Laura leapt away. Landing Laura made quick work of tugging the needles free and tossing them aside only to find that there were now five Kin's standing in front of her. Smirking darkly the Kin's launched another barrage of needles and Laura quickly drew a kunai knocking most of them off course yet still being hit with a pair. Before she could even think to look up she was struck by four and soon more and more needles began to pepper her.

"Heh you're not so tough. 'Child of Destruction' what a joke, your noth…"

Kin's bragging was suddenly cut off rather abruptly as Laura spun around with a kick a large blade emerging from her boot and embedding itself within the Oto kunoichi's stomach. Removing her foot and allowing the other girl to collapse Laura went about removing the various needles that had struck her before turning to face the Oto-nin who was clutching the wound tightly.

"H-how?" muttered the girl a bit of blood leaking from her mouth.

"I'll admit you had me for a moment with that sound based genjutsu of yours. I had a bit of trouble distinguishing the real you from all of the copies that were made at least in the beginning. However I realized a while ago I couldn't trust my eyes and had started relying on my nose. I knew only the real one would have a scent and just needed to pick it up, then it was all a matter of playing possum and waiting for you to let your guard down. That arrogance of yours was your downfall in this case as you played directly into my hands."

With that said Laura turned and walked away as she was declared the winner. Within the stands the other rookies were now watching her with wary eyes while many of the jounin were actually impressed with her usage of a foot blade. Naruto rolled his eyes as he heard the projected thoughts flowing through the room, these guys had no idea that the blade was actually a part of her anatomy and thus merely assumed it had been inserted into the boot.

Haruno Sakura vs. Akimichi Choji

As the two made their way down into the arena Ino found herself conflicted. On the one had Choji was her teammate and someone she had known basically all of her life. As a result of their fathers being teammates and the heads to their respective clans the two of them and Shikamaru had all known each other since they were very little. In her room hidden safely under her bed she even had an album of them as infants always together. On the other hand Sakura had at one point been her best friend, only for them to fall apart over Sasuke, and then come back together when they were twelve. Now here she found herself conflicted over who to cheer for and thus took the safe option of the middle ground where she could worry for both of them.

As the two competitors reached the floor Yugito took a moment to look them both over. Neither one of them looked all that up to fighting at the moment and in fact Choji had actually had to be bribed with food to go down. She could understand Sakura's position though, Choji was a walking tank and it would take quite a bit of luck and skill for her to get through this. Finally seeing as both were as ready as they were going to be she announced the start of the match and leapt back. Immediately Choji had snapped into action flashing through seals before his body literally turned into a giant ball which headed straight at the pink haired genin. Leaping to the side Sakura managed to just barely dodge the attack only for the Akimichi heir to undo the jutsu mid roll and leap at her transforming once again and forcing her to jump away.

As he passed her by Sakura whipped out a pair of kunai and tossed them just as he was undoing the jutsu. Turning Choji just managed to see the kunai coming before managing to dodge to the side. Recovering quickly back onto his feet the portly teen surprised Sakura by throwing a punch with his arm with the entire length of his arm and fist growing in size. Wide eyed Sakura scrambled back yet the force behind the attack was still enough to have her unbalanced as she landed she hit the deck harshly upon feeling her ankle twisting. Seeing the opening Choji went to charge her only for her to surprise him by phasing out of existence just as she neared before he suddenly tensed up.

"It's over." Said Sakura from behind him one hand on his shoulder the other reaching around positioned at his neck and glowing with chakra.

"When?" questioned Choji with a frown.

"When you dodged the kunai. You gave me just enough time to enact the genjutsu while you recovered." Said Sakura causing him to sigh before he announced his forfeit.

As the two rejoined their respective teams one cheerful and the other despondent both were congratulated by their teams for a well fought match. Still Asuma realized that he would have to school his team to the methods of recognizing and dispelling the more advanced genjutsu. Kakashi meanwhile was reflecting on how the one thought of as the weakest of the team was the only one to qualify for the finals because of this he would be taking a more active role with her training for the time being. Tsunade was also pleased for the most part as Sakura it seemed had truly taken her training to heart managing to avoid all of Choji's attacks thus negating being forced to waste chakra healing her own injuries. Such thoughts however were put on hold as the board started up once more before freezing on two names.

