Naruto: X

Chapter 8

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Naruto sighed as the needles contents emptied itself into his arm, his body relaxing as the contents entered his system. This was probably the only thing he absolutely hated about himself and was the one secret he kept closely to himself. Sure everyone he grew up with at the institute knew about it as did his godparents but that was it and not a word of it had actually come from his own mouth.

When Kyuubi had passed on the blonde had inherited enhanced speed and strength far surpassing that of a humans even by shinobi standards. His senses specifically his senses of sight, smell, and hearing had also been enhanced. When tested by Jiraiya and Tsunade he had discovered his sense of smell surpassed that of an Inuzuka's, while his hearing was so acute he could hear a pin drop three rooms away if he tried. As far as sight went he could see in the darkness as if the sun was shining. He could also follow a bullet as if it was moving at a snails pace, this really didn't say much however since he could see Jiraiya's movements when he moved at high speeds which far surpassed that of a bullet, and that was before his training had begun under the Sannin.

It wasn't until later on he discovered he had inherited the fox's fire and earth affinities to go with his natural wind and water. This had in effect made him perhaps the only person with an affinity for four of the five major elements. However all power comes with a price no matter the situation. In this case he had inherited the demons bloodlust as well as the thirst. Blade had caught on to this at the very beginning of his training under him and had helped him immensely in suppressing his darker urges.

Meditation had become a daily necessity as it helped calm him and suppress his demonic bloodlust. Blade had made it very clear that every creature whether it be human, demon or vampire possessed bloodlust. For humans it wasn't much but it explained their need for violence at times. Their bloodlust fed off of their emotions causing them to loose sight of logic until battle was all that truly mattered. Those that succumbed to it were those who became known as sociopaths.

Vampires were higher up on the scale. Legend has it that the first Vampire had been a knight born during the mid-evil times that had succumbed so much to his bloodlust he'd gained a thirst for it. This in turn had gained him the attention of a demon that felt entertained by the man's work and as such gave him a gift of sorts. This gift was immortality, something unheard of for a human and given a class all his own higher on scale then a human yet lower then a demon, he was called a Vampire due to the fact that he took to stalking his prey and after being granted his gift used his fangs to pierce his prey as he sucked them dry of blood instead of just licking what had been on his blade or hands.

Finally there came the demons those who sat at the top of the food chain. Not much was known about the origins of this race however. Of course there were rumors some saying they were beast that escaped from hell led by the son of the devil himself. Others said they were the Shinigami's pet's celestial spirits that had fallen from grace after too much exposure to humans and their violent tendencies. Naruto himself however cared little for these rumors and instead focused on facts.

Fact one was the strongest of the Demons and the oldest had been the nine Bijuu. Of these nine only eight remained on this plane their leader Kyuubi having been dragged into the Shinigami's stomach by the seal. Whatever the case may be Demons had the highest amount of raw bloodlust each of their senses and physical abilities that were said to be a thousand times higher than that of any humans.

Then came the subspecies often times proving to be on a level completely different and higher than any pure blood. First came mutants or the homo-superior. These were people who possessed an extra gene within their bodies often times gifting them with remarkable abilities. Of course there were others like the Hulk for example whose bodies had been mutated often times during some freak accident or exposure to some kind of special rays like gamma rays.

Just as no two people are completely alike no two powers are completely alike no matter how similar they are in appearance or effect. The only exceptions to this would be in the kekki genkai clans of the elemental countries who have had their powers for so long they have had time to settle allowing them to be passed on through the generations. Examples of this would be the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan, the bone manipulation of the Kaguya clan and the chakra manipulation of the Senju clan.

Unlike other abilities chakra manipulation was special allowing a person to manipulate the chakra of the very elements and often times combine them. The Shodai Hokage, Senju Hashirama was famous for combining earth and water to create the wood element. The Nidaime Hokage, Senju Tobirama had been famous for manipulating the chakra of the water to such a high degree he could create water jutsu's from the air itself.

The next subspecies was known as Dhampier. These were Vampire Human hybrids like Blade. Blade himself was a special case having all the strengths of a Vampire and only one weakness, the thirst. Seeing as Blade was the only half breed he knew of he didn't know if this was the exception or the rule.

Finally came hanyou's, demon human hybrids. This was the group Naruto belonged to. As far as he knew there were only nine in existence and these were the so called jinchuuriki if there were actually nine of them. Naruto himself was obviously a fox hanyou. According to the Phoenix he was basically immortal the only thing capable of killing him most likely being beheaded.

As a child he'd possessed the ability to turn his hands into claws the nails becoming like sharpened steel. However he had lost this ability and instead had the bone claws to use. His canines were a bit longer and sharper than average and could be changed to fangs at a moments notice. He also possessed the ability to control his pheromone output which according to the Phoenix showed his status as an Alpha. Of course this ability had nearly gotten him gang raped when it first awakened.

