Naruto: X

Chapter 5

It was a bright day within the Hidden Leaf Village. Eight years had passed since the attempted kidnapping of the Hyuga Heiress and the subsequent disappearance of the Yondaime's legacy. As the Sandaime Hokage looked upon the visages of his peers upon the Hokage Monument he couldn't help but reflect on all that had happened within that timeframe.

After the death of the Kumo ambassador during the failed kidnapping of the Hyuga heiress the Raikage had demanded the body of the Hyuga head in return. Unfortunately for the man Sarutobi Hizuren had been in no mood for leniency with the disappearance of his surrogate grandson weighing heavily on his mind. As such instead of the body of the Hyuga head he'd sent his top five ANBU squads out. The assassinations of the Sandaime Raikage and Kumo's high council had gone flawlessly.

As a bonus he had also gotten the jinchuuriki of the Nibi no Nekomata. However having learned from his last mistake no one aside from the Sandaime, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the ANBU squad who'd retrieved her knew of her status. He made it a point to make time for the girl in his schedule at least once a week. Of course he also checked up on her once a day with his ever trusty crystal ball. Once again this was all so that he didn't repeat his past mistake, though he'd grown to care for her as if she was his own granddaughter.

Tsunade especially loved the girl, so much so that she had stayed in the village and adopted her not long after they first met. This had led to Tsunade taking over the hospital as its head doctor. With Tsunade back within the village many of the higher ranked shinobi felt better about taking on the higher ranked missions. Several of the civilian doctors and nurses however hadn't liked the change. This was especially true after Tsunade had discovered they had refused to treat Naruto whenever he came in and subsequently her firing them.

Her assistant Shizune had followed her lead as well. Not only had she taken over as Deputy Director of the hospital, she had reactivated her shinobi status and become a Special Jounin as well.

Jiraiya however hadn't stayed within the village. instead he'd gotten his information network back up to the level it had been at during the last Shinobi War. If you even whispered something interesting now Jiraiya found out about it. he would also return to the village more often than he had as well.

With the removal of Danzo, Homura, and Koharu from the council as well as the civilians he found it easier to run the village as well. Of course he wasn't so naïve as to believe the three stooges were doing nothing in his time they weren't a concern at the moment.

With his redesign of the academy standards and graduation requirements there were now fewer deaths among his gennin. In fact Konoha gennin now seemed to be promoted to Chuunin rather quickly. After his first class under this new standard entered the Chuunin Exam for the first time and dominated it the other great villages had followed his example. This had led to each village redesigning their graduation requirements as well as raising the age limit for its graduates.

Of course as always there was some bad to go right along with the good. That however was something he would rather not dwell on at the moment. Still as the old man looked upon the Hokage Monument he couldn't help but feel as if he had forgotten something.

Naruto's head bobbed slightly to the beat as the music blared through his headphones while he idly polished the blade of his chain saber. Of course he wasn't the only one with headphones on and music blasting because once everyone lost the signals on their cell phones they followed his lead. As they flew the boy did all he could to not think about their destination. it was because of this that he'd already polished the blades on his glaive and was now working on the chain saber. Despite them only being in the air a few hours they had already nearly reached there destination. Because of the speed at which they were moving it was expected to only take them a little longer to reach the place, and they weren't even going full speed.

In the past whenever he thought of Konoha he soon found himself thinking of negligence which led to thoughts of Apocalypse. It had taken him a lot of time and patience to learn to not only curb but also channel the rage he felt within him. Thoughts of Apocalypse however often sent that control out the window. Whenever this happened and he got too pissed off only carnage awaited; which was precisely why Wolverine had christened him Carnage. Still he couldn't help but worry about this visit which Jean, who was sitting next to him apparently felt.

:Something wrong little brother?: asked the red head making use of the telepathic link they shared through the half of the Phoenix Force each of them held.

:Honestly yes. I can't help but feel as if this is another of the Professor's test. If it is I may just fail this one.: returned the boy.

Aside from Ororo, Jean was the only person he would say this to. Even if she didn't know everything about his past she was the only one aside from Ororo he felt he could share his insecurities with. In the time he'd spent with her she had come to see him as a younger brother and he had eagerly returned the sentiment. Though he called her his Aunt, Ororo had become his mother figure and Wolverine his father figure. Although Laura was Logan's daughter she had all but begged him to not look at her as a sister a few months back.