Kinuta Dosu vs. Tenten

As the two arrived on the floor Tenten took the moment to overlook her opponent. Like his teammate Dosu wore a pair of camouflage pants only his were grey and black. Over this he wore a black jacket with a deep red trim with one of the sleeves actually hanging over the end of his hand by at least a foot. His head was covered nearly completely in white medical tape with only his left eye and ear left exposed and his hitae-tae was slanted much like Kakashi's and he had some type of straw thing covering his hunched back.


As Yugito announced the start of the match Dosu dashed forward while Tenten leapt back sending a trio of shuriken in his direction. Leaping bodily to the side to avoid the projectiles Dosu gave Tenten just enough time to whip out a small scroll from which she summoned a hail of kunai that she sent hurtling towards the Oto-nin. Recovering Dosu managed to scramble out of the path of the incoming weaponry and right into Tenten's path.

"Dainamikku Entorī (Dynamic Entry)"

Hearing the cry Dosu looked up just in time to get nailed into the face by Tenten's foot with enough force to send him into a tumble for a few feet. As he climbed to his feet and tried to shake the cobwebs from his head Tenten was already in motion summoning a fuma shuriken from another scroll and sending it flying towards the teen who dodged to the side once more and not taking a chance moved to close the distance. Tenten's eyes widened at his speed and he smirked as he raised his arm up exposing the metal gauntlet on his right arm and moved to swing only to suddenly freeze up and cry out as a sharp pain hit him in his back. Turning his head he could see one fuma shuriken embedded into the wall while another was embedded into his back.

"You how…" gasped out Dosu as he collapsed.

"I saw how you fought in the forest and like the rest of your team your apparently a one trick pony, so I already had a plan to deal with you, I figured the Kage Shuriken no jutsu would work." Said Tenten before leaving the floor.

"Winner, Tenten." Called Yugito much to the cheers of Gai and his protégé.

As Tenten reached her team and was loudly congratulated on her victory the screen began cycling through names again. As it did many were now paying even closer attention since so many people had already fought. As he looked around Naruto took note of all that were left and it was a short list; including himself there was Hinata, Lee, Kiba, Ino, Kankuro and Gaara meaning there would only be three matches left while the remaining one advanced automatically. Finally the screen seemingly made up its electronic mind as it finally stopped on a pair of names.

Kankuro vs. Gaara

As soon as the names were displayed Kankuro literally choked on the air he was breathing before calling out his forfeit. Temari couldn't blame her younger brother for that one as fighting Gaara may well have been a death sentence itself. Rolling her eyes at the lack of action Yugito called for the machine to start up again. This time when it stopped neither of the two selected opted to back down.

Inuzuka Kiba vs. Yamanaka Ino

As the two came down to the floor a wolfish grin appeared on Kiba's face and a predatory glint entered his eyes. Immediately as the match started Ino sent a kunai his way while Kiba charged forwards ducking under the weapon as he went before rising up and delivering a rising elbow that Ino only just barely dodged away from. Turning on a dime Kiba smirked as he charged once more his speed increasing noticeably from his previous pace slamming Ino with a shoulder to her chest as soon as she recovered which managed to knock her back and tumbling a few feet.

"Are you ready to give up now Ino?" questioned Kiba as the girl struggled to make it back on her feet.

As much as she wanted to deny it the last hit had hurt like hell. In all honesty Ino couldn't remember the last time she'd ever felt such pain and the fact that he'd nailed her chest only made it seem worse as she was actually really sensitive in that region. She also knew the she wouldn't be able to take too many more hits as Kiba was actually much stronger than one would think and his hits carried a lot of strength behind them. She on the other hand wasn't built for straight out combat and instead focused on a support role so that it would be safer for her to use her family techniques.

As Ino reached her feet Kiba launched himself forward and as she began a chain of seals he leapt and started a high speed spin turning himself into a human drill causing Ino to abandon her seals and leap away for safety. As he passed her previous spot and rebounded off the wall he went in for another shot seeing him coming however Ino sent a barrage of kunai his way only for the Inuzuka to go straight through them without even slowing in his momentum. Wide eyed she leapt out of the way only to scream out in pain as Kiba somehow still managed to nail her sending her flying where she slammed hard into the ground bouncing twice before settling; Kiba himself simply came out of his spin and skidded to a stop on his feet.

