Naruto: X

Chapter 15

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A single vehicle made its way through the guarded gates of the small airport at a gradual pace. The vehicle in question was a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta A3 painted a solid deep blue color which drew no attention as it pulled up in front of the aircraft and came to a stop. The aircraft was an SR 71 blackbird, a piece of machinery that was actually quite the rare find, with only 32 having ever been made, its ramp lowered from which he stood at its end. After a moment the driver and passenger side doors of the car opened allowing two males to step out only one of which caught his attention, stepping out of the passenger door was a man that stood at 5'9 with short cut brown hair. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a grey pullover hooded sweatshirt along with a pair of dark lensed sunglasses as he moved alongside the car his steps where measured showing the precision in which he executed everything before he dug into the trunk. The other man had moved to the passenger side of the car and opened the door allowing two more people to emerge.

The first to do so was a woman who stood at 5'4 and had short dark red hair with a slim figure. She wore a pair of black jeans, a burgundy shirt and a beige jacket. After her another man climbed out this one an older man wore a black suit with a white shirt his hair grey from age and his hairline clearly receding. After a few moments the group began to make their way over to him with the first two men carrying a couple of bags.

"Mister Vice-President it is an honor to meet you." He said as he stepped forward to shake the man's head.

"You as well Mr. Namikaze, the President and his family speaks quite highly of you." Spoke the man.

Naruto smiled though all of them could tell he was a bit embarrassed. Despite the time that had passed he'd kept in touch with his old friend who was now titled 'the first daughter' and was still not used to the high opinion she and her family had of him.

"Right, well we just have one more on the way before we can go." Said Naruto regaining himself rather quickly before turning serious.

"Just a reminder where we are going you won't have any power or sway like you would most other places and things will be very different than what you are used to. The only reason they are even willing to meet with you is because I vouched for this but I don't possess the power to push anything at this point in time." Said the blond his sudden change in demeanor catching the group off guard slightly before he turned his attention to the other two.

"As for you two Ms. Romanov and Mr. Barton don't do anything stupid or you'll be dead before your bodies hit the floor. Also tell your boss he can consider us even now." Stated the blond.

As the woman went to speak the sound of a horn honking caught the group's attention as they turned to the sight of a black range rover pulling up. As it came to a stop and the doors opened a middle aged woman stepped out of the passenger side. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a beige shirt with short sleeves, she had short brown hair and intense brown eyes that looked out at the world through a pair of glasses. As she pulled open the rear passenger door it allowed a younger teen to step out who had long blonde hair that hung down to her back. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt over which was a brown jacket that she wore open. From the other side of the car walked an older man who wore a pair of black slacks and a white shirt, the top two buttons undone and the tie missing. He had short black hair that was in the process of graying and a rather thick mustache. In his arms he held a small child whose eyes lit up upon seeing the blonde.

"DADDY!" exclaimed the girl upon sighting the blonde causing a smile to come across his face.

The little girl had deep red hair of a darker shade than her mother's vibrant shade and eyes shaped like her fathers but eyes as green as her mothers. She wore a yellow dress and her legs kicked excitedly as she reached for him. She was the spitting image of his own mother he mused as he moved up to them and gratefully took hold of his daughter who latched on him with a speed that would surprise anyone who didn't know her only to get a look of confusion from the blonde.

"Thanks for taking care of her guys." Said the blond gracefully.

"Hey you know we love having her around." Said the older woman smiling.

"Did you bring me a present?" questioned the little girl ignoring the conversation in the way only an excited child could.

"Hm you know I'm pretty sure I had something…" started the blond making a show of checking himself with his empty right hand

"Ah ha here it is." Said the blond before pulling a long black case out of his back pocket and holding it up.

As she opened it every eye widened in surprise as the case revealed a beautiful necklace inside. The necklace itself was a rather simple rope chain however it was the pendent that was the eye catcher. The pendent was shaped like a flower with the petals made of emerald and white diamonds with a base made of white gold and the center piece also emerald, though shaped into the Uzumaki clan spiral.

"Pretty." Whispered the little girl in awe

"Jesus where did you find this?" questioned the blond girl

"Truthfully I had this one made specifically for my little princess. As for the stones they were part of the inheritance my mother left me." Stated Naruto with a shrug snapping the case shut and sliding it into his pocket.

"Now let me introduce you to some people." Stated the teen motioning them over to the other group.

"Vice-president Joe Deckard let me introduce you to Professor John Grey and his wife Elaine, and their daughter Sara. I'm sure you guys already know the VP the other two are Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton." Stated Naruto introducing the two groups

"Do I want to know what they do?" questioned John about the two mentioned.