He had spent the better part of a week in hiding as every female around had chased him down trying to rape him. He still shuddered sometimes when he thought about it as Laura had been especially vicious and hard to lose as had Jean before he'd shut off his mental connection with her. Even Ororo and Tsunade had fallen victim. Unlike the others they'd coordinated their efforts and he was pretty sure if Laura hadn't broken through the door when she had he'd have woken up in the middle of an Ororo Tsunade sandwich. As it was he had seen the naked bodies of every female that had been staying there at the time

Luckily he was the only person that remembered these events. As far as the women were concerned everything that happened at that time was enshrouded in fog so they had written it off as unimportant. Blinking he shook his head to clear the haze only to find Laura standing in front of him. She was wearing a pair of black basketball shorts and a white tank top that stopped at her midriff a black bandanna wrapped around her hair.

"I thought you were sleep." Said the blonde lowly.

"I woke up." Answered Laura shortly as she pressed a button on the chair causing the needles to slide out of his skin.

"You didn't have to come get me." Said the blonde as he stood to his feet and stretched.

"Yes I did, you'd have stayed in here lost in thought forever if I didn't come get you."

Naruto said nothing as he pulled her in for a hug only for her to turn her face away when he went in for a kiss causing it to land on her cheek.

"Go get a shower while I cook breakfast, then you can have your kiss." Said Laura as she broke the hug and walked out of the dark room with a cheeky grin only to jump as she got popped on the ass.

Exiting the room himself Naruto pressed a button blended into the wall causing the opening to close being hidden by another section of the wall. The room he entered was actually his bedroom which was large even compared to his room at the Xavier Mansion. In the center of the room sat a large king sized bed that was already fully made up showing Laura had straightened it out after she got up.

Directly in front of the bed a 52 inch flat screen HDTV sat on the wall. Under the TV sat a dresser on top of which were an Xbox 360 Elite as well as a Playstation 3. Sitting directly to the boy's right just next to where he was standing was a small wood desk upon which sat a flat screen computer monitor the tower itself located on the floor. Grabbing a change of clothes from his closet the blonde yawned before heading off for his shower.

Fifteen minutes later Naruto emerged into the kitchen to find both Laura and Alex already seated each with a plate of pancakes, sausage, bacon and hash browns in front of them. The three descended into a comfortable silence as they ate their meal around the table that was too large for just the three of them. A quick ringing noise however quickly brought the three out of their silence to glance at each other for but a moment before Naruto glanced at his belt the buckle of which was actually ringing.

With a quick push and turn the buckle came loose before the back slid apart to reveal it was actually a phone.

"Hello." Said the blonde a look of confusion across his face.

"Oh good it works." Said a voice on the other end causing the boy to raise an eyebrow.

"Forge, what the hell?" questioned the blonde.

"Right as you can see each of the belt buckles you have are capable of turning into phones. The phones are capable of only calling a few places, each other and the central hubs in the mansions. Also as you most likely already guessed the house is more than it seems as it has a training room complete with that prototype AI Phoenix developed.

You'll find the entrance right at the top of the stairwell. The wall directly in front of you when you go up the stairs is a slide away that reveals an elevator. There is of course security as it requires thumb print, eye scan, and as an extra precaution chakra scan. Getting past the elevator are three levels X1 which has the Danger Room, Security Room and Med lab. X2 which contains your parent's library which the Professor had to 'convince' your Hokage to release to you. Finally there is X3, the hangar in which sits the SR-77 Blackbird. The launch pad will release behind the Hokage Monument.

The trophy room leads to the armory which is hidden behind your wall. Your parent's weapons are inside, as are Laura's, and just because I know how you can be a couple spare hunting kits. I've taken the liberty of getting some kunai and shuriken made for you that are pure silver so you can replace the stakes for now. You will however have to bring the Security systems and Phoenix's AI online yourself. When you do that I'll need you to give me a call so I can link you to the mansion. Anyway that's all for now so good luck with your mission Carnage, Forge out."

"Hey wait a…"


"Guys remind me to hurt Forge when we get back."

As the blonde said this his teammates could only shake their heads each already having experience from dealing with the teenage inventor. Thirty minutes later found the trio within the security room as Forge walked them through the setup procedures.

"Alright guys that should do it for the initial setup. The rest from here is easy, first let's get that A.I running so type in the words 'execute explosive' it should take about a minute to kick in."

"Got it." Said Laura her fingers flying over the keyboard.

For about a minute there was a humming noise in the room before a small blue figure appeared in front of the trio on the computer screen. The figure was that of a female that honestly reminded them of Cortona from the Halo games.

"Operation Explosive initialized. I am Danger please wait while setup completes." Said Danger the feminine voice sounding surprisingly human.