Running over to Ino, Yugito checked her over finding the girl was completely out of it and declaring Kiba as the winner. As he made his way back up the railings Kiba was congratulated quietly by his teammates while the medics came to retrieve Ino. At that moment the board began to run once more catching the attention of all in the room, as there were only three people remaining this would be the final match and the one not chosen would be getting a free ride into the third exam. Finally after a few moments of tenseness the board stopped on a pair of names.

Rock Lee vs. Shura

As the names were shown Hinata sighed visibly deflating releasing the breath she hadn't known that she was holding. At the same time Lee and Gai began cheering loudly about finally being able to fight, Naruto however headed down into onto the floor his pace slow hiding any type of feelings that may have been influencing him. Lee however leapt down landing lightly on his feet with a large grin on his face. Slowly Naruto reached up and removed his glasses from his face for the first time allowing his eyes to be seen and as the two locked eyes Lee's own widened at the appearance of the Namikaze's own yet quickly went back to normal.


Immediately as this was said Lee sped forward before leaping and opening up with a spinning kick towards the blonde's face. Taking a small jump back to avoid the move Naruto allowed him to miss before leaping forward with a punch of his own which Lee negated by use of his other foot. As fist and foot met the two pushed off of each other Lee being sent forwards about a foot while Naruto skid back several inches. Excited Lee charged right back in and never one to back down Naruto met him each of them exchanging a series of punches and blocks with the blows increasing in speed finally however Lee's speed one out as he scored a punch to the blonde's face causing him to pause. Taking the opening Lee began a bombardment of blows before finally Naruto vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Huh?" questioned Lee in surprise looking around him to find his opponent.

"Your good, better than I expected." Called Naruto sitting atop of the statue to the side of the room perched atop of its hands.

"I guess I'll have to take you a bit more seriously."

Suddenly leapt from off of the statue hitting the ground and like a toad leaping once more surprising Lee with his speed enough so that he could nail him with a palm strike to the chest. As the strike hit Lee was sent flying but managed to regain himself and recover just before he slammed into a wall. As Lee picked himself up he shot forward only for Naruto to dodge around his attacks and nail him with a three hit combo of punches to the torso that stunned him just long enough for the blond to slip away. Not one to give up easily Lee charged back in delivering a flurry of attacks which Naruto somehow managed to dodge around or block at the last minute.

"He's gotten good." Said Tsunade as she watched the match surprising several of those around her with the comment.

"He's not even really trying right now. He can actually keep up with me now, hell the only reason I can still beat the gaki is my experience in the field." Said Jiraiya.

To those who heard this Jiraiya's words were shocking. However everyone pushed them aside to focus on the match when Lee suddenly executed a series of backflips which ended with him perched atop the statue of hands. Breathing heavily Lee looked down on his opponent with narrowed eyes; having thrown everything he could think of at his opponent yet to come up with nothing. Now on one knee he pushed his leg warmers down causing Naruto to narrow his own eyes as he went about fiddling with his legs. Standing to his feet Lee held up two objects which everyone recognized as weights which he dropped causing a loud crash as the two weight sets hit the ground causing large craters to form around them.


With that Lee exploded forward his speed far surpassing anything seen in the preliminaries thus far appearing in front of Naruto in the time it took most to blink and delivering a devastating right that sent the blond flying. Recovering quickly Naruto flipped himself around and sent a hail of shuriken Lee's way to stall him while he landed. Dodging around the weapons easily enough the green clad youth was on Naruto in a heartbeat however Naruto had gotten all the time he needed having completed a short chain of seals before launching a blast of wind at Lee that sent him flying back towards the statue. Flipping so that he landing on his hands and feet the teen skidded back until he was between the craters. Reaching down he removed a set of a set of nunchaku before he suddenly vanished.