"Let's just say they help keep World War 3 from starting." Stated Naruto.

"I see then I hope you continue to be successful with your job." At these words the two merely nodded which the man took as their silent gratitude.

"Now we don't want to hold you guys up so we'll be heading out." Stated John shaking the blonde's hand along with that of the VP's before making his way back to the car.

"You be safe okay." Said Elaine pulling the blonde into a hug and giving Kushina a kiss on the cheek before following after her husband.

"You know you can still come with us if you want Sara." Said Naruto.

"While I'd love to spend more time with my niece I have two papers I have to finish by Friday." Said Sara giving Kushina a kiss on the forehead before walking back to the car.

"Well then, you ready to go?' questioned Naruto turning to Kushina who nodded happily and snuggled into his side.

As he turned and made his way up the ramp and towards the plane Naruto motioned the others to enter while he himself brought up the rear. Finding a pair of unoccupied seats he quickly went about strapping Kushina into the window seat before moving up to the front. Looking inside he could see both Laura and Alex occupying the seats the latter of the two sleeping.

"We're ready." Stated Naruto.

"Alright take-off in five." said Laura.

Nodding his acceptance the blonde returned to the rear and strapped himself in next to his daughter to ready for the takeoff.

For the first few hours of the flight the journey was made in a comfortable silence as the VP and his guards were keeping to themselves. Naruto however had removed Kushina from her safety belt early on and settled her on his lap as the two of them set about watching movies on a customized Ipad that Forge had made for her. What he had done was basically gut the thing and turn it into a portable movie player which was all it did. They had gotten through the first two Mighty Ducks movies before someone finally caught his attention that person being Natasha Romanov.

"How long is the flight?" questioned the redheaded woman causing Naruto to smirk.

"Well that really depends on how lost we are." Said the blond catching the attention of the two males as well.

"Lost, what do you mean lost?" demanded the woman hotly.

"Well you've got to be lost to get to a place that can't be found, otherwise everyone would know where it is."

Jean sighed in frustration as she threw another stack of envelopes onto her dresser. Even though the school year had only just begun really she was already receiving things from various colleges. Many coaches had come to see her about playing or coaching for their respective schools since the end of the previous year as well. Naruto had left on July 11th just after their daughter's birthday and his own birthday was nearing with hers falling almost two weeks later. She had other things to worry about aside from soccer like the fact she was supposed to be getting married in December, spend a few weeks in Konoha with her husband and then come back to finish the school year. She didn't even know if she was going to go to college anymore.

Of course her parents weren't thrilled with the route that her life had taken, but eventually they'd been able to understand. Revealing the fact that she was a mutant to them hadn't initially gone over well but after presenting various scientific facts she'd been able to save her relationship with her family. Of course that bombshell had done nothing to lessen the blow when she'd revealed her pregnancy minutes later in fact her father and Jiraiya had nearly come to blows over it. Normally Jiraiya was a pretty easy going guy even if he was massively perverted but once someone threatened Naruto you found yourself within the presence of a legendary shinobi. In fact she was certain if not for Naruto being there Jiraiya would have killed him. Eventually they'd come to terms with the fact that they had two vastly different perspectives of the world. In Jiraiya's mind she'd already been an adult and as such was fine to have a little drink, while in her fathers she was a minor and as such it was illegal for her to drink.

In the end they had simply agreed to disagree which was the best that could be hoped for on that subject. If that wasn't bad enough her parents had nearly blown a gasket when they learned the particulars about the marriage situation. Explaining to them just how important Naruto actually was had actually left them speechless as had learning the reason that Naruto had been in America eventually Naruto and her family had begun to get along and they were happy to look after her daughter during the week, especially her mother who didn't actually work anymore, though Jean made it a point to have the girl with her on the weekends. The fact that she wasn't going to be his only wife had long since settled into her mind, while no one initially liked it eventually everyone had come to terms with the situation for what it was, however due to Naruto's position the wedding was to be very traditional even with the number of brides to be married it was a good thing she was open minded.

A brief knocking on her door brought her attention from her thoughts and not even waiting for acknowledgement Kitty fazed through dragging Rouge with her. At home Rogue showed a surprising amount of skin now that she had gained control or her powers at the moment wearing a pair of shorts and a basketball jersey. Jean raised an eyebrow as Kitty flopped down on her bed while Rogue more composed climbed on as well.

"So what's going on?" questioned the red head.

"She's still having trouble with Japanese." Stated Rogue causing Kitty to groan into the bed.

