Naruto: X

Chapter 9

Jean Grey smiled as she looked over herself in her bedroom mirror. At age 17 she had become quite beautiful and had finally stopped growing her height topping her off at a nice 5'6. Her red hair was still rather long stopping at just past the middle of her back. She was clad in nothing more than a light blue bra and a matching pair of panties having just finished her morning shower. Dressing quickly she grabbed her bag by the door and moved out just in time to see Rogue who handed her one of the hot pockets she was holding.

"Morning." Said the red head taking the offered food from her friend.

It was the beginning of a new school year and her last as a high school student. For Rogue it was the beginning of her junior year meaning she'd have an entire year left to complete after this new one. They were met at the bottom of the stairwell by Kitty who emerged from the wall blocking them from the kitchen with a hot pocket in hand. The noise from the kitchen could still be heard by the three girls as the mansion's new occupants busied themselves with trying to feed their faces and make it to school on time.

As they made it outside the three girls were surprised finding Scott's car already pulling off, the first time the boys had ever left before them. Nonplussed the three girls moved over to the garages, over the years two more garages had been added to deal with the increase of automobiles, Jean opened the middle one.

"I still can't believe Naruto's letting you drive his car." Said Kitty with a giddy smile.

Now it was no secret among the X-men that Naruto had a love for cars, if he liked it he got it. At the moment the teen had three of his own, his first the Maybach Benz, the blue on black 2010 Chevy Camero Coupe 2SS, and a black on black 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8, his favorite which Jean currently held the keys to. For her 16th birthday he'd bought her a red Infinity G37 Convertible, and had bought Scott a red 2010 Chevy Corvette Convertible 3LT.

"Kind ah makes yah wish yah had his baby huh?" said Rogue with a smirk.

"He still wouldn't let me, no license remember." Said Kitty with a sigh

"Rogue you know that's not the reason he's letting me drive it." Said Jean glaring playfully.

On Naruto's 14th birthday Jiraiya had the idea that it was okay for them to try out sake explaining they would all be considered adults in the elemental nations anyway. When she had awoken the next morning she'd had a killer headache and found herself in the blonde's arms her bare breast pressed into his chest and her pussy stuffed full of dick. Needless to say Tsunade hadn't been happy when she discovered Jean was pregnant during her checkup the next week. Nine months later on July 11th she'd given birth to a beautiful baby girl who was promptly named Kushina after Naruto's mother.

With her shinobi training she'd been able to hide her pregnancy by use of a subtle genjutsu once she'd started showing. Combining her natural telepathy with her genjutsu training however even a shinobi would be hard pressed to tell the difference between reality and illusion. As she climbed into the driver's seat of her absent lovers car she couldn't help but wonder what he was up to at the moment.


The soft rapping of the wooden door echoed throughout the silence of the night, snapping the three teens from their musings. These teens each at the age of fifteen all bore the signature hitae-tae of the Hidden Leaf Village proudly the two males showing the symbol upon their foreheads while the sole kunoichi wore it atop her head a red cloth replacing the standard blue.

For a moment the three locked their gazes upon one another before the two males stood up one moving towards the door each slipping a kunai into their hands while one crouched low to the side of it.

"Who is it?" demanded the standing teen his tone as monotonous as he could make it.

"Jounin, Mitirashi Anko of Konohagakure no Sato."

Sighing at that the two teens slipped away their weapons as the standing one opened the door beckoning the jounin inside. As she and her team entered Anko took a moment to look over the three gennin before her. The first the one who answered the door wore a white long-sleeved shirt with his torso exposed tucked into a pair of black pants with a blue cloth that hung from halfway up his stomach to his knees with what looked to be a blue braided rope tied around his waist. A pair of arm guards could be seen under his shirt. As he turned back towards the table a small Uchiha crest could be seen near the collar marking him as the survivor of the Uchiha massacre, Uchiha Sasuke.

The other male was extremely pale skinned and had short ink black hair. He wore black pants and a black shirt with one long and one short sleeve, that was zipped closed and which weirdly stopped at his midriff. The extremely fake smile on his face easily marked him as one of Danzo's little puppet soldiers, Sai if she remembered correctly.

