Naruto: X

Chapter 7

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It was a bright day in Hi no Kuni as not a single cloud would block out the rays of the sun. From atop a hill three figures could be seen looking down upon the walls surrounding the village of Konoha. Each of the figures could be seen sitting upon motorcycles all of them black. Finally the middle figure made a single motion with his hand and the three rode off at a slowed pace before coming to a stop in front of a pair of chuunin gate guards.

Recovering quickly from their shock at the trio's means of transportation the two chuunin guards were quick to jump down from their perch and address the trio.

"Names and reason for coming to Konoha." Said one of the chuunin.

Upon hearing this the middle figure simply removed a booklet from his pocket before handing it to the chuunin, an action quickly repeated by his two companions. Taking the offered booklets both chuunin's felt their eyes widen upon seeing its contents before one motioned to someone at the top to open the gates. As soon as the gates opened the chuunin motioned for the group to enter.

"Naruto-sama, Godaime-sama asked I inform you to report to the tower upon your arrival." Said one of the two chuunin getting a nod from the boy before the trio entered the now open gates after sealing away their bikes.

The journey to the tower had been made in silence as the group traveled by rooftop arriving to the tower in less then five minutes. Not long after reaching the tower found the trio standing in front of Konoha's Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade who looked them over with a critical eye.

The now 15 year old Naruto stood at a height of 5'7" as opposed to the 4'11" he had stood at three years ago. He now wore a pair of black pants which led down to a pair of black steel toed combat boots and held up by a black belt a silver circled 'x' acting as the buckle.

Along with this a dark red muscle shirt covered his torso its color reminding her of blood. Over this was a black combat vest topped off by a black trench coat which he kept open. He'd kept his hair at the same length making him look like a teenage Yondaime with the sole exception being the red streaks in his hair. To finish things off he wore his ninjato on his back running down his spine while a pair of black sunglasses much like his old blue ones sat on his face and a pair of fingerless black gloves covered his hands.

To his right stood Laura who now stood at the height of 5'5". She wore a pair of black pants that seemed to cling to her skin along with a tank top of the same color that stopped short allowing for her midriff to be seen. A pair of black combat boots covered her feet while a pair of black steel arm bands covered her wrist. She wore a black choker around her neck and a pair of fingerless black gloves covered her hands.

To Naruto's left stood Alex who now stood at the height of 5'6" and wore a pair of blue pants leading down to a pair of black combat boots. A long sleeved dark blue muscle shirt covered his torso topped by a black combat vest and leading down to a pair of fingerless black gloves.

"So where's Jiraiya?" questioned Tsunade causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow.

"He hasn't come yet? He left before we did." Said Naruto causing his godmother to sigh before motioning the three youths to take a seat.

Almost as soon as the tree youths were seated Tsunade slid a set of keys over to Naruto as well as a manila folder.

"The keys are for the Namikaze estate, where the three of you shall be staying. Over the last few years it has been…remodeled at Professor Xavier's insistence. The folder however contains your parent's marriage certificate and your birth certificate. You will need to present both before the council before you can receive your inheritance and claim your seat on the council when you make chuunin.

An hour later found the three newly arrived X-Men sitting within one of the many classrooms of the shinobi academy. After their meeting with Tsunade they had been escorted to the academy by Shizune who happened to be Tsunade's assistant. At the moment the three could be found sitting in the very back of the academy classroom as they along with various others awaited the arrival of the chuunin teacher that would be giving them the gennin exam.

Finally the door opened and the chuunin that Naruto remembered as Iruka walked into the room. Looking around he easily spotted the three new students Shizune had mentioned though the rest of the class apparently hadn't much to his dismay as their teacher. Quickly clearing his throat and flashing through three quick one handed seals the chuunin inhaled his head growing at least for sizes before he roared.


The effect was instant as every single one of his students had gone as silent as a grave. He made a mental note to apologize to his three new students later as he could see each of them had been affected by his technique but quickly moved on to the matter at hand.

"Alright as you all know today is the day of the gennin exam. The exam will consist of accuracy, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu and kenjutsu. At the end of this your scores will be totaled up to determine who passes and at what rank. Now for those of you who have yet to notice we have a few new students with us for the exam so for everyone's benefit we will proceed in alphabetical order starting with Aburame Shino, now if you will all follow me out to the training area we can get started."

Twenty minutes later found the young X-men watching the other students as they completed the accuracy portion of the exam with an aura of boredom exuding from all three of them. For the last twenty minutes they had been watching as various students went up toss a volley of kunai and shuriken at the target most of them not even able to hit the bulls eye once out of the ten tries they were given with each weapon despite being only five yards (15 ft) away.