That had been the only time he'd read her mind. What he had found in its depths had shocked him thoroughly. Since then however he had learned to look at her as he would any other girl.

:Hey don't worry everything will be fine. You're one of the X-Men remember. Even if they don't know it nobody wants to go toe to toe with the X-Men.:

Naruto had to smile at Jean's words. He had obviously been as big an influence on her as she had been on him. Still he couldn't help but believe her words; after all who in the world would want to throw down with the X-Men? All across the globe several people simultaneously sneezed out of nowhere.

Sensing his anxiousness die down a smile slid across Jean's face that was only hidden by the book she was reading.

: Alright everyone, we are reaching are landing point strap yourselves in: said Charles using his telepathy since all the kids were wearing headphones.

If one were to ever ask a kage of any hidden village you would be told that the most boring yet difficult task they could be given was paperwork. The entity known as paperwork was an enemy not one kage had been able to best in the time since the founding of the great villages. Sarutobi Hizuren, the Sandaime Hokage was a veteran in the war against paperwork waging battles against it that he should not be doing in his old age.

Unfortunately even he the oldest kage to ever live had yet to win the war as evident by the large piles of paper that sat upon his desk. It was only highly trained senses that had him standing from his desk and snapping the illusion that had engulfed the room. as he did he was quite surprised at the large group of people that had occupied the room. Even his ANBU were surprised as evident by them emerging from their hiding places.

"Not bad jiji it only took thirty seconds for you to notice us."

As he turned to face the speaker the Sandaime felt his eyes widen in surprise. The person in front of him was the spitting image of a boy he had known a long time ago, a boy that would go on to become the Yondaime Hokage. In fact if it weren't for the red he could see in this boy's hair he would pass of as a younger version of him. As he looked into the deep blue eyes of this boy he knew exactly who this boy was.


The word was spoken softly yet it brought a smile across the boys face. Faster than anyone could react the man had moved around his desk and pulled the boy into a hug with a speed that one of his age shouldn't be capable of.

"It's good to see you again my boy." Said the Sandaime softly.

"It's good to see you too jiji." Said the boy as they broke from their embrace.

As he moved around his desk the old man pressed a single button before informing his secretary he wasn't to be bothered for the rest of the day. Turning to his still visible ANBU guards he quickly motioned them to stand down before speaking.

"Have Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, and Yugito report to my office immediately." Said the Sandaime before all four ANBU members went up in puffs of smoke.

"So tell me Naruto-kun who are your friends?" asked Sarutobi as he moved to sit in his seat behind his desk.

"Well I'm sure you remember Professor X." started the blonde getting a nod from his surrogate grandfather.

"The beautiful woman behind him is Ororo Munroe and the man next to her is James Logan. Next to him is his daughter Laura, followed by Rogue, Kitty, and Jean. The boys are Scott, his brother Alex, Evan Ororo's nephew, and Kurt."

As he did the introductions each person nodded in recognition of their name. Before anyone could say another word however the doors were slammed open as a large man walked in. the man was tall standing a few inches taller than six feet and had long spiky white hair that trailed down his back. He wore green pants with a matching gi over this he wore a red haori. Under this he wore a fishnet shirt and a pair of geta sandals protected his feet. Finally a large metal plate covered his forehead with the kanji for 'Oil' resting in its center.

"Old man do you have any idea what you've done sending such a green ANBU member after me. Not only did that fool interrupt my research but he actually blew my cover as well. You're lucky I was able to escape with my notes intact or you'd have set my next release back by months." Ranted the man causing the old man to pale quiet comically though he quickly regained his composure.

"Ah Naruto, this is Jiraiya one of my students and your godfather." Said Sarutobi quickly causing the newly named Jiraiya to lock onto the blonde he'd paid no attention to upon entering.

"Did I just hear that my godson was here?" called another voice causing everyone to turn towards it.

In the doorway stood three people all female. The first he noticed was a blonde woman who stood at about 5'3". She wore a pair of grey pants and a matching shirt which did nothing to hide the massive mounds that sat upon her chest. She also wore a haori though hers was green in color.

