Naruto: X

Chapter 6

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Character ages:

Naruto: 12 – 6th grade going to the 8 having been skipped a year.

Laura: 12 – same as Naruto.

Alex: 12 – same as Naruto and Laura.

Kitty: 12 – 6th grade going to 7th

Evan: 12 – same as Kitty.

Kurt: 13 – 7th grade going to the 8th

Rogue: 13 – same as Kurt

Scott: 14 – 8th grade going to the 9th

Jean: 14 – same as Scott

Ororo: It's impolite to tell a woman's age just know she's under 40 and over 25

Logan: Unknown, dude is seriously old.

The Prof: In his 40's

The Sannin: In their early 50's






The shrill ringing of the alarm clock was halted as a single metal blade had skewered it dead center. Still despite its death it had accomplished its mission forcing a groaning Naruto to awaken. Retracting the middle blade into its place within his right hand the young blonde slowly forced himself from the comfort of his bed. At least he would have if he hadn't gotten tangled within the sheets and fallen flat on his face. Cursing Naruto rolled around trying to untangle himself while being shocked by the sheets the entire time.

Finally after a few minutes of struggle he managed to free himself from the sheets grabbing some clothes and stumbling to the bathroom. As he entered the bathroom his still sleeping mind didn't even notice the lights had cut on without him flipping the switch before he stepped into the shower and the warm water finally fully awoke him.

Only two days had passed since his one day visit to Konoha and things had changed greatly for the blonde. Due to the slower speed they had traveled at to get home it had taken them a day to reach Bayville. Due to jetlag and pure laziness everyone had used the next to relax something he planned on doing today as well.

:I need everyone to meet me in the common room please.: came the mental request from the professor causing the blonde boy to sigh.

'Well there goes that plan.' Thought the blonde before stepping out of the shower.

Once out he quickly dried off and dressed himself in the white basketball shorts and tank top he'd brought in with him. As he made it down the stairs he found he was one of the last to arrive followed closely by Evan and Alex.

"Now that everyone is here we can get started." Spoke the professor as the three boys seated themselves.

"Things are going to be changing around here beginning today. Naruto starting today your godparents will be taking over your training completely. Jean you will also be training under Lady Tsunade beginning today. Aside from that Lady Tsunade and Lord Jiraiya have agreed to teach all of you at least a little of their arts." Finished Charles before motioning to Kitty whose hand had shot up.

"Professor what exactly do you mean by 'their arts'?" asked Kitty just a bit timidly.

"The shinobi arts." Said Jiraiya drawing the group's attention to him.

"We spent the whole day yesterday talking and have discovered that the bloodline limits on our continent and your mutations are the exact same. The only difference between the two is that your continent is only just starting to develop its abilities. Because of our experience with working with Kekkai Genkai bearers we can teach you something all of you will need, control." Stated Tsunade calmly.

"However we will not be focusing solely on teaching you to use these abilities. Instead we will be teaching you how to fight without them. The purpose of this is so you will be prepared should there come a time when you must fight without relying on your abilities. With that said we will begin teaching you the core of shinobi arts taijutsu, which is hand to hand combat, genjutsu, which are illusionary techniques, and ninjutsu, the ninja techniques.

Now I don't know if you guys were told but Naruto will be returning to Konoha in three years. However in doing so he will be placed in immediate danger as there are entire countries that would like nothing more than to kill him if for no other reason than to get back at his parents." She stopped here motioning to Rogue to allow her to speak.

"Ah don't get it. Why would anyone want to kill Naruto just to get back at his parents?"

"Naruto's father, Namikaze Minato was the Yondaime Hokage before his death. During the Third Great Shinobi War he alone killed over one thousand enemy nin in one battle earning himself the name 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' it is for this reason all of Iwa the Hidden Rock Village would want him dead. His mother Uzumaki Kushina was his only equal and she was to Kiri, the Hidden Mist and Ame, the Hidden Rain, what Minato was to Iwa.

If that isn't enough Naruto is the sole heir of two powerful clans. The Uzumaki clan had been the royal family of Uzu no Kuni, Whirlpool Country before its destruction by Ame, Kiri, and Iwa and Kushina was its princess. Though Minato was an orphan he created techniques that have become legendary and amassed quite the fortune as well. If Naruto is killed those techniques and his inheritance would then be seized by the village. Unfortunately there are people within the village who would love to get their hands on those techniques." Explained Tsunade much to the shock of the group including the adults.

"Fortunately Naruto has some extremely powerful allies on his side. The heads of the shinobi clans were all quite close to your parents and have already placed you under their protection, this includes the Hyuga clan Konoha's most powerful clan. In fact because of your actions in saving their heiress that night Hiashi the Hyuga head has promised you his daughters hand so you have one less fiancé to worry about acquiring." Explained Jiraiya only to be elbowed by Tsunade as a perverted giggle escaped him.