"Synchronizing Konoha base to Bayville, please wait. Synchronization complete all systems online. Activating security systems to level 1 and scanning personnel files. Personnel scanning complete setting access level. Danger Room online and on standby…"

"Forge what the hells is this?" questioned Alex.

"This is the prototype A.I Jean developed. It's supposed to be completely self aware and will monitor everything surrounding the mansion. Just about everything in the mansion is tied to Danger so you guys don't have to do anything complicated with the machinery. She'll also respond to voice commands." Said Forge and Alex could swear he could hear the other guys smirk form.

"Attention X-Men intruders located on property. Would you like me to bring up a visual?" questioned Danger.

"Yes, thank you Danger."

"Very well. Visual coming up now, and you are very much welcome Carnage." Said Danger.

As the visual came up on the screen it showed Anko making her way towards the house along with Yugito.

"Danger can you give them basic visitors access?" questioned Naruto.

"Very well. Marked as friendly level one access granted. Guest will arrive in approximately four minutes at current travel speed." Said Danger.

"Alex." Said Naruto motioning to the screen.

"Right." Said the other blonde as he left the room quickly heading for the door.

As the two kunoichi neared Anko whistled at the sight of the house. Beside her Yugito smirked having had a similar reaction the first time she'd seen the place.

"I take it you approve." Said Alex drawing their attention to the teen as he stood to his feet.

"Damn gaki this is one nice place." Commented Anko causing Alex to shrug an action not missed by either kunoichi.

"It's alright, but it's not like home." Said Alex softly.

"So what can I help you with?" Asked the blonde male after a few moments of silence.

"We've been summoned to the tower." said Anko getting a raised eyebrow from the teen known as Havok.

"We're a bit busy at the moment." Said Alex casually.

"With?" questioned Yugito wanting to see what the three are capable off.

Just as that was asked however several holes opened up out of the ground and even a few trees as several guns were raised out. The guns moved around for a few moments before lowering back into the ground.

"Security." Answered Alex smirking at their shocked expressions.

"We still have to go, according to what I've been told it's important." Said Anko getting the blonde boy to sigh.

Before anyone else could speak a ringing sound brought them out of their stupors. Sighing Alex pulled off his belt buckle allowing for it to slide open revealing the phone part.

"What's up?"

"That's what I was going to ask you. Who's at the door?" came Naruto's voice on the other end.

"Chill bro, its Yugito-san and Anko-sensei." Said Alex.

"Ok let them in or something, you're standing on top of the main cannon."

"Actually they came to tell us that we've been summoned to the tower." Said Alex causing Naruto to sigh

"How long?"

"How long?" echoed Alex.

"Now." Answered Anko shortly which Alex quickly repeated.

"Ok we'll be up in a few, Danger can finish this on her own apparently."

"Got it." Said Alex before sliding the phone closed and reattaching the buckle to his belt.

"So what was that thing?" asked Yugito.

Twenty minutes later found team 11 entering the Hokage's office, Yugito having left them to speak with Shizune. As they entered they found Tsunade sitting at her desk glaring at a paper in front of her while Sarutobi could be seen staring out the window looking out at the village.

"I'm glad you could make it so quickly. Unfortunately you guys don't have time to get to know the village more right now as I need you for a mission." Spoke Tsunade softly causing each member of team 11 to perk up.

"Two days ago I sent team 7 consisting of Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and Sai and led by jounin Hatake Kakashi on a mission to the land of Waves. They were supposed to escort and protect the client Tazuna-san while he build a bridge to connect our two lands. However just last night a squad of Oinin brought in a pair of nuke-nin from Kirigakure known as the Demon Brothers having found them tied to a tree about an hour in a half walk from the village.

We've discovered that they encountered squad seven and were on a mission themselves to assassinate their client. They were obviously defeated and team 7 continued the mission. However their mission has know upgraded to an A-rank as it's been discovered they are also working alongside Momochi Zabuza. I need you to go and take charge of the mission, as obviously Kakashi doesn't know how to do his job. This is an S-rank mission due more for its importance than the danger. You have one hour to prepare for your mission before departure."

As she finished she slid a scroll over her desk which Anko quickly slipped into her supply pouch. Taking that as a dismissal the squad bowed, the gennin following Anko's lead more than anything, before leaving the office. Almost as soon as they were gone and the door was closed Tsunade slumped back in her seat.

"Are you sure this is the best course sensei?" asked Tsunade tiredly.

"Worry not child, if theirs one thing Jiraiya can do better than peeping its teaching. Besides this is the best way to both retrieve the Uchiha and assess the skills of team 11." Said the old man calmly.

An hour later the members of team 11 were in full mission gear, fully packed and shooting out of the gates and into the trees like blurs disappearing faster than the gate guards had seen anyone but ANBU move.

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