Next to her was another woman with short black hair that stood at about 5'6". She wore a dark blue kimino that was held closed by a white obi though a fishnet shirt could also be seen beneath the kimino. Finally another girl that could be no older than 15 stood next to her. She stood at 5'5" and had blonde hair and slitted blue eyes. She wore a pair of blue pants that were taped at the ends. She also wore a short sleeved shirt that was two toned as everything from her chest up was black while the rest was a dark blue. Bandages were wrapped around each of her forearms leading to a pair of fingerless gloves each having a metal plate installed to them bearing the symbol for Konoha. Finally she had a hitae-tae tied to her forehead.

"Naruto let me introduce you to my student Tsunade, who is your godmother. With her are her apprentice Shizune, and her daughter Yugito." Said Sarutobi.

"Yugito-chan can you do me the favor of showing Naruto's friends around the village. We will meet you at the academy in thirty minutes." Said Sarutobi getting a nod from the girl.

"Could you all follow me please." Said Yugito politely though everyone spared a look at Naruto first.

"Go ahead I'll be fine here. This office is the one place no one will move to touch me." Said the blonde getting nods from the group who proceeded to follow Yugito out.

"I won't keep you from your friends for long we just have a few things to discuss. You can remove the genjutsu now as well." Said Sarutobi as soon as the door closed.

A second after he said that the three adults gasped upon seeing his true eyes along with the streaks of red in his hair. Quickly regaining his composure Sarutobi motioned for the three to sit which they promptly did.

"Before we begin I would like to apologize for not protecting you well enough." Stated Sarutobi only for the boy to wave it off.

"Now I was informed you have become aware of your parentage correct." Stated Sarutobi getting a nod from the boy.

"That is good considering the knowledge of your parentage was released to the public shortly after Xavier-san took you in. Unfortunately however you can not lay claim to the majority your inheritance until you are either eighteen or of chuunin rank. As your godparents and legal guardians either Tsunade, Jiraiya or both will need to be present for you to claim it the things you don't currently have access to.

The majority of your inheritance consists of their jutsu. Seeing as Tsunade trained your mother and Jiraiya your father those techniques are currently within their possession. However considering your mother was the heiress and sole survivor of Uzu no Kuni's royal family and your father was Hokage you have plenty of money waiting for you as well as a seat on the council." Pausing for a moment Sarutobi lit his pipe before taking a long drag from it and exhaling.

"As the son of the Yondaime you are also charged with finishing what he started in establishing the Namikaze clan. As such you must have a minimum of four fiancés by your eighteenth birthday. Normally it's your sixteenth birthday but considering you won't settle here until you are fifteen I convinced the council to push the age back for you."

"The council is actually going to let me have children." Said Naruto in disbelief causing Sarutobi to chuckle.

"Things have changed since you've been gone. With the civilian's and certain elders off of the council things are far different than they once were. The fact that the Hyuga clan supports you and has you under their protection also gives you a very powerful political ally." Explained Jiraiya.

"Anything more you need to know about the changes the village has undergone Tsunade and Jiraiya can inform you on later on." said Sarutobi getting a nod from the boy.

"When you become a gennin you will be allowed to claim the house that your parents left for you. Other wise you would have to wait until you are eighteen to claim the house." Finished Sarutobi causing the boy to raise an eyebrow.

For the group of X-Men the short tour of the village had gone quiet well. This was especially true for Laura and Alex. For Laura just breathing in the clean air was a good thing, for Alex however it was their blonde tour guide that had his attention. Of course all of them had been interested in learning of the birthplace of the Namikaze heir as Charles hadn't had the time to learn much in the short time he was here all those years ago.

During the tour Laura had to literally drag Kitty with them as they passed through the shopping center. As they neared the academy however the X-Men were all surprised as a whirlwind of leaves picked up in front of them which quickly cleared to reveal Naruto who had his glasses on, along with Jiraiya and Tsunade.

"Man I really need to learn how to teleport." Said Naruto almost as soon as the dust cleared.

"Actually its not teleportation so much as it is high speed movement. As far as I know there is no such thing as true teleportation." Said Jiraiya.