"What do you mean one less fiancé to acquire?" asked Jean with narrowed eyes.

"There are several laws in place to prevent clans from dying out. Naruto is the last of a powerful clan and the son of a Hokage. Being the Hokage's son allows him to start his own clan, but being the heir of the Uzumaki allows him to restore it. Seeing as Kushina took Minato's name when they married the clan is to be restored under the Namikaze name. The last son of any clan is allowed a minimum of four fiancés which he must find before his sixteenth birthday. Seeing as Naruto won't settle in Konoha until after he turns fifteen the council is allowing him an extra two years. If he does not find them by that time then the council will pick for him. However if he refuses that he will be placed in prison and the clan will be restored by artificial insemination."

"You said the minimum was four." Said Jean lowly.

"Yep and what's better is there no limit." Exclaimed Jiraiya causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"Sick dude your gonna be an Asian Hugh Hefner." Said Evan causing the girls to blush and the adults to look at the boy in shock.

"Yea now all you need is to convince the playmates." Said Kurt with a grin.

"Who's Hugh Hefner?" asked Tsunade quietly only for Ororo to explain it to her causing Jiraiya to erupt into a fit of giggles.

"Shut up pervert." Exclaimed Tsunade causing the man's giggles to immediately halt.

"Tsunade I am not a pervert. I'M A SUPER PERVERT."

"Anyway to get back to the subject before we begin with your training I'll be giving all of you a full physical examination. I will also assign each of you a diet that you will follow." Said Tsunade bringing everyone's attention to her.

"Naruto I won't lie to you we are going to push you the hardest out of everyone. By the time you turn fifteen I plan for you to be a better shinobi than your father was at that age. As such not only will we be working on your taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu but also fuuinjutsu, the sealing arts, and hopefully some ijutsu, medical arts." Explained Jiraiya his face a mask of seriousness.

"Unfortunately I can't stay here for the entire 3 years." Said Tsunade catching the boy's attention.

"Since I run the hospital I'm using this training as a mission and will be returning to Konoha at the end of the summer. As such I will be leaving several scrolls for you to study further after my departure." Finished the woman.

"Now let me make one thing clear to all of you." Stated Jiraiya catching everyone's attention including the adults.

"We are not teaching you these skills for the fun of it or so that you can show off. We are teaching you these skills so that you can protect yourselves and each other. By teaching you these skills we are also teaching you how to kill."

With the exception of Naruto, Laura, and Logan everyone looked up at the man at these words in shock. Of course the three were attentive but unlike the others they weren't shocked or apprehensive upon hearing these words. Logan had already seen his fair share of death having fought in World War II, though the mental conditioning he'd gone through later also helped. Unlike the Wolverine neither Laura nor Naruto had fought in war. However like him both of them had been through the mental conditioning and Naruto had already killed something he'd gotten over during the period of time he was stuck as Apocalypses lab rat.

"Now we've already talked to Xavier-san about this part of your training as well and I will tell you like I told him. Sooner or later the truth about you all will come out. When this happens people will immediately assume the worst. Humans by nature are fearful creatures, as such they fear everything that they do not understand. You will be all alone in a world that both hates and fears you and when it all reaches its peak they will either kill you or make you into weapons.

So you have two choices, the first is you can allow your naivety to lead you to either your death or slavery. On this path you risk not only your lives but those of your loved ones as well. The second choice is you can learn what we have to teach you, protect yourselves, each other and your loved ones and live so that you can make people see you for who you really are."

"I'll do it. However when Naruto returns to your village I'm going with him." said Laura her voice cutting through the silence of the room like the sharpest of blades.

"I don't think so." Said Logan with a snort causing Laura to frown.

"Jiraiya has already said there are people there who won't hesitate to kill Naruto, if you think I'll let him face that alone you're crazy."

"I'll be going too, after all what's Carnage without Havok." Said Alex with a smirk.

"Very well Alex and Laura will be the ones to accompany Naruto on his return to Konoha. The rest of you will have to remain here as I will need each of you." Said the Professor.

"So how did it go?" asked Jiraiya.

It had been three hours since Tsunade had started to give the group of X-Men their physical exams with the woman now joining him in the professor's office.

"It was interesting." Said Tsunade causing Jiraiya to raise an eyebrow at her in a questioning gesture.

"For starters there's the girl Rogue. While I was doing her physical I found she had the ability to absorb another person's chakra just by making skin contact. Not only that but she can gain and use any bloodline they may possess. At the moment she's doing it all subconsciously because of this she has the reserves of a mid level chuunin.

The next interesting find was with the boy Scott. For a civilian he's in excellent shape though any of our gennin could take him. Most interesting though is that he has chakra pockets within his eyes, meaning his gift is a doujutsu. The problem is that the pockets have been damaged and as a result a continuous amount of chakra is sent to his eyes. I can fix that though it will require surgery. Because of this he has the chakra reserve of a jounin so chakra control will be a must.