Drawing Daywalker Naruto just barely held off the first attack from Lee before lashing out with a kick only for it to hit air as Lee vanished. Instincts had him ducking down as Lee appeared behind him swinging one of the nunchaku before he lashed out with a swing of his own which Lee blocked with his other pair. Suddenly Lee moved quickly and lashed out with a pair of kicks one knocking the sword from Naruto's grip and the other to the chest which stunned him as well as pushed him back. As he skid across the ground on his back and flipped to his feet to recover Lee vanished again only to reappear running around the blond forming a long ring of dust for his action. Suddenly darting out of the dust Lee appeared crouched before the blond before nailing him with a rising kick to the chin that had him flying into the air.

Leaping up after him many were surprised to see that the bandages that usually covered Lee's hands had been undone as he appeared flying just under Naruto before the bandages as if having a mind of their own began to surround the blond forming a cocoon which Lee was quick to grab onto flipping them so that they were upside down and began a rotation that was quick to pick up in speed on a collision course to the ground. As they neared the ground Lee suddenly released a shout of pain but before anyone could see why they hit the ground causing a giant cloud of smoke to cover the room. As the smoke cleared they were greeted with the sight of Naruto slowly picking himself up off the ground Lee's bandages in tatters surrounding him while Lee himself was out of it a wound to his stomach in plain sight. However what caught the most attention was the sight of Naruto's hands with three metal blades resembling claws emerged for all to see. Naruto lashed out his right hand flinging the blood that had coated the middle blade off of him before both sets of blades retracted into his hands as if they had never been there.

"Winner Shura."

As if the words had snapped him out of a trance Gai leapt down from the stands down towards his student while medics came rushing out from the back. Almost immediately one of them went to work while another pushed Gai out of the way. As the medic worked to heal the wound she raised an eyebrow in astonishment and as she finished turned to face Gai.

"He'll be fine, the wound miraculously didn't hit anything vital as far as I can tell the pain of the wound combined with the crash knocked him unconscious. We'll take him in for observation but he'll be out in a few days at the latest." Explained the medic causing the jounin to breath out a sigh of relief.

"Now would everyone who won their match and the one lucky one who didn't have to fight come down." Called Yugito breaking the genin out of their shock.

As they were all going down Naruto had collected and sheathed Daywalker his mind still going over just how close he'd just come to losing. As far back as he remembered he'd never lost an actual fight; sure Jiraiya used to wail on him during training but those were all spars, he'd never once lost an actual fight. Yet Lee had managed to push him to the point that he'd needed to use some of the passive abilities of his powers to keep up with him, he'd even had to resort to using his claws to get out of that finisher. As the others finally arrived he shook himself out of his thoughts as all of the winners lined up in front of Yugito with Alex and Laura on either side of him.

"Alright then I will be a chuunin will be walking by with a box, each person is only to take one slip from the box." Said Yugito.

One by one each of the chuunin hopefuls that had survived the round removed a slip of paper from the box. Already several had figured out a guess as for what the next round would be but were awaiting confirmation. Finally they were given permission to read what was on the paper they'd received each of them reading off a number until the last to receive one, being Hinata had read her own.

"Alright we will now reveal to you the matches for the third exams tournament." Said Yugito before the chunin behind her turned over a portable blackboard allowing everyone to see what was written upon it.

Temari vs. Nara Shikamaru

Aburame Shino vs. Sangai

Tenten vs. Hyuga Hinata

Inuzuka Kiba vs. Tsume

Gaara vs. Shura

Haruno Sakura vs. winner of match one

"As you can all see there is one extra match in the first round. The winner of that match will decide who will go further on in the tournament. The third exam itself will be held in one month's time. Are there any questions?" finished Yugito.

"Yeah, since this is a tournament does that mean that only one person will advance to chuunin?" questioned Shikamaru.

"No, though that could very well be the case. In truth no one could be promoted or everyone could, it all depends on how well you all impress the judges on who gets promoted and who doesn't." explained Yugito.

"So why the long wait?" questioned Kiba.

"The reason behind the wait is quite simple. Many important individuals as well as prospective clients will be in attendance this gives them all time to get their affairs in order before coming. This wait also gives all of you a chance to come up with some new tricks as I'm sure some of you may have revealed all that you had, or revealed an ace you wished to keep hidden." Explained Yugito getting understanding nods all around.

"If there are no more questions you are all dismissed." Said Yugito finally, allowing the genin to disperse.

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