Naruto: X

Chapter 4

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A single figure stood within a large circle of bodies. He wore a pair of black pants and a muscle shirt of the same color. Two silver strips resembling lightning bolts were designed on each of the shoulders of the shirt while a black 'X' on a red background was over his heart. Along with this he wore a pair of black boots that went up to his mid-calf only seen due to his pants legs being tucked inside them. A pair of fingerless black gloves covered his hands though three small pieces of steel openings were sewn into the fabric between each of his knuckles. Finally a black belt sat upon his waist the buckle of which was square and had the black on red 'X' to match his shirt. (Think Wolverine's uniform in Evolution with a different color scheme.)

He stood in a crouched position and from each of his knuckles long metal blades had emerged appearing as if he had claws. His short blonde hair swayed with the breeze and his slitted blue on black eyes watched the circle of bodies wearily. Suddenly one of the bodies launched itself at him from the circle only for the boys claws to meet his chest halfway. Pulling his bladed hand free he watched as the man, a vampire, quickly combusted turning to ash in just a matter of moments.

As if it had been some sort of signal the entire circle converged on him at that moment. Whipping one of his arms out he sent one of his attackers flying with a strong telekinetic push causing him to crash into several others. Using the motion he set into a spin and separated a female vampires head from her body causing her to fall into a pile of ash. Not slowing in the slightest he blocked an attack by a katana before burying his claws into its owner's chest. by the time the ash hit the floor two more had already fallen before him. He turned just in time to see another falling down on him with a knife drawn.

The blondes eyes widened as the metal sunk into his neck just before his body was engulfed in a puff of smoke and another vampire was in his place. Before any of them could figure out what was going on screams ripped through the air as the blonde appeared from behind them tearing through the vampires ruthlessly.

Above him Storm looked upon the sight from the observation deck of the room. Storm was blessed with a rich chocolate skin tone and long white hair that hung down her back. A pair of large C-cup breast rested proudly upon her chest and her firm backside had many men wishing they'd been the material that made up her pants nearly everywhere she went.

She was currently clad in a dark blue bodysuit that practically clung to her showing all of the curves she possessed. A cape of the same color with a white interior covered her body and was closed in the front thanks to the black on red 'X' buckle it held. A pair of white gloves covered her hands that matched her white heeled boots perfectly.

This was the Danger Room a project straight out of the minds of the Professor and Jean and something any military would kill for. It was something that the man had taken much of his time to creating allowing for many types of training to be done within the one room. Originally the room hadn't been able to use holographic simulations but after much trail and error Jean with help from the Phoenix had been able to upgrade the room to allow it.

After watching for a little while longer she stepped forward pressing a button on the control panel. The results were instant as everything within the room froze.

"Alright Naruto that's enough. Head on up and get cleaned up we have to be gone by 9:30 and it's already 8:00." Said Logan his voice echoing over the speakers in the lower room.

Scott, Jean, and Laura could currently be found within the kitchen enjoying the quiet time while it lasted. Aside from her physical appearance Jean hadn't changed much over the years. The now fifteen year old psychic had begun to fill out two years ago and as such caught the eyes of several boys. Standing at 5'6" she let her long red hair hang down to just past her shoulders and was curled at the ends. She wore a lavender shirt the top two buttons of which she left undone giving just a hint of the cleavage held within it. It was short enough to let her mid section show yet covered her belly button finishing the look was a pair of beige Capri pants. She was still the kind person she'd been as a child, though she was a bit of an overachiever always trying to fit perfectly with people's expectations of her.

Her powers had also grown remarkably over the years. Much to the professors surprise she had been able to access her telekinesis by the time she was ten. Her connection to the Phoenix Force also strengthened magnifying her powers and giving her the ability to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular level. Because she had almost no control over this power however the Phoenix within her chose to hold it back until she could completely control her other powers, much to the red heads relief.

Over time she found that she could communicate with the other being that she found herself sharing her body with. She found the Phoenix to be very protective of her yet nurturing and in a way it reminded her of her mother. The Phoenix had stated otherwise saying that Jean was her other half and in time when Jean had full control of her powers the two would become one entity. Though they didn't see eye to eye on one subject but that's a story for another day.

Laura was in many ways her complete opposite. Just from a glance at her one could tell she was the daughter of James Logan, they even scowled the same way. She was every bit as antisocial as her father as well. Still Laura had the attention of plenty of boys though she paid them no mind. While many questioned this some just believed the 13 year old girl had no interest in the opposite sex at the moment, much to her father's relief.

