Naruto: X

Chapter 2

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Charles Frances Xavier was a very well known man. If one were to ask they would be told that Charles was perhaps the most brilliant man alive, having graduated from college with honors at the age of 16 from Harvard University. Within a two year residence at Oxford the man had graduated with PhD's in genetics, biophysics, and psychology. Throughout his lifetime the man had met and befriended many people, many of them very influential people.

In his younger years the man had been drafted in the Korean War. In that time he'd man quiet the name for himself as a soldier for the search and rescue division. This had gained him several connections within the top brass of the military. After leaving the military he had traveled the world meeting many more people. Yet nothing had prepared him for the task of calming the mind of a very powerful and extremely pissed off four year old boy.

While many would find this an easy task Xavier knew better, after all Namikaze Naruto was not your average four year old. No Naruto is a former demon container, who's been mistreated all his life, and experimented on that just so happened to be four years old. Knowing the boy was still unstable he was determined to fix this before he even thought of waking him from the coma he'd been placed in.

Thankfully he'd already mentally bonded with the young boy before he'd even met him, as such the process was a bit easier than he initially expected. Though unconscious it seemed Naruto knew everything that had transpired when Charles and Erik had rescued him. Because of this he'd gained the very knowledge the Sandaime had been trying desperately to keep from him, the knowledge of his past. Everything from his parents to the Kyuubi Naruto now knew about. As such Charles found himself having to brush up on his psychology skills in an effort to help the boy come to terms with his situation.

Throughout this period it seemed Naruto had required constant monitoring. It seems when he wasn't working with him Naruto would be plagued by nightmare of his past either in Konoha or with Apocalypse, nightmares that sent the boy's powers out of control. It also helped that Naruto came out of the deal with the knowledge of several languages in his mind, most likely so that he could blend easier. In the end it had taken the man the better part of a week to get the boy to come to grips with his life.

Now Naruto was out of his coma but he never left the room that had been designated to him. He would merely sit there staring out the window, eat, and sleep. If he spoke it was only through telepathy and Charles often found himself wondering if the boy's voice box had been tampered with.

Luckily he'd been able to track down an old friend of his, someone he knew could help the boy immensely. This was the one man he knew who may be able to relate to the blonde at the moment, the man known as the Wolverine.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to work with the kid." Said the man having just gotten a briefing on the boy from his old friend.

He stood at about 5'10" and wore a pair of blue jeans a white t-shirt and an open brown leather jacket.

"That is correct Logan. At the moment you are the only one he can relate to having gone through the same process as the boy did. You are perhaps his greatest hope to move on with his life." Explained Charles getting a sigh from the man.

"Fine Chuck I'll see what I can do." Said Logan as he turned and left heading up to the boys room.

'Luckily Scott and Jean are at school. At the moment I don't think either of them could handle someone of Logan's disposition.' Though Charles with a sigh.

Elsewhere Erik Lehnsherr was having problems of his own. The man lye lost in thought as he stared at the ceiling of his home. Having gone through the files on himself and his children he knew the fate that awaited them and was determined to change it. The fact was he knew that when they were discovered the human's would turn on the mutants. However despite this knowledge he did not wish to become so engulfed in the war that he lost his relationship with his children, the very children he was trying to protect.

He didn't want to see his daughter in a mental institution and he didn't wish to see his son killed. Yet he now knew that if he kept traveling this path that was exactly what would happen. With a sigh he resided in the fact he'd have to do the one thing he was loathed to do…change. Standing to his feet and donning his armor and helmet the man flew off, it seemed he needed to speak with some people.

When Logan entered Naruto's room the sight that greeted him had been enough to give him pause. The boy was sitting in his window sill staring out at the yard. He wasn't even dressed, still in his pajamas, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top, despite the fact that it was half past noon. What gave him pause however was the boy himself as he looked to small for his age and too skinny obviously malnourished. He raised an eyebrow though as the boy sniffed at the air before he found himself staring into the slitted pupil of one of his blue on black eyes. After getting a look at him the boy merely looked back out into the yard.

"Listen kid I know you're going through a tough time right now. I went through the same thing so I know how you feel. I won't lie to you and tell you everything will be fine, cause it won't. I know you've had a rough life and now things will only get rougher. If you need anything though the prof and me will be here for ya." Said the man before he turned to leave only to be stopped by the boys voice.

"My whole life I've been lied to by the one person I actually trusted. I've been hated and beaten all for something I had no control over. I don't even know who I am anymore. Am I human, a demon, or something else?" finished the boy his words only reaching the man due to his sensitive hearing.

"Kid what you've been through is something no one should experience, especially not someone your age. But I'll tell you like someone once told me. 'It doesn't matter what people think of you, all that matters is how you see yourself'." Finished Logan.

Saying this he placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. Almost as soon as he did however images began flying though his mind as a headache strong enough to take on the Hulk hit him. Stumbling backwards away from the boy and grabbing his head in pain he reared his head back and roared the sound catching Naruto's attention quickly. The boy could only watch in horror as the man screamed before he fell to the ground passed out, just as Charles entered the room.

Logan awoke with groan though he was thankful that the mutant headache had died. Sitting up the man frowned as he ran a hand through his hair.

"It's good to see you awake." Said Charles catching the man's attention.

"How long was I out and what happened?" asked Logan as he turned his gaze to Charles.