"Well why don't you just ask Logan for some help?" questioned Jean.

"Cuz he like won't teach me everything. Plus how do I ask him about the other questions just ask him 'How do you say fuck me harder?' that would totally work." Said Kitty rolling her eyes.

"Katai watashi no seikō" said Jean causing both girls to look at her with wide eyes.

"What so I like to talk a little dirty." Defended the redhead blushing while Rogue and Kitty burst out laughing.

Within a single room in the Shinobi Administrative division of the building termed as 'The Academy' Tsunade looked at all the figures that had gathered at her request. Sitting around a large round table were each of the clan heads as well as the most prominent members of the merchants guild. Along with them were her old sensei Sarutobi Hiruzen, her old teammate Jiraiya, the head of the ANBU corps, Shizune and the most notable of the new jounin which included Hatake Kakashi, Yuhi Kurenai, Sarutobi Asuma, Maito Gai and Mitarashi Anko. Seeing everyone present and accounted for the busty Kage decided to get things started

"A few days ago at the end of the first exam one of the gennin slipped a note to Ibiki who was acting as proctor with his test. The note in questioned brought up an anomaly with one of the other Konoha gennin who was in possession of and flaunting classified information to the group of rookies. After reviewing the file of the gennin in question we spotted several anomalies as well which had until that point been overlooked. During the second exam I had ANBU covertly extract him as well as the entirety of the team he was with. During their questioning one of them revealed that the team were in all actuality spies for the village of Otogakure." Stated Tsunade causing everyone to shift slightly with the exceptions of Jiraiya, Hiruzen and Anko.

"Further questioning revealed that the leader of Oto is none other than the traitor Orochimaru." Finished Tsunade causing those people to stiffen up in shock before motioning to Anko.

"Further prodding by Ibiki and I revealed that the leader of the group of spies was one Yakushi Kabuto, who after a bit of work proved to be a goldmine of information. First and foremost his entire background was falsified. In truth he had been forced into the work by Danzo who had threatened the entirety of the orphanage he'd grown up in, after treachery on Danzo's part which resulted in the death of the matron of the orphanage he switched allegiance to Orochimaru. Who then placed him in a position to act as a double agent to Akasuna no Sasori." Stated Anko catching the attention of the rest of the room with the name of the S-class missing nin from Suna.

"During his time under Sasori he learned he was a member of a group of S-class nuke-nin called Akatsuki whose main goal was the acquisition of the Bijuu. Aside from Sasori the members included Hoshikage Kisame of the Seven Swordsmen of the mist, Kakuzu of Taki, a man called Zetsu with no known affiliation, a woman by the name of Konan from Ame, Uchiha Itachi whose first action as a member was severing Orochimaru's hand forcing him to flee the Organization after trying to take over his body, Diedara of Iwa who replaced Orochimaru and the leader who goes by the name of Pein also of Ame." Said Anko

"That sounds like a lot of muscle." Mused Akimichi Chouza

"A lot of muscle my ass that's eight Kage level nuke-nin!" exclaimed Inuzuka Tsume

"With one unknown position as my own intel reveals that the organization is composed as of nine of them." Spoke Jiraiya

"Unfortunately that's not all that was discovered. During the third stage of the exams there will be an invasion by the combined forces of Oto and Suna." Stated Tsunade darkly.

"Invasion, what the hell I thought Suna were our allies!" exclaimed Tsume banging a fist onto the table.

"We've learned that the Kazekage had been covertly assassinated and replaced just recently. With his children and their jounin sensei in Konoha for the duration of the exams there would be no one familiar enough with him that they would be able to tell the difference if the right measures were taken. Orochimaru himself intends to impersonate the Kazekage during the finals in order to get close to the Hokage. From what we learned the real Kazekage actually refused the offer during their initial meeting." Stated Anko

"Please tell me you've recalled everyone that were out on missions." Stated Inoichi.

"No I've simply retasked them. While some will be returning to help us with the invasion the vast majority I've sent on a high priority assignment. While we're dealing with the invasion those outside have been tasked with sacking all of the bases under Orochimaru's command and to capture a few noteworthy people." Stated Tsunade.

"I see so in the chance that some of them escape us they will have nowhere to run to." Stated Shikaku.

"I suppose we don't have much to worry about with both Jiraiya-sama and Sandaime-sama around as well." Stated one of the civilian council members

"Unfortunately I won't be taking an active role in the invasion." Stated Jiraiya surprising just about everyone.