Of course there were a few that managed to stand out. The first was Aburame Shino who had managed to hit the bull's eye 7 times with the kunai and 5 with the shuriken. Akimichi Choji had managed to hit 4 times with each, while Inuzuka Kiba hit 6 times with the kunai and 8 with the shuriken. Then there was Nara Shikamaru who despite tossing his weapons lazily had managed to hit the bulls eye 6 times with each, a kid named Sai who managed to hit 4 times with each, and Uchiha Sasuke who hit 9 times with each much to the excitement of the females of the class.

On the girls side however there was Haruno Sakura who had only managed to hit 3 times with each as did Yamanaka Ino. Then there was Hyuga Hinata, who had unknowingly got the attention of all three young X-Men, who had managed to get a perfect score hitting all ten bulls eyes with each. Finally Iruka turned his attention to his new students having been told to save them for last by Shizune.

"Alright Tsume (Talon) you're up."

Hearing this Laura sighed before stepping up and taking the offered weapons from Iruka. The rest of the students took this time to look over only to gape at seeing her get a perfect score and judging by the lazy way she threw the weapons she did it without trying, an action that was soon duplicated by Alex.

As his turn was called however Naruto refused the weapons offered by Iruka explaining that he didn't use kunai or shuriken. Instead he simply reached behind him before producing a deck of cards which Iruka quickly deduced he'd kept in a pouch on his back. What happened next however was something that would leave the rest of the class in shock as in what seemed to be in slow motion ten of the cards were separated from the rest seemingly levitating for a moment, taking on a brief red glow which Iruka only barely caught, before the ten cards were launched at the targets at quick speeds only to explode as soon as they came into contact with the targets leaving scorch marks on the target directly over the bulls eyes.

Iruka and the gathered students could only gape in shock at the sight. Naruto himself could barely hold back the smirk, though Laura and Alex felt no need to do so. Of course Naruto had a right to smirk having finally awakened a power everyone had thought he wouldn't possess and all it had taken to awaken it was a chance meeting with a certain thief by the name of Remy LeBeau, otherwise known as Gambit but that is a story for another time.

Shaking himself from his stunned stupor Iruka quickly wrote down the boys score before moving on the next portion of the exam.

An hour later found the three young X-men walking the streets of the village towards the Namikaze Estates escorted by Shizune, each of them sporting a brand new hitae-tae bearing the hidden leaf insignia. The rest of the exam had proven to be easy for the trio each of them breezing through it with scores high enough to be at the top of the class. Once the exam was completed Iruka had given everyone who passed a hitae-tae before telling them to report back to the academy in the morning for the team assignments.

Finally the group stopped in front of a pair of large steel gates surrounded by a large brick wall. Striding up to the gates Naruto following Shizune's directions unlocked the gates using a large skeleton key before swinging them open. As they entered the gates they found themselves walking along a stone road that seemed to be dividing the forest in half.

"Ne nee-chan where's the house?" asked Naruto not even able to spot it with his enhanced vision.

"It's actually still a bit farther away. When it was first built your father had it built near the very center of the forest he did this for two reasons. First and foremost he felt more at ease within the forest than he did within the village since he actually spent the first few years of his life living in the forest.

The second reason was it allowed him to keep his private life private which is why no one aside from a select few knew he was married. Third and most important was security as the distance from the gates to the house along with security seals would give him enough time to dispatch any intruders allowing him to defend your mother who had just been confirmed to be pregnant."

Finally after at least fifteen minutes of walking the group was able to spot the house. As the three took in the sight of the place they could only stare with wide eyes and dropped jaws something Shizune was quick to capture on camera.

"I know the Professor said he had the place redecorated a bit but damn."

"Actually Naruto-kun this isn't the same house. Your father's house was originally more traditional like the Hyuga Mansion but during the Kyuubi attack one of the foxes attacks landed near the house and completely ruined the exterior. Xavier-san actually had this one built from scratch. After it was set-up he went about his modifications though I don't know much about what they were." Explained Shizune getting an understanding nod from the boy.

Of course Shizune could understand the boy's feeling of awe at the place. The house, if it could even be called that, was easily the most extravagant she'd ever seen just from the exterior. From the gates the stone pathway they were on stretched for ten feet in width and created a path all the way to the steps. Just before the house itself a small fountain could be seen stretching at least ten feet in diameter.

The house itself however was painted a very light beige color with white highlights. The roof was composed of red shingles from which a single chimney could be seen as well as several vents. Four large white posts held up the roof over a front patio leading to a double door doorway with the Namikaze clan symbol designed on the doors.