Though she was just beginning to develop she already had a body most girls her age would kill for. Like Jean she had green eyes though hers had a feral quality to them. She had long black hair which hung down to her mid back. She was currently clothed in a pair of black jeans and a black tank top the bottom of which was cut off allowing for her mid rift to be shown.

Like her father she possessed the ability to heal at an alarming rate. This ability had seemingly increased after she came in contact with Naruto. As such her healing had changed to regeneration for which the professor speculated she was now every bit the immortal as her father.

Scott however had changed the least physically of the three. Sure he'd gotten taller and a bit broader but that was about it. He wore a pair of beige pants and a blue v-neck sweater. Like always his Ray Ban glasses covered his eyes.

It was the first day of their summer vacation and they knew what to expect for the rest of it as summer time in the Xavier Institute seemed to always be quite the affair. As they sat in the room eating their stacks of pancakes only the sounds of the television broke the silence of the room.

"Good morning New York and welcome to another addition of Today in New York, I'm Michael Gargiulo along with my lovely co-host Darlene Rodriguez." Started Michael.

"Our top story for today presidential candidate Barack Obama has left the campaign trail briefly to head home to New York to be with his family for the remainder of the week. Just yesterday senator Obama's eldest daughter Malia was saved from a group of would be kidnappers an action which spurred this decision. Kendra Farn has more on that story for you now."

As Darlene said this the screen cut to show another woman standing in front of a school. She was blonde and wore a red skirt and jacket combination with black hells.

"I'm standing here in front of Bayville Middle School where just yesterday a kidnapping attempt on thirteen year old Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of presidential candidate Barack Obama, was thwarted. It started when four men entered the school carrying semi-automatic weapons. Malia along with several other students had been in gym class at the time when the men entered guns drawn and firing several rounds grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.

Surprisingly enough she was saved not by an adult but by another student at the school. While the students and faculty know this students identity they are refusing to tell anyone who he is instead opting to call him by the name Carnage. It appears Carnage and Malia had been close friends as instead of cowering he stood in front of Malia in an effort to shield her from her would be captors.

I've been given no other detail than that. But it appears by the time the police arrived on the scene the men were all down with multiple broken bones ranging from limbs to ribs. In the end the men were thankful for the arrival of the police if for no other reason than to be away from the boy who I quote promised to kill them if they came anywhere near any of his friends again."

As this was said Scott and Jean shared a look before turning to stare at Laura who had managed to disappear. Before either of them could say a word the sound of the doorbell being rung reached their ears and upon opening the door they found a sight that neither was prepared to deal with the family of Barack Obama standing in front of their door.

"Mr. & Mrs. Obama what a surprise." Muttered Jean while mentally cursing Naruto for the situation he created.

"I'll go and get the professor." Said Scott turning and walking as fast as possible though slow enough so it seemed he wasn't running away.

:Coward.: thought Jean using her telepathy to send the thought to Scott who only quickened his pace.

"Please come in." said the red head as she opened the door allowing the family of four to enter and leading them into the living room.

"I apologize for the unannounced visit but we just wished to thank Naruto for what he did yesterday." Said Michelle Obama as she sat down on a couch along with her family.

"It's alright. Naruto's actually still getting dressed but he'll be down in a few minutes." Said Jean as she sat down in a chair.

Not two minutes later Professor Xavier entered the room followed shortly by Scott who sat in a chair opposite of Jean.

"It is a pleasure to see you again Michelle, you as well Barack." Said Charles as he entered.

"I take it you are here to discuss the details of yesterdays events." Finished the man getting a nod from the senator and his wife.

"Yes. Though we are extremely grateful we are both wondering how it is a boy who has yet to reach his thirteenth birthday could hospitalize grown men armed with semi-automatic weapons." Stated Michelle.

"Another thing was Malia stating that Naruto pulled a 'Matrix' and was able to stop bullets in mid air. She also stated the boy had metal claws emerge from his fist." Said Barack getting a sigh from the professor.

"Before I begin I must have the word that what you all hear will not be repeated unless absolutely necessary." Said Charles getting a nod from Barack.

"For starters I suppose I should inform you that Naruto has been studying martial arts for nearly seven years now and is incredibly efficient with it, this includes swordplay. The men who attempted to kidnap Malia were not trained and as such were easy pickings for someone of Naruto's skill level." Started the Professor getting a nod from the two.