"I'll be guarding over someone of extremely high priority at that point and won't be around to help out. However I've already briefed the toads and many of them will be standing by as I'll be issuing some emergency summoning scrolls to a few people." Explained Jiraiya

"Shit that's right there's going to be a ton of delegates here to see the exam." Stated Chouza with a grimace.

"That's not the worst of it. As of this morning Naruto was bringing someone to the village from the nation we'd been hiding him in. This person is the second in command of the entire nation which is in the land beyond the veil. The purpose of this was to set up a minor trading deal as they are more technologically advanced than we are." Stated Tsunade.

"So that's why the civilians were called." Stated Shibi getting a nod from Tsunade.

"I take it were going to put guards on this person then." Stated Tsume

"Yes but we'll place him with the other delegates so it won't take more manpower." Stated Hiruzen.

"Shibi, Shikaku we already have a copy of the attack plans that the spy was aware of that we'll be leaving with the two of you. Between the two of you I'm sure you'll come up with something to keep losses to a minimum." Stated Tsunade getting nods from the two men. Before they could go further a knock on the door caught their attention.

"What is it?" barked Tsunade in irritation causing a chuunin to stick his head in.

"Sorry Hokage-sama but Namikaze-sama is here to see you." Stated the chuunin nervously.

"Oh let him in." said Tsunade her countenance changing and allowing the chuunin to breathe out a sigh of relief before opening the door.

As he entered many of those in attendance raised eyebrows as it was irregular to allow anyone to interrupt a council meeting especially one as big as this one turned out to be. Many of them were also trying to get their first look at the Namikaze heir having never actually met him before. However it was the sight of the small redheaded child in his arms that caught the most attention.

"NADE-BAA-CHAN!" exclaimed the little girl upon sighting the woman who had crossed the room the instant she saw the little girl and took her from her father.

"Kushina-chan look at you, you've gotten so big." Said Tsunade tickling the girl's stomach lightly causing her to giggle.

"Hope we weren't interrupting anything too important." Said Naruto with a smile.

"Now what's more important than my cute little granddaughter." Said Tsunade causing Kushina to smile brightly.

"Tsunade-sama who…" started Tsume with a wavering voice surprising many and catching both Naruto's and Tsunade's attention.

"Her name is Kushina, she is my daughter." Stated Naruto

"Kami-sama she looks just like her." Whispered Chouza

"Anyway we were just stopping by cause she wanted to see you before I took her home." Stated Naruto turning back to Tsunade.

"Actually gaki why don't you stick around for a bit I'll look after her for a bit." Said Jiraiya taking Kushina from Tsunade who hugged her 'jiji' tightly.

"Alright but don't let her charm you out of anything. She goes home and to bed, isn't that right." Said Naruto.

"Yes daddy." Said the little girl pouting cutely.

"Hey Kushina-chan have I ever told you about the time your dad…" started Jiraiya walking out and closing the door behind him.

"So what's going on?" questioned Naruto after a moment.

"Good call on that Kabuto bastard." Stated Tsunade.

"So what was he hiding I couldn't get much of a read on him." stated Naruto.

"Wait you're the one who singled out that spy." Stated Inoichi in an impressed tone.

"Yeah, the guy knew too much about me and just about everything about me was classified." Explained Naruto

"Listen there was something else that you need to know." Said Tsunade before explaining to him about the Akatsuki situation.

Naruto frowned as he digested what she told him. Jiraiya had told him quite a while ago that he didn't think that the Kyuubi had actually died, since it was basically a chakra construct it shouldn't be able to die and even if it had it would've reformed by that point. Naruto didn't like thinking of things like that as he liked to think that there wasn't a giant chakra monster living in his stomach. His mood was only worsened as he was informed about the invasion that was set to take place during the third stage of the exam.

"You know I'm starting to think that my inheritance isn't worth all this trouble. Jean is going to blow a gasket." Mused the blonde as he started to massage his temple causing Tsunade to wince.

"Alright Naruto focus, Jiraiya will keep Kushina in the compound so you won't have to worry about that. We just need to get through this invasion and just knowing about it beforehand is a start." Said the woman calmly.

"Okay so what do you need from me?" questioned Naruto after a moment.

"The genin Sabaku no Gaara I need you to make sure he isn't a factor. He happens to be the container for the Ichibi and from what we managed to gather his seal isn't shit."

"Oh that's it; okay that should be simple enough. I've been studying up on the Uzumaki style fuinjutsu anyway since I already learned everything Ero-sensei had to teach me on the subject. I'm pretty sure I can come up with a way to reinforce an already existing seal without there being too much of an issue." Stated Naruto

"That's another thing according to Orochimaru's little spy you've got a couple of family members in Oto. There was actually one in the exam and we've already secured her so she's not going anywhere. The other we learned is one of his bodyguards so we'll make it a priority to capture her during the invasion." Said Tsunade.

