Naruto: X

Naruto: X

Chapter 3

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Project Weapon Plus that was the name of the joint military project between nations. Headed by the Canadian government and secretly backed by the United States government this projects sole purpose was the eradication of mutants. In order to fulfill this goal they captured several mutants performing various experiments on them both, physical and mental.

Of the mutants captured and forced through this procedure he was the tenth codenamed Weapon X. they had done much to him such as forcefully crafting the adamantium ore to his entire skeleton, and bringing forth his baser instincts. There was one thing they hadn't anticipated when doing this and that was his escape. He'd thought he'd put an end to this foolishness the last time around, unfortunately it seems he was wrong. Now another group had revived the project the group known as HYDRA.

For the last two years he'd been hunting the group. He'd spent every moment tracking them as they moved from base to base constantly as if they knew he was coming for them. He'd tracked them from Canada, to Europe, Japan, and Africa until finally discovering them in South America.

As he looked down on their current base from his position hidden in the forest Wolverine released his metal covered claws not even wincing as they parted his skin. Then with a bestial roar of rage the living weapon descended on his prey, not a single ounce of remorse for the poor souls who would fall before him this day.

For Naruto the last two years had been the greatest of his life. After their initial meeting he, Scott, and Jean had quickly become friends. Admittedly he felt closer to Jean than he did Scott. Regardless of this however the boy was just happy that he actually had friends now.

In the last two years he was hardly ever bored as it seemed as if he was always busy. While Scott and Jean attended school Naruto was working with the Professor to further both his grammar skills and his psychic ones. The motivation for the latter of them was to catch up to Jean so that he could at least go out in public without worry.

When he wasn't doing either of those he was reading. He had quickly found a love for it after he learned. Of course he still needed improvement but he wasn't bad for a six year old. When he wasn't' studying though he was at work in the yard. The Professor was determined he make the best of his abilities since he had them. If you didn't find him doing that then he was getting to know the wonders of T.V.

When Jean and Scott got home though was when things really picked up. They had taught him several games they knew only to amplify them dramatically. In these games Naruto had discovered just what powers the two held and told both that they were cool. At the moment however the blonde could be found traversing the halls of the mansion on his way to the kitchen.

As he moved through the place he found himself once again being thankful for having night vision. If anyone could see him however he had no doubt they would be freaked out by the glowing blue retina's of his eyes. Originally he had hated what had been done to his eyes and often times still did. As a result of the experimentation done on him his eyes were extremely sensitive to light and Naruto had once nearly blinded himself because of this.

Such thoughts however were quickly ground to a halt as he reached the bottom of the stairwell. As he did his eyes narrowed as he glanced around himself and his nose twitched. If there was one thing he'd learned from living on the streets in Konoha it was how to survive. The greatest lesson in that was how to tell when you were not alone, something that was invaluable when everyone wanted to do you harm. His heightened sense of smell had only helped him with this as well.

Suddenly he jumped back onto the stairs dodging an attack from his side. As he did he quickly whipped a single hand out and with a telekinetic push sent his attacker flying. His attention however had already left his previous attacker as he continued to scan around himself into the shadows until suddenly to men stepped forwards.

The first was a white man that stood at about 6 feet in height. He wore black leather pants with a cotton black shirt and a black leather trench coat. He had long dark brown hair that hung around his head like curtains. The second was dressed similarly though he was Asian and had short black hair.

"Well it seems the kid has some fight in him." Said the white man with a snort.

"Just give up kid, you don't stand a chance." Said the Asian.

Naruto wasn't listening. Instead he found himself staring at the fangs that could be seen when they spoke. At the sight of them a low growl issued from his throat as his lips pulled back exposing his own much to the shock of the two men. Before anything could be said or done however a shrill scream ripped through the house causing all three to turn towards the source.

When they did they found another man walking into the room. This man was black and stood at about 6'2". He was also clad in all black though he wasn't wearing leather. He was also wearing a combat vest under his black trench coat. His eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses with lenses so dark that his eyes couldn't be seen.