"It seems after you made skin contact with Naruto your memories were released resulting in the pain you felt." Stated Charles catching the man's attention.

"It's possible that the only reason this was possible is because your DNA is held within him. It seems that one of his abilities let him send knowledge into your mind." Explained Charles.

"Like a reverse of Rogue's power." Stated Logan quietly.

"It seems you've also gained memories of people you are yet to meet." Said Charles with a knowing smirk.

"Naruto said Apocalypse did that to him, how was that possible?" asked Logan getting a sigh from Charles for having to reveal information he didn't wish to yet.

"The Apocalypse who did that to Naruto was apparently from the future. I hadn't really believed that part until you mentioned Rogue who I have yet to bring here as her powers wont manifest until she is 14." Said Charles.

"Why go after the kid though?" asked Logan getting a sigh fro Charles.

"It seems that Naruto helped turn the tide of a war in this future. Apocalypse attempted to change that by getting to him long before that could happen." Said Charles with a sigh.

"So he kidnapped him and put him through the Weapon X procedure." Stated Logan.

"Yes. Fortunately Erik and I arrived before the procedure could be completed. Because of this only his claws have the adamantium coating." said Charles.

Logan didn't comment after that merely climbing out the bed and moving over to his back from out of which he pulled out a black and orange suit of body armor.

"Going somewhere?" asked Charles as he saw the man's uniform.

"Yea, to see some people about a girl." Said Logan.

Elsewhere Sarutobi Hizuren sat looking over Konoha with a contemplative frown on his face. In the last week he'd been able to change much around the village. after Charles and Erik had left he'd sent Tsunade and Jiraiya to the capitol to deliver a message to the Daimyo. In that message he'd stated all the things that had gone wrong in the last four years, things that he knew the council hadn't reported to the man.

He'd gotten a message back from the man thanks to one of Jiraiya's summons after only a day. In that message he'd been given the power to remove the civilian's from the council as well as Koharu, Homura, and Danzo. With that the council was now only made up of the various clan heads and he had Aburame Shibi and Nara Shikaku serving as his new top advisors. Koharu, Homura, and Danzo however were all being watched under the suspicion of the assassination of Uzumaki Kushina.

Other than that he'd finally been able to push the age limit for the shinobi graduations back. He felt that twelve year olds were still too young to be shinobi and had pushed the age back to fifteen. This had in turn given the gennin hopefuls a few more years to hone their skills and choose their career paths. Finally he had designated the D-rank missions to Academy students while low C-rank missions were now taken by gennin if their sensei's felt they were up to it. Mid C-rank missions and up went to the Chuunin, Jounin, and ANBU.

What this did was improve a group's teamwork while still in the academy. Unfortunately for the students they couldn't be paid for these so they were used as acts of community service. When they reached the age twelve the students begin participating in the D-ranked missions. They would also be placed within the fields that would best suit them. Combat, capture and interrogation, scouting, medical, and administration were the fields they were given.

He'd also released the information on Naruto's parentage. He went further and publically stated that the village had been lied to be certain members of the former council in someone's effort to take control of the village. By the end of his little speech several people had left with much to think about. At one point he'd have been worried for Naruto about releasing this information but since no one could get to the boy and Jiraiya promised the boy would be more than able to protect himself upon his return he wasn't worried.

All in all the week had been a very productive one. Now all he needed to do was figure out a way to finally defeat the menace known as paperwork then all would be right with the world.

For the first time since his arrival at the mansion Naruto had ventured out of his room. For some reason he'd been feeling better after his talk with Logan. Having lived on the streets most of his life the boy was in awe of the place. At the moment however he was sitting within the Professor's study as the man was teaching him to read. Despite knowing how to speak the language the blonde found he couldn't read it, hell he couldn't read his own language either.

As such the Professor thought it best to teach him to read and write Japanese first. After that they would work on English since the boy wouldn't have to start school for a while. Other than that the man wanted to teach him to control his psychic abilities as he didn't want him to hear the minds of everyone within a room which according to the Professor hurt a lot. This was the scene two children discovered as they entered the house.

"Hello Scott, Jean." Said Charles without even turning his head.

"Man professor you know you seriously creep me out when you do that." Said the boy that Naruto guessed was Scott.

He was a boy with dark brown hair and looked to be about seven years old. He was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, a black shirt, and white and black shoes. He wore a pair of sunglasses over his eyes that had deep red lenses.

The person next to him was a girl who Naruto guessed was Jean. She had deep red hair and also looked about seven years old. She was wearing a light green dress with a pair of white shoes.

"Jean, Scott this is Naruto the new student I was telling you about. Naruto these two are Jean Grey and Scott Summers." Said Charles.

"Nice to meet you." Said Scott as the two shook hands. As they did the glasses wearing teen felt an itching in his eyes that he quickly dismissed once it stopped.

"Hi wanna be friends." Said Jean also moving to shake his hand.

As their hands connected the world seemed to lose focus for the two of them as all they could see was each other. Both could swear they saw flames appear in the others eyes as flaming birds hovered behind them. Then the moment was over yet in that single moment a bond had formed between them greater than any anyone would ever know.

"What do you mean the plans changed?" asked a blue skin woman as she stared at the imposing form of Magneto.

"Exactly that. Leave the girl with Diamond, when her powers activate we'll send her to Xavier. As of now I have need of you elsewhere, Mystique."

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