"Also see if you can get Logan to come and help us out as well." Stated Tsunade after a moment of thought.

"I'm sorry but who is this Logan and what difference would he make." Stated Inoichi with a raised eyebrow.

"He's Tsume's, his teammates, father and he was one of Naruto's trainers while he was gone. As for the difference lets just say when it comes to close combat most jounin would have a very hard time with him." said Tsunade.

"I would but there are a couple of SHIELD agents here with the VP." Said Naruto causing Tsunade to grimace.

"Besides I'm pretty sure we'll have this thing done pretty easily. If we strike during the exam itself while there still ignorant of our knowledge of the invasion we should be able to cut their efficiency in half at the least." Said Naruto getting an agreement from Shikaku after a moment.

"Now as I'm not yet a member of this council I think it would be best if I bow out now. I'll see if I can find something strong enough to contain a bijuu as well." Said Naruto after a few moments silence.

"Very well, we've got a few more days so you should have some luck." Said Tsunade dismissing him from the room.

"Naruto-san I think it would be wise for you and your daughter to join us for dinner tonight." Said Hiashi causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

"Ah crap I have to explain Hinata to Kushina." Said the blond before hanging his head as he left the room all the while mumbling out curses.

Several hours later found Naruto watching with a small smile as Hinata and Kushina moved around the Hyuga gardens. With his daughter being so young she didn't really grasp the true depth of the situation but in her own way she understood and was apparently happy if the smile she gave when she said she'd have a new auntie. Adding Hinata to Rogue or Anna as he liked to call her, Kitty and Laura that gave Kushina three 'aunties' not including Jean's sisters. Kushina had surprised the Hyuga family with how well she could speak being barely over two years old and Naruto just smiled at the compliments not informing them how he and Jean had cheated her development by speaking with her telepathically since she was born or how her vocal cords, hell all of her muscles developed faster than a normal child's would.

She was currently dressed in a white and pink kimono that Jiraiya had bought for her earlier in the day. Jiraiya spoiled her silly but he honestly would rather her be a bit spoiled than have the shitty childhood he remembered from his early years in the village. Jean didn't really like it but he was fine as long as his little girl had a smile on her face which Jiraiya never failed to bring out of her. The one time he had actually called the man out on it he simply said 'It's a grandparents prerogative to spoil their grandchildren, I'm not missing it a second time.' The hidden meaning behind the man's words had not been lost on him and if anything they had become even closer because of it. His thoughts on the matter were interrupted as Hiashi came to stand beside him.

"That's quite a child you have there." Said the man.

"She's a blessing." Said the blond with a smile.

"She reminds me very much of your mother." Said the man causing the teen to turn to face him.

"I did not know her as well as I should have, her and my wife being so close but your child is just like her." Said Hiashi.

"From what Jiraiya-sensei says she has the temper as well." Said Naruto with a chuckle.

"Doesn't surprise me, the Uzumaki were well-known for their tempers." Said the man.

"I'm surprised she's taken everything so well, she usually doesn't take so well to strangers." Said Naruto.

The conversation was brought to a halt as Hinata came walking up holding Kushina in her arms who was nearly asleep. Taking his daughter from her he figured it was time for them to return home so she could go to sleep. Saying his good nights he was escorted to the door by Hinata giving her a small peck on the cheek before taking his leave. Waiting for a few moments he disappeared in a puff of smoke to reappear on the roof of a nearby building. Making sure that no one was looking he cloaked himself and Kushina in the camouflage technique Jiraiya had taught him before slowly levitating into the air and moving slowly towards his home. Several minutes later found him entering into Kushina's room which was directly across from his own. The walls were painted a light blue color and was surrounded in all manner of decorations. The decorations however hid the fact that her room had more seals lining it than the Hokage tower he and Jiraiya had really gone all out in their preparations for Kushina's arrival.

He woke her just long enough to change her into her sleeping clothes and remove the necklace from around her neck. Placing her into the bed and tucking her in he watched as she snuggled up with a red phoenix stuffed animal Jean had gotten for her. On her other side was another animal though this one done in the likeness of Gamabunta the chief of the toad summons just missing the pipe. Creating a single reinforced shadow clone it proceeded to sit itself in the reclining chair and put its feet up allowing for him to leave the room and close the door behind him. taking a moment to lean against the door feeling the seals in the room kick on his expression soon took on a serious tone as he turned and moved down the hall towards the library, he had a seal to find.

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