The kunoichi of the team was already at the table and wore a sleeveless red top that was zipped up completely and a short pink apron like skirt over a pair of black shorts. Black high heeled boots covered her feet, black gloves covered her hands and finally she wore a pair of pink elbow gaurds. A standard issue medical pouch rested on her waist and she had short pink hair. She was Haruno Sakura according to her file one of the two greatest medics to since the founding of the Tsunade's medical program.

"So you're Kakashi's brats eh. Where is old one eye?" questioned Anko

"He's upstairs resting he's still recovering from his chakra exhaustion." Said Sakura getting a raised eyebrow from the three X-men.

"So where's the client?" questioned Alex as he leaned back against a wall.

"He's still getting ready to head to the bridge site." Said Sakura.

"Shura, I want you to go upstairs and check up on Kakashi, just in case Haruno missed something." Said Anko causing Naruto to sigh.

"You're a medic." Said Sakura in surprise.

"Tsunade is my godmother. Personally though it's not my strong point in fact I only know enough to fix broken bones." Said Naruto causing the girl to nod in understanding.

With that quick exchange Sakura led the blonde up the stairs. As they neared the room they came across a woman with long black hair leaving the restroom.

"Tsunami-san." Called Sakura catching the woman's attention causing her to turn towards them.

"This is Shura-san, his team has just arrived from Konoha to help out." Said Sakura.

"I see it is a pleasure meeting you Shura-san, on behalf of my family I'd like to thank you for coming to our aid." Said Tsunami bowing politely.

"It is a pleasure meeting you as well Tsunami-san. Please think nothing of it, it is our mission after all." Said the blonde returning the bow.

"I must still thank you. We are lucky Sakura-san and her team continued after they discovered the truth about the mission. The fact that your village would send another team to assist us speaks volumes. Now please excuse me I have to wake my son and then prepare breakfast for everyone" Said Tsunami bowing once more before heading towards the nearest room on the right.

Once the woman entered Sakura guided him to the room on the left. Within he could see the form of a silver haired man lying on a futon a familiar orange book held in his hands. As the two entered the man's single eye looked up from behind his book.

"I didn't know reinforcements were coming." Stated the man lazily.

"We're not here to reinforce you. As of this moment my squad is now in charge of this mission." Said Naruto calmly causing the man's eye to narrow.

"From what I understand your squad is still to do the mission assigned which is to guard Tazuna-san. My squad however is to take care of this Gato person." Explained the teen his hands glowing green as he placed them over Kakashi.

As the teen looked him over he raised an eyebrow for a second something that neither Kakashi or Sakura failed to notice. After a few minutes he moved away from the man the glow around his hands fading.

"Well aside from the chakra exhaustion it seems you're good to go. Haruno-san if you have a chakra replenishing pill please give him one. Also good job on mending the cracked ribs."

"I'm surprised you actually returned." Said Kakashi causing Naruto to glance at him for a moment.

"Tsunade-ba-chan and Ero-sensei managed to convince me." Spoke the blonde shortly.

"Are you planning on staying permanently?" asked the jounin causing the blonde to pause.

"Most likely I will be. My reason for returning however are my own" Said the blonde.


"Naruto just so you know…"

"I don't blame you. You did what you could." Said the blonde cutting the jounin off.

"So how are the others doing? I haven't had a chance to see Yugou-nee-chan, Tenzo-nii-san, or Itachi-nii-san yet.

Before another word could be said the sound of something slamming against the wall could be heard causing them to turn just in time to see Sasuke's back as he stormed away while Anko, Laura, and Alex could only look on. Kakashi winced.

The founder and CEO of the Gato Shipping Company was a self made man. As a child he had been the poor and unloved child of a prostitute and her pimp both of whom only cared about themselves. As he grew he had adopted the mentality himself and had easily fallen into the local yakuza. Though diminutive in stature he had quickly rose through the ranks being the biggest money maker they had. He however had been most well known for his cruelty caring only about the profit that could be gained. It was only a matter of time until he entered the dirtiest facet of the criminal underworld, drugs.