"Hey Jean have you seen my…Zune." Stated Naruto as he and Laura entered the room only to freeze upon seeing its occupants.

The boy was showered and fully dressed. He had opted to wear a pair of light blue jeans along with a short sleeved tan sweater. Beneath the sweater he wore a long sleeved white button up that went nicely with his low top white on white Air Force 1's. Finally an Emporio Armani chronograph watch sat on his left wrist. It had a stainless steel bracelet, navy face with white accents, two sub-dials a date window, and of course the hour, minute, and second hands.

He wasn't the only one surprised as was the entire Obama family upon getting a look at the boy's eyes. Seeing this, the boy pulled on a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that had a metal frame that only ran across the top of the dark blue lenses. Still the damage had been done as the group had gotten a good look of his blue on black eyes.

"It's alright Naruto we were just discussing yesterdays events so why don't you grab a seat. Laura why don't you show the girls around the place" Said the Professor.

Naruto moved slowly through the room before settling down next to Jean. Laura however simply turned as Barack's daughters followed her out of the room.

"Now back to the subject at hand. As you know I took Naruto in when he was four. What I never told anyone is that a friend and I had found him and when we did it was in the lab of a terrorist that called himself Apocalypse."

As Charles said this a murderous gleam entered the boy's eyes which did not go unnoticed by the Professor who telepathically calmed him.

"One of the experiments done on him was from the super soldier program that was initially started and supposedly closed down by our government after World War II. This was the same program that gave birth to Captain America and was entitled the Weapon Plus Program." He paused here seeing the shocked look cross the face of the Obama's before he continued.

"The program ran on him had been a sub program entitled as Weapon X. This program would infuse the adamantium ore along the skeleton of the person it was performed on. As far as I know there are only three survivors of this program, one of them being Naruto. The DNA of several other people was forced into him as well giving him any abilities they may have held. One of these abilities allows the claws to emerge as they are now a part of his skeletal structure." Explained the professor.

"Why would anyone do such a thing to a child." Said Michelle quietly.

"On Naruto's home continent there is a prophecy. In that prophecy it states that one day a child would be born that would hold the power to either save or destroy the world. It is believed that Naruto is that child." Said Charles catching everyone's attention.

"Apocalypse is one of those who believe this. As such he wanted Naruto to serve him as his greatest weapon in the war to come."

Barack narrowed his eyes at that as he stared into the eyes of the man who had helped to launch not only his political career but his presidential campaign.

"There are things in this world that even the president doesn't know about." Stated Naruto catching the room's attention.

"There are powers at work hiding in the shadows who aim to control this world. Some of the monsters you dismiss as children's tales exist. There are indeed things that prowl in the night." Continued the boy removing his glasses to show his seriousness.

"A Change truly is coming to this world. After nearly four thousand years the evolution of mankind has begun again. Unfortunately humans instinctually fear what they do not understand and these powers will use that fear to influence your decisions and instigate a war. Apocalypse is one of these powers. Not much is known about him but I do know that he's the first of his kind a man of seemingly untold power." Finished the boy quietly.

"What do you mean by the first of his kind?" questioned Barack.

"For every race there is a sub species. For the demonic race vampire's would be the lesser equivalent. For the human race mutants or the 'homo superior' are the sub species. These are people who possess an extra gene or an extra cluster of genes which we have come to call the 'X-Gene.'" Explained Naruto with a shrug.

"So I take it you possess this extra set of genetics." Said Michelle getting a nod from the boy.

"On Naruto's home continent it is rather common to come across someone who possesses these extra genes. The difference is that on this continent it has stabilized whereas in the rest of the world it is yet to do so." Explained the Xavier.

"The number of people being born with this gene sequence is growing more with each generation. It is my belief that it won't be long until every person on this planet possesses it. Some people fear that a Civil War will break out soon and are preparing for it. We however hope that this won't happen and that we can coexist peacefully in the times to come." Explained Charles.

"I see. I'll look into this weapon program and if it's still operating put a stop to it. I regret that we can't speak more but I'm on a very tight schedule." Said Barack as he stood up his wife following the action.

"Naruto thanks again for what you did. If you ever need anything just give me call." Said the man getting a nod from the boy before he shook his hand.

Michelle however gave the boy a hug while thanking him for saving her daughter. This was just in time as Laura and the girls reentered the room.

"Naruto how come you never told me you had a car?" questioned Malia almost as soon as she entered.

"Because I can't drive it." answered the boy quickly.