Unlocking the door the three newly arrived and graduated gennin and jounin level Kunoichi entered the house only to stop in shock once more. If they thought the exterior was good then the interior really set the cake. The interior walls were all painted white while the floor was marble. Another set of doors could be seen straight back most likely leading to the homes back yard while a stair case was situated directly in front of the doors to their left which curved around towards the front and leading up to the second floor with the rails painted black.

More to the left a dining area could be seen with a polished brown wood table with ten chairs situated around them all of them white. Two large wooden china cabinets could be seen one on each side of the table sitting up against the walls while a small crystal chandelier hung over the table. Moving back over towards the staircase found the group entering into a kitchen situated directly in front of the stair case.

The floors of the kitchen oddly enough weren't marble or even tiled but wood and seemingly newly polished judging by the shine. This however was good as the kitchen seemed to be almost entirely wood grained though it was trimmed white. The next room they entered was the living or common room whichever you felt like calling it. The wood floor continued into this room in the center of which sat two small black couches separated by a small glass table. A small buffet sat behind one of the couches upon which several pictures could be seen.

Walking over to the buffet Naruto picked up on of the pictures which was a group picture taken at the institute a few years ago. In the center of the picture one could see the Proffessor sitting within his wheelchair in front of the mansion. Standing just behind him were Naruto, with Jean on his right and Alex on his left. Next to Jean stood Laura with Logan standing next to her. Scott stood next to Alex, his glasses absent showing his brown eyes with a blonde bombshell wearing all white hanging on his arm by the name of Emma Frost.

Kurt could be seen standing on the Professors right, a bright smile on his face while Rouge could be seen with an arm wrapped around him smiling softly. Kitty stood to the Professors left with Evan next to her. Ororo stood next to Evan with Tsunade next to her ending the line. Finally Jiraiya stood in the very back behind Naruto his 7 foot frame towering over everyone a large grin on his face matching Naruto's.

He remembered that day, it was about a month after Scotts operation when this was taken. It had been taken after Tsunade had worked her second miracle turning Kurt back to normal. Logan had disappeared the night of Scotts operation and had come back about two weeks later with Emma and two scientist, one the professor knew by the name of Reed Richards and the other someone Logan himself had known by name of Bruce Banner. Due to the combined efforts of Banner, Richards, Tsunade and Jiraiya Kurt had been reverted back to how he'd have looked before the experiments, though he could still become the blue elf when needed.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he turned with the others walking back out of the room the group soon found themselves overlooking a large back yard that seemed to stretch on for miles within which was a large pool very reminiscent of the one at the playboy mansion. Heading back in and up the stairs the group entered the first room they came across which just happened to be a trophy room and had been completely filled with trophies and awards won by the three of them over the years.

Tsunade sighed as she made her way through the tower towards the council chambers. In truth she would much rather be spending this time catching up with her godson and his friends than dealing with the council. Luckily this wasn't a full council meeting as this was over shinobi matters so only the shinobi members of the council would be in attendance.

As she entered the chambers she froze for but a moment before her eyes narrowed upon spotting Jiraiya sitting within the seat reserved for the Namikaze clan head. Making a mental note to speak with her old teammate later the Godaime looked over the rest of the people in attendance. Each of the heads of clans sat within their seats as did Morino Ibiki the head of ANBU T-I. This also included the head captains of the ANBU and hunter corps as well as the head of the Medic corps, and the headmaster of the shinobi academy. Finally Sarutobi Hizuren was in attendance due to the fact he was one of her advisors.

"Since everyone is gathered lets begin, I'm sure many of you have other things you need to do." Said Tsunade as she sat within her seat getting nods from many of the others within the room.

What proceeded was the usual discussion of budgets and movements or actions taken by the other villages. Finally Tsunade motioned for the academy headmaster to speak causing silence to envelope the chamber causing all eyes to focus upon him.

"As a majority of you may know the graduation exam were given today. Among the graduates however were three surprises that only attended the exams, Tsume (Talon), Sangai (Havok), and Shura (Carnage) who passed each portion flawlessly each of them performing on chuunin level. Shura himself displayed a peculiar ability during the targeting exam. Instead of using the kunai and shuriken Iruka was handing out he used playing cards and somehow was able to not only control them without holding them but cause them to explode upon impact with the targets." Said the man getting mutters to go across the chamber only to be quieted by Hyuga Hiashi who rarely spoke up in these meetings.

"Tell me Yukimura-san what are the real names of these children?"

"There real names are Laura Logan, Alex Summers, and Namikaze Naruto, they are my students, Naruto my apprentice." Said Jiraiya causing all attention to swing in his direction.