Eventually he managed to rise until the point he was able to separate himself from the family, though he was still allied with them. The money made over the years had thus allowed him to start up his shipping company which was the perfect front for shipping drugs. The small shipping company however eventually became a large shipping corporation absorbing several other companies in the process. Still throughout his life Gato had had one problem he never managed to correct, he always wanted more. Unfortunately for the diminutive crime lord this time he'd bitten off far more than he could chew.

As the sun rose to take its perch within the sky a pair of slitted blue on black eyes watched the sight from a forest clearing. After being filled in about the situation in Nami no Kuni, Anko had made a decision. Instead of waiting for Zabuza to heal up the snake jounin had instead opted to take the more direct approach and take the fight to Gato himself. Needless to say this had led to a rather heated discussion between the two jounin.

Naruto hadn't cared for any of that though, instead he'd retreated away from the house for some much needed thinking. Itachi, his Itachi-nii had gone rogue and slaughtered several members of his own clan before leaving the village for parts unknown. Though he'd heard the words it just hadn't made any sense, Itachi had to have been among the most loyal people in the entire village. It had been him who had instilled within the blonde his fierce sense of loyalty to both his friends and his home. As such he'd retreated from the house opting to find a place where he could think.

He'd retreated into his mindscape to ask the Phoenix what it could tell him only to be rebuffed as he'd apparently kept plenty of secrets from the X-Men in the future especially when it concerned his past. This had been the main reason his move here had been permanent as they'd been fighting blind and had no idea what to look for. The only thing the Phoenix had known about the future Naruto was that he'd chased the bijuu in an effort to prevent more destruction like what had befallen his home.

The future Naruto had never liked talking about his past and when he had to he always told the bare minimum necessary. He could understand that though, he knew his daibo (godmother) hated thinking about her past and even more so speaking about it. He himself was the same way, he'd always hated thinking about his time in Konoha, often wishing he could forget. Unfortunately in this instance one of the side effects of being a telepath was an enhanced memory as even if he wasn't actively trying he could pull up any memory from the depths his mind.

"You can come out now."

At his words the figure of a young woman emerged from the forest. She was maybe eighteen years of age and stood at about 5'5" giving him only a couple inches on her. She had big brown eyes, much like his blue ones and was dressed in a pink kimono secured by a white obi and had silky black hair that cascaded down her back with a couple bangs framing her face which was currently holding a blush.

"I'm sorry you looked to be deep in thought and I didn't want to disturb you."

Her voice was soft and kind the type of voice that could easily put anyone at ease once under its spell.

"It's alright those thoughts are best left for later when I can allow myself to go through them. I take it you came for the herbs?" Answered the blonde quickly following with a question indicating the basket she held in her hand.

"Yes a friend of mine recently fell ill. These will do well to help with their recovery. I am Haku by the way." Answered the girl with a smile.

"Shura." Returned the blonde

"You are one of he shinobi Tazuna-san hired correct?" asked the girl after a few moments as she bent to gather the herbs folding so her legs were beneath her.

"No. Tazuna-san hired a different team. Mine is merely passing through on our way elsewhere." Answered the blonde

"Tell me Shura-san, why do you fight?"

At that the blonde paused as his reason for fighting was multi-layered. He had been full of pent up rage as a child due to the experimentation done to him by Apocalypse following his abduction. He'd been angry with all he'd had to put up with in Konoha before his abduction and how easily the freak had managed to sneak away with him. He was still angry but had long since come to terms with his situation and realized that his life was perhaps better than it would have been unimpeded.

He had several lovers that he deeply missed as well as close friends and a daughter that was his gift from the heavens.

"I fight for the future, so that the world we live in isn't the one my children will be forced to grow in as well as protect my current friends." The words had left him before he'd even realized, yet he'd never take them back.

"Then you shall grow to be truly strong." Said Haku with a smile causing the blonde to raise an eyebrow.

"I believe that one can only gain true strength by fighting for someone precious to them. You fight for both the present and the future to protect those close to you. If the Kage's were like that this would be a far better place." Said Haku with a wistful look upon her features.

"Well I must be getting these to my friend perhaps we will meet again Shura-san." Said haku before standing and leaving the clearing.

Naruto watched her leave his mind running a mile a minute as he ran through all the information he'd been able to gleam from the girls mind during their conversation.

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