"Daywalker." Hissed the white man at the sight of him.

Suddenly both of them charged yet neither of them even made it half way. Naruto could only watch in horror as the two seemed to combust quickly becoming nothing but mere skeletons only for those to turn to ash quicker than the blonde could blink.

"What the hell." Muttered the blonde in shock.


The call of his name forced him from his shock just in time to see a beam of red energy get sent towards the man. As it came the man dodged to the side allowing for it to sail harmlessly past him.

"Who are you." Demanded Scott his hand holding the frame of his glasses as a red glow seemed to come from behind them.

"He is called Blade, the vampire hunter." Came the voice of the professor causing several pairs of eyes to turn towards him.

Blade, in the vampire community just the mere mention of his name was enough to inspire fear. He is a Dhampir born half human and half vampire and now carried all of their strengths yet none of the weaknesses, including his immunity for sunlight. As such during his time as a hunter he'd become nicknamed the 'Daywalker'.

As he looked over at the man Charles could still recall the very first time they'd met. He'd been relatively young at the time in his early twenties and had just returned from the Korean War. He'd been stuck in a foreign country with nothing but other men and like any warm blooded male had only one thing on his mind at the time. That was the night he'd met them, Darla and Carla.

The two had been twins and were extremely beautiful. Both had been blessed with mocha colored skin, had sensual hazel green eyes, and beautiful black hair that fell down to their mid-backs. He should've known too much of a good thing was a bad thing. Before he'd known what happened he'd been cornered in the back of an ally and Darla and Carla had begun trying to carve gouges in his skin.

Even drunk he'd still been able enough to use his powers, if only barely. Still he'd been able to induce a slight paralysis on them just long enough for him to stagger a few feet before they broke free. Suddenly both girls had just burst into flames and he'd looked up just in time to see the man as he made his appearance. It had been the night he quit drinking.

Now as he stared across at the man who had saved his life, after having sent the children back to bed of course, he wondered if he would help him once more.

The steel door creaked open slowly causing its occupant to tense in preparation. She'd heard the noises, the screams of agony for the last hour until they had finally ceased. Finally the door opened fully and she lunged forward two metal blades emerging from each of her balled fist as she did so. Before she could land her attack however her momentum was forced to a halt as her blades were caught.

"Kid I came all this way to help you and you thank me like this."

The gruff sounding voice had her looking up from the three blades that had caught her own. In front of her was a man who stood at about 5'10 and wore a set of bloodstained body armor. Wolverine himself looked down at the girl before him and felt another surge of anger light within him but quickly contained it. The child before him was only six years old yet they'd done this too her.

"Come on Laura we're leaving." Said Wolverine retracting his own claws shocking the girl immensely at the same time.

"Who are you." Asked the girl quietly.

She had been dreaming of this day the last two years of her life, wishing for the day when he would come to save her from the nightmare that was her life. Ever since they'd began moving her around and she had heard them say he was coming for her. Now all she needed was the words to verify the nightmare had ended.


Tears rolled down her cheeks yet a smile covered her face at the name. It was over the nightmare had ended; her father had finally come to her rescue.

The room was silent as the two stared each other down, neither willing to back down and concede to the other. Finally one of the two looked away a scowl painting over his face as the other smirked at his win.

"Alright old man I'll stay around for a while and teach the kid a few things. However I will only teach him and since he's not in school we can do that during the day. After that however I'm gone." Said Blade getting a nod from Charles.

"That is perfectly understandable. I'd like to teach him myself but my current condition forbids it. I do however have an idea that should prove fruitful to both of your training." Said Charles getting a raised eyebrow from the man.

"Tell me have you ever heard of virtual reality simulations."

The conversation this would lead to would spawn the birthplace of the most beneficial and crucial parts of training at the Xavier Institute for all time, the Danger Room.

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