Then there's Naruto. Three of his senses sight, hearing, and smell are at a level surpassing a human's even an Inuzuka. It seems he also inherited Kyuubi's regeneration, he has true regeneration Jiraiya not accelerated healing but genuine regeneration, and apparently so does Laura. The structure of his bones has also changed slightly. Not only are his bones denser than normal, which Even also has, but each of his hands possess three extra bones that he can have emerge from his body to form claws. When I looked over them I saw they were covered in a type of metal I've never even seen before.

He has chakra pockets behind his eyes but whatever ability they grant hasn't been activated yet. I'm guessing his heightened senses and bone density were inherited from the Kyubi as Yugito is the same way. Aside from that he has a chakra reserve that's bordering on Kage level. Everyone else aside from Kurt is pretty much normal as they have no attributes which stand out." Finished Tsunade getting a nod from Jiraiya.

"Well I've been looking over their files and I tell you hime these kids are impressive. Laura, Kurt, and Kitty would make fabulous assassins. Laura was apparently already being trained for the part when that guy Logan found her. Kitty and Kurt however are good just because of their abilities. Firstly Kurt's ability allows him to actually teleport to any place within two miles of him that he can see. Not only that but he can also stick to walls naturally. Kitty's ability however allows for her to become completely intangible, something any member of the ANBU would kill for.

Scott and Alex can apparently manipulate energy. Scott can apparently send blast of pure energy from his eyes. Alex however can send blast of heat energy from his hands. From what I can see their bodies actually absorb the energy from around them, changes and stores it so that they can use it without bringing any harm to either of them.

The girl Jean however is a shoe in for the interrogation department and what they call a telepath. Her abilities are similar to those of the Yamanaka clan. She can read minds, and project her thoughts. She also has telekinesis, allowing her to levitate herself and others as well as objects she can also create force fields. According to what's written she also happens to be sharing her body with another entity, something they call The Phoenix. This would make her a jinchuuriki, however the Phoenix isn't a demon I guess you could say it's a child of the Gods. The effect of this is that all of Jeans abilities are heightened to the maximum. According to the notes the Professor made Jean will one day be able to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular scale.

According to the notes however she only carries half of it. The other half however is within Naruto. That appears to be the source of the red streaks in his hair. Because of this shared burden however a sort of telepathic bond was formed between them."

As Jiraiya said this Tsunade couldn't help but raise one of her blonde eyebrows in question for which Jiraiya merely shrugged. In the last 48 hours the two had learned much about their wayward godson, despite this both of them couldn't help but wish they could have been there for the boy as he grew. Despite the fact that the two had spent majority of their time talking with Ororo, Logan, and the Professor this was the first that either of them had heard of any type of bond.

Of course neither of the two Sannin were aware that only the Professor, Naruto, and Jean was aware of the bond that had formed between the two youths. All three had known about it since the day it formed all those years ago, Jean and Naruto because they, or rather the Phoenix, created it and the Professor because such a thing could not go unnoticed within the presence of a telepath of his high level. As far as everyone else knew the two were just incredibly close.

Another thing that the two Sannin were aware of was the reputation Jean had gained among the female students of the institute. It had been discovered that Jean was very protective when it came to Naruto. It had even been said that the girl could be scarier than Laura when it came to the younger blonde. Of course if either of the two Sannin had known this they'd have most likely laughed of the irony of having these two who so reminded them of another two people from their past.

However at the moment neither of the two knew of these things and as such merely continued to go over the files of the children so that they could begin their training the next day.

To say the Scott Summers was nervous was to say that the Hulk was strong, huge understatement. Despite his nervousness the normally calm boy couldn't help but feel hopeful. Ever since he'd awoken in that hospital room at the age of seven Scott had held a hatred for his powers, even if he had learned to use them for a purpose. Despite this the boy couldn't help but hold some resentment for the powers that had stripped him of his ability to see in the color spectrum.

As such he couldn't help but feel hopeful when Tsunade had informed him that she would be able to fix the problem with his eyes. He had long given up hope that he could one day see normally again accepting that he would forever view the world in a shade of red. Yet Tsunade had discovered what no other doctor could, the reason for his sight problem. Of course he couldn't blame his past doctors for not discovering this problem as outside of the elemental countries where Tsunade, Naruto, and Jiraiya were from chakra was unheard of. As such finding a problem with chakra pockets that they had no idea even existed was pretty much impossible.

Despite the hopelessness of his situation the young Cyclops had always wished to be able to see the world in all its glory once more. Even more he wanted to see his friends and his little brother for how they were and not in the red haze that he was forced to view the world from. As he lied on the table in the mansions med lab the boy slowly drifted into unconsciousness, the last sight of his red tented vision that of Tsunade standing over him.

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