"That's not the point you're not supposed to drive a Maybach anyway and you know it. You're supposed to sit in the back and let people know you're important."

"Malia what are talking about?" questioned Michelle.

"Mr. Logan just pulled up in a Maybach and Laura said Naruto bought it for himself as a graduation present." Said Malia causing the adults to look at him.

"What if I can't drive I may as well be driven in style." Said the boy defensively.

"Anyway I got you a present." Said Malia quickly changing the subject.

After a minute of digging through her backpack she pulled some things out and handed them to him. Naruto's eyes widened at the gifts he was given both with the Verizon logo on them.

"Malia you know you didn't have to…"

That's as far as he got before he found a pair of lips on his own before the girl quickly pulled away blushing heavily.

"Thanks again Naruto-kun. My numbers already in the phone call me sometime." Said the girl surprising the boy with her usage of the Japanese honorific.

With that said she grabbed her bag and her gapping sister and began walking out leaving a still shocked Naruto speechless. In his shocked state he failed to notice the twitching eyebrows from Laura and Jean as well as the exit of the Obama's.

"Yo Naruto man you in there." Said a voice breaking the boy from his shock.

"Huh Alex." Said Naruto as he came back to reality.

"It's good to see your still alive. Man you've been standing there like a statue for like five minutes." Said another male voice.

"Yeah man, you had us worried."

"Evan, Kurt it's good to see you guys." Said Naruto smiling as he looked over the three boy's in front of him.

Alex is Scott's younger brother though he was nothing like Scott. His skin was tanned from living in Hawaii and his golden blonde hair hung down to his shoulders. He spent his free time with a surfboard taking on as many waves as he could. Like Scott he too could fir off beams of pure energy. The difference was his came from his hands instead of his eyes.

Kurt was definitely a cool person and was Naruto's partner when it came to joking around though he was a year older than Naruto. Kurt's mutation gave him the ability to teleport to anywhere within a two mile radius of his position. The only thing was he had to either see or know where he was going. He also had the ability to climb and stick to surfaces naturally. Unlike most others his mutation also manifested itself physically making him blue and fuzzy. He also had elf ears and a long tail, though all this was hidden thanks to an image inducer created by the professor allowing him to appear normal.

Evan, is Ororo's nephew the only son of her elder sister. He was the person Naruto called his best friend as they had much in common, most prominently their love for basketball. Evan was also a skateboarder and could hang with the best of them. His power allowed him to eject bone like objects from his body to use as either melee weapons or projectiles.

"So are you ready for this man?" questioned Evan.

"You better be I am like so ready to see this place."

The voice belonged to none other than Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde. Kitty was among the cutest girls he knew, even if she was too skinny for his liking. She was the same age as Naruto if not older by a few months. She was what Naruto called a 'mall rat' as she spent all her free time within a mall. Despite this the girl was one of the best at hand to hand combat only topped by Laura and Rouge and had a killer right hook. Her power allowed her to become intangible giving her the ability to pass through anything.

"Ah'm jus' happy school is over for a while. Ah was seriously ready tah hospitalize the entire staff."

This voice belonged to Rogue who quickly came up and wrapped the boy in a tight hug. Though her birth name was Anna Marie she preferred for everyone to call her Rogue. This southern belle was only a year older than Naruto and like Naruto, Alex and Scott was an orphan her parents having died when she was a child. She was part of the gothic crowd and was a bit more anti-social than the other girls bar Laura though no one could blame her. Her power allowed her to absorb the memories and abilities of anyone she touched.

Because of this she was unable to come into physical contact with anyone, at least until she could fully control it. Oddly enough her power didn't affect Naruto in the slightest. The professor had many theories for this though many thought it was just their abilities cancelling each other out. This was because for Kitty, Evan, Alex, and Rogue their powers had only awakened after Naruto had first touched them, most likely due to Apocalypse's experiments. Regardless of the reason Rogue was happy she could actually touch someone without worry. This was the reason she tended to spend most of her free time around him when she was around.

"I just want to get this over with so I can enjoy the rest of the summer." Said Naruto with a sigh.

"I'm happy to hear you say that because now that everyone is here it is time to go." Said Ororo making her presence known.

Ten minutes later everyone was gathered within a hanger that was built beneath the house. Within the hanger sat the SR-75 Blackbird. It was just as fast as the SR-71 with double the range and firepower. Once everyone had boarded and Ororo settled into the pilot's seat they were read to go, there destination Fire Country, more specifically Konoha.

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