A series of chuckles left the young X-Men at this explanation, though no one said a word to correct the Sannin. Naruto had asked everyone not to show their abilities and each were following through with his request.

"Tell me Naruto-kun how have you progressed with those medical scrolls I sent for you?" asked Tsunade as they walked.

"Not well actually, I couldn't even get the first technique down for some reason. Jean was working her way through them and since she wants to be a doctor I just left them to her." explained the boy with a shrug.

Tsunade nodded at that before glancing towards the red headed girl reminding herself to speak with the girl later on. the large group found itself following after the Sandaime as they entered into the academy grounds, until finally they came to room 301. Sliding the door open Naruto calmly stepped in with the rest following him.

As he entered Naruto found himself staring at a brown haired man who had his hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wore the same uniform he'd seen several other shinobi wearing in the village and had a scar going across his nose.

"Excuse me you are Umino Iruka correct?" questioned the blonde.

"Yes how can I help you?"

"Sarutobi-jiji asked me to give this to you." Said the boy handing the man a scroll.

Taking the offered item Iruka's eyes widened as he read through it. Finally once finished the man rolled it back up and set it on fire with a quick burst of fire natured chakra. Once that was done he moved over to his desk and after a bit of rummaging around pulled out another scroll before handing it off.

"This scroll contains the outline of everything you need to know for when you take the gennin exam." said Iruka making several eyes in the class widen.

"Wait a minute why does he get to take the gennin exam?" exclaimed a pink haired girl by the name of Haruno Sakura.

"Yeah we've all had to be here for the last four years. What makes him so special that he gets to take the exams before us?" exclaimed a boy who had a pair of triangle like markings on his cheeks.

As more of the children began to rant several pairs of eyebrows began to twitch but none more so than Laura's. Before Iruka or anyone else could speak up however the students began to seize up as something that only Iruka recognized as killing intent filled the room. as he traced it to its origin he was surprised to find it coming from Naruto.

'Amazing. Naruto-san has such a fierce killing intent and he's not even consciously aware of it.' thought Iruka in awe.

Suddenly the killing intent died down as Naruto began to take several deep breaths mentally counting down from ten. It was an excercize the professor had taught him to control his anger all those years ago.

"You wanna-be's actually think you're better than me." Spoke the boy removing his glasses and letting everyone get a look at his blue on black eyes.

"You, look at you. You're not ready to roll with this, shit I could kill you muthafucka's before you even realized what happened. Hell I only watched you for fifteen minutes and I know that. Hell majority of you only made it this far by luck. I mean shit look at the way you dress and this bitch even has bright ass pink hair is that shit suppose to be tactical. Hell I bet most of you bitches spend more time looking over your appearance and chasing boys then training."

As he said this Jean frowned she had never seen Naruto talk to any female like that much less a room full of them. Then again she'd been feeling his barely controlled anger even on the flight over so she'd known it was just a matter of time.

"You boys aren't any better. Most of you muthafucka's are only doing this cause you think its fun. What the fuck is wrong with ya'll. You think this shit's a joke, you think this is a fuckin game. You think somebody's gonna be around to save your asses, guess what they wont be. This ain't no game or some trashy ass romance novel, this is real fuckin life you screw up you die. It's as simple as that."

"Let's go."

With that the group of X-Men was out the door though Jiraiya and Tsunade made sure to send Iruka a look before following after them.

"That was Namikaze Naruto, the son of Yondaime Hokage-sama." Spoke Iruka quietly catching the attention of his students.

"Now if I were you I'd take his words to heart, especially considering he's being privately trained by both Tsunade-sama and Jiraiya-sama."

"Are you okay?" asked Kitty almost as soon as they left the academy.

"Yeah, this place is just bringing up a lot of bad memories." Responded the boy quietly.

"I'm surprised he even remember this place since he was so young when he…left." Said Tsunade.

"Like the professor and I Naruto has a photographic memory, he can remember everything about his life." Stated Jean just as quietly.

The rest of the journey was made in silence until the X-Men, Jiraiya and Tsunade boarded the blackbird. The only time it was broken was when Tsunade spoke to Yugito before she boarded and Ororo explained to the two Sannin what was happening. As the jet lifted off Yugito couldn't help but wonder what would happen next.

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