The next day found the graduates of the exams once more in the classroom gathered for the last time as each waited for Iruka who would tell them what would happen next. When Iruka finally entered the room he sweatdropped seeing two of his students, Sakura and Ino fighting over a seat next to the Uchiha and silently thanked Kami this was the last time he'd have to deal with them. Once more using his signature jutsu he got the class to quickly calm down and sit in there seats and after a small speech proceeded to give out the team assignments which everyone tuned out only listening for there own names.

"Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Sai. Your jounin instructor is Hatake Kakashi"

As he said this Laura couldn't help but roll her eyes as the pink haired girl flashed a victory sign at the blonde she had been arguing with earlier.

"Team 8, Hyuga Hinata, Aburame Shino, and Inuzuka Kiba. Your jounin instructor is Yuhi Kurenei."

Looking over towards this team all three young X-men could see Hinata sigh and shake her head as a boy with short brown hair and fang like markings on his cheeks loudly cheered upon hearing the name of the kunoichi on his team. Naruto couldn't help but smirk imagining the look on the boys face when he found out she was already engaged.

"Team 10, Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akimichi Choji. Your jounin instructor is Sarutobi Asuma."

"Team 11, Shura, Tsume, and Sangai. Your jounin instructor is Mitarashi Anko."

Before he could say anything more on the subject the door was thrown open as a woman walked in. the woman wore a beige trench coat that was left open allowing for her fishnet shirt to be seen as well as her short rust orange skirt. Her feet were covered with the standard shinobi sandals and metal shin guards covered everything from her knees down to her ankles. She had short purple hair pulled into a ponytail and wore her hitae-tae around her forehead while her almond colored eyes shined with mischievousness. At the sight of her every hot blooded male felt their pants tighten a bit.

"Alright gaki's team 11's with me."

"You're early Anko." Said Iruka after a few moments.

"Sorry Iruka-kun but I just couldn't wait to see you." Said Anko with a seductive smile on her face.

"Anyway team 11 follow me." Said Anko breaking away from Iruka and walking out the door.

Seeing this the three newly graduated gennin shrugged before following after her. Only a few minutes later found the group of four sitting on the roof of the academy the three graduates facing Anko.

"Ok gaki's introduction time, I'll go first since none of you know me. My name is Mitarashi Anko. I'm Konoha's top kunoichi when it comes to assassination and demolition, I also happen to dabble in interrogation. I like dango and my job. My dislikes include spicy foods and yellow eyed pedophiles. My dream for the future, well that's a secret." Finished Anko.

Seeing none of the three reacting however Anko sighed before motioning to Alex to start.

"My name's Alex Summers also known as Havok. I like my friends, my brother, girls, sports and making things go 'boom'. I dislike people who judge others without getting to know them and people who try to hurt my friends. I'm not really sure about dreams right now." Finished Alex with a shrug.

"Okay your next girly." Called Anko motioning to Laura.

"My name is Laura Logan also known as Talon. I like my dad, my friends, sports, and making things explode. I dislike anyone who tries to hurt my friends. My dream is to help Naruto restore his clan and kill anyone who gets in the way." Finished Laura causing Anko to raise an eyebrow in surprise.

"Alright whiskers you're up." Said Anko causing the blonde to raise an eyebrow at the nickname before shrugging.

"My name is Namikaze Naruto, I am known as Carnage among other names. My likes include reading, training, and my friends. My dislikes are those who threaten my friends and refuse to look beneath the surface and simply judge people. I don't have a dream but goals which I will complete including restoring my clan with Laura and a few other select females, hunting down and killing every member of Akatsuki as well as the bastard who ordered my mothers assassination." Finished the blonde.

For a few moments Anko was silent as she absorbed the blondes words making a mental note to look up information on this Akatsuki he mentioned. Finally after a few moments the woman smirked happy that this team was exactly like Jiraiya-sama had claimed them to be.

"Alright gaki's listen up. Normally it would be here that I would inform you that you weren't real gennin and I would test you to see if you were worthy of the title. However both Hokage-sama and Jiraiya-sama have said in no uncertain terms that you were both ready and above gennin level. So we will have a small assessment tomorrow so that I can see where exactly the three of you stand and then we will start missions after that.

We'll start with D-ranks, which normally you wouldn't have to take but seeing as you guys are all new to the village or haven't been here in a while we're using these so you can get to know your way around the village. Now try to keep up gaki's I know the perfect training ground for this." Finished the purple haired kunoichi.

With a sadistic grin Anko jumped off the roof to the next with the three gennin following after her quickly. That night Anko went to bed the happiest she